The Hunt - Part 1


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THE HUNT - Part 1

Gary’s head was still spinning when he awoke. He tried to sit up but his feet and hands were tied, and he was naked! As he turned his head to look around, he found himself in a strange room with no windows. He felt very vulnerable lying naked in this room tied up. Then he saw Joe, who was also naked and tied on a table. He was still unconscious and Gary glanced at Joe’s feet tied to each side to the table. Suddenly the events of last night came rushing back to him. Two men had broken into the office and attacked Gary and Joe as they were talking in the hall. Gary had screamed as the men shot one of the guards who was seated at a desk by the door. He was a young man, about twenty, who had stood up to stop the men as they rushed in the door. He took several bullets in the belly and collapsed on top of the desk.

“Get the fuckers and lets get out of here!” one of the men said as he grabbed Gary’s arm and pulled him away from the man’s body. The other man grabbed Joe by his hair and pulled him up. The last thing that Gary remembered was a cloth pushed over his face.

Joe was regaining consciousness and his hands and feet struggled against the ropes that held him. Gary watched helplessly as Joe tried to free himself.

“Joe, are you all right?” Gary asked. “Yes,” he said, “but that poor guard is dead.”

Two men entered the room. Gary heard one say, “Why are these two still here?”

“Because they came in too late, we didn’t have time to brief them.” the other said.

“That’s too bad, send them out with the rest. They’ll find out quickly what to do.”

The man untied both of the men and handed each a piece of cloth. “Here, put these on quickly, and no trouble if you want to live.”

Gary pulled the cloth around his waist. It was a loin cloth that left his hips exposed but hung down between his legs in front and back past his knees.

“There aren’t any more sandals left, so you two will have to go barefoot. That is unless you can get them away from the other men.” he said smiling.

“What other men?” Gary asked.

“You’ll find out.” he said, “now move” and he pushed Gary and Joe toward a door. Before opening the door, he handed them two belts. On the belts were scabbards that held knives. “Put these around your waist, you’re going to need them” Gary pulled the knife from the sheath, it was a 7” hunting knife with a stag handle. He put the belt around his waist as Joe did the same. The man then opened the door and pushed the two scantily clad men outside, closing the door behind them.

Gary and Joe found themselves in a large penned in area filled with men wearing loin cloths like Gary’s. They also had large knives around their waists; some of them wore sandals while others were barefoot. The men walked around the area talking excitedly. Gary stopped one of the men and asked, “Where are we? What’s happening?”

The man had an olive complexion, muscular chest and was barefoot. “We’re on an island somewhere in the Pacific, I think, and a “hunt” is about to take place. “ Those men over there” the man pointed at a group of men in the distance, “are going to hunt us with bow and arrow, they’ve paid a lot of money for the privilege, and any man that kills one of us gets $1,000 a piece. He’s supposed to be let go as well, but I don’t trust them. I do know that the men often bet among themselves as to how many men they will take or where they will place their shots. Their favorite targets are our chests and bellies. And once they’ve shot a man, they usually rape him as well.”

Gary and Joe looked over the group of men; they were dressed in loin cloths like the other men, but shorter, ending several inches above their knees. Gary could see that some of the men were barefoot but all carried long bows and had scabbards full of arrows on their backs. Gary couldn’t help getting excited as he thought about being hunted by the barefoot men. “Joe and I will both be barefoot, running through the woods pursued by these men with bows.” Gary thought.

“Gary, we must stay together,” Joe said.

Suddenly Gary heard loud talking coming from one end of the pen. Two of the men were facing each other, their hands on their knives.

“I want your sandals, bitch.” A young man said. He was tall and thin with long blond hair and a flat chest. He was barefoot. The man he was talking to had black hair and was in his fifties, with large pecs that stood out from his chest.

“No way, cock,” the older man said, “you can run barefoot, you’re young enough. I need them.” As the man spoke, he pulled his knife from its scabbard.

“all right, bitch, I’ll just take them off your feet after I kill you.” The younger man drew his knife and slashed at his opponent’s pecs, cutting the smooth flesh with the tip of the knife.

“You bastard,” the older man screamed as he watched a thin line of blood appear on his chest, “I’ll shove this knife in your cock for that!”

The older man jabbed the knife toward the belly of the young man who jumped back quickly. The two men circled each other, the younger one slashing the air with his knife, the older one jabbing straight ahead. The older man stepped forward thrusting his knife at the belly of his opponent. The young man quickly jumped back and ducking under the man’s arm, he brought his knife up and stabbed the man’s left pec from underneath, neatly spearing it with his knife.

“AIEEEEE!,” the man screamed as the other pierced his pec with the knife and then quickly pulled it out. “My chest, you bitch” the man screamed and cupped his injured pec with his free hand. This was that chance that the young one was waiting for, he moved in and shoved his knife in the belly of his opponent to the hilt.

“AHH!” the older one moaned as he was stabbed, his eyes opened widely, staring at his attacker. The younger one pulled the knife from his belly and stabbed his again, this time just below his belly button.

“Ouuu” the older one moaned quietly. As the knife was pulled again from his belly, he turned away from the young man grasping his wounds with both hands. He had taken a few steps when the younger one grabbed his shoulder and pulled him around.

“Wait a minute, bitch, not so fast, take this!” and the younger one plunged his knife in the large pec of the older man.

“OH, God! “ the man stammered as he grabbed the knife in his pec, “you’ve killed me.” he said falling to his knees in front of the victor. “You’ve won the sandals, take them and leave me barefoot.” Falling onto his back, he rolled on the ground trying to pull the knife from his chest, then his hands fell from the knife, he was dead.

