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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 1. A Problem Solved

The citizens of the country were suffering. A horrendous plague was ravaging their livestock, and the once-fertile land which was once filled with Cows and Sheep was now bare. The people had food for now but when they found out the true extent of what was going on things would turn very quickly.

The President knew he had to act quickly to save his government. Rumors were already gathering pace and he didn’t want to run the risk of there being an uprising and coup. He gathered his closest advisors, and together they brainstormed ideas.

"We need to import meat," one advisor suggested.

"Most countries won’t do business with us whilst the others that will raise their prices as they know of our desperation," another replied.

The President thought for a moment. "What if we barter with other countries? We can offer them something in exchange for food."

"No sir that wouldn’t work and we don’t want to give up our treasury?" another advisor asked.

The President paused. "Does anyone else have any more ideas."

Paddy was the chairman of the farmers and butchers’ union and owned one of the biggest cattle ranches in the country. His stock had been depleted but he knew over time he could grow it back up again, that’s if he was given the time.

"Mr. President, I have an idea," Paddy said nervously, "Look all around us, we have meat everywhere. Everywhere we walk we see meat."

The President looked at Paddy with a shocked look on his face. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Look Mr. President; I know it’s extreme, but it could be what keeps you in government. Our farmers need time to replenish stocks. I was recently in the pacific and it’s common there. The taste is no different to beef. We have a never-ending supply, and the citizens think you have solved the problem. We put adverts and news out saying how we solved it, and you go from zero to hero.”

The President knew that this plan was a good one and he looked to his other advisors for their thoughts. To his surprise they all thought it was a great idea and told him to run with it.

The President looked at Paddy, “I’m still unsure.” He said “But I will give you the authority to kill one person and bring us their meat. If it tastes as good as you say, and we can’t tell the difference then I will run with it. We’ll reconvene in 24 hours where we will taste this meat.”

The advisors and Paddy nodded as they left the room. As Paddy made his way down the hallway, he knew he had to find a suitable victim and fast.

It was during his drive home that he had his golden idea, his son Patrick Jr was a photographer and had a shoot that day with a model at the ranch. With being pushed for time he hoped the model would be the perfect victim.

Paddy grabbed his phone and checked his son’s social media profile and saw that he had reposted a story where the model Wyatt was saying he was looking forward to the upcoming shoot.

Once he saw the picture that Wyatt had used, which saw the attractive model standing shirtless showing wrapped in nothing more than a towel, he knew the young model was perfect for the plan he had in store.

The photoshoot had started by the time Paddy had got home and the Butcher was carrying on as normal, although he made sure he kept a close eye on Wyatt the attractive model working with his son. He observed part of the photoshoot from a distance and watched as Wyatt who by now was shirtless with his arms in the air as the top of his jeans were undone to reveal the top of his briefs.

Paddy didn’t have any sexual attraction to Wyatt, unlike Patrick Jr, his son hadn’t announced it yet, but Paddy and his wife had a feeling their son was either or bi.

The successful businessman heard his son telling Wyatt that they would take a short break after this part of the shoot as Wyatt now sat on a stool in nothing but his white briefs.

Patrick Jr now told Wyatt to relax whilst he took an important call. In turn Wyatt asked if could grab a drink and Patrick Jr told him to feel free to get one for the kitchen. Paddy had been eavesdropping and knew now was the time to strike. He watched as Wyatt left the studio area and looked a little confused as to where to go. Paddy seized his chance and deliberately bumped into Wyatt in the hallway.

“Err hello can I help you?” Paddy asked a confused Wyatt.

“Yeah Err. Are you able direct me towards the kitchen Patrick said it would be ok for me to grab a water.” Wyatt replied.

“Sure, no problem but I need a hand with something first. Can you help me.” Paddy replied “I’m Patrick’s dad by the way. It’s nice to meet you follow me.”

Paddy led Wyatt along the hallway and into a dark room, Wyatt was confused and was about to ask what was going on when Paddy jabbed him with a stun gun that temporarily paralyzed the young model. Once Wyatt was down Paddy wasted little time in stringing Wyatt up so he could begin the process of butchering his body.

Wyatt was still conscious as Paddy picked up a sharp knife and held it in front of his throat.

“Sorry but it’s nothing personal.” Paddy uttered “It’s just I needed fresh meat, and you were the best option available on in the time I needed it. Besides you’re going to have the honor of having your meat tasted and eaten by the President.”

