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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 1. The Beginning

Simon was twenty three years old and frustrated with life. His family had disowned him since coming out and Nothing had really gone right for him at school, he’d always been one of those kids that were picked on and the jocks at school and college always made his life hell. So much so that he had a built-in hatred for any high school or college athlete. These jocks were scum and Simon felt for the many kids who were just like him that were now being picked up.

One of Simon’s quiet places was his work, it was the one area in his life where he felt respected. His work was varied and took him all over the US. One day whilst at the office, his perfect work life was interrupted as a new employee started.

Logan was the son of one of the directors and epitomized everything that Simon hated. The 18 year old was a star college football player and popular amongst his peers. The brown-haired jock now swanned around the office as if he owned the place making some of the regular employee’s life’s a misery.

Simon had hoped that those days from school were far behind him but being around Logan brought them all flooding back. Logan had seemed to pick out the 18 year old office intern for special treatment. He seemed to know Paul from college and enjoyed making the young man’s life hell.

One day whilst at lunch Paul told Simon that he couldn’t take the constant bullying anymore and was at his wit’s end.

Most of the office had grown tired of Logan’s antics and although he held a hatred toward the young jock he decided to take it upon himself and speak to him.

Simon waited in the car park whilst Logan was at football practice.

He knew by speaking to the teenager he was potentially putting his job at risk as there was nothing stopping Logan from going to his father and making some stories up.

Most of Logan’s team mates had left until only a few cars remained in the car park. Ninety minutes later Logan appeared and started walking towards his car that Simon had parked next to.

As Logan walked past Simon’s car, Simon shouted, “Hey Logan, can I have a quick word with you.”

The young football star was startled as he turned around “Hey Simon, whats up.?” He asked when he caught sigh of his work colleague calling his name

“Sorry to bother you. But some of the guys from work have asked if I can have a word with you.” Simon Explained “Don’t take this the wrong way, but some of the guys in the office want me to ask if you would give them a bit of a break and change your attitude.”

Logan laughed “Fuck them, if they can t take some jokes they need to get a life.”

Simon shook his head in disgust “Please buddy. Let’s not be like this. For example you’re making Paul’s life unbearable. That’s not right that’s not fair. You’re better than that.”

Before Simon could finish Logan laughed again “Simon with all due respect fuck you. Why are you concerned about Paul. Do you fancy him. Are you a fag?.”

“Look I don’t want to make this about me.” Simon begged “I’m just asking that you don’t carry on as you are. Please.”

“Hey I bet you’re thinking about touching me up. And want to see me in the locker room.” Logan teased, “You’d really love that.” He added as he threw his arms up.

Simon could feel the anger building up in him. He again begged Logan to show some compassion in the office but this time the young jock got into his face and said.

“You best enjoy today coz tomorrow I’m telling everyone in the office you’re a fag.” Logan boasted When he finished Logan went to turn away but Simon snapped and had just about had enough, he blew a fuse and lashed out with a punch that caught the young man on the side of the face as he was turning.

The force of the blow was enough to knock Logan off his feet and as he took a few moments to compose himself Simon panicked. He knew that he had just committed an assault and that Logan would waste no time in reporting him to his dad which meant he would lose his job and potentially go to jail.

As Logan picked himself up Simon undid his tie and immediately flung it around the young football players neck.

The young man gasped as Simon began to strangle the life out of him and brought his arms up in an attempt to pull his attacker away he bucked his body in attempts with wrestling moves to try and throw Simon off but Simon remained in control of the situation. Logan’s flaying arms tried to scratch out at his attacker as his legs desperately kicked out at the floor. Logan continued to gasp for air as Simon’s attack was relentless. The young athlete had no intention of dying, especially this way, he still had his whole life to live and managed to put up a good fight, so much so his attempts to live made Simon grow hard.

Logan’s face started to go red as he knew the inevitable would soon come, tears slowly began to run down his cheek. Seconds later he let out an elongated groan as his body arched up for a split second and his arms dropped by his side.

The killer looked down as Logan’s eyes were wide open and staring up at him as his tongue slightly protruded from his mouth as the last drops of dribble fell onto the ground.

Simon was out of breath but felt something that he never felt before, an euphoric buzz as he strangled the life out of the young jock. The power of taking someone’s life and them watching them helpless as they tried to survive had really turned him on. The thrill of the kill had got to him and with his hatred of jocks and a job that took him around the country, Simon knew he had maybe just found a new past time.

But back in the moment Simon knew he didn’t have a lot of time to admire his conquest and moved his car next to the body and bundled Logan across the back seat. He had to dispose of the young man somewhere and began the journey out of town.

He’d driven about an hour when he turned off the interstate and further into the desert. Simon stopped the car and opened the back door, he looked down at Logan’s body and thought for a split second. He wanted to ensure that Logan wasn’t found for a while or if he was found soon the body was in a pretty bad state. He remembered reading somewhere that a body with less clothing on would decompose faster due to access to it from the elements and local wildlife that may snack on it. He stripped Logan down to his underwear and noticed that the young football hunk wore a cross around his neck. Simon took this off and kept it as a trophy.

He paused for a moment as he wished he could spend some time with Logan’s athletic body but he didn’t want to get caught.. He grabbed Logan by his ankles and dragged the young athlete from the car, he lay Logan on his back, his eyes staring up into the night sky as his athletic body and hairy legs lay motionless.

Simon did a quick sign of the cross and jumped in his car leaving Logan to mother nature.

Later that night Simon worried a little about what he had done and couldn’t help but live over the kill again and again. He had the bloodlust and pictured himself dispatching more jock athletes.

Whilst at work the next day Simon saw Logan’s dad leave the office early, he soon discovered that Logan’s body had been found. The office buzzed with rumors about what had happened to Logan. The atmosphere within the office was strange, a kind of relief filled the workplace as the employees knew Logan couldn’t torment them anymore. If truth be told most of the office was actually glad that Logan was dead, none more so than Paul who now gained confidence he never thought he ever had.

Logan’s college held a memorial for the young football star but his murder was never solved as all leads went cold.

Chapter 2. The Test.

Simon sat in his hotel room, he was away for work, and looked at the private snaps he had taken of Logan’s body before dumping it.

The pictures helped him relive the kill and fill him with a slight buzz of what he felt like when he took Logan’s life. He wanted to see if he got the buzz again and needed to kill again to see if it was just a one-off or the real deal.

A quick scan of the internet saw that there was a wrestling tournament happening nearby. A perfect location to hunt for a jock.

Arriving at the venue Simon immediately knew that he would be spoilt for choice in searching for a victim. He needed a method and quickly decided upon one. Simon would make sure that the winner of the 185ilbs weight category would be the chosen one.

Throughout the day Simon paid particular attention to that category and found himself a couple of favorites that he hoped would win. However, each one he chose would quickly lose so he decided to see what would pan out.

Dustin was the one that Simon hoped would win out of the two young wrestlers who made the final. The other wrestler ticked none of the boxes that interested him and although blonde-haired Dustin would win no awards in the looks category, his rugged face showed the signs of his career in wrestling. But what Dustin lacked in looks he made up with his strong athletic body.

The other wrestler was really no match for Dustin who walked away the champion of that weight category.

Simon watched as the young wrestler was crowned and given his award-winning belt.

Dustin had no idea but he was now a target of a killer. That night the young wrestler went for a run unaware a killer was stalking his every move.

Simon watched as Dustin ran into some woods. He drove his car and waited in a clearing further ahead. 30 mins later Dustin came into view, Simon now prepared to strike. He held the garotte in his hands and as Dustin ran past the tree he was hiding behind he struck. Simon was fast and quickly had the garotte around the wrestling champions neck. Dustin put up a struggle as Simon zoned out to concentrate on his kill. Death was quick for Dustin who now rested limply in Simon’s hands.

Simon loved it, the buzz he received was orgasmic, taking the life of jocks was what he really needed. Many more jocks would die.

An out of breath Simon wasted no time in moving Dustin’s body to the boot of his car and driving to a more secluded spot.

He took Dustin from the car and dragged him further into the woods, coming to a woodland creek he paused and stripped the young wrestler to his underwear. Dustin’s body was as good as he knew it would be and the killer placed his victim face up in the creek. He left Dustin half-submerged in a watery grave.

Simon was following the news closely to see if his latest victim had been found. Two weeks later he spotted a picture of Dustin online, the heading read “Wrestling Champ found dead in woods.”

The investigation into Dustin’s death soon went cold as Simon eager looked forward to killing more jocks.
Chapter 3. A Killer Mistake

Bryce was on cloud nine, the young wrestler had just won the 132 lbs category at the wrestling tournament. He’d come close a few times but this was the first time he had actually walked away with 1st place.

Bryce’s family teased him on the journey home about why he looked so pissed off as the referee announced him the winner. The young wrestler had no idea he had that look on his face but he told his family he was tired and annoyed that he had to work that night. He’d rather have spent the night celebrating but his work told him he was too late at putting the request in. Bryce hinted he was going to phone in sick but his parents had raised him well and told him that they would not support the idea and this was learning curve for the young man in not leaving stuff to the last minute.

Later that day Bryce arrived at the pizzeria, the eighteen year old grabbed the bag with the first lot of pizza’s and the order slips and headed back to his car. His 2001 Sedan was a bit of a mess inside with older order slips thrown all over the place. The young wrestler drove to the first house and dropped the pizza off, the owner had annoyed him with his poor tip or lack of and Bryce cursed the man under his breath as He went to get back in his car.

Bryce opened the door that saw a gush of wind blow the new order slips on to the floor of the car. Bryce was pissed off with himself as he scooped up the slips now a mixture of old and new and headed to what he thought was the next location on his list.

Simon was in the Airbnb that he booked for work when he was disturbed by a knock on the door. The successful sales man got up and headed to the door as he wondered who it could be.

Opening the door he was surprised to find a pizza boy standing.

“Pizza for Derek.” Bryce said as he smiled at the perspective customer and tried to be polite so he could get a good tip.

Simon was confused, he hadn’t ordered a pizza and took a moment to stare at the young man stood before him.

He guessed he was about 18-19 years old, and could see he was obviously an athletic guy more likely a jock, the grey t-shirt clung to his toned chest as the skinny jeans couldn’t hide the young man’s muscular legs. Further inspection of the t-shirt showed a logo that suggested the young man was a wrestler. Simon now had an idea.

“Come in for a second.” Simon suggested “I forgot the time and need to find my wallet.”

Bryce stepped threw the door and placed the pizza on the table.

“Do I gather from your shirt that you’re a wrestler?” Simon asked as he pretended to look for his wallet.

“Yes sir.” Bryce replied “I actually had a tournament today.”

“Oh brilliant.” Simon responded “how did you get on? I use to wrestle when I was younger.”

“Took first place in my weight sir.” Bryce replied, hoping that he was due a good tip.

“Ahhh I remember the life of a jock.” Simon said “How are you finding it?”

“It’s a good one.” Bryce replied “I can’t complain.”

“That’s a shame to hear.” Simon replied as he grabbed a knife from the kitchen top “Coz I hate jocks.” He added as he lunged at an unsuspecting Bryce and stabbed him in his stomach.

Bryce was stunned as he clenched the wound and fell back onto the floor sliding the down the couch until he was sat up leaning against it as Simon repeatedly plunged the knife into his athletic body.

After seven blows Simon had noticed that death had claimed yet another victim as Bryce lay his wrestling t-shirt now no more than a bloody mess, his eyes stareing into the abyss as blood ran from from the corner of his mouth.

Simon was feeling euphoric at the thrill of taking the young wrestlers life. But he knew that he had to clean the place up and also dispose of the body whilst he could.

He grabbed Bryce by his ankles and dragged him to the garage and placed him in the trunk of his car. Simon drove around a hour up into the mountains and pulled off by the side of the road. He dragged Bryce from the car and stripped the young wrestler down to his underwear as he knew the less clothing meant quicker decomposition and allowed animals access to the body.

He admired Bryce’s firm tight body and wished that he could spend a bit more time with it. He dragged Bryxe to the guard rail and lifted the teenage wrestler over the railing and watched as his body rolled down the embankment and stopped by before some trees.

On the drive home Simon threw Bryce’s clothing into the bin and upon arriving home jumped in the pizza boys car. He checked the order slips and saw that Bryce had picked up an older one and delivered the pizza there. “What a dumbass he thought to himself. A simple mistake has cost him his life.”

Simon dumped the car near the next delivery’s address and headed back to the Airbnb.

It was a month later that Bryce’s body was found. Someone had stopped by the side of the road as they saw a number of buzzards circling up ahead, they knew that this meant there was a clear sign of death near by. Peering over the ledge they were shocked to see a body lying just below.

“Afternoon John, what have we got?” The detective Jones asked as he looked down at the decomposing body.

“Body of a male, I would guess around 18-22 years old. His body is in a bad state, it’s been snacked on by some local wildlife but I would guess he’s been here around a month.” John explained. “I found a couple of stab wounds and would suggest that was the cause of death but won’t know more till I get him up on the slab.”

“Fits the profile of that missing pizza delivery guy.” Jones told his colleague. “Those animals have made a mess of his face so hopefully DNA can tell us it’s him.”

Simon was sat at home when he saw the article on a local news website that showed a picture of Bryce followed by a headline “Champion Wrestler stabbed during Pizza robbery.”

Simon read on ‘Police can now confirm that the decomposing body found on Green Mountain is that of missing wrestler Bryce Hatten. Bryce was last seen at his job as a pizza delivery driver and police believe he was murdered In a robbery that went wrong.’

The police obviously applied for witnesses but Simon knew there would be none coming forward.
Chapter 4. Killer Graduation

Andrew was an eighteen-year-old who was literally your stereotypical jock. The mid-western farm boy was a star wrestler and also part of the football team.
It had been a successful wrestling season for the young athlete who had been ranked third in his weight class within the state of Iowa.

To cap off an amazing week Andrew had just graduated from high school and was preparing to move into college where he could take his wrestling career to the next level.

After graduating Andrew attended a house party with some friends. Despite the guys being underage the alcohol flowed and the young jock soon found himself losing his phone due to his drunken state.

At the end of the night, the group dispersed and Andrew was one of the last to leave. However, the young athlete soon found himself in the position with trying to get home and not having a phone to help him do it. He asked some of the other partygoers if one would give him a ride and was told by all that none of them wanted to risk driving whilst drunk as the cops would be onto them very quickly.
With no other option, Andrew had to walk the four miles to his house.

Simon was in Iowa for a business trip, so far things hadn’t gone smoothly. The car rental company didn’t have his pre booked car so could only give him a van and need to drive the five hours to the city where his meeting was due to be held ensured he had no other option but to take it.

His route took him through some small towns and it was whilst driving through one of these towns that he spotted a young man who looked like a perfect victim. Dressed in tight denim jeans that clung to a pair of thick muscular legs and a black t-shirt wrapped around an athletic frame with thick arms protruding from the sleeves and short brown hair. Simon slowed down as he passed the young man and guessed he was 18-19 years old and obviously an athletic jock with a body like he did.
This fine-looking mid-western country jock would be a perfect victim for him and with a van large enough for him to have some fun it would have been rude not to.
Simon pulled the van into a quiet area and now waited until the young jock walked nearer to him. Andrew paid no attention to the parked van until a ligature was flung around his neck and pulled tight.

The attack took the young jock by surprise and he immediately began to fight hard for his life as a look of panic crossed his face. His eyes pleaded for help but there would be none forthcoming. His hands came up as they frantically tried to pull at Simon and stop the attack. Andrew continued to claw at his killer as the gagging sounds continued to erupt from his clenched throat and his eyes started to bulge.

