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Oct 25, 2016
I hated this country. It was hot, umid and there were constant gun shots ringing out from all the street corners. Yet this was my third visit to this lawless place. Why? Because if you had the correct contacts which I did and if you could pay and I can .This is the country where you can do what you want and no one cares or does anything about it. My contacts have already been in contacted by me and know I am in town.In fact I have just had a text to say they have what I want.What I want is about 18 to 25 to do what I want to her. I can do anyting and I meen anything. Can you emagine the power to do anything you like and you will get away with it. This time I have been told to meet them at another luxery appartment. They are there if you can afford them. Gated buildings with security on the front. All payed by me of course. I arrive and great my contacts and exchange plesenteris. I am takern to a luxery room with a bed, bathroom, lots of floor space ana a arm chair. Lovely air con as well. Yoiu would not servive without it. I sit down on the chair and use my phone to transfer funds to there account. It is to dangereous to carry large amounts of cash here. I look in my case I brought with me. I had been shopping this morning. I go through my goods. A couple of mains shavers, a battery one. Two pairs of scissers a nail scisser, dentistery mirror and a hammer. I say bring in the girl. She walks in quite happily. Obveously thinking she will do quite well out of this. She has no idea what will happern to her. I am told she is 18. Fine I said. Does she speak English I ask. They said no but one of us can stay and interprit if I lke. I say no she will get the message.I get her to stand in front of me. She has long black hair. She is wearing a t shirt. she has long, smooth young looking arms. She has a white skirt on and soft smooth legs. I feel her breasts through her top. Small but firm I say. I pull her hair so she raises her face. I keep pulling so I can see her strretched neck. She lets out a wimper. Just for fun I give her neck a aqueese as she struggles. Is this girl ok they ask. Just fine I say as I throw her towards the chair. She hits the floor with a satisfying thud. There is also a table with lots of bottles of water on it. About 10 500ml bottles. I pick one up undo the cap and take a sip to show her it is just water. I pass her the bottle. She shakes her head. I say tell her she does not have a choice. Get her to drink all of it. She starts to slowly drink the bottle dry.That concludes our buisness I think gents. I say keen for them to leave. yes it does they reply. Adding as usuall leave her here when you are finished and we will get rid of the body. I say my thanks and lead them to the door. I come back into the room. She now looks scared. She has a lovely, young round face. I notice she has fiunished the bottle. I hand her another one. She wimpers and puts it down. I grab it nd her face with my othe hand and force it down her throat. She coughs and some water goes down her throat but most runs down her face. I slap her and she swallows anothe bottle full. I pick her up so she is standing in front of me. I lift her shirt up.Lovely smmoth dark skin with a nice belly button. I can see her stomach is full of water. I give it a hard slap. And can see it wobbling. She tries to get away. I pull her towards me and pull her shirt off. I let go of her, she just stands there. I do not touch her but inspect her topless body. Small but firm breasts. I walk around her and look at her smooth back. I then move round to her front again and lift her right arm up so I can see under her arm and I see some black shaved hair, bet I can do better I say. I sqeese her breasts as hard as I canand pull them towards me. I throw her on the floor and tie both her arms up by thw wrists to the side of the chair. I prop the chair up so it will not move. Her arms are pulled as up as far as I can get them.She is obviously in pain as she tries to struggle. Shut up I say as I give her face a hard slap and and force anothe bottle of water in to her throat. She coughs and wimpers till the bottle is finished. I then slap her very hard and give her neck a long squeese until she falls unconseus. Thats better I say kicking her limp body with my boot. I then start to shave her under both arms. so much smoother. Why couldnt you do that and slap her again as punishment. I am so hard it is getting uncomfertable so I strip and stand over her limp topless body END OF PART 1