Once he finished speaking Paddy pulled Wyatt’s head back, so his throat was exposed and made a deep cut that ran from ear to ear, Wyatt’s body began to immediately jolt back and forth as the young model gurgled for breath as his blood ran out onto the floor and down the drain.

Patrick had been looking for Wyatt and heard the noises coming from inside the room. He opened the door and was shocked at the sight he saw.

“What the fuck dad!! What have you done?” Patrick exclaimed as he saw Wyatt’s now lifeless body hanging upside down with a deep wound to his throat.

“Calm down son.” Paddy replied “Let me explain, the food crisis is worse than we thought, and we had a crisis meeting at the Presidential palace and I suggested we utilize what we have at hand. Remember the pacific trip and we were guests of honor at that tribal function, that was human meat they served us.”

“So, what are you saying.” Patrick asked.

“The president likes the idea, but he wants to taste the meat himself, so he gave me twenty-four hours and the authority to kill someone. Wyatt was the best option I had.” Paddy explained.

Patrick was confused but Paddy continued “Look if we pull this off it can make us a lot of money. Now are you in or are you going to decline.”

Patrick stood and thought about it. A mixture of emotions ran through his head, but his dad needed help and there were other ways he could utilize this to his advantage.

He looked over at his dad and then at Wyatt and said “I’m in.”

“Good.” Paddy replied, “Now do me a favor and shave his legs and then I’ll get to work.”

Now was the time to harvest Wyatt’s body of its meat and he wasted little time in stripping the hot model naked as all the blood now flowed to Wyatt’s head.

Paddy continued to slice through Wyatt’s neck and larynx as his son shaved the meat’s head.

He now set the timer for 30 minutes and watched as Wyatt’s blood mixed with the water and swirled down the drain. Once the 30 minutes was up Paddy began to massage Wyatt’s shaven legs down to his trunk which forced the last remnants of blood from the deep throat wound.

Safe with the knowledge that the meat had been bled Patrick now continued and began the process of decapitating Wyatt. He enlarged the previous ear to ear cut until he could feel the knife strike some resistance as it hit Wyatt’s vertebrae. It took a bit more effort, but he had soon cut through the ligament and cartilage and pulled the model’s head until it popped off.

Paddy stared into Wyatt’s eyes before placing the head on the side, so it now watched its own body being carefully butchered.

Paddy grabbed a scalpel blade from the table and now began the process of gutting his victim. He made an incision going from Wyatt’s pubic area to his breastbone before placing his hand inside and pulling out the unlucky soldiers’ bowels, internal organs and intestines.

Before he could harvest the meat, he had to remove his heart and lungs. He grabbed a power saw and began to cut through the middle of the young man’s sternum bone in the middle of the rib cage down to his neck before opening it like the hood of a car and removing the organs and throwing them on a pile for the dog.

With all that done Paddy could now harvest Wyatt’s body for its meat. He started by dismembering the body first, starting with Wyatt’s arms. He began by cutting through the meat under the armpit and around the shoulder before carefully cutting away the ligaments around the head of the humerus. Once this was done, he grabbed Wyatt’s arms one at a time and twisted them until the remaining tendons that tied to the shoulder blade broke free.

Wyatt’s biceps were saved and cut into steaks whilst his triceps were thrown on the pile to be minced up.

The butcher now turned his attention to Wyatt’s torso. He grabbed the power saw once again and this time ran it up from Wyatt’s back from his buttocks to the neck area.

The hunky model’s lateral back muscles were cut away and carefully sliced into large fillets, whilst his ribs were removed and placed on the side. Wyatt’s fine oblique muscles of the abdominal area were cut into fine tender steaks whilst his abs were carefully sliced away and cut into bacon strips along with some flank & plate steak. Wyatt’s pecs were delicately sliced away and ready to be served as burgers before Patrick finished by turning the remaining meat from his neck and shoulder into various cuts of chuck steak.

The processing of Wyatt’s body was nearly done, and Paddy now turned his attention to the best cuts a body provided and its legs. He grabbed one of the young man’s meaty legs and quickly cut the foot off before separating the upper leg from the calf at the knee. He carefully cut the juicy calf muscle away before turning it into a number of steaks. Paddy now grabbed one of Wyatt’s thