The Cannibal Hunters - The Taylors a family with influence.


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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 1. Jon

The Taylors were one of the most influential and richest families on the planet. The wasn’t much that this family didn’t have their fingers in. From politics to natural resources nations knew that they were powerless if they didn’t have the support of the Taylors.

Hundreds of years ago their forefathers had set out west to find some new land. The journey wasn’t without its major traumas and disasters and at one time the group of travelers nearly came close to being wiped out through starvation. People suggested eating the horses but without them, the group wouldn’t have anything to pull their carts and carriages. The only other commodity was human meat and although people thought about the idea of eating some of the group none were brave enough to say it out loud. That was until John Taylor came up with the idea at a campfire one night and killed a member of the group and whilst the rest of the group slept they butchered their victim’s body and prepared it for food.

The other travelers woke in the morning to the smell of cooking meat wafting into their tents, their noses taking in the smell of the first taste of meat they had smelt in ages.

John Taylor had to persuade some members of the group to eat the meat. The taboo of eating the flesh of another person was too much for them but quickly gave in when they heard other members of the group saying it tasted good and unlike any meat, they had tasted before.

The Taylor’s and a few other families made an arrangement not to touch any of their respective groups whilst other members of the other parties were gradually picked off one by one for the next few months.

The Taylors settled on land that would turn out to be some of the richest on the planet. Their huge ranch crossed two time zones.

Three hundred years later the Taylor’s were not just known for their crazy influence but also the worldwide range of steak houses they owned. Taylor’s beef was some of the best on the market but it wasn’t just cattle beef that the family were known for. The family was also well known for human beef and world leaders, entrepreneurs and titans of industry all had to agree to sit down and consume some for an audience with the Taylor’s such as the influence the family wielded.

The family had mastered their skill over the years and had now turned the acquisition of any meal or fresh meat as a sport.

Hunting humans was now something the family enjoyed, and they had the best location to do it from.

The family utilized a large island that they owned, and built a huge mansion with a private restaurant, along with a private airstrip and docks. The rest of the island was a hunting ground with all kinds of terrain and no escape for the people being hunted.

The current Taylor family was made up of the following.

Bill Taylor - the grandfather of the family, in his eighties he had long retired from hunting. But still loved the taste of the meat.

Betty Taylor - was the family’s grandmother, on first glance she just looked like a sweet granny but one who had a taste for flesh..

John Taylor - the oldest of seven of Bill & Betty’s children now resumed the role of head of the family and inherited the mansion. A skilled hunter who held officer status in the military and was also an expert butcher.

Diana Taylor - John’s wife and a great cook who knew how to season the meat well.

John & Diana had eight children but only four were able to hunt.

Colin Taylor was the oldest son and just like his dad he was an expert hunter with all round skills.

Fred Taylor was the couple’s second son and openly gay. He enjoyed the killing and having some fun when he could with the bodies of their prey. His family used his sexuality to their own means when they captured live prey.

John Jnr or Johnboy was the couples third child and although he could hunt his main skill was with the knife and butchering the bodies.

Katie Taylor was the couples first daughter and only one of two girls in their brood. She could hunt and learnt all the best cooking skills she could from her mother. The blonde haired blue eyed girl could also use her femme fatale looks to ensure she was successful.

The couple’s other four children weren’t old enough to hunt just yet although Ben Taylor was 17 and a few months away from his 18th birthday and first kill.

Bill & Betty’s other children would also come and hunt and the family regularly held large group hunts.

In the early days the family had hunted both male and females but times had changed and with females, roles to reproduce they decided that only male meat would ever be on the menu.

The best beef was aged between 18-30 years old with toned, athletic or muscular bodies and the world was stocked with plenty of these.

John also liked to play some games with the authorities. Although the family had carte Blanche to do as they pleased he ensured that every fourth victim was not eaten and dumped on the mainland. He liked to see the authorities scuttling around looking for a serial killer and now thoroughly enjoyed reading about the serial killer the press had dubbed as “The Collector” due to the fact the bodies were dumped without heads or hands. He even toyed with the police by dumping some skeletal remains.

The family had a large vault where they kept the heads of all their victims. The vault was filled with many rooms each dated and belonging to different parts of the family and containing the well-preserved heads of all their previous meals and victims.


The Taylor’s had numerous people working for them and this included a small private army that ensured the will of the family was enforced at all times. The army was split into two layers the Halo’s an elite level that knew of the family secret and sometimes help participate in it and also an infantry level known as the Spartans that had no idea of the family secret. The outfits the two wore were completely different from each other with the Halo’s sporting a slick black uniform. The Spartans took the order name from the movie 300 and the outfits they wore resembled the warriors in the movie, with a red cape, arm and legs guards, and a pair of slick black briefs. The family had chosen the design perfectly as it allowed them to view the athletic muscular bodies of their employees and chose which ones if any would be good to eat.

Jon was a young soldier who worked for the Taylor’s. The young man had a look of Patrick Swayze about him and with those handsome looks mixed with his wonderful body and meaty quads, it was no wonder that girls would be throwing themselves at him.

It hadn’t taken long for Katie Taylor to find herself falling for the fit young man and within days the two had started a secret relationship.

But Katie soon discovered that you couldn’t keep anything secret In the Taylor house as one of her siblings overheard her speaking to Jon on the phone and soon snitched on her to her parents.

John Taylor was furious as no outsiders could be brought into the family without permission and the fact that Jon was a Spartan meant that he would likely tell any friends if he discovered that the order was simply nothing more than eye candy and food. He told his wife to take Katie out for the day and decided that now was the time to deal with Jon.

Jon was patrolling the perimeter of the island when he received radio confirmation that he needed to patrol a different area. The young soldier was a little confused as he hadn’t heard of this area before and didn’t think anything of it. However, Jon had no idea that he had unwittingly entered the hunting zone.

John Taylor now entered the zone after hearing confirmation that Jon had entered the killing area.

This was an area that the hunky warrior was not familiar to and he walked cautiously not knowing what to expect and not knowing he was being hunted.

Jon sat himself down on a fallen tree and couldn’t wait for his shift to end. He had agreed to meet up with Katie that night and have some fun with his employer’s daughter. As Jon sat daydreaming John Taylor had spotted his prey and silently made his way toward him. His mouth salivating at the prospect of eating the young man’s flesh.

Jon continued to sit on the log unaware that his killer had now snuck up behind him. John Taylor now quietly moved into position with his knife in his hand. Moments later he took the sexy warrior by surprise as he yanked his head back and whispered “You’d think I’d let you date my daughter.” As he ran the sharp blade across Jon’s throat.

Jon’s eyes opened wide in fear as blood started to gush from the deep wound, “Urkkk, ahhhkk, ahhh” were the noises escaping from Jon’s mouth as he instinctively brought his hands up to his throat to try and stem the blood flow before collapsing on the floor.

John Taylor breathed a huge sigh of relief as he quickly lifted the body off the dirty ground and rested it on a log before picking up his phone and calling Colin to tell him to bring the truck to collect the meat.

As John Taylor looked down at the dead warrior he wondered what the young man’s flesh would taste like. Jon had a fine body, definitely worthy of gracing the family’s dinner table.

“Dad just called, I’m heading out to collect the meat,” Colin shouted as he grabbed the keys to the pickup truck.

“Wow Katie, really pissed him off for him to kill her lover.” Fred joked “I think I’ll jump in with you as Jon was a perfect piece of eye candy and I’d love to see him in person before he’s on our plates.”

The brothers jumped into the truck and head led to the location of the pin their dad had dropped.

As the truck neared the location they spotted their dad standing by the water’s edge and then saw Jon’s body lying on its back draped over a log. The boys drove up to the log where Jon’s body was positioned, “Jeez look at those legs.” Fred exclaimed as he got his first glimpse of the dead young soldier “There’s enough meat on those quads to feed a family for weeks.

“Shut up Fred and give me a hand.” Colin replied as the two lifted Jon’s body and threw it into the back of the truck.

“I don’t want to be in your shoes Dad when Katie finds out what you’ve done,” Colin said with a bit of gloating in his voice.

“Don’t worry about your sister.” His dad snapped back “I’m going to teach her a lesson she won’t forget. Is the meat loaded up?”

“Yes sir.” Colin replied, “Do you want to drive?”

His dad looked at him and shook his head as he climbed into the passenger seat.

“Err guys I’m going to travel in the back with Jon. Make sure his comfortable .” Fred shouted as he climbed into the back of the truck.

“No fucking this one.” John Taylor retorted to his son “You can touch but no fuck.”

Colin nearly spat out his drink laughing as he fired up the truck and put it in reverse.

Fred on the other hand lay Jon on his back and began to fondle and touch the dead warrior’s body. He ran his hands up Jon’s muscular legs taking the time to caress his meaty quads and feel the sensation of the thick muscle before they would be cut to pieces. He then paused and studied the large bulge in the front of Jon’s briefs and although his dad had said no fucking took the time to play and grope the hunks manhood.

The young Taylor hadn’t finished having his fun and was prodding and poking Jon’s fine body As the truck made its way into the gates of the mansion.

“Lift that piece of shit inside so I can get to work.” John Taylor order whilst he texted his wife and instructed her not to come home until dinner was ready.

He watched as two of his sons lifted Jon’s body from the back of the pickup and carried it into the house and straight to the butchering room where Jon was laid out on a metal table.

“Can I butcher this one dad?” Colin asked eager to show his dad he had refined his skills more.

“No you can’t.” His dad snapped back “I’m going to have some gratification with this one especially after what he has done with Katie.”

Colin walked away dejected whilst Fred was like a kid in a candy shop as he grabbed his camera and recorded Jon’s body lain out on the slab ready to be butchered.

“Fred, pause your video or move the camera and strip him.” John Taylor ordered, “I know you’ll enjoy that.”

“With pleasure,” Fred replied, putting his phone into pocket so he recorded this moment. Fred took his time and savored this moment as he first removed Jon’s cape, sandals, knee guards, and wrist guards before slowly pulling down the sexy warrior’s black briefs and removing them. He admired Jon’s manhood for a split second and then slipped the dead warrior’s underwear into his pocket.

John Taylor tapped Fred on the shoulder and asked him to move out of the way. Fred stepped aside and now recorded from his hand as his father went to work on Jon’s body.

He began by sawing off Jon’s right arm, the well-worked muscle no match for John’s strength. The dead hunk’s left arm quickly followed and was placed on the side. The skilled butcher now grabbed his trusty ax as he turned his attention to the dead warrior’s legs, it took four blows to separate the smooth muscular thighs from the young man’s torso. These were stacked next to the arms as attention now turned to Jon’s torso. An incision was made by his belly button as John Taylor plunged his hand into the incision and began to pull Jon’s intestines out, these were thrown in a bucket as the master butcher now cut right down the middle of Jon’s torso, his lungs were thrown into the bucket whilst his heart and liver were put to one side along with his kidneys.

John Taylor laughed to himself as he picked up his sharpest scalpel and surgically sliced Jon’s manhood and balls away. “Not yet Gizmo.” He said to one of the family’s dogs as he laughed as he put the sexual organs on the side and sliced through the wound he had already made on Jon’s throat as he decapitated his latest prey.

Jon’s torso was placed in the large industrial oven to roast for a few hours. Whilst that cooked John Taylor now turned his attentions to the dead warrior’s limbs which were cut into many different size steaks and joints.

A few hours had passed, and the large piece of meat sizzled and popped in the oven, crispy brown skin began to appear as the stumps from its limbs and head dripped succulent juices onto the floor of the oven. The sweet aroma of Jon’s cooking flesh filled the house as Katie and her mother returned home.

