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Chapter 1. El Diablo's Offering
Hidden in the shadows, a secret cult lurks. Since ancient times they have been collecting male human heads as trophies and offerings to their mysterious deity. The members of this cult are unknown, and no one knows their true motives or purpose apart from the members themselves.

Most people who stumble upon this dark and twisted group immediately recoil in horror, for the nature of their rituals is unspeakable. But there are few brave enough to look into the shadows and seek out these sinister sectarians. Those who do find themselves face-to-face with a cult of darkness; humans whose faces are shrouded by cloaks and bones decorating their bodies like jewelry. They call themselves the Head Collectors, a name derived from their morbid hobby.

The Head Collectors are a select few, and all of them have sworn a blood oath to their ancient deity. Membership of the cult is only open to a select few and only when an existing member dies. Anyone that fails to get in finds themselves one of the group’s many victims.

The Head Collectors believe that by collecting and offering up human heads, they can appease their god's wrath and be rewarded with riches beyond belief. It is whispered that the group is controlled by someone known as the High Priest, but no one knows who this enigmatic figure is or what he looks like. Not even the members, no one dared ask or even attempt to find out due to the fear.

Legend has it that when the moon hangs full in the sky, members of the cult perform secret rituals to honor their dark lord - chanting incantations while offering up a human sacrifice. These victims are never seen again; leaving behind only rumors of bizarre and savage practices involving severed heads but the cult does strike fear into the hearts of the population as many of their victim’s headless bodies are left to be found where they have been dumped.

Such is the fear the cult carries that even law enforcement no longer investigates the deaths of the headless victims.

The headquarters of this secret sect is said to be a place of deep mystery and dark power. It is believed that within its walls lies ancient knowledge, forbidden lore and powerful artifacts. No one really knows what goes on in this place, but some suspect it may be the source of some of the world’s greatest evils.

The walls are decorated with the preserved heads of all the cults’ previous victims. Once a head is presented it is placed on show for 30 days before being added to the wall.

Mordak was the high priest of The Head Collectors. It was thought that they had access to knowledge and power beyond ordinary mortals and could tap into the darkest secrets of human society. The High Priest is believed to have extensive knowledge in occult practices and was said to have a direct connection to the dietary they worshipped. Mordak was highly respected within the cult but rarely seen apart from the in person sacrifices that occurred at the headquarters. By having access to such knowledge, he was thought to hold great power. Mordak often led rituals and served as a spiritual leader in times of need for the members, it was clear he commanded great respect and had a powerful presence in the lives of cult members.

The cult’s members were never known by their real names, instead they adopted a name that they were to be known inside the cult. This name was never to be uttered outside of the cult’s headquarters and to be called it in everyday life carried severe penalties. When living their ‘normal’ lives the cult communicated in secret codes and messages that were nearly impossible to decipher. However, each of them had unique skills that could help cover up the groups crimes.

The name of the cults main members were, Nightblade, OneBlade, The Punisher, The Prophetess, The Visionary, El Diablo, The Showman, Swift Knife, The Seeker, The Shadow Walker, Nightstalker & The Liberator. Only these twelve and the Mordak the High Priest were authorized to do the killing.

Adrian was a dark-haired young man who would never pass up an opportunity to get a good workout. He could often be found in the gym lifting weights or running on the treadmills. His passion for fitness was matched only by his love of baseball, where his skill and agility quickly made him one of the most sought-after players on the team. But it wasn't all about sports for Adrian - he also had a steady girlfriend, with whom he shared many evenings out at restaurants and movies. They both enjoyed spending time together, laughing and talking about their hopes and dreams for the future. Adrian's life seemed perfect - he had everything he ever wanted, and more. As he sat on the steps outside the building little did, he know that things were about to take an unexpected turn.

El Diablo had spotted Adrian sitting on the steps and had that feeling that he usually got when he spotted a potential victim. He took it as a sign the dietary was telling him that it wanted Adrian’s head. As Adrian stood up and walked to his car, he had no idea he was now being stalked.

Adrian drove the short distance to the gym, parked his car and grabbed his bag and walked inside, not knowing that just a few yards away someone was watching his every move. There was something sinister in the air as he entered the gym, oblivious to the presence trailing him. He went into the building and up to the locker rooms, unaware of the figure lurking outside in the shadows. As Adrian changed into his workout clothes, the El Diablo stayed close, never letting his prey out of his sight. Little did Adrian know that his life was about to take a terrifying turn.

The young man conducted his workout and then some poses as he caught up with some of his friends at the gym.

El Diablo watched and waited for around an hour and a half before Adrian finally finished his workout. The attractive young man still shirtless and wearing only a pair of shorts grabbed his bag and shaker and prepared to leave the gym.

Still watching his every move El Diablo knew that he had to make his move now.

Adrian had barely reached his car, when he heard a loud voice calling out his name. He spun around to find two men, with their faces concealed by hoodies, quickly making their way towards him. Without any warning, they grabbed Adrian, forcefully pushing him into the back seat of an unfamiliar car. As soon as the door shut behind him, the vehicle sped away from the scene leaving Adrian feeling confused and terrified. He was unable to make sense of what was happening or why it was happening to him, yet all he could do was brace himself for whatever lay ahead. He wanted to escape but the man in the rear of the car held a knife to his throat.

His abductors remained silent throughout the drive. As Adrian looked out of the window, all he could see were unfamiliar roads and buildings passing him by at a breakneck speed until eventually, the car pulled off road and drove between some trees. He was dragged out of the vehicle and taken to some woodland by some railroad tracks, unaware of what lay ahead or how long he would be there for. All Adrian could do was wait and hope for the best as his captors continued their sinister mission.

Adrian's mind raced with questions as to why he had been abducted but no answer presented itself as the main remained completely silent. Was this a kidnapping? A robbery? What did these men want from him? Despite feeling overwhelmed by fear, he knew that if he wanted to make it out alive, he had to stay calm and keep his wits about him. With that thought in mind, this ordeal became one of determination and courage as Adrian prepared himself to face whatever life threw his way. He had no idea what was in store for him, but he refused to let his captors break him. He was determined not to give up without a fight. He had been taken from the safety of his home and forced into a desperate situation, but Adrian was determined to survive and make it through whatever twisted mission awaited him.

Once the car came to a stop the hooded figure in the back of the car dragged Adrian out of the vehicle. El Diablo dragged his victim to the side of the rail tracks and forced Adrian onto his knees.

“Please let me go!” Adrian begged “I won’t tell anyone.”

Adrian's heart pounded in his chest like a jackhammer as he saw the knife and felt the cold, hard steel of the blade pressed against his throat. He could feel the tip of it just barely grazing the skin beneath his chin, and a thin line of red was starting to form where it had cut him. He was trembling, fear coursing through every fiber of his being as he realized what was about to happen.

The man holding the knife smiled cruelly, showing off brilliant white teeth that contrasted with his dark hooded complexion. "Lord Kuhl, I make this sacrifice to you," he said menacingly. "Now hold still so I can do this quickly." Adrian struggled and closed his eyes tightly, not wanting to see what was coming, Adrian mumbled a final prayer. As moments later, Adrian screamed as he heard the sharp sound of slicing metal and felt a sudden warmth on his neck as hot, red liquid gushed out from the wound, the piercing shriek that Adrian let out was soon cut off as El Diablo now sawed through the shirtless hunks voice box. Blood splattered from the open wound as El Diablo continued to hack through the flesh and cartilage. Moments later Adrian’s headless body collapsed to the ground in a lifeless heap.

El Diablo held Adrian’s head by his hair as blood dropped from the base of the neck, he looked down at Adrian's body with pure satisfaction as blood formed a pool at the headless stump before casually holding the blood-stained knife in one hand and Adrian’s head in the other and walking away without looking back. It was done. Adrian was dead, his life snuffed out by someone who hadn't even blinked an eye while murdering him.

His headless shirtless body now left to the mercy of the wilderness.

Adrian’s body would be found after 18 days by a train driver whose train had stopped near the place where his headless body lay. The driver was intrigued by the animal activity occurring just a few feet away and discovered the horrific sight of the decomposing corpse that had been partly eaten by animals. By choosing the rail tracks as a killing ground El Diablo had made it easy for the police to say that Adrian had been hit by a train and his missing head carried off by animals.

Meanwhile back at the cult headquarters El Diablo stepped forward from the crowded circle of cult members. His movements were slow and calculated, as if he was in a trance. He carried a small wooden box with him, which contained his offering for the deity Kuhl. As El Diablo walked closer to the altar, everyone else stepped back respectfully, giving him space to perform his ritual.

He stopped before the altar and reverently opened the lid on the box. Inside lay Adrian’s severed head.

The room was silent and filled with an almost electric tension. All eyes were fixed on El Diablo as he raised his hands to the sky and held Adrian’s severed head aloft so people could see it, uttering prayers in a low voice. He closed his eyes, swaying back and forth as if in a trance. His offering complete, and great solemnity and concentration, El Diablo placed Adrian’s head carefully onto the altar before stepping back to admire his work and bowing his head before he stepped away from the altar. Everyone else followed suit, bowing their heads in reverence for the deity that had been honored by this offering as Adrian’s vacant eyes looked back at them.

After several moments of silence, El Diablo opened his eyes and looked around at everyone present. A small smile spread across his face as he stepped out into the darkness beyond the temple walls. The ritual had been completed successfully - El Diablo’s offering had been accepted by the gods.
Chapter 2. The Visionary Strikes

Cooper had always been an overachiever. He excelled in his academics and was a skilled athlete. Growing up, he played multiple sports but never found one that he truly loved. It wasn't until high school that he discovered his passion for cheerleading.

At first, it was a way to stay active and involved in school, but he quickly fell in love with the sport. The flips, jumps, and stunts challenged him in ways that other sports couldn't. And, surprisingly, he loved the teamwork aspect of cheerleading more than anything else.

When it was time for Cooper to go to college, he knew he wanted to continue cheerleading. He also knew he wanted to become a dentist. He was fascinated with the human body and wanted to help people achieve and maintain healthy smiles.

So, Cooper decided to attend a university that had both a strong cheerleading program and a prestigious dentistry school. It wasn't easy, balancing his demanding cheer schedule with his rigorous course load. But Cooper was determined to succeed.

Cooper quickly became a standout on the cheerleading squad. His strength and agility made him a valuable asset, and his upbeat personality made him a favorite among his teammates. But Cooper didn't just excel in cheerleading. He was top of his class in dentistry, too.

It was an unusual combination, for sure. Cooper was used to the looks of surprise and confusion when he told people he was a male cheerleader and dentistry student. But he didn't care. He was doing what he loved, and that was all that mattered.

Life was good, and Cooper was looking forward to becoming a doctor and having a successful career.

The Visionary was on the prowl, she was looking for a potential victim’s head to offer up to the cult’s god Kuhl. She’d spotted a few potential good victims but as she walked down the sandy beach, she noticed a lone figure lying on a beach towel, soaking up the sun. She immediately stopped in her tracks when she caught site of the dark-haired young man in striped shorts that appeared to be sunbathing on the empty beach.

Cooper was lying there shirtless, wearing nothing more than a pair of striped shorts. His toned muscles and smooth skin glistened in the sun, leaving The Visionary breathless as her eyes remained glued to the young man’s perfectly sculpted abs. She couldn't help but stare as he lay there, looking like a Greek god.

The Visionary took up a position where she could keep a close eye on her potential prey and watched on as Cooper now sat up and placed a hat on his head as he jokingly acknowledged two girls that walked past.

The girls giggled but then carried on their way as Cooper looked down at his watch and realized he had to leave.

He stopped by the beach shower where he planned to wash the excess sand off and unlocked his car quickly. This gave The Visionary an idea and she continued to watch as Cooper stepped into the shower, he closed his eyes and let the cool water cascade down his body. He stretched his arms up, letting the water soak through his hair and down his chest, making his muscles glisten in the sun.

The girls who walked past earlier couldn't help but be impressed as they watched. "Oh my god, he's so hot!" one whispered to her friend. "I know, right?!" the friend replied, eyes wide as she ogled Cooper.

As he reached for the soap to lather up, the girls and The Visionary watched in awe as the suds ran down his arms and chest, accentuating every inch of his toned physique. They could hardly contain their excitement as they watched him rinse off, their eyes glued to his impressive display.

As the shower came to an end, Cooper opened his eyes to find the girls staring at him with admiration in their eyes. He smiled and said a friendly hello before turning to dry himself off.

This was when The Visionary made her move and took up her position.

Cooper walked towards his car with his towel slung around his shoulder. He opened the door, tossed the towel on the passenger seat and jumped in. He buckled himself in with the seat belt and looked up at the rear-view mirror. “Those girls were impressed; I am a sexy mother fucker.” He said to himself as he admired his body and good looks.

He looked forward as his hands clasped the steering wheel and prepared to start his car. This was when The Visionary struck, and she appeared from her hiding place in the rear of the car and pulled Cooper’s head back.

“What the fuck!” The shirtless hunk exclaimed as The Visionary immediately ran the sharp blade across Cooper’s throat. His eyes opened wide in fear and shock as his voice box was severed and he let out frantic gasps and grunts as he brought his hands up to try and pull the knife away, but the Visionary was relentless. The last thing Cooper felt was his warm blood oozing out onto his fine torso as The Visionary continued to behead him.

Moments later the Visionary smiled as she held Cooper’s severed head in front of her. She placed it in a bag and then left the car leaving Cooper’s headless body sitting in the driver’s seat to be discovered by some unfortunate soul.

Back at the cult’s headquarters the other cult members were gathered as The Visionary stepped forward from the crowded circle of killers. Her movements were slow and calculated, as if she was in a trance. She carried the wooden offering box with her, which contained her gift for the deity Kuhl. As The Visionary walked closer to the altar, everyone else stepped back respectfully, giving her space to perform his ritual.

She stopped before the altar and reverently opened the lid on the box. Inside lay Cooper’s severed head.

The room was silent and filled with an almost electric tension. All eyes were fixed on the cults killer as she raised her hands to the sky and held the severed head aloft so people could see it, uttering prayers in a low voice. She closed her eyes, swaying back and forth as if in a trance and kissed Cooper on the lips. With her offering complete, and great solemnity and concentration, she placed Cooper’s head carefully onto the altar before stepping back to admire the work and bowing her head before stepping away from the altar. Everyone else followed suit, bowing their heads in reverence for the deity that had been honored by this offering as Cooper’s beautiful vacant eyes looked back at them as cracks of thunder could be heard and Kuhl’s offering fire lit itself.

After several moments of silence, The Visionary opened her eyes and looked around at everyone present. With the ritual complete, the group gathered to admire Cooper’s head as Adrian’s severed head was placed in the hall of offerings.
Chapter 3. Midwest Head

Blue-eyed Jack was born and raised in a small town in Missouri. Growing up, he was the oldest of five siblings, and as such, he took on the responsibility of looking after his younger brothers and sisters. However, even though he had a lot of responsibilities, Jack always dreamed of something bigger. He had a fantastic toned and lean body and a face that could easily catch attention. His excellent looks and build were a standout feature, and he knew that he could use them to make something of himself.

Despite his humble beginnings, Jack had big aspirations. He always had an interest in fashion, and he dreamt of becoming a model. So, after dropping out of high school , Jack packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles, the city that he believed would make all his dreams come true. Living in the city was tough, especially when he had to make ends meet while looking for modeling opportunities. He had odd jobs here and there, but he never let go of his dream.

