The dinner party story.


Nov 3, 2022
It was just another day travelling to see the size of the world. Tom has been very lucky overall.

“I’ve got to see a lot of places” he thought to him self as he slipped off his t-shirt and trousers.

His latest travels took him to sunny Budapest where he was going to enjoy all of the indoor an outdoor baths and indoor facilities the city had to offer.

Tom likes to show off a little when it comes to his body. He’s a little shy though overall and is a very good looking gay 30 year old man, So he gets quite a lot of attention and lusting over when he visits places and takes his clothes off. It’s not something he looks for though. There’s nothing unusual about the glances he gets at the local gay bars or saunas.

Tom slipped off his socks and placed his trainers into the locker in front of him. His body was average slightly toned and a large 7 inch penis which complimented his smooth size 10 feet. The lads would often compliment with comments like “ they say when you’ve got big feet you’ve got a big…” Anyway we digress…

Today would be slightly different as the attention that he was going to attract wouldn’t necessarily be what you’d be looking for. He’s been here a few times in the last few days as it was practically one of the best baths in the city, so he thought in his last few days why not visit again.

Tom wrapped the towel around his waist start walking towards the heated pools feeling the cold floor under his smooth bare feet. He found his usual spot and dropped his towel and stepped into the heated waters of the pool. It was a good spot because it allows you to people watch, something he found fascinating about the city was watching all the people pass by to enjoy one of budapests natural wonders. With just how many tourists come through it’s interesting to see how different people react in the many spaces the city has to offer. But the city had to offer something new tonight, as two young guys were glancing at Tom from across the bath and had been since he wondered in.

One male in his mid 30s named Chris and his younger friend Adam who is 29. Both of these males are gay and were admiring Tom’s body from afar. Toned abs, firm buttocks, Thick thighs and rounded calves all complimented his smooth well shaped feet with beautiful high arches.

“ That guy is pretty cute “ Adam says looking at Chris directly in the eyes with a cheeky but menacing grin.

“ Yeah he’s got a pretty nice body hasn’t he? I’m guessing you’re interested in having him over? “ Chris replies putting his arms around Adam.

“ Well I wouldn’t say no to be honest and it’s been awhile since we had any tourists visit if you know what I mean!? Plus I was kind of admiring those feet “ replies adam slowly moving towards Tom in the pool.

Tom notices the cute brown haired boy moving towards him catching thier eyes as he waded throughbtgecwarm waters. He shifts over slightly into the corner of the pool so there’s room for the young male.

“Hello” says the Boy “ I’m Adam” holding out his hand for a shake.

“ Hi I’m Tom “ He says taking the boys hand and giving it a shake.

Adam takes the boys hand with a firm grip and gives it a shake. “ Wow “ he smiles “you’ve got really soft skin you must tell me how you do that sometime” smiling at Tom.

He manoeuvres himself around the side of the pool to sit beside Tom on the ledge.

“ So what brings you to Budapest? I’m gathering you’re not from around here as I haven’t seen you here before? “

Adam says rubbing his chest and neck muscles as if to try and entice the new prey into playing ball.

“ Well honestly I’m not really here for anything and you’re right I’m a tourist. It would just be good to meet new people and have a few new experiences. I’m guessing you already know that I’m gay? “

he replies nervously swinging his legs forward and backwards inside the pool water.

Adam cheekily looks down every time Tom‘s feet come near the surface of the water. “ Oh wow that’s good, we like to meet new people as well and there’s a ton of new experiences we can give you if you’ll be interested? I’m with my friend he’s on the other side of the pool right now” he replied. “ And yeah we got an inkling you were gay I mean you’ve got a great body and it’s not every day we see feet like those to be honest. sorry if that’s a little weird, I kind of like tasting new feet”he says placing his hand on Tols upper thigh and leaning in to kiss his neck.

Wow this is quite forward Tom thought. But i’ve only got a few days left so might as well make the most of it placing his hand on the back of Adams neck stroking it gently.

Adam then ran his hand down toms thigh and over his crotch feeling his penis and testicles before bringing toms calves upwards caressing them and finally ending at toms feet. He stroked from the ankle across the top of toms feet feeling the length and giving them a little squeeze before massaging the soles Rubbing his fingers between Tom’s toes.