“Hi Daddy,” Katie said as she happily entered the house. “You didn’t tell me we were eating tonight. I hope it’s a good one.”

“Oh it’s a good one alright,” John replied as he gave his daughter a kiss. “Go and get ready.”

Half an hour later all the family sat around the large dinner table eagerly awaiting the feast that had been prepared. John Taylor and Colin carried the perfectly cooked torso and placed it on the table with two smaller trays still covered up. Only John, his wife, Colin, and Fred knew the identity of the meal and the rest wanted to catch a glimpse of the head of the person they would be eating.

As always with meals like this the family was to eat from the torso before settling down to a steak or two.

As was customary John Taylor led the family in prayer before the meal. He then stood and grabbed the lid of the tray to reveal Jon’s severed head.

Katie looked shocked “Oh my god it’s Jon. Daddy how could you.” She exclaimed and prepared to leave the table.

“Sit down young lady.” Her father bellowed “You brought this on yourself. You know we don’t date out of the order. Now you’re going to eat Jon and tell me how he tasted.”

With all eyes on her, Katie sat down as she sobbed and watched as her dad lifted the other lid, grabbed Jon’s manhood and balls and threw them to Gizmo one of the family’s dogs who quickly devoured them.

John Taylor now plunged a carving fork into Jon’s torso and as broke with family tradition as instead of asking the oldest members what piece they wanted he let Katie have first pick. Sobbing away she begged her daddy not to do this but he insisted and eventually she reluctantly muttered one of pecs. Moments later John Taylor had carved away one of the dead warrior’s pecs and served it up to his daughter. The whole family now watched as she picked up her knife and fork and cut into One of Jon’s juicy pecs and placed the piece of meat in her mouth. Katie chewed it up and hated to admit it but soon said “Daddy he tastes amazing.”

The family breathed a sigh of relief as they now began to cut slices from the muscular torso.

Meat still remained on the fine frame and that could be eaten another time as the steaks that had been cut from one of Jon’s quads were now served to everyone with their choice of fries, potatoes or salad. Bill Taylor was also served Jon’s heart and the grandfather of the family always devoted them as he believed they helped him continue to look young.

Once the family meal was over Jon’s head was taken from the rotating tray and carried to the trophy room where it would now stand forever.

Jon’s intestines and other offal were emptied outside and soon became a magnet for insects who began to feast on it. Colin had barely walked a few feet away when a raccoon raced from the undergrowth and darted off with a clutch full of the dead warrior’s insides. The wildlife always made quick work of the mess.

The remaining meat was cut from Jon’s torso ready to be eaten at any time. Steaks from the young man fed the Taylors for the rest of the week.

Jon’s skeletal remains were boxed up and marked, if he was lucky the Taylors may dump them on the mainland but for now, they were stored away clean from any remaining meat.

As for Katie, she didn’t speak to her dad for a few days, but like many rich kids, a new pair of shoes soon brought the pair back on speaking terms.

Although she continued to look at a photo she had kept of Jon and dreamt about what could have been.



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Chapter 2. Tyler

Tyler was a soldier in the Taylor’s private guard known as the Spartans.

There was something on the muscular young warrior’s mind that troubled him. Tyler was very good friends with Jon. The two had grown up together and were like brothers. Although they had recently fallen out. Tyler had told Jon how bad a decision he thought his relationship with Katie Taylor was. Jon was having known of it and accused Tyler of being jealous. This led to a furious row between the two friends and they didn’t speak to each other for a few weeks. But both reconciled a week before Jon went missing and Tyler was now worried about his friend and couldn’t help but think that Katie was involved in his disappearance somehow.

Tyler wanted answers and had sent a message to Katie demanding a meet-up.

“I’m telling you he knows.” A Worried Katie said as she spoke with her brothers Fred & Colin. “Jon and he were close. We’ve got to do something.”