Despite this hardship, Jack never lost faith and always kept going. He had faith in God and believed that things were going to work out for him. He adopted a positive mindset and always looked for the positive side of things.

Jack had a big evening ahead of him, and he was determined not to let anything bring him down. After a quick shower, he wrapped himself in a towel and turned on some of his favorite songs. The music and the warm water left him feeling relaxed and energized, and he couldn't help but sing and dance in front of the mirror.

As he prepared for his date, he carefully chose his outfit, making sure that everything he wore made him look his best. He picked out his favorite black leather jacket and his best-fitting dark jeans. Jack knew that his looks would only take him so far and wanted to make a good impression with his charm and personality.

As he looked at himself in the mirror, Jack couldn't help but feel excited about the evening ahead. He had been looking forward to this date for a long time and wanted to make it as perfect as possible. He made sure to brush his teeth and comb his hair, making sure he was fresh and clean.

With his song still playing in the background, Jack made his way out of the house ready for his date.

The meeting location for the date was in the local park and the girl had been very specific in that they were to meet by the big old oak tree. Jack kind of thought that was romantic and counted the seconds until he arrived at the park.

The Punisher, a member in the cult known as The Head Collectors, had been scouring the city, searching for a worthy offering for their deity. The cult had a reputation for being ruthless and dangerous, and The Punisher was one of their most feared members. As he roamed the streets looking for his next victim, he couldn't help but feel unsatisfied with the options available.

But that was until he entered the park and saw Jack stepping out of his car. Jack was getting ready to meet his date when The Punisher spotted him. With his leather jacket unbuttoned and open, The Punisher was struck by Jack's toned and lean physique, which made him seem like the perfect offering to their deity.

The Punisher knew that he had found his next victim, and he began to stalk Jack from a distance. Jack's carefree attitude and blissful ignorance made him the perfect target. The Punisher was used to taking down his victims with ease, and he had no doubt that Jack would be no different.

For Jack, he made his way other to the tree and prepared to meet his date unaware of the danger that lurked in the shadows.

As Jack waited by the old oak tree for his date to arrive, he felt a sudden chill run down his spine. He looked around, but he couldn't see anyone around him. His instincts told him that something was amiss, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Putting it down to nerves He shrugged it off and waited for his date to arrive.

But before he could react, The Punisher had finished sneaking up behind him and grabbed him from behind, pulling his head back, exposing his neck. Jack's screams echoed through the park as the knife slowly cut through his throat, the handsome teenager could feel the gushing of warm blood running down his chest, but it was too late as The Punisher had finally removed Jack's head.

The Punisher stood holding Jack’s decapitated head in one hand and the bloody knife in the other as Jack still semi conscious watched as his headless body slumped to the ground, and everything went dark as death finally claimed him.

The Punisher couldn't help but smile as he held Jack's head in his hand, staring into the young man’s vacant blue eyes. The feeling of power and control was exhilarating, and he felt a sense of satisfaction knowing that he had fulfilled his duties to the cult's deity and couldn’t wait to make the offer personally.

The Punisher had always been deadly and ruthless, but this particular kill had given him a sense of fulfillment that he had never felt before. He reveled in the sight of Jack's head, admiring the way it looked in his hand and the way life had drained out of his eyes.

As the Punisher held the head, he could hear the whispers of the deity in his ear, congratulating him on a job well done. The sound of the deity's voice was like music to his ears, and he relished in the feeling of being praised by his god.

After putting Jack’s head in his bag, The Punisher picked up his headless body and carried it over to Jack's car. He opened the trunk and placed the lifeless body inside. The body fit perfectly, and The Punisher couldn't help but smile as he imagined the shock and horror someone would feel when they opened it.

As he closed the trunk, he smiled as he walked away and headed back to the cult’s headquarters with his latest offering.

As The Punisher entered the cult's headquarters, he could feel the eyes of the other cult members on him. He held his head up high, knowing he had carried out his duties with excellence and effectiveness. He approached the altar and carefully removed Jack's head from the bag and placing it upon it, relishing in the finality of his kill.

The other members of the cult nodded in approval and admiration for The Punisher's dedication to the cause. They knew that his skills had brought them favor with the deity. The Punisher looked around at his fellow cult members, feeling a sense of belonging he had never experienced before. In this moment, they were all united in their devotion to the deity and their commitment to its will.

The Punisher then performed the ceremonial ritual of offering the head to the deity. He called upon the deity to accept the life and blood of Jack as a sacrifice, and he promised to continue to seek out offerings on its behalf. As he spoke, he felt a sense of power coursing through him, and he knew that the deity was pleased with his efforts.

The ceremony ended, and the cult members dispersed, leaving The Punisher alone with the head on the altar. He stood there for a moment, basking in the sense of accomplishment that came with being a member of the cult and left Jack’s severed head as the main attraction for the days to come.

Seven days had passed since The Punisher had taken Jack's life and left his car in the park. It was early in the morning when a park-goer reported a foul smell emanating from a parked car, and upon investigating, officers found Jack's body in the trunk.

The police were stunned by the brutal nature of the crime as they found the headless body of Jack, one of the older officers knew who had committed the gruesome murder and Jack’s death was soon closed as an open enquiry as the police knew not to dive too deep into cult affairs.
Chapter 4. Home Alone

21-year-old Rafe had just finished his second year at university, and for him, it had been another year of growth and discovery. He had come to realize that his true passion lay in fitness and sports, and he had spent countless hours working out at the campus gym and playing soccer with his friends.

Now, with the summer break upon him, Rafe found himself alone at home. His parents had taken a much-needed trip, leaving him to tend to the house and take care of himself. But Rafe didn't mind. He saw it as an opportunity to focus even more on his fitness goals, with no classes or obligations to distract him.

As soon as his parents had left, Rafe headed straight to the gym. For him, working out was not just a way to stay in shape; it was a mood lifter, a way to clear his mind and focus on his goals. He pushed his body to the limit, feeling the burn in his muscles and the rush of endorphins that came with every rep.

The Liberator was a member of the fearsome headhunter cult, known for their ruthless and barbaric practices of taking human heads as offerings to their gods. They were always on the lookout for the perfect offering - strong, fearless, and young. And when The Liberator walked into the gym, he set his sights on Rafe.

Rafe was in the middle of a grueling workout, dressed in a black vest, light shorts, and a backwards baseball cap. His toned muscles and light facial hair made him look like the perfect offering for The Liberator's bloodthirsty cult.

The Liberator watched in fascination as Rafe lifted the weights with ease, sweat glistening on his tanned skin. He saw the determination in Rafe's eyes, the way he pushed himself to the limit with every rep. The Liberator knew that he had found his next victim, his next offering to the gods.

As Rafe finished his workout and headed towards the changing room, The Liberator followed him silently. He studied Rafe's every move, noticing how confident and self-assured he seemed. The Liberator knew that he had to strike soon, before Rafe became aware of his presence. With a grin on his face, The Liberator left the gym and now waited for Rafe to leave so he could follow him home and eventually acquire his next offering and please his dark gods.

The Liberator followed Rafe home, his black cloak fluttering in the wind as he moved stealthily through the shadows. He had carefully studied the art of staying undetected and knew from a phone call he had heard Rafe make that the young man was home alone. It was the perfect opportunity to strike.

As The Liberator approached Rafe's house, he surveyed it from a distance. He saw that the doors were locked, and the windows were shuttered. But The Liberator knew that he could find a way in. He moved silently around the perimeter of the house, searching for any weaknesses in the structure.

Finally, he found what he was looking for. A small window on the side of the house was slightly ajar, and The Liberator was able to slip inside without making a sound. He moved quietly through the house, his footsteps barely audible on the floorboards.

As he reached Rafe's room, The Liberator took a moment to observe his target. Rafe was sitting on the bed, scrolling through his phone. He was oblivious to the danger lurking in the shadows, unaware that he was being watched.

The Liberator waited patiently, watching and waiting for the right moment to strike. He knew that he had to be careful, to avoid making a sound that would give him away. But he was confident in his abilities, and he knew that he could take Rafe without a fight.

He continued to watch as Rafe now knelt in front of a mirror and took a selfie of himself before uploading the selfie onto Instagram.

Finally, the moment arrived. Rafe got up and headed towards the bathroom, he now stood in front of the mirror and raised his arm up to show off his oblique.

The Liberator seized his chance, leaping out of the shadows and grabbing Rafe from behind. Rafe struggled, but it was no use. The Liberator had him in his grasp, and he was not letting go.

Rafe struggled in vain as The Liberator pulled him back with a firm grip on his head. The young man's heart pounded in his chest as he realized the danger he was in, but it was too late. The Liberator had already begun the process of slowly decapitating him.

The sound of metal against bone filled the room as The Liberator raised his machete high above Rafe's head. With a sudden motion, he brought the blade down, slicing through flesh and bone with ease. Rafe's head jerked back, and he let out a gurgling gasp as blood sprayed from his neck.

The Liberator was an expert at his grim trade, working quickly and efficiently as he severed Rafe's head from his body. His blade moved with deadly precision, each cut drawing out the agony of the young man's final moments.

As the last shred of flesh gave way, Rafe's body tumbled to the ground, leaving his decapitated head dangling in his killer’s hand. The Liberator stood over his victim, grinning in triumph as he gazed at the gruesome sight.

For The Liberator, Rafe was just another offering, a sacrifice to the dark gods he served. But for those who knew him, Rafe was a young man with a bright future ahead of him, a promising athlete and student whose life had been tragically cut short by a merciless killer who now left the house as quietly as he came in. Leaving Rafe to be discovered by his parents upon their return home.

The Liberator returned to the cult's headquarters, his cloak splattered with blood and his machete still slick with Rafe's life fluids. The other cult members gathered around him; their eyes gleaming with anticipation as they saw the offering he carried.

As the other members watched, The Liberator placed Rafe's head on the altar, its eyes staring blankly ahead. The other members began to chant, their voices rising in a terrible chorus. They called on their dark deity, offering Rafe's head as a sacrifice and awaiting a sign that their offering had been accepted.

Suddenly, the room grew still. The chanting ceased, and the air became thick with tension. The cult members held their breath, waiting for a response.