“Shhh,” Simon whispered “Its almost over, Relax and let yourself go. Then I can fuck your body.”

Andrew’s face was now full of fear as Simon tightened the cord as much as he could as a distant crunching sound filled the air as his windpipe collapsed and the hyoid bone in his throat fractured. His body now jerking rhythmically as death claimed him.

The muscular jock had put up a good fight and his frantic efforts to stay alive had turned Simon on. But with his victim now dead Simon bundled the body into the back of the van and continued to drive until he came to a more secluded spot.
Once parked he climbed into the back and used Andrew’s face to unlock the young man’s phone. Scanning through the pictures his initial hunch was right as he looked through countless wrestling and football pictures of his victim. Simon then began to undress Andrew’s body. He started by removing the muscular jocks’ jeans to reveal a good pair of muscular legs that he wasted no time in caressing and touching, he then pulled off Andrew’s shirt to reveal a stocky muscular body.

Simon spent a little time touching the body of his latest victim before realizing that he had a condom in his wallet. He had never had sex with any of his previous victims before so this would be a first. He put the condom on and began to fuck the dead sports jock. Andrew was a good fuck whose body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust but Simon knew he had to finish soon. He let out a pleasurable moan as he fired his load into the dead jock.

Once he had finished with Andrew’s body he drove to the back of a dollar store and pulled up beside one of the huge bins that stood in the corner of the parking lot. The back door of the van was opened and Andrew’s body was lifted out and thrown into the bin. Simon guessed that as the bin was big and deep no one actually looked inside so Andrew’s body that lay in nothing more than his underwear wouldn’t be found for a while. As he drove off he left his latest victim to be collected by the trash men. A few miles down the road he threw Andrew’s clothing and cell phone away leaving no trace to him.

Safely back at his home Simon followed the stories from the local town and soon realized Andrew’s body hadn’t been found just yet as a news article read “Police appeal for information about missing high school sports star.”
‘Police in Virginia County are appealing for information that can help locate eighteen year old Andrew Reed. Andrew was last seen on Sunday night leaving a graduation party at 1am and has not been seen since. Anyone with information should call’
The article was accompanied by a picture of Andrew in his football gear. Simon smiled to himself knowing that he had successfully dispatched another jock.

Simon paid an keen interest in news reports from where Andrew was from and eight weeks after killing the hot jock read a report stating that police had found him.
“Police confirm remains found in landfill are that of a missing teenager.”
‘Virginia county police can confirm the skeletal remains found at a landfill sight in nearby Burlow county are that of missing eighteen year old Andrew Reed. The state wrestlers’ remains were identified by dental records and police are currently keeping an open mind about the death until a post morgen is carried out. They are not ruling out the possibility that Andrew climbed into a bin whilst drunk and fell asleep. Information will be released in due course.’
This time the article was accompanied by a picture of the young man in his wrestling singlet.

Simon cut the article out and wondered if the police would ever be able to determine how Andrew died and what the state of the body would have been like after going through the waste system.
Chapter 5. Karma's a bitch

It had been by chance that Simon had made Danny a victim. He had overheard the tall jock organizing a meeting place with a friend before they went out hunting. From what Simon could overhear his friend was going to be a bit late but Danny told him he would be waiting for him there and get there when he could.

Simon didn’t agree with hunting and had a nasty surprise for Danny.

Danny was a star football quarterback who was destined for big things and longed to get away from the country life. From a deeply religious family, he learned from a young age to hunt and live off the land. The oldest of four had a good relationship with his sibling and was a role model for his younger brother.

Simon stalked Danny as the young man headed back to his truck and discreetly followed him to the location he had agreed to meet his friend. He watched as Danny got changed into his hunting gear, which consisted of camo trousers and a camo jacket.

Simon knows he had to move quickly and carefully as Danny had just pulled out of his rifles he used for hunting and was getting it ready.

As Danny worked on the rifle he failed to hear Simon sneaking up on him until it was too late and the knife ran across his throat. Danny brought his hands up instinctively to try and stop the flow of blood but soon collapsed on to the floor. Simon wasted little time in dragging the dead jock to his truck and placed the body in the back and then grabbed some equipment that might come in handy. As he drove away he thought it was ironic that the built stud had suffered the same fate he had done to many animals. But Simon wasn’t finished and decided to make a statement with how he dumped Danny’s body.

After driving a short while he found a secluded spot and pulled in. He stripped the young quarterback down to his underwear and tied a noose around Danny’s ankles before hoisting him up so he dangled upside down. He grabbed Danny’s hunting knife that he took from the dead jocks truck and sliced the young hunk’s throat open more before plunging it into Danny’s abdomen gutting the young man and watching as his intestines spilled onto the floor. He snapped some shots of his latest victim and as he prepared to drive off he spotted a black marker pen. He grabbed it walked over to the body and wrote ‘Save the animals’ across Danny’s pecs.

Simon knew the stench of Danny’s guts would draw animals to his corpse and as he drove away he wondered how long it would be until the body was found.

For seven days Simon followed the news and then spotted the headlines confirming the grisly discovery.

“Star Quarterback found with throat cut.”

Police are investigating the grisly murder of college quarterback Danny Shoch who has discovered hanging upside down in Brayen Woods with his throat cut. The eighteen-year-old had also been disemboweled.

Simon read the rest and saw The article had a picture of Danny in his football gear attached.

He cut I’m the article out for his own collection and smiled knowing he had gotten away with another murder.
Chapter 6. The Straggler's Demise

Simon had no intention of killing that day. But if an opportunity ever presented itself he wouldn’t turn it down and that was what was about to happen.

Sam was an eighteen year old High school student. A carefree genuine young man that no body ever had a bad thing to say about. People liked Sam everywhere he went. He was your typical All American Jock good at all the sports he had selected to play and a hit with the ladies. But unlike many other jocks Sam didn’t have the typical air of arrogance that followed them around. Sam was humble and knew that he was blessed. Apart from his sports he adored and ensured he looked after his younger brother who had been born with Down’s syndrome.

It was a typical day for Sam, who had just started a cross country run with his team. The coach had given the group a set time to get to the finish line with a punishment for the person who came last. And with the coach being someone who was known for his mean punishments no one wanted to come last.

Sam had never ever come last in his time in cross country but midway through the run he twisted his ankle and slowed down. A few of his friends saw that he was dropping back and slowed their pace to go with him. But Sam always the gentleman told them to get back with the group otherwise they would all be punished. Sam continued on but watched as the group disappeared further into the distance.

Simon was driving back to his hotel when he saw the group of cross country runners. The group of hot athletic guys was pure eye candy for the jock killer and he wished he could get his hands on one of them but there would be no way to pick one off from a group that size.

However as he drove further down the road he spotted a lone Sam running and trying to catch up with the group. It was obvious that the runnner was injured and like a lion on the prairie, Simon had an opportunity to pick off the weaker prey.

He turned the car around and parked a little further up the road where he had seen the group run so he knew that the injured runner would go that way.

Sam paid no attention to the parked van until a ligature was flung around his neck and pulled tight.

The attack took the young runner by surprise and he immediately began to fight hard for his life as a look of panic crossed his face. His eyes pleaded for help but there would be none forthcoming. His hands came up as they frantically tried to pull at Simon and stop the attack. Sam continued to claw at his killer as the gagging sounds continued to erupt from his clenched throat and his eyes started to bulge.

Sam’s face was now full of fear as Simon tightened the cord as much as he could as a distant crunching sound filled the air as his windpipe collapsed and the hyoid bone in his throat fractured. His body now jerking rhythmically as death claimed him.

The muscular jock had put up a good fight and his frantic efforts to stay alive had turned Simon on. With Sam dead Simon wasted little time in throwing the dead runner’s body over the back seat of his car and driving to a secluded spot in some swampland. He stripped Sam down to his underwear and began to fuck the dead jock. His athletic body rocked back and forth under each hard thrust as his vacant blue eyes stared up at his killer.