“ That’s pretty hot I’m not gonna lie “ Tom said Resting on the balls of his feet on the ledge to put them in view and pulling his knees into his chest.

“ Well if you’re up for more my friend Chris over there really knows how to throw a feet party. I would be more than up for eating yours if you’re interested? “ Replied Adam with a cheeky grin on his face.

Little did Tom know that when Adam said eat his feet, the two boys had more than enough experience removing and preparing the soft meats found on boys soles.

Chris approached the two boys with a smile. he looked at Tom with a cheeky grin “ I see you found some dinner Adam… We were just thinking of inviting you over for dinner later if you’d be up for it? “ he said glancing over at adam. “ Oh sorry I’m Chris by the way” He said placing in his hand on Toms side.

“ It’s nice to meet you both, I don’t have any plans tonight so, yeah sure “ said tom in reply to the question feeling a little nervous about the prospect of sex with two complete strangers. But he thought to himself you only live once right?

Adam again reached for Tom’s soft size ten feet and stroked them from the ankle to the toes under the water giving Tom an erection.

“ Oh wow look at the size of that sausage that’s gonna be some good eating later” Chris said glancing down at Toms cock and balls swaying in the water. he chuckled a little.

“ Yeah how about you have his cock and I’ll have his feet? I told him you are the best when it comes to feet parties” he smiled leaning in to kiss Chris with a short peck on the lips.

“ Yeah I’ve been known to throw some amazing feat parties but have you even asked tonight’s guest If it even wants us to taste those amazing looking feet? “ he says pulling one of Toms feet out of the water and kissing his toes. Gently sliding three of Toms toes across his tongue.

“Oh, erm” he says nervously and slightly embarrassed having his toes in a boys mouth in such a public place.

“ Well I’ve never actually done that before that would be interesting and I’ll be happy to come along” he said pulling his feet and placing them firmly on the bottom of the pool.

“ That’s great do you want to come over tonight?” replied adam.

“ Yeah sure let’s do it!” he said laughing with the boys who were clearly eager to have sex with a new tourist boy.

“ Will it takes a little while to set up so I guess if we head off and can meet you at your place? I’m happy to pick you up from your hotel if that’s okay?”

Chris ushered the two boys out of the pool and towards the locker rooms handing them both towels on the way out.

Once they got to the lockers chris received the address of the hotel where Tom was staying.

“ Okay so I’ll pick you up from the hotel at about 9 pm? As it’s a feet party For just the three of us we’d prefer If you didn’t wear any socks later too. To be honest don’t wear any underwear either… would that be ok?” chris smiled as he placed his hand on toms buttocks giving it a squeeze.

It wasn’t disappointing Tom had such a firm round buttocks thought it was definitely going to make a great roast for the party. Never mind the 2 feet that they had just acquired.

“ I really can’t wait to see you later you’re going to be so tasty” Adam replied slowly getting dressed pulling up his socks over his own slim size ten feet.

The two boys headed off Towards the exit excited for the meal at tonight’s party.

“ I really can’t wait to bite into those succulent feet of his. And I love the fact that he doesn’t really understand that we’re going to eat his beautiful body. I really do like feet parties so much. Pigs are so dumb sometimes” Adam says to chris chuckling as he takes hold of his hand and they leave the venue.

Tom quickly got dressed and returned to the hotel for a quick shower. it didn’t take him long as his hotel was only a few minutes away from the city centre. He’s never really been invited to any parties never mind any kinky ones. It did make him a little bit nervous so he made a conscious effort to ensure his feet were scrubbed Clean and his toenails were clipped short.

The time for collection came pretty fast. Tom quickly put on a T-shirt and some joggers and slid his smooth feet into his trainers and waited outside on the street.

It was a little bit cold out for wearing only one layer but he was going to the house so it wouldn’t be cold for too long.

9 o’clock came and sure enough Adam and Chris Pulled up in a black BMW with tinted windows. They made gesture for him to get in the car and Tom

willingly climbed in the backseat.

“ Hey buddy” Chris shouted from the driver seat “good to have you here”

“ So if you could take your shoes off that would be amazing, And pass me your shoes” adam said holding out his hand.

Tom slipped off his shoes and the smell of his feet in his trainers filled the car. Little did he know that will be the last time he’ll need them.