And then, it came. A sudden gust of wind swept through the room, blowing out all the candles and knocking over the other offerings on the altar. The cult members fell to their knees in ecstasy, rejoicing in the knowledge that their deity had accepted Rafe's head as a sacrifice.

For the cult, this gruesome ritual was a holy ceremony, a way to appease their god and ensure their continued protection and prosperity. And for The Liberator, it was another successful mission, a chance to prove his loyalty to the cult and gain their respect and adoration.
Chapter 5. The End of a Dream

Danny was a 23-year-old fitness enthusiast who has been competing in shows since he was 18. His passion for fitness developed at a young age and he found himself drawn to the world of bodybuilding. At 18, Danny competed in his first ever show and was amazed at the feeling of adrenaline that came with it. Despite it being his first time, he did exceptionally well, and won the teen category.

Since then, Danny had been focused on achieving his ultimate goal, which was to step onto the Olympia stage. Over the years, Danny worked diligently, pushing himself to the limits and becoming one of the most competitive athletes in the industry. He had been training vigorously, sticking to a strict diet, and fine-tuning his routines to perfection.

Danny now stood on stage having achieved a significant milestone in his career, and he was now euphoric. Having won the amateur Olympia, he had qualified for the big event, and his dream of stepping onto the Olympia stage was about to come true.

Danny was ecstatic; he had been waiting for this moment for so long, and all his hard work and training had finally paid off. His passion and motivation for fitness had driven him throughout the years, and he was now ready to take on the world stage. Tears rolled down his cheek as he looked out to the audience and saw his parents and girlfriend feeling grateful for their understanding of the sport.

As Danny celebrated his victory on stage, little did he know that he had just caught the attention of one of the most feared headhunters in the world. The showman had been watching the event from a distance and was in awe of Danny's muscular physique and his impressive performance. However, the headhunter did not see Danny as an ordinary athlete; instead, he saw him as the perfect offering for his deity and the cult.

The headhunter, who was known for his ruthless tactics and exceptional hunting skills, had been on the lookout for a powerful soul to offer to his deity. He saw Danny as the perfect candidate, and as his eyes locked on him, he knew that he had to have him.

The headhunter began to track Danny's every move, watching him as he celebrated with his friends and family. He lurked in the shadows, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make his move. He watched as Danny celebrated his win with his family at the beach and posed for some photos with his medals.

Danny had no idea that he was being hunted, and as he walked home, he didn’t know the danger he was in.

Danny's family and girlfriend had planned to take him out for a celebratory meal after his big win. They were thrilled to see him take the top spot and wanted to make the occasion special. They had booked a table at a fancy restaurant and were eager to spend some quality time with him. Especially as he had a few weeks to relax before preparing for Olympia.

However, Danny was taking too long to get ready and wash the fake tan off his whole body. He was still reeling from the excitement of the competition and didn't want to rush things. He told his family and girlfriend that he would meet them at the restaurant after he was done.

As Danny's parents and girlfriend left the Airbnb, little did they know that the showman had been watching them. The ruthless cult member sensed his opportunity and snuck into the Airbnb, determined to get Danny's head as the perfect offering for his deity.

The showman made his way to Danny's room and was shocked to find him standing there, still posing in a pair of bodybuilding trunks.

The showman was smart and knew he didn’t want to give Danny any edge in a fight or drawn out death and saw his chance as he now snuck up behind Danny, pulling his head back and decapitating him in one swift motion. Blood spurt from the decapitated neck as Danny’s powerful body stood for a few more seconds before collapsing in a heap on the floor.

The Showman wanted to leave his mark and placed Danny’s head in the special bag he carried before lifting the dead bodybuilder and leaving him spread eagle on the bed. He then calmly left the Airbnb, leaving a trail of blood in his wake.

Danny's family and girlfriend arrived at the restaurant, eagerly awaiting his arrival. However, as the night wore on, it became apparent that something was terribly wrong. They tried calling him, but he didn't answer. It wasn't until they returned home that they discovered his lifeless body in the Airbnb, his head missing. The news of Danny's tragic death shook the bodybuilding community to its core, and many were left wondering who could have done such a thing to such a talent.

After decapitating Danny, the Showman returned to the headquarters of the cult. All the cult members and killers had gathered to respect the deity and see the latest offering that was to be made to them. The Showman placed Danny's head on the altar and waited to see if the deity was pleased.

The cult members watched in awe as the Showman stood before them, with their newest offering positioned before the altar. They all knew that the Showman was one of the most ruthless killers they had ever seen, and they respected him for his skill and unwavering loyalty to the cult.

As the showman waited for a sign from the deity, a gust of wind took the room, blowing out all the candles. The cult members knew that this was a sign from the deity that he was pleased with their offering. They all cheered, celebrating the success of their most recent offering.

The showman smiled to himself, knowing that his reputation would be enhanced in the eyes of the cult members. He had done his duty to the deity and had proven his worth as a fearsome hunter. The cult members knew that they could always count on him to provide them with the offerings they needed to appease their powerful deity.

Danny's death had been a tragic one, but to the members of the cult, it represented something much greater. It was a sign from their powerful deity that they were on the right path and needed more heads.

