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Dec 16, 2014
Hope you enjoy reading this half as much as I enjoyed writing it. Comments and suggestions welcome.
Developed from a plot posted in 2010 by Codymyself.


Penn, a respected young doctor, lives in a comfortable suburban house. One night, there was knocking on his front door. Thinking it was the TV, he first ignored it. He reconsidered, thinking someone might need help. Opening it, he found a young guy on the lawn. Maybe the man was drunk, left by his buddies. After all, he’d heard yelling outside.

He carried the limp guy in and laid him on the couch. When he smelled the face he was repulsed by the stench of alcohol. Checking the vitals, Penn saw he was close to death. All he could do was stroke his head and steady the body during the death struggle.

After the twitching ended he sighed: “Why do you beautiful boys think you need to drink yourselves to death?”

He started to call 911, then realized no one knew the lad was with him. Taking another look at the young man, he turned off the phone. He was really handsome and well put together . . . . maybe even an athlete. The broad shoulders and narrow waist were very tempting. As he ran his hand over the fellow’s crotch, he made a decision he would never regret.

“Let’s play!”

Checking the dude’s pockets, he found an ID for Steven Bowers, aged 21, residence several states away. It looked like no one would miss him for some time.

Penn spread him out on the floor. He dressed well. He sported a blue blazer over a tailored white dress shirt. The striped blue and silver tie was loosened at the opened collar, revealing blonde chest hair curling over the base of his neck. The obligatory khaki slacks fitted snugly around the waist and thighs. A pants leg pulled up during the move disclosed cheeky blue and silver patterned socks disappearing into dark brown tasseled loafers. The hair was very short around the sides of the head and on the top a longer patch, like a soccer player. Under the half closed lids Penn could see light blue eyes, the sort you usually associate with blonds. The hair though was not light, but a darker blonde. His features were strong, not the delicate almost feminine sort fair complexioned men sometimes had.

Penn closed his eyes and offered silent thanks. This was the chance to do something he’d only dreamed about. He pulled the corpse along the floor to the sofa, propping it in a sitting position. Then he removed all his own clothing except for the white Calvins and red socks. Pushing Steve’s chest forward he slid to the floor between the body and the sofa. Then he took a deep breath and slipped his arms under its armpits. As he did, the limp man released a long loud fart.

He whispered, “Hold it a little longer sweetie, we’ll take care of that later.”

He cradled the handsome male: its head thrown back over his shoulder; its back resting against his chest; its thighs splayed carelessly against his when he pulled up the legs with his ankles. He slid his hands into the coat and rubbed the chest gently, pausing to outline the pecs. Then Stevie’s tummy was patted and gently rubbed in circles. Stopping to take a deep breath, Penn skootched his right hand behind the belt and into the pants. As he felt his way down, the undies changed from soft and dry to damp and sticky. When he found the slit, he inched his hand in. Lightheaded from the lack of resistance, he grasped the warm, slippery dick. Holding his elbows tightly against the chest he played with the penis, pulling and stroking. Semi-hard, he could tell it was longer and thicker than his. How he would love to hold a dick like that every morning when taking his own piss. The cuddled body’s ass began to get wet. It wasn’t urine or shit, it was Penn’s involuntary emission. It’s amazing what a wish fulfilled can do. He just sighed and kept rubbing his red feet up and down the trousered legs. He turned Steven’s head and kissed the lips.

He would have loved to sit on the floor playing with the dead man for hours. But there was more wish fulfillment ahead.

He finally remembered to get the camera. First pose was against the sofa. Then he put Steve’s right hand on his package for a second shot. Then the hand into the opened zipper. For others, he was laid flat with his arms close to his side and then with the arms and legs spread eagle.

“I could never walk around half-naked in ‘cummy’ undies taking pictures with a sexy man watching. But in front of the blank stare of a dead hunk it’s no problem.”

When he tried to put Steven on his side in a fetal position, the sphincter finally let go. Penn hauled him into the bathroom before he could stain the carpet.

“I hadn’t planned to do the undressing in here, but I guess I’ll have to.”

Yanking him onto the opened toilet seat, Penn unfastened the pants and jerked them off. They were immediately put into the sink to soak. Sensing a good photo, he brazenly took advantage of the shameless pose. Removing the shoes and still clean socks, he set them aside. The light-blue boxers were a real turd sack. He managed to dump the shit into the toilet before pulling them off. It didn’t seem they could be saved. He had to spread the furry legs to finish the cleaning out. Steve cooperated fully. After wriggling the muscular butt cheeks apart, roughly massaging the belly managed to pretty much empty the bowels. That was important . . . . the piss he could ignore.

Naked from the waist down, sitting with only a shirt, tie, and blazer turned out to be another great set up for the camera.

“Hold that slack-jawed look!”

Penn also managed to get a foto with Steve’s hand on his cock, another on his balls, and another holding both. So he wouldn’t forget, he took the camera to the bedroom for later.

Taking off the rest of the clothes, he found a white cotton athletic top under the dress shirt.

“I never thought you’d be wearing a wife beater. You don’t look the type. Maybe you’re more adventurous than I thought.”

Penn was glad he’d been working out as he lifted Steve into the roomy shower. Propping his corpse stud on the built-in seat, he turned on the water.

“If I set it very warm, the body shouldn’t cool much.”