Once finished Simon grabbed a couple of pictures of Sam before dragging him out of the back seat and dumping the young jocks body in the swampland.

Simon knew as he drove away that Sam’s body would quickly decompose with the humid conditions and creatures that lived in the swamp.

Sam’s cross country team waited for him to get to the finishing line. The coach already boasting about the punishment he was going to give Sam. However, a few hours passed and there was no sign of Sam. Police were called and an investigation started that soon went cold.

However, it wouldn’t be until five months later that a swamp man found skeletal remains by the water’s edge. Dental records soon saw the remains identified as the missing jock.

Simon was sitting at home one day when he saw the news headline and a picture of Sam.

‘Human remains found in Bassey Swamp confirmed to be those of missing High School Athlete

Police confirm that the skeletal remains found three days ago in Bassey Swamp are those of missing eighteen year old High School Athlete Sam Campin. Campin was last seen on whilst taking part in a cross country run five months ago. Fredrickson County Sheriff Department can confirm the death is being treated as suspicious and confirm early indications from the autopsy reveal a broken hyoid bone leading investigators to believe Campin was strangled.

Simon smiled as he printed out the article to add to his collection.
Chapter 7. Feeding the Birds

Kaden was on a high, he had just placed seventh in state championships and the eighteen-year-old had just qualified for nationals.

He knew that to stand any chance at nationals that he would need to up his training regime and give it everything he had over the next couple of weeks. His new training split consisted of early morning and late evening runs along with some gym sessions and more practice time on the mat.

It was 6am and Kaden was already pounding the streets halfway through his morning run when he crossed paths with Simon.

Simon saw the young man whilst he was driving and found himself immediately drawn to the young man’s fine legs. He hadn’t seen another car for at least an hour and did a quick u-turn so he could get in front of Kaden and perform a quick kill.

Kaden paid no attention to the car and failed to spot that the one parked up the road was the one that had just passed him. He carried on his run as normal until it was too late.

The attack took the young man by surprise and he immediately began to fight hard for his life as a look of panic crossed his face. His eyes pleaded for help but there would be none forthcoming. His hands came up as they frantically tried to pull at Simon and stop the attack. Kaden continued to claw at his killer as the gagging sounds continued to erupt from his clenched throat and his eyes started to bulge.

Kaden’s face was now full of fear as Simon tightened the cord as much as he could as a distant crunching sound filled the air as his windpipe collapsed and the hyoid bone in his throat fractured. His body now jerking rhythmically as death claimed him.

The muscular jock had put up a good fight and his frantic efforts to stay alive had turned Simon on but with Kaden dead Simon wasted little time in throwing his body across the back seats and drove to a more secluded location. Once there he stripped Kaden to his underwear and fondled the youngwre’tler'ss fine body and great legs before fucking the eighteen-year-old virgin.

Kaden’s eyes stare at Simon as his body rocked back and forth and once he had finished Simon jumped back in the driver’s seat and began to drive. He was heading across the country and his route took him through the desert. This would be where he decided to dispose of Kaden.

Around an hour into the desert, Simon pulled off down a dirt road and stopped briefly to dump Kaden’s corpse. He then drove off leaving the handsome wrestler’s body to decompose.

It was two days later that a father and son out looking for roadkill and dead animals saw the flock of vultures circling ahead.

“That’s where we’re going son.” The dad said, “See that there, that’s a sure sign of a dead animal, and a flock that size suggests we have a big one.”

The two walked towards where the birds circled. As they approached they were hit by the early stench of death as a number of vultures pulled at the carrion before them. The father and son shooed them off before stopping dead in their tracks.

“Oh my god. Don’t look son.” The dad said as he saw Kaden’s lying before him, his dead body in the process of being eaten by the vultures. The dad took his son away and called the police who quickly descended on the scene.

“Jesus Christ.” Harry said as he unzipped the body bag. “How long was he out there for?”

“Around two days is my guess.” The coroner replied.

“But the state of the body. What a waste.” Harry answered shocked at the way in which Kaden’s body lay.

“That’s what hungry vultures can do. The flock was apparently thirty strong so we can count ourselves lucky we still have some flesh to work with. Another couple of hours and this young man would have been nothing but bones.” The coroner explained, “Now let’s get down to business.”

Simon was safely across the country when he saw a picture of Kaden in his wrestling singlet flash onto the screen, he turned the sound up and listened to what the newsreader had to say.

Freeman County Sheriff’s department can confirm that the body found in Grundy Desert is that of missing Wrestler Kaden Brown. Brown aged eighteen was last seen a number of days ago whilst out on a morning run and police can confirm at this stage that they suspect that Brown was murdered. Anybody with any information should contact Freeman County Sheriff Department urgently.

Simon sat smugly knowing that he had been successful once again. Although he had plans to up his game and do so rather soon
Chapter 8. Closer to God

Eighteen-year-old Kevin lived for two things the first was his wrestling and the young jock was rather successful at his sport and managed to become Wyoming State champion for his class.

The other was his devotion to god. Kevin belonged to a very religious family and the young man thanked god for everything he was given in his life. To give back his church looked for some people who were willing to spread the word of god and Kevin signed up without a heartbeat.

Simon worked in his rented Airbnb, he was putting the final touches to a proposal he needed to present the next day and wanted to make sure he got it right.

It was around midday when Simon received a knock on the door. Upon opening it he was surprised to see a young man standing there holding what appeared to be a number of leaflets. It was obvious to Simon that the young man was an athletic jock, his tight body was an obvious giveaway along with a cauliflower right ear, but the main telling was the wrestling hoodie he had on.

“Can I help you?” Simon asked the attractive jock.

“Good afternoon sir, I just wondered if you have ever thought about the impact that god has had on your life or can have on your life.” Kevin said as he started his spiel.

Simon had indeed thought about how god had impacted his life and looked around to see if anyone was about before giving a little thank you to god and inviting Kevin in.

Kevin couldn’t believe it and began to spread the word of god. Simon interrupted him and said despite being eager to learn he wanted to grab a drink and asked the young man if he wanted one. Kevin politely accepted and Simon disappeared for a few seconds.

On leaving the room he grabbed a ligature and quietly sneaked up upon Kevin and flung it around his neck.

The attack took the young wrestler by surprise and he immediately began to fight hard for his life as a look of panic crossed his face. His eyes pleaded for help but there would be none forthcoming. His hands came up as they frantically tried to pull at Simon’s and stop the attack. Kevin continued to claw at Simon as the gagging sounds continued to erupt from his clenched throat and his eyes started to bulge.

“Shhh,” Simon whispered “Its almost over, Relax and let yourself go. You’ll soon be meeting your god first hand.”

Kevin’s face was now full of fear as Dom tightened the cord as much as he could as a distant crunching sound filled the room as his windpipe collapsed and the hyoid bone in his throat fractured. His body now jerking rhythmically as death claimed him.

Kevin had put up a tough fight but despite his athletic frame he was no match for a much stronger Simon who had ensured the young man was meeting god a lot sooner then he had expected.

He wasted no time in stripping Kevin and ensuring that he fucked the deeply religious young man. Once he was done Simon went back to work and finished his proposal before cuddling up to the body and disposing of it the next day.

With Kevin’s body laying in the trunk of his car the successful killer headed into his business meeting and came out having won the proposal. He opened the trunk of the car “Looks like god is happy with me dispatching you. I just got that contract.” Simon smiled as he looked down at Kevin’s body.

Simon now headed back home and it wasn’t until he was around 150 miles from where he had killed Kevin that he found a place to dispose of the dead wrestler’s body. He saw signs for a Buzzard Roost and knew this would be a perfect place to dump the dead jock. The Buzzards would immediately begin to devour Kevin and Simon hoped by the time he was found there wouldn’t be much left of his latest victim.

No sooner had he walked away from laying Kevin on the ground near the Buzzard nests had the birds begun to investigate the fresh carrion.