Chapter 6

The Visionary was seething with jealousy as he watched the latest offering presented to the Headhunter cult's deity by the Showman. The Showman's offering was an impressive sight, a muscular young man, clearly chosen for his strength and virility. The Visionary had spent months crafting his own offering but now he felt upstaged and humiliated.

As the followers of the cult cheered and chanted, The Visionary slipped away into the shadows, consumed by thoughts of revenge. He knew that he had to find a suitable victim, one that would make the perfect offering to the deity and prove once and for all that he was the true master of the cult.

For days The Visionary scoured the city, searching for a young, powerful, and muscular victim. He watched from the shadows as people passed him by, studying each one carefully, looking for signs of strength and vitality. But none of them seemed quite right.

Eventually, he found what he was looking for. A young man, with rippling muscles and a look of fierce determination in his eyes. This was the perfect victim, someone that he knew would make an impressive offering to the cult's deity.

The Visionary vowed not to stop until he had captured this young man and made him the centerpiece of his own offering to the Headhunter cult's deity. He would not be upstaged again, and he would show the Showman that he was the true master of the cult.

With a smile on his face and a fire burning in his heart, The Visionary set out to capture his prey. And he knew that nothing would stand in his way.

Jacob was a 20-year-old with a body that could turn heads, even on the busiest of streets. He was a muscular hunk with bulging biceps, washboard abs, and an impressive set of thighs that rippled with every step he took. Jacob's love for the gym and fitness had led him to compete in several fitness shows where he had done surprisingly well, considering his young age.

However, behind Jacob's impressive physique, lay a story of pain and resilience. At the tender age of 16, Jacob had lost both his parents in a devastating car accident. The grief of losing his parents rocked Jacob's world, leaving him alone in the world to face adulthood with no guidance or parental support. With no relatives to turn to, Jacob was forced to toughen up and find his way in the world. And that's exactly what he did.

Jacob's early adulthood was defined by hard work and dedication. He took on several jobs to support himself, never backing down from a challenge. As Jacob transformed his body through exercise, he was simultaneously molding his mind to become a stronger and more resilient person. He learned to face his inner demons head-on and to overcome his fears rather than let them hold him back.

But despite all his hard work, Jacob remained incomplete. He felt like there was a gap in his life that he couldn't fill. Then, one day, he felt a calling to give himself over to Jesus.

It was a big step for Jacob, but he didn't hesitate. He opened his heart and allowed himself to be baptized, and from that moment, everything changed.

He felt a newfound sense of joy and peace that he had never experienced before. He knew that he had found his place in the world, and nothing could hold him back. Jacob was finally complete, and his faith gave him the strength to face any and all challenges that lay ahead.

The Visionary spent several days stalking Jacob, watching his every move, studying his habits and behavior. He knew that he needed to find the perfect time and place to strike if he was going to capture Jacob and make him the perfect offering to the Headhunter cult's deity.

The Visionary had observed that Jacob liked to go to the gym frequently and often returned around the same time every day. So, he decided that the best time to strike would be when Jacob was on his way home from the gym.

The Visionary had been watching Jacob for several days, tracking his every move and studying his habits. So, when he saw Jacob arriving at the gym, dressed in a blue Gymshark stringer and black shorts, with a baseball cap backward on his head, he recognized him immediately.

The Visionary sat on a bench, pretending to work out with weights while keeping his eyes fixed on Jacob. He watched from a distance as Jacob entered the gym, his muscular frame bulging beneath his tight-fitting clothes.

As Jacob walked past, several people around him greeted him with nods and waves, and he responded with a smile. Suddenly, Jacob stopped and threw a double bicep pose to some of his friends, showcasing his impressive upper body strength. The Visionary's eyes widened in awe as he studied Jacob's perfectly sculpted muscles donned with tattoos.

Once Jacob finished greeting his friends, he marched towards the weights section and got straight into his workout, looking focused and determined. The Visionary watched as Jacob began his warm-up exercises, stretching his arms and legs carefully and then diving into his workout routine.

The Visionary's eyes were trained on Jacob as he performed various exercises, pushing his limits and testing his strength. He watched as Jacob powered through each set of exercises with ease, his muscles bulging with each movement.

Despite his obsession with capturing Jacob, The Visionary couldn't help but feel a sense of respect for the young man's dedication and focus on his fitness. But he knew that he had a job to do, and he couldn't let his admiration get in the way.

The Visionary watched from a distance as Jacob continued his intense workout routine. Suddenly, halfway through his workout, Jacob paused and took off his blue Gymshark stringer, revealing his chiseled abs and defined muscles.

The Visionary's eyes widened as he watched Jacob standing in front of a mirror, admiring his body. The sudden sight of Jacob's bare chest caused The Visionary's heart to skip a beat, and he struggled to contain his excitement.

Jacob flexed his arms, admiring his well-defined biceps as he posed for a few selfies in front of the mirror. The Visionary watched as Jacob ran his hand over his abs, feeling their definition. Jacob's muscles were perfectly sculpted, and The Visionary knew that he would be the perfect offering to the Headhunter cult's deity.

The Visionary kept his eyes on Jacob, who seemed lost in his thoughts, admiring his physique. Jacob had no idea that he was being watched by a predator, and the danger he was in.