“I’ll not only leave you barefoot,” the young one said, “I’m going to strip you naked for everyone to see” And the young man reached down and ripped the loin cloth from the body of the dead man leaving his completely naked. The men standing in a circle around the two combatants starred at the dark hair of the dead man’s cock. “Now, I’ll take the sandals.” The young man knelt down at the feet of his dead opponent and began to unlace his sandals.

“George, he has killed John,” one of the men in the crowd whispered to another, “let’s get him.”

Two of the men in the crowd now moved next to the one untying the sandals.

“Hey, you little cock,” one of the men said angrily, “you just killed our friend. “Stand up!”

The young man pulled the sandals off of the dead man and looked up at the two that stood over him. He reached for his knife and then glancing around, he saw it still sticking in the pec of his victim. “Damn it,” he thought “I should have kept the knife with me.” Standing up quickly he hit the man closest to his with his fist as hard as he could. The man screamed out and tumbled to the ground holding his hands to his face. The other man stepped forward and grabbed the young man by his hair as he tried to retrieve his knife. He pulled his hair violently, yanking the young man to his feet.

“Come here you little cock,” he yelled “You want a knife? Then take this one!” The man, who was a large muscular man in his forties like the dead one on the ground, stabbed the young one in his lower belly. He released his grip on the man’s hair as he pulled the knife out.

“Ohhh!” the young one cried as he was stabbed, “don’t kill me, please” He grabbed his stomach and turned away from his attacker. The older one put his arm around the younger one’s neck and pulling the man until his back touched his chest, he stabbed the man again in the back..

“NOOO! NOOO!” the young one screamed at the top of his lungs. “Get away from me!” “Someone help me, I’m being murdered!” He held the wound in his back with his right hand as his left hand squeezed the wound in his stomach.

“I’ll leave you alone OK,” the older one said, “ but one more thing.” Grabbing the young one by his shoulder, he spun him around. He wrapped his arm around the other's throat, and with his cock against the boy's ass, he grabbed the other's cock and stroked it. It didn't take long for the young cock to get hard and then shoot its white juices before the laughing crowd.

“This is for John.” The older one raised his knife slowly as the terrified eyes of the young man watched.

“NOOOO! Ahhh” the young one screamed as the knife descended stabbing his in his small pec. When the knife was pulled from his pec, the young man doubled over groaning, “Ohhhh Ohhhh “ He collapsed on top of the bare feet of the man that he had killed just moments before. His body wracked by pain he saw his knife still in the pec of the dead man. He started to crawl over the dead man to get his knife. His belly brushing against the feet of the dead man, then his chest brushing against the man’s exposed cock, and finally his face lay against the dead man’s right pec as he reached for his knife. Grasping it by the handle he tried to pull it out of the man’s pec but it was in so deep that he couldn’t budge it in his weakened condition. He raised himself up with his left hand on the dead man’s right pec and pulled with all of his might all the while groaning with pain and anger.

“I’ll get you bitch for stabbing me” the young one groaned as he pulled on the knife. The blood pouring from his wounds was mixing with the blood on the body of the man he had killed. He became weaker and collapsed on top of the body of the naked man.

“I’ll kill you!” he cried as tears streamed down his face, his feet slipping against the feet of the dead man. The man who had stabbed his stood watching his efforts to get up with amusement.

“Come on, you little cock,” he said “come and get me and I’ll stab you in the other pec.”

The young man began to shake uncontrollably, his bare feet shaking against the feet of the dead man under him. Then he groaned loudly and his head fell on the pec of his victim, he was dead. His right hand still rested on his knife which was still buried in the man’s pec.

The man who had been punched now stood at the side of his friend. “What shall we do now?” he asked his friend.

“You take John’s sandals, you’ll need them. Let’s strip this bitch naked like he did to John” the other one said as he stooped down and began tugging at the loin cloth that covered the young man. When he ripped it off, the crowd stared at the bare ass of the dead man. Then the victor took his bare foot and rolled the body of the young man onto the ground. “I don’t want the little bitch laying on top of John” he said.

“Look George, he really was a blond” one of the men said pointing at the blond hair surrounding the young man’s bare cock.

Just then a man started yelling at one end of the pen. “All right, listen up everyone!”

“The hunt is about to begin,” he said, “when the gate is opened run into the woods over there.” The man pointed in the direction that he wanted the men to go. “And remember, it’s a thousand dollars for every one of the men that you can prove you killed. I assume you all know an easy way to prove a kill.” he said.

The men laughed among themselves, shaking their heads. “Most of you have been brought here from prisons all over the world, if any of you live, it can mean your freedom and some money to start over, so give it your best” Some cheers went up from the crowd, but some of the men, like Gary and Joe were stricken with fear.

“Just give us a chance,” one man yelled, “we’ll show you what we can do!”

“I just want to slide my knife into a couple of their warm bellies” a man said raising his knife in the air.

“If I get one, I’m not going to kill him until I fuck him” another replied.

Suddenly a loud bell began ringing and the gates of the huge pen opened. “Get moving to the woods” the man yelled at the men as they ran through the gates, “the hunters won’t be far behind.”


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Thanks for sharing this story, Gaius1. It must take a long time to put together a long piece of erotic fiction like this. We will be looking for Part 2 of The Hunt, so please keep it coming!


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gots my cock needing to cum on some feet!
great story!