Back home Simon paid attention to the reports of the missing wrestler and it wasn’t until four weeks after his murder that Kevin’s body was discovered as he clicked on a large picture he saw of Kevin that opened up a larger article.

“Skeletal remains found in Buzzard Roost confirmed to be those of missing Wyoming State Wrestling champion Kevin Anderson.”

Simon chuckled to himself knowing the Buzzards had literally feasted on some fine athletic flesh
Chapter 9. Heaven or Hell

Life was really good for Carter. The eighteen year old was the high school football star that now had the choice of twelve top colleges for a scholarship. Add to that his popularity, good looks and All American Jock attitude saw the young man named as Prom King at his recent prom.

Unlike other jocks Carter was a well grounded young man, he had been raised to be respectful and polite and also to serve god. His parents had brought him up according to their strong Mormon beliefs.

Part of the upbringing in the Mormon church was to bring the message of god to people and try to get more people to join. At age eighteen each member was tasked with bringing three new members to the church. Carter relished the challenge and Got straight to work.

Simon was finally back at home after a few weeks on the road. The death van had been cleaned out and replenished and the successful businessman was enjoying a week off. He chilled at home listening to some music and drinking some fine wine. That was until he was interrupted by a knock at the door.

Carter had been out in the neighbourhood for a few hours and quickly discovered that getting some new members was going to be a difficult job as so far most people had slammed their doors in his face. As he knocked on his next door he prayed for a change.

Simon wondered who it could be when he answered the door.

“Hello sir, have you ever thought about your relationship with good?” The young man at the door immediately said.

Simon paused for a moment, to look at the dark haired blue eyed handsome teen with an athletic body. The killer knew his relationship with good was good. The man upstairs had already helped him kill one of his supposed messengers and had now delivered another one for Simon to dispatch.

The killer knew exactly how to play this and invited the sexy jock in so he could hear what he had to say.

Carter promised himself he wouldn’t leave the house until he had signed Simon up as a new member.

The two sat down and Simon now listened as Carter explained how the Book of Mormon. The duo became involved in a good spiritual debate touching on many topics including how homosexuality was a sin and any homosexual act would ensure there was no place in the kingdom of god. Simon was also smart he deliberately changed the questions and asked them in a way where he could find out some information about his next victim. He discovered that Carter was a high school football star and also a virgin as his beliefs did not believe in any sexual act before marriage.

A couple of discussions got heated but neither side backed down and Simon was actually impressed that Carter held his ground. The killer wanted to have his fun with the young missionary and now made his move. He grabbed a chloroform-soaked rag from the drawer and pounced on Carter holding the rag in the young man’s face. The athletic jock dropped his book and tried to fight Simon off but soon succumbed to the fumes.

Simon smiled as he looked down at the unconscious Mormon missionary, it was time for fun and he dragged Carter into his bedroom and lay the young jock on the bed.

Carter was about to experience some of the worst moments of his life and Simon was going to enjoy the kill. This one was taking place at his house so he wasn’t rushed for time.

Simon stripped Carter so he lay in nothing more then his underwear and began to let his hands explore the strong athletic body that lay before him.

When Carter came round again he was petrified and felt a chill, the football jock quickly realized he had been stripped to his underwear. He shouted “Please no, no,” Simon grabbed Carter’s cock and began to give the young hunk a handjob, Carter’s pleading soon stopped and turned into moans of ecstasy before firing his milky load over Simon’s hand. “Please let me go?” Carter begged as he sobbed on the bed as Simon now inspected his arse and found it to be tight, “ Your gonna enjoy this” he said and placed his body up against Carter and grabbed his shoulders, before thrusting his dick into Carter’s tight arse, and began to ride him like a rodeo, Carter Shouted and pleaded throughout and at the moment he was about to cum, Simon pulled his head up and bite his ear. He then pulled out and lay next to crying jock.

Simon was not going to torture Carter he had other uses for the body and wanted more fun he rolled Carter over who was still in a state of shock after his experience. Simon cut the ties and handcuffed Carter face up on the bed. He then began to lick Carter from his thighs upwards, he moved on to his abs and Carter tried his best to resist but found it difficult. Simon licked his Pecs and then bit down on the nipples, he then began to suck and Carter let off another moan, he moved up and began to suck Carter’s neck and lips, he then kissed his quivering body, down to his manhood, Simon then began to suck it deeply and Carter was moaning with pleasure, he went faster and faster, until he shot cum deep into Simon’s throat. Simon loved it, as Carter now knew he had no choice but to submit, his attitude dropped but Simon had other plans, he grabbed a plastic bag and flung over the young mans head and tightened it up, Carter breathed in suddenly sucking the bag into his face and began to smother, his body was twitching and his face was going red, Simon jacked off at the sight and when he finished he placed his finger through the mouth hole as Carter now gasped for air, Simon was enjoying himself, when he gained his composure he then sat on Carter chest and again licked and kissed his torso, he then massaged the hunks neck slowly tightening his grip until Carter began to choke, “Say hello to your god for me.” Simon taunted “That’s if you get to see him aftert he homosexual acts you’ve been a part of.” Carter tried to fight but his hands were tied up, as his legs kicked all over the place as he now worried about not being able to go to heaven, the All American jock had no intention of dying and put up a good fight but Scott refused to let go, Carter’s face was going red and his eyes were watering, he tried to scream but it was constricted, his body began to labour until he suddenly went limp, let out a gasp as his legs dropped and his eyes stared into space, his mouth open with a cute death stare etched on his face. Simon held his grip as Carter convulsed a couple of times.

Simon felt euphoric, taking Carter’s life had really turned him on. The young missionary’s frantic attempts to live made him laugh. He chuckled to himself as the young jocks eyes stared back up at him wondering if the young man with strong religious views was meeting his god or going to hell due to the homosexual acts that occurred before his death. Simon now had more fun and began to fuck Carter once more.

Another benefit of killing at home was Simon wasn’t rushed to get rid of the body. He now kept Carter’s for a few days ensuring he had as much fun and slept with the sexy jock.

A few days later he came home with a local paper which lead with the story of the missing jock and a picture

“Police appeal for information in the disappearance of High School Football star.”

‘Deltan City police are desperately appealing for help in locating missing high school athlete Carter Davis. Eighteen year old prom king Carter was last seen three days ago and has had no contact with his family since.’

Simon brought the paper up to Carter whose body lay dead on the bed with early stages of decomposition settling in.

“Looks like our fun is going to be over my friend.” Simon said as he gave Carter a pat on the chest. “I’m gonna have to get rid of you.”

With that being said he dragged Carter’s body outside and began the process of dismembering the dead jock before dumping his dismembered remains in the undergrowth by the roadside.

It wasn’t until a month later that Simon read that they had found Carter’s remains as another story appeared in the paper.

“Body parts found by I-65 confirmed to be those of missing athlete.”

Deltan police can confirm that the dismembered remains found in undergrowth next to I-65 are those of missing football star Carter Davis. Davis’s decomposing remains were found by a trucker who stopped for a rest. Police will not release more information until after an autopsy takes place.

Simon smiled and added another clip to his ever growing collection.
Chapter 10. Wrong part of Town

Nineteen-year-old Brady was a finance major and up and coming basketball star. He’d finished his high school career with a basketball championship and had signed off in style by scoring a number of points in his last game.

Brady had signed to attend a prestigious college but had been left frustrated that the basketball area was still under construction. Nothing pleased the young man more than throwing a few balls as a release and he had ventured into the city to the nearest court he could find. However, Brady had no idea he was entering a ghetto and that a white boy like him would be easy prey for some of the gangs in the area.

The basketball jock threw some hoops and sat on a wall as he tossed some balls in the air. Simon had spotted the tall athletic jock and now considered making him his latest victim. Bray continued his thing completely oblivious to the fact that a gang and killer were eyeing him up.

“What the fuck you doing in our hood?” One of the gang shouted to Brady as the gang encircled him.