Like his sister, Fred was worried but Colin was more level-headed and looked sternly at his two siblings. “Are you two stupid?” He calmly said “We simply kill him. It’s more meat for the family and we solve the problem. Agree to the meet up Katie, it won’t technically be a hunt but dad doesn’t need to know. I’ll do the honours.”

A smile formed on Katie’s face and she told Colin she was thankful to have him as a brother.

Tyler was on patrol that day when he received word that Katie wanted to meet. Colin had spoken to one of the young man’s supervisors and ensured that he was given the fateful route that Jon had taken the day he had killed. The meat location was in the hunting grounds and Tyler had no idea that he was walking into a trap as he went to meet Katie.

The hunky soldier was determined to get answers about what had happened to his friend and had arrived at the meet location a little early.

Colin was already there hiding in the undergrowth as he waited for a good time to strike. He watched as an impatient Tyler stood with his hands on his hips and couldn’t help but be attracted to the hunky soldier’s muscular arms and meaty thighs. Tyler was a perfect specimen for the dinner table and he decided he wasn’t going to wait any longer.

Tyler never heard Colin approached until it was too late and the ligature was slipped over his neck and pulled tight. Tyler instinctively brought his hands up to his throat in an attempt to pull the ever tightening garotte away.

“Sorry Tyler. Katie’s not coming.” Colin whispered as the hunky warrior put up a frantic fight as his powerful muscles.

The sexy warrior teenager began to fight hard for his life as a look of panic crossed his face. His eyes pleaded for help but there would be none forthcoming. His hands came up as they frantically tried to pull at his killer and stop the attack. Tyler continued to claw at Colin as the gagging sounds continued to erupt from his clenched throat an his eyes started to bulge.

“Shhh,” Colin whispered “Its almost over, Relax and let yourself go. But first I’ll tell you what happened to Jon. He’s dead we killed him and ate him. His meat was splendid and when your dead the family will sit for dinner and eat your meat. You should consider it an honor to be cannibalized by the famous Taylor family. Personally, I can’t wait to tuck into some of your splendidly looking thighs.” Colin taunted as he continued to pull tight on the ligature.

Tyler face was now full of fear as Colin tightened the cord as much as he could as a distant crunching sound filled the room as his windpipe collapsed and the hyoid bone in his throat fractured. His body now jerking rhythmically as death claimed him.

Colin breathed a huge sigh of relief as he lay Tyler’s body back on the same log that Jon had been laid on after his dad had killed him.

Tyler looked peaceful as he lay slumped on the fallen tree as Colin picked up his phone and called Fred and Katie to bring the pick up truck around.

Katie drove the truck around the corner and stopped by Tyler’s body.

“You’re problem is over it’s done.” Colin announced as he and Fred lifted the dead warrior onto the truck bed. “Let’s head home and get him processed.

Fred smiled “I’m going to.”

“Yes we know travel in the back.” Colin interrupted.

Fred knew he had around five minutes to have some fun. He lay Tyler out on his back and began to let his hands explore the dead soldiers firm sexy body. He couldn’t contain himself as he felt Tyler’s meaty legs and soon found himself fucking the families latest conquest.

Tyler’s body rocked back and forth with each hard thrust that Fred made and it wasn’t easy having sex In the back of a pick up when your sister is driving. The trip eventually pulled up at the houses

Colin jumped out of the truck “Fred what the fuck.” He exclaimed at the sight of his brother fucking the dead hunk.

“Well you didn’t say I couldn’t.” Fred replied with a smile. “Hold on a second I’m nearly done.”

Colin and Katie turned away as their brother shot their load deep into Tyler before conveying him into the butchering room.

Colin lay Tyler out and gave his body a quick wash before stripping the young warrior until he was naked in front of him.

Fred watched on as his brother used the skills he had learnt from his father and skillfully butchered Tyler’s body.

That evening the family sat down and ate their main course of Tyler.

John Taylor was impressed with what his kids had managed to obtain, Tyler was a tasty specimen. He never asked any questions about the ‘hunt’ he already knew. With Tyler’s death all trace to Jon was now gone and the family could move on.