Chris and Adam raised a small smile to the scent of Tom’s feet. The saliva started running in Adams mouth knowing that he was soon going to be eating them.

“ Here you go” Said Tom passing over his trainers to Adam.

Adam lifted the trainers up to his nose give them a long sniff. “ Wow they smell so good “ he replied.

Turning around adam noticed Toms erection Pitching a tent inside his joggers.

“ Would you like me to help you with that?” he said climbing though to the back seat of the car to join Tom.

He slowly slid his hands down toms chest feeling his abs through his t-shirt And then working his fingers inside Tom’s joggers pulling the tip of his penis out.

“ Wow everything about you is so hot. And this meat is no exception even your balls are juicy “ he says cupping Toms balls with his hand he leans over and starts sucking the head of Toms hard penis.

“ Okay guys well we’ve got quite a drive so I’ll just let you enjoy yourselves” Chris replies from the driver seat. As he watches adams mouth swallow Toms hard penis in the rearview mirror. Eagerly sliding up and down his shaft savouring all of toms precum and juices.

Adam was working on Tom’s penis sucking sensually but stopping whenever Tom came close to orgasm as he just wanted to fill his balls for that juicy meal later on in the night.

“ Oh man you’re really good” said Tom letting out a few groans throughout the drive to their place. Not even noticing that they were heading out of the main city.

About 40 minutes into the drive Chris broken silence…

“ How about putting your feet up here” Said Chris patting the arm rest Between the passenger and driver seat. “ I can’t let Adam have all of the fun can I?”

Tom lifted his legs and placed his feet between the passenger and driver seat in the car. Chris eagerly stroked his soft soles weighing them up in his mind ready for tonight’s meal and how to remove them. Pulling down on toms joggers he removed them completely, placing them on the passenger seat along with his shoes.

“Just take your T-shirt off too” adam said pulling at the only fabric the piglet had left. Before slipping his mouth around Toms balls once more.

With no convincing at all Tom pulled off his T-shirt and passed it to Chris in the driver seat. Chris put all of his clothes together and then chucked them into the footwell of the car.

“ Would you be interested in a little bit of role-play today Tom?” chris said with a little stern voice.

tom completely distracted by giving his pre cum sucked out of his lengthy meat replied a little nervously.

“ Yes what kind of role-play I’ve never done anything like this before”

chris smiled and explained to tom that Normally for a party that have a piglet that they would pick up and prepare for the main table in sort of a kinky way. But usually that blindfold the piglet because it’s a little bit more fun that way and a lot more sensual for the piglet. However the one detail he left out what is that piglet is always the dinner.

Adam took a break from sucking on Toms huge meaty cock and balls. he ran his hands over toms neck, and chest sending even more blood to his already erect penis. “ I’ve got some tape if you’re up for it. It also means that it’s much hotter when I eat your feet later” he said with a mischievous grin on his face as he leaned in to kiss Tom on the lips.

“ Okay let’s do it” Tom replied nervously stretching his toes in the front of the car.

“ Amazing I can pull over here we’re nearly back now anyway, I’m going to be a few minutes Driving at most until we are at our place” chris said chucking a rucksack from the footwell into the back seat.

Adam unzipped the rucksack and pulled out some duct tape. He wrapped the duct tape around toms mouth and the back of his head in a few motions. Had clearly done this before which put Tom at a little bit of ease as he knew he’d be in good hands right?

Next Adam asked Tom to put his arms behind his back and he taped them together at his wrists. this one felt quite tight but as he’s never done bondage before he felt this was normal and had no complaints.

Chris pulled over the car for a second and reach through the back to grab another roll of duct tape. He pulled a length of tape off the role And wrapped it around toms ankles or just above securing them in place. Then Chris got the duck tape roll and wrapped it round a few more times ensuring that those beautiful feet wouldn’t be getting away from their plate.

“ There we go, that’s better “ Chris said restarting in the car and continuing on the journey towards the house.

Adam pulled off another length of tape this time wrapped around Tom‘s eyes and head ensuring he couldn’t see where he was going.

“ Are you comfortable piglet? “

Adam said laughing to himself.

Tom nodded however when is a little bit red underneath all of that tape. He never really experienced the humiliation of all of this before but somehow felt trusting enough to let it happen.