“White boy looks out of place.” Another shouted as the gang now began to intimidate them.

“Look, guys. I don’t want no trouble I was just throwing some hoops.” Brady explained, “The court at my college isn’t ready yet.”

“Oh, white boy is from that posh college.” Another gang member said before adding “Let’s do him.”

That gang member pulled a knife out and demanded that Brady give them all his valuables.

The athletic jock didn’t want any trouble and was about to hand his stuff over.

Simon was watching this all unfold from a distance and was determined not to let anyone else have his next victim.

He fired up his van and drove it down the ally as he sounded his horn. The gang saw the van coming and immediately ran off but not before the guy holding the knife grabbed Brady’s phone.

Simon stopped the van and jumped out.

“Dude thank you.” A relieved Brady exclaimed “Thank you so much. I’m so grateful.

Simon smiled “That’s ok but I wouldn’t be too quick to thank me.” A confused look appeared on Brady’s face as Simon pulled a knife from his pocket and stabbed Brady in the chest. Brady’s face turned to one of panic as he looked down at his stomach as Simon pulled the knife out and plunged it again into the young jocks body. He repeated this four more time before a dying Brady with blood now seeping from his mouth collapsed forwards.

Simon caught the toned jock before he hit the ground. He slid open the door to the van and bundled his dying victim inside before speeding off leaving Brady’s bag sitting on the wall.

Simon drove around two hours from the city and stopped in some swampland. He went to the back of the van and climbed inside. Brady had long since expired and Simon wasted no time in stripping Brady down, so he wore nothing more than his underwear and white socks before dragging the jocks blood soaked body from the van and into the dense swampland where he quickly dumped it.

Brady had been a quick kill and the blood had ensured that he couldn’t have the fun he usually had but either way he knew that the humid conditions would help the decomposition of the hot jock. He wondered the state Brady would be in when he was found.

Simon followed the news in the area he had abducted Brady from closely and soon saw a headline that grabbed his attention.

“Police make arrest in the investigation into the disappearance of a college basketball star.”

Hammond City PD has made an arrest into the disappearance of college athlete Brady Muller who was last seen four days ago on CCTV heading towards Dixon Projects. Police will not be releasing more info at this stage.

Simon chuckled as he wondered who the suspect was. The reality was the suspect was the gang member who stole Brady’s phone. Police had followed the signal of the phone and it brought them straight to his door. Now as the gang member remained silent police thought they had their man.

It wasn’t until four months later that Simon saw another development on the case as he spotted another headline with another pic of Brady attached.

“Human remains found in Fords Swamp confirmed as those of missing basketball star.”

Police can confirm the skeletal remains found in Fords Swamp have been identified as belonging to missing college athlete Brady Muller. More details on the cause of death will be released soon but police can confirm that a twenty-year-old man has now been charged with murder.

Simon laughed to himself it looked like one of those gang members was going to take the blame for the death of Brady. He had literally gotten away with murder.
Chapter 11. The Pizza Delivery Guy

Ty was your typical college jock. He was a star athlete, with a toned body, and his confidence was infectious. He was well like on campus although easily made himself fit into the right crowd. Everyone wanted to be his friend, or at least be seen conversing with him.

Ty was a talented football player and had played varsity since his freshman year as well as being an accomplished wrestler who seemed to excel at most sports he tried.

In his free time, Ty liked to hang out with his friends at the local frat house. They spent hours drinking, playing beer pong, and sharing stories of their many exploits. Unlike many of his other friends Ty don’t like bragging about his exploits too much, unlike his frat house brothers who were always bragging about their dates with various college girls.

To his teammates and friends, Ty was unstoppable, never backing down from a challenge. However, dispite his kind and calm nature, there were times when his behavior would land him in trouble. His arrogance often got the better of him, causing him to brush aside the needs of those around him.

Despite his flaws, Ty was a charming and friendly guy. He made everyone around him comfortable with his laid-back demeanor and could make even the most reserved person open up to his infectious energy.

As he walked from class, Ty couldn't help but sigh as he knew he had to head to work in his job as a pizza delivery guy, the hours sucked and the customers were rude, but it was easy money, money that he needed.

Simon lay on his couch, scrolling through his phone, looking for something to do. He had just finished work and was feeling pretty tired. Suddenly, his stomach grumbled, reminding him that he hadn't eaten anything since his lunch break. He needed something tasty and filling but couldn't summon the energy to cook something. Sighing, he decided to order a pizza.

He grabbed his phone and dialed a local pizza place. As he waited for it to ring, he salivated thinking about all the different toppings he could choose from. Meatballs, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and extra cheese—the list was endless. When the person on the other end of the phone picked up, Simon placed his order but had to think about the address, being on the road for work he was always staying in Airbnb’s or hotel and gave what he thought was the right address before hanging up, feeling relieved and content. The thought of a warm, cheesy pizza waiting for him made him feel happy and excited.

The evenings orders had been going ok for Ty, apart from that one ‘Karen’ who complained about him parking in front of her house. Ty had tried to explain to her that he would only be a few minutes, but she was having none of it and began to threaten Ty who carried on with his delivery only to see the Karen’s husband come out and also start threatening him. Once the delivery was complete Ty followed procedure and reported the incident to his boss and carried on with his deliveries.

As he waited for his pizza to arrive, Simon switched on the TV, flicking through the channels aimlessly. He heard a car outside and jumped up, hoping that his food had arrived. He looked outside and saw a rather attractive pizza boy dressed in a black cap, black shirt and grey shorts walking back to his car.

Realizing he must have given the wrong address Simon quickly opened the door.

Ty was pissed at the thought of being led on a wild goose chase to an address that didn’t exist. He was just about to get in his car when he heard someone shouting “Hey buddy. I think that’s for me.”

Ty turned to see a young man looking at him from across the road “Did you order a pizza with all the toppings?” Ty asked as Simon replied, “Yes sir.”

Ty closed his car door and headed up towards the house.

“Sorry about that. This is an Airbnb.” Simon said as Ty stood at the door.

“Don’t worry buddy.” Ty replied, “it’s nothing compared to my last delivery.”

“Oh, what happened.” An intrigued Simon asked.

“Just some dumb Karen and her husband threatening me coz I parked my car outside their house during a delivery.” Ty explained unaware that the cogs were now moving in Simon’s head.

Ty was a good-looking jock, could he kill him and blame it on the last delivery. Always one for a challenge Simon decided to give it a go.

“Hey, I forgot your tip come in a moment whilst I grab it.” Simon said to Ty as the young pizza guy followed him into the living room. As Simon pretended to look for his wallet, he grabbed a ligature instead and when Ty looked the other way flung it around the young man’s neck.

The attack took Ty by surprise, and he immediately began to fight hard for his life as a look of panic crossed his face. His eyes pleaded for help but there would be none forthcoming. His hands came up as they frantically tried to pull at Simon’s and stop the attack. Ty continued to claw at his attacker as the gagging sounds continued to erupt from his clenched throat and his eyes started to bulge.

“Shhh,” Ty whispered “It’s almost over, Relax and let yourself go.

Ty’s face was now full of fear as Simon tightened the cord as much as he could as a distant crunching sound filled the room as his windpipe collapsed and the hyoid bone in his throat fractured. His body now jerking rhythmically as death claimed him.

Simon looked down at the jock’s hot body as Ty’s vacant eyes stared back up at him. Ty looked both peaceful and sexy in death. He took some personal snaps of his latest kill before picking up the resistance band he had used to strangle his victim and then took a few moments to allow his hands to explore the young man’s body.

His hands once again caressed Ty’s fine body before he began to fuck the handsome young man. Ty’s body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust that he made his beautiful eyes peacefully looking up at his killer. Once Simon had finished he lay next to Ty before deciding to sit on the young man’s chest and lift his head up so it now stared directly at his crotch and placed his manhood in his victims mouth. He then moved Ty’s head back and forth as the handsome lad’s skull fucked him.

With his fun with the body over Simon knew he had to get rid of Ty’s body. He placed the dead jock in the boot of his own car and drove back to the address where Ty had been threatened.

On pulling up he saw that there was a van on the driveway painted with a sign that said Gulby’s Pig Farm. This gave Simon an idea and a quick google search found the pig farm was about 10 mins away and owned by the people that owned the house.

He’d read somewhere that pigs could consume a human body and decided that now was as better a time as any to find out.

Arriving at the pig farm he opened the trunk and looked down at Ty. The hot jock now about to be reduced to nothing more than pig food.

He dragged Ty’s body to one of the large enclosures and tossed it inside and watched as the pigs at first investigated this unknown item before eventually beginning to devour it.

Chunk after chunk of flesh was torn from the body as blood splattered everywhere as Simon watched with fascination as Ty was consumed.

He walked away safely knowing that other people would be the suspects in this particular murder.

It wasn’t until a few days later that Simon read about a couple from the town he had been staying in that had been arrested and charged with the murder of missing pizza delivery Guy Ty. The report said that although no body had been found they believed it had been fed to pigs.

A picture of Ty accompanied the article that Simon added to his growing collection.

Chapter 12

John was an 18-year-old jock who worked at the local Culver's. He was well-liked by the staff and customers alike, thanks to his friendly demeanor and sunny personality. With his brown hair and boyish looks, John had the kind of all-American attitude that made him stand out in a crowd.

Despite giving off a jock persona, John had a caring and compassionate side that endeared him to those around him. He always went out of his way to help others, whether it was a coworker who needed an extra hand or a customer who needed a friendly ear to talk to.

But John also had a bit of a cheeky side to him. As he was known to play practical jokes on his coworkers and had a goofy sense of humor that kept everyone entertained. His infectious laugh could light up the entire restaurant and made even the most stressful shift a little easier to handle.

Despite his casual demeanor, John was actually quite smart. He had a keen mind and was interested in a wide range of topics, from sports to science to politics. He was always up for a debate or a discussion and had a way of making even the most complex ideas accessible to those around him.

John also enjoyed spending some time taking in the bright lights of downtown at night and enjoying the crisp night air.

Simon was driving down the highway in the van he had recently converted. Fresh from his last kill he was feeling both exhilarated and anxious at the same time. As he drove, his mind was consumed with thoughts of his next victim and how he could avoid getting caught.

But as he rounded a bend in the road, something caught his eye. By the side of the road, he saw a young man in a red top, black bottoms, and a white baseball cap. The man was certainly a looker, with an easy grin. Simon felt a flutter in his chest and his mind began to race.

He slowed the van down and pulled over to the side of the road, pretending to check for a problem with the engine. As the young man approached, Simon couldn't help but feel a surge of desire in his gut and felt his heart race.

"Anything I can help you with?" John called out with a friendly smile. Simon took a deep breath, trying to calm his racing heart. "Just checking the engine," he replied, hoping his voice didn't betray the excitement he was feeling. "You look familiar, have we met before?" he added, trying to make small talk.

The young man shook his head, but his smile didn't waver. "Not that I know of," he said. "I'm John. I work at the local Culver's just down the road." Simon felt a jolt of excitement at the mention of the fast food place. He had been there before and knew that it was often packed with young, attractive people. The thought of adding John to his collection of victims was almost too much to bear.

John took a closer look at the engine as Simon got out of the car. "I can take a look for you if you like. I'm pretty good with engines actually." John said, offering Simon a friendly smile.

Simon hesitated for a moment, not sure if it was a good idea to involve John. But the thought of having this handsome young man at his mercy was too much to resist. "Sure, that would be great," he said, trying to sound casual.

As John bent over the engine, Simon quickly slipped a thin wire garotte around his neck. He tightened it just enough to cut off John's air supply, but not enough to kill him instantly. Simon watched with glee as John struggled to breathe, his face turning red with the effort.

"I'm sure you'll find a way to fix it," Simon taunted with a grin. "But we don't want you telling anyone what you saw here, do we?" he added as John tried to speak, but his voice came out in a gurgling whisper. Simon laughed cruelly before tightening the garotte even further, enjoying the sight of John's eyes bulging with fear as his hands reached up as he frantically fought for his life.

Moments later John's body slumped to the ground, lifeless and still. Simon took a moment to savor the moment before opening the back door and throwing John inside.

With deft movements, he stripped off John's red top and black bottoms, tossing them into the back of the van.

As he worked, Simon couldn't help but admire the young man's toned physique. John's near perfect lean physique helped Simon feel a stirring in his pants, the sight of John's bare torso and Calvin Klein underwear sending a surge of desire through his body.

He hesitated for a moment, wondering if he should take more time to savor the moment. But the thought of getting caught made him move quickly.

As he drove off into the night, Simon could feel the adrenaline pumping through his veins. He knew that he was risking everything to pursue his dark desires, but the thrill of the hunt was too much to resist. And with John lying dead in the back, he knew that he had all the time in the world to indulge his darkest fantasies, and soon pulled over in a secluded spot by the side of the road and began to fuck his latest conquest.

Once his fun was over, he laid a plastic tarp down and began by carefully cutting off John’s arms and legs, dismembering them with practiced ease. He took his time, savoring the sound of bones being sawed and the way the flesh gave way under his blade. As he worked, he was careful to avoid spilling too much blood, wanting to leave behind as little evidence as possible.

Finally, Simon was done. He took a few moments to admire his handiwork, the way John's body was now scattered in pieces across the back of his van. Tossing another tarp over the bloody mess, he quickly got back into the driver's seat and headed out into the desert.

As he drove, he carefully dumped the various body parts out of the van. The arms went here, the legs there, the torso there. Simon took careful note of the locations, wanting to be sure that the body parts were scattered far enough apart to avoid detection.

It wasn't until four weeks later that the body parts were discovered. A group of hikers stumbled across John's dismembered limbs, tucked away in a remote corner of the desert. The news of the gruesome discovery sent chills down the spines of the local community, but Simon remained elusive, his identity and whereabouts still unknown.
Chapter 13

Wyatt was a college wrestler with a mastery in both physical and mental strength. He stood at an imposing height with broad shoulders, biceps that bulge when he flexes, and abs that are as chiseled as they come. With piercing eyes and a strong jawline, Wyatt exudes confidence and charm and attracts people to him like a magnet.

As the eldest child in a family of three, Wyatt has always had a natural inclination towards leadership and responsibility. He has two younger sisters, who he loves and protects fiercely. Growing up, he made sure they were always safe and looked out for them, even if it meant sometimes sacrificing something he cared about. Wyatt also has a protective nature, not just for his family, but for anyone he cares about.

Nobody was more important to Wyatt than his high school sweetheart, Madison. They had been together since freshman year, and two years later, became inseparable. He was devoted to her, putting her first above all else, and even with the temptations of college life, and girls, he remained committed and genuine.

Wyatt, his sisters, and his girlfriend Madison were all excited to see their favorite band, and they were all packed into the car heading down a winding rural road to the concert venue, singing their lungs out to their favorite tunes. Suddenly, the car hit a pothole, and the engine started making strange noises. After some trying, the car couldn’t move any further and stopped on the road.

When the four of them tried their cell phones, they found out that they were in a dead zone, and there was no signal whatsoever. They knew they seemed paralyzed, and their expressions quickly turned to worry and panic. After putting their heads together, they realized that the only option they had to seek help was to walk back the five miles to the gas station, which was their last stop, to ask for assistance and to call for help.

Wyatt was always protective of his sisters and, of course, Madison. He suggested that he would head back to the gas station to ask for assistance and some help and told his sisters and girlfriend Madison, firmly but kindly, to stay with the car, no matter what. He would come back for them. He knew it would take time for him to come back, and he didn't want them to be alone on that road. He hugged them and gave Madison a warm embrace, telling them that they would be fine. His words of reassurance brought their nerves down, and they waited for Wyatt to come back as they couldn't see any other way out of that mystery.