Jacob finished up his workout, feeling a sense of accomplishment. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and gathered his belongings, preparing to leave the gym. As he walked towards the exit, he noticed one of his friends holding a camera phone, and he decided to take a few more pictures of his impressive physique.

The Visionary watched as Jacob stopped in front of his friend, who had a camera ready to take some pictures. Jacob flexed his biceps, showing off the veins running through them, and struck a bodybuilding pose. His muscles bulged and rippled beneath his sun-kissed skin as his friend clicked a few photos.

As Jacob continued to strike poses and flex his muscles, The Visionary felt a rush of excitement building inside him. He knew that Jacob would make the perfect offering to the Headhunter cult, and he could already picture himself standing at the center of their ritual, tempting their dark deity with the muscle hunks head.

As Jacob's posing session came to an end, he smiled at his friend and thanked him for taking the photos. He then gathered his things and headed out of the gym, unaware of the danger that lurked in the shadows.

The Visionary watched Jacob leave, his heart racing with excitement. It was time to make the move and have the fun he wanted.

The Visionary had parked his van in the gym parking lot next to Jacob's car, ready to make his move. As Jacob made his way towards his car, The Visionary watched him closely, studying his movements and waiting for the right moment to strike.

Jacob threw his gym bag into his car and turned to head to the driver's side door when The Visionary suddenly appeared behind him. In a swift motion, the door of the van slid open, and The Visionary grabbed Jacob by the arms and dragged him inside.

Jacob struggled and tried to break free, but The Visionary was much stronger. The sound-proof walls of the van muffled his screams as The Visionary pulled out a knife and held it in front of Jacob's face.

Jacob's eyes widened with fear as he saw the glint of the blade in front of him. He knew that he was in serious danger and that he needed to find a way to escape. He struggled against The Visionary's grip, but it was no use.

The Visionary was relentless and determined, his grip like iron. He pulled Jacob deeper into the sound-proof van, far away from prying eyes. Despite Jacob's struggling, The Visionary remained calm and focused, his eyes fixed on his prey.

In his mind, The Visionary envisioned Jacob at the center of the Headhunter cult's ritual, offering himself up to their dark deity. He knew that he had to make this vision a reality and that nothing could stand in his way.

Jacob begged and pleaded as the Visionary moved the knife closer to his throat. He screamed as he felt the cold blade begin to saw through his throat and the splash of his warm blood hit his torso. The Visionary held tight admiring the look of fear and panic in Jacob’s eyes as he continued to slowly decapitate the hunk.

Jacob’s hands pulled at the knife as his muscular body bucked and his powerful legs kicked out.

Jacob prayed that someone would hear his screaming unaware that the van’s soundproofing made sure that he was hoping for a miracle that wouldn’t come.

The Visionary continued his assault as Jacob’s screaming stopped as his vocal cord was cut through before seconds later death claimed him as his eyes rolled back in his head. With Jacob dead the Visionary claimed his prize and placed the head in the special offering bag.

As Jacob’s headless body lay in the back of the van, the Visionary sped off towards the headhunter cult's headquarters. The dark, deserted roads ahead of him illuminated only by the bright lights of his van’s headlights. He was resolved to completing the task he had been assigned, his mind filled with pleasing the deity and the presentation ahead.

During his journey the Visionary stopped the van and dragged Jacob’s body from the back before rolling it into a storm drain and driving off. It would be five more days until the headless hunk would be discovered.

As the Visionary got closer to the cult's headquarters, his heart ached with anticipation and excitement at the thought of finally being able to impress the cult leaders. He knew they would be proud of him for his bravery and accomplishment in completing the task of eliminating Jacob.

As he pulled over at the gates of the cult's basecamp, parked his van and took a deep breath and walked towards the entrance, his chest swelled with pride and the promise of recognition.

The Visionary walked into the dark and eerie cult's headquarters, unflinching and unapologetic for the gruesome work he had done. He glanced towards the showman, and their eyes met briefly, and the Visionary could see pride and recognition in the showman's eyes.

Without a moment's hesitation, the Visionary approached the showman and threw him a look of pride and satisfaction, knowing that in his mind, he had just bettered the showman's last offering. The showman nodded approvingly, acknowledging the Visionary's dedication to the cult's values.

The cult members gathered around the Visionary, watching him intently as he carefully lifted the severed head of Jacob from the bag and placed it proudly on the altar. The mutilated head stood as a testament to the Visionary's skill and commitment to the cult's cause, and the gathered members watched in both horror and amazement.

The Visionary stepped back and respectfully waited to see if the deity would accept his offering. The room was silent, except for the faint whispers of the cult members who deep in their hearts prayed for the deity to approve of the sacrifice.

Suddenly, the room filled with a blinding light as the lights flickered, followed immediately by a deafening crack of thunder, despite it being a clear night. The cult members erupted into cheers, knowing that the deity had accepted the visionary's offer.

The Visionary exhaled a sigh of relief, feeling both humbled and honored that his hard work had paid off in impressing the god he held in high esteem. He felt a sense of pride and satisfaction, knowing that he had gained the approval and respect of his fellow cult members. For the Visionary, this was just the beginning of his journey of devotion to the cult's cause, and he was ready to accept his next assignment.