He squirted body wash all over the lifeless form. First the hair, then the face. He made sure to wash behind the ears. He got very involved with scrubbing the face, fascinated with the rubbery nose and lips. He made sure to keep soap out of the mouth, it would spoil the taste. Then down the chest to the belly, playing just a little with the navel. The blond torso hair made the bubbles foam. Pulling Steve’s chest to his, he lathered the back and was even able to scrub out the butt crack. Their nipples rubbing sent a jolt of excitement through Penn. Setting him back, he got on his knees in front of the corpse. He spread the legs wide to finish cleaning out the hairy seam between the scrotum and anus. Then he soaped up the cock and balls for a long pleasurable task. Obligingly, Steve jiggled merrily for him. They were so clean he had to taste. Even though it was a semi-hard, Penn’s tongue could still fit between the intact foreskin and the soft crepe head. He finished by cleaning the hairy thighs and legs. The running water made such beautiful patterns as it ran down. Picking up the feet, he saw that he’d need a brush to get the soles really clean. If he hadn’t been dead already, Stevie would have been tickled to death. The delicate toes would be an appetizer later.

Penn had been so preoccupied he’d forgotten to take off his own undies and socks. He tossed them into the sink with the pants.

He dried his plaything carefully with soft Turkish towels. No need to chafe the soft skin. Taking the dryer, he blasted the haircut, body hair, and especially the pubes with the highest setting. The blasting really wasn’t necessary. He just liked watching the hair blow in the wind, especially in the crotch. He used it on there much, much longer than necessary. After all, the hair wasn’t all that was bobbling.

To avoid future accidents, he needed to stop the shit tube from leaking. Fortunately, he’d just bought a large box of cotton balls. Grabbing a handful, he stuffed them into the butthole. Steve let him use the handle of the back scrubber to tamp them far up. They would be no interference later.

Penn carelessly tossed Steve on the bed. He was beautiful nude, but while still flexible Penn wanted to play ‘dress up’. He brought out a pair of turquoise athletic trunks, the kind with a protruding penis pocket. Turned out that his hips and waist, as well as his dick, were a little larger than Penn’s. It was a pretty lengthy job to drag up the trunks and stuff the unbending cock into the stretching pouch . . . . how delightful. Being tight made him look even sexier. Penn stacked pillows against the headboard and set him in an enticing, half-sitting position. After pulling the legs apart a bit farther and angling the knees, Steve was just right for the camera …. and agreeable viewing.

Leaving his seductive partner on the bed, Penn took a break. A cup of coffee and a couple of chocolate chip cookies revived him while he admired his companion. Steve was permanently ready for everything, he didn’t need cookies.

Lying naked alongside him, Penn groped his crotch. The cock and balls fit his hand perfectly and moved intricately inside the pouch. Penn especially liked stroking those thighs encased in lycra.

“You look great in that outfit, but it’s too confining. Definitely not right for play clothes.”

Feeling more silly than serious, he pulled out a tiny red bikini. That showed off the handsome body stunningly, but something was missing. He remembered the glasses he found in the coat pocket. He put the thick black rimmed specs on the face. They heightened the look of vulnerability. More photos. But not just right.

“Let’s go for a swanky look.”

He replaced the butt huggers with a pair of black Versache low-rise briefs that had metallic gold Greek keys on the waistband. The oozing penis was so long that the head peeked out over the patterned waist. The mouth of the glans seemed to smile for the camera. Setting the black glasses so they rode low on the nose, he stepped back for inspection. Something more was needed. After rummaging the sock drawer, he pulled out a pair of sheer knee length black dress socks. Just the thing! Rearranging the pillows he set up orgy poses. Innocence and decadence in one! More camera clicks!

“A bit too formal though. Guess it’s gotta be those loose, black silk boxers.”

They were always the turn-on for Penn. He removed the socks and glasses. Stripping the briefs and pulling up the boxers gave him a solid, blueballs hardon. He straddled Steve’s hips, riding him like a horse. Smelling and licking, he worked up from the navel to the nipples and then the armpits. The clean fresh body charged his passion. Finally, licking the lips and opening the mouth to force in his tongue, he tasted the single malt Scotch that killed Steve. It was so good he could understand why it had been irresistible.

"Mr. Steven, may I spread your thighs so I can check what’s happening?" he whispered.

Penn began with the big toe, sucking loudly. Then the others and the soles. Flicking his tongue around the ankles he licked his way up the legs to the crotch. First the left leg, then the right. He rubbed his face on the bulge in the shorts, amazed that his nose and Steve’s cock had an affinity. He used the tip of his nose to caress the head. Sticking that nose into the fly aroused him even more. During all this, Steve’s manhood drooled creamy, thick cum.

Fully roused by lengthy foreplay, Penn was ready to shoot off the biggest load ever. He tossed away the pillows, pushing Steve flat. Eagerly raising the legs, he pulled off the boxers. Resting the calves on his shoulder, he brought his rock-hard boner against the passive crotch. Using the oozed cum, he slid over the ball sack and into the bang hole. He fucked so wildly that Steve and the bed bounced crazily. As the dead guy flopped on the bed, Penn exploded ecstatically . . . . and repeatedly . . . . and repeatedly.

Exhausted, he collapsed onto Steve’s chest while their cum mixed between the bellies. Penn passed out: face to face; chest to chest; cock to cock.

Reviving, Penn needed a good night’s sleep. Before retiring, he slipped them both into matching new white cotton BVDs. He liked those best for cuddling. Penn’s junk fitted perfectly against the welcoming butt as they spooned.

“Holding your dick’s gonna be a fantastic wakeup in the morning!”

“Mr. Steven Bowers, you’re one great playmate!”

Pondering the future, he knew they couldn’t have a long relationship but it would be a damn good one! :yes:


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Feb 24, 2013
Wow another Hot Story!!! Love the dress up scenes. You have a real talent for writing. Can't wait to see what you will write next.


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Dec 16, 2014
Thanks! I love playing with men's bodies - they are sooo satisfying.