Simon was driving down the road when he noticed an immobile car parked on the side of the road, and as he pulled closer, his heart sank as he saw there were female occupants inside the car. He couldn't help but feel disappointed as he wished they were college jocks instead.

Simon was known for his love for the thrill of hunting and killing jocks who fit into his idea of a perfect athlete. He had viewed them as cocky, arrogant, and undeserving of their status in society. For Simon, hunting jocks was a way of seeking revenge on those who had wronged him in the past. The thought of getting his hands on more jocks fueled his obsession, and he prayed that the occupants of the stalled car would be just the kind of people he was looking for.

However, as he slowed down as he approached the car, he noticed that the women were scared and crying and instead drove past them without offering help.

Wyatt had been walking alone down the deserted road for over half an hour, tired and thirsty. He was starting to lose hope of anyone stopping to give him a lift when he suddenly saw a van approaching in the distance. Quickly, he turned and stuck out his thumb, hoping that the driver would take pity on him and slow down.

Simon was driving the van that Wyatt had flagged down, and he saw the athletic young man and instantly guessed that he was with the group of girls he had passed earlier. Simon's interest was piqued when he noticed the fit, muscular build of the young man and wondered if he could be the perfect target for his twisted desires.

As Simon passed Wyatt, he saw his athletic physique and perfectly sculpted muscles, and he knew that he had found his next victim. Simon then failed to control his urge and stopped his van, knowing instantly that the young man was a jock, which just added fuel to his desire.

As Wyatt saw the car come to a stop, he felt relieved as he jogged up to the passenger side and told the driver that he had car trouble further up the road and needed a lift to the nearby garage. Wyatt felt safe as he climbed into the van, but Simon eyed him up and down before offering him a lift. For a brief moment, Wyatt had a sense of unease, but he ignored it, hoping that he was safe in the stranger's van.

As Wyatt climbed into the van, he felt a sense of relief that he would finally have a lift. He thanked Simon for stopping and breathed a sigh of relief. However, his relief turned to disappointment when he picked up a bottle of water from the center console and found it empty.

Simon noticed Wyatt's disappointment and offered him a drink. Wyatt was thirsty and gladly accepted the offer. Simon climbed into the back of the van seemingly to get the water.

Suddenly, Simon turned and said, "You're a pretty fit guy, aren't you?"

Wyatt was taken aback by the compliment but managed to respond with a polite "Thank you".

Simon continued, "I mean, I can tell you're into sports. You play anything?"

Wyatt decides to brag a little and responds, "Yeah, I'm a wrestler. I've been wrestling since I was a kid, and I'm pretty good at it if I say so myself."

Simon seemed impressed by this and leaned back in his seat. "Wow, that's really cool. You must have won a few competitions then, huh?"

Wyatt smiled, feeling proud of his achievements. "Yeah, I've won a few tournaments and placed in a few others. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it's worth it."

Simon nodded, seeming interested in the conversation. "I admire people who are passionate about what they do. It takes a lot of discipline to succeed in any sport."

Wyatt nodded, feeling more at ease now that he had found a common ground with his host. Despite this, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was off, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He decided to let his guard down and continue chatting with Simon about sports, oblivious to the danger lurking ahead.

Simon's demeanor changed suddenly upon hearing this. With a cold, calculating look in his eyes, he grabbed a ligature from the back of the van and flung it around Wyatt's neck. Wyatt tried to fight back, but Simon was much stronger. He gasped desperately for breath, his mind racing with fear.

As Simon's grip tightened around his neck, Wyatt's mind became a muddled blur of fear and confusion. Panic set in as he tried to fight back, but Simon was too strong, and his attempts were futile. Wyatt could feel himself losing air with each passing second, and his thoughts were consumed by the frightening realization that he was being strangled to death.

Images of his life began to flash before his eyes, and he regretted not being more vigilant and cautious than jumping in the van. He wished he could turn back time and avoid climbing into the van altogether. His heart ached as he realized he would never see his family or girlfriend again, and he became consumed with a deep sense of regret.

As his vision blurred and his body weakened, Wyatt's mind raced to process everything that was happening. He tried to reason with himself, hoping that this was all just a nightmare, and he would wake up soon. He made a desperate attempt to cling to life, but it was no use, and he felt himself slipping away, inch by inch.

Despite his struggle, Wyatt was slowly losing consciousness. He tried to pry Simon's hands away from his neck, but it was no use. The world began to fade away as he lost more and more air. He felt his eyes roll back, losing all control as he died in the back of the van.

Simon then dragged Wyatt into the back of the van and looked at his latest kill. It was a gruesome sight, the young wrestlers lifeless body slumped in the back of the van, his face frozen in an eternal expression of anguish. Simon wasted no time in rolling the body over and stripping it off its clothing, savoring the thrill of the forbidden as his hands caressed the young jock's fine frame. He marveled at the smoothness of his skin, the firmness of his muscles, and the sheer perfection of his body.

Simon's mind was consumed with a macabre desire to explore the dead jock's body, to feel its warmth and savagely indulge in his most primal urges. He knew it was wrong, but he was powerless to resist the gnawing hunger that gripped him. He allowed himself to explore and fondle the corpse, delighting in the softness of the skin and the tautness of the muscles.

Finally, Simon gave in to his darkest desires and fucked Wyatt’s body enjoying every second he had with the straight alpha’s body.

Simon knew that he had to dispose of Wyatt's body. As he drove down the deserted roads, his mind raced hoping he wouldn’t be caught . He could not shake off the images of Wyatt's lifeless body in the back of his van, the smell of death suffocating him with every breath. He drove for hours, swerving down the winding roads, his eyes darting over every cop car, every pedestrian, anticipating a final confrontation with the police.

Eventually, Simon found himself in the midst of rows of cornfields that stretched on for miles. It was the perfect place to dispose of Wyatt's body, far away from prying eyes and judgmental stares. He pulled over to the side of the road, rolled down the window, and gazed out at the endless expanse of green. The wind rustled through the fields, whispering its approval.

Simon dragged Wyatt's body out of the back of the van, still clad only in his underwear, his lifeless form heavy in his arms. He stumbled through the cornstalks, his nerves on edge, his heart pounding in his chest. After what seemed like an eternity, he found a clearing deep within the forest of corn, shielded from the world by the tall stalks. He gently lowered Wyatt's body onto the ground and took a few steps back, his eyes lingering on the hot alpha's body for a moment before turning away and leaving his latest victim to the elements and scavengers.

Unaware his sisters and girlfriend still awaited his return.

Simon returned to his van and drove off into the night.

Simon was sitting at his kitchen table, drinking his morning coffee, when he picked up the newspaper. As he flipped through the pages, an article caught his eye. The headline read, "Body of Missing Wrestler Found Eight Weeks After Disappearance." His heart sank as he read on, and his hands began to shake.

The article detailed how the police had discovered a badly decomposed body in a rural cornfield, eight weeks after Wyatt Lindberg had been reported missing. It went on to explain that forensic testing had confirmed the remains to be that of the missing wrestler.

He quickly finished his coffee, got dressed, and left the house, content with taking the life of another victim.

The disappearance of Wyatt Lindberg was a painful and confusing time for his family and his girlfriend Madison. They were deeply concerned for his safety and well-being and searched frantically for any trace of him. As the days turned into weeks, they held on to the hope that he would return safely home.

However, their worst fears were realized when the police announced that they had found Wyatt's badly decomposed body. The news was devastating for his family and girlfriend, who were left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives.

Wyatt's family and girlfriend were consumed by grief and struggled to come to terms with their loss. They leaned on each other for support and found comfort in sharing memories of their beloved son, brother, and boyfriend.

Wyatt's girlfriend, in particular, was inconsolable at first, feeling as though a part of her had died with him. The thought of never seeing him smile or hearing him laugh again was almost too much to bear. She blamed herself for not going with him when he went for help after the car broke down.