The car started to pull into the driveway of the house and the automatic garage opened and the car could be heard crunching over the gravel and entering the paved interior of the garage.

Adam reached forwards and stroked toms legs and thighs paying attention to his calves before pulling his feet back into the back of the car in a position almost similar to a turkey on thanksgiving.

“ okay then are you ready for the party tonight? You definitely got the feet for dinner I mean you can’t have a feet party without feet right?” chris said to adam as he hauled tom out of the car over his shoulder and followed adam inside.

Tom was placed on the kitchen worksurface a small 8ft island in the middle of the kitchen More than big enough for toms 5’ 11 meat to placed.

“ I’m literally so hungry you have no idea” Adam says into toms ear as he takes a potato peeling knife and a chopping board from the kitchen drawer. he places a chopping board underneath toms feet And Chris moves around to the top of the table securing tom in place with some ropes Tightly bound around his torso pressing into the meat on his chest.

Chris then moves around his legs and secures them too so they stay in place For the next part of the party.

Chris leans over and pulls up a chair other side of Toms head.

“ So A feet party is pretty special and I’m glad you’re going to be part of it you see we find a beautiful pair of feet such as yours and we slice off all of the meat from those soft juicy soles. we slice all the meat we can get from your ankles your heels toes and soles and then we cut it up and cook it as part of the main dish. And your soles are juicy and soft.”

He puts his mouth to toms ear

“Then we both sit down together, myself and Adam and we enjoy the delicious size 10 feet in the best way possible, by eating them. But that’s when the party gets a little bit more interesting you see. There’s a lot more meat on your body than just your feet, so we take it in turns to remove what we want to eat until it’s all dished out. I just want to take this time to thank you I’ve never seen such soft beautiful size 10 feet and they are going to taste amazing I can assure you of that so thank you”

Tom starts squealing and waffling through his gag but his party guests are focussing on his feet. Bound to the top surface of a kitchen counter his struggles are pointless now.

Adam begins to slice the tendons on the back of Toms ankles to release the feet from the rest of the body….

The meat flops lifeless at the end of Toms legs. His feet now just to limp pieces of meat on the end of his legs.

“Wow these feet are so big look at them they’re so juicy. Let’s just take them off for you so we can eat” says adam as he strikes the soles of Toms feet.

The knife slices through toms tendons and the meet just below his ankle bone. As Tom screams through his gag. He’s joking around has little effect to free him from the table as Adam begins to slice through the meat on the front of his feet.

“They’re looking great “say is chris as he reached forward and twists toms foot right off his leg. He takes the foot to his nose to give them a nice big sniff and begins slowly sliding the toes into his mouth sucking on them one by one.

“ It’s time for the second one, we get one each of course and I can’t thank you enough for the amount of meat on your Soles “ Says Adam as he begins to carve off second foot.

Toms footless body now resting on the countertop as he contemplates his fate.

A feeling of cold washes over his body as his two new friends take his feet over to the kitchen out of sight to be prepared for the dinner.

There’s some fumbling around in the kitchen and a few pans being shifted around over at the worktop. Toms feet are washed in the sink and then placed onto a roasting tray and slowly drizzled with oil. Chris resches into the cupboard and grab some spices and give them a little sprinkle and a topping of salt.

Both of the boys mouths are running in overdrive… saliva impatiently drooling into their mouths as the two feet are slid into the oven facing upwards with ten juicy toes pointing out. The oven doors are closed and Tom’s feet are slowly being cooked to perfection.

Chris walks over to Tom laying on the countertop barely unable to mumble a word…

“ Well you’re doing really well and you definitely don’t need those feet anymore. You’ve got so much meat on your body and I really want this piece “

Chris takes a knife and slides sit underneath toms calf as he removes the entire muscle place is it on a plate. The skin of toms calf facing upwards and the soft meat underneath hitting the cold surface of the plate.

“That’s a really good bit of meat but i think there’s some really juicy bits in this pig”replies adam drooling over Toms body. He walks up to Toms head and picks up one of the smaller sharp knives on the counter.

“I really think his cheeks are tender and I think I’m going to have those “he says holding Adams head he slowly cuts into toms face removing his cheeks and lips pulling them away from his body ignoring the screams coming from the piglet.

“Wow look at these some hot meat!”

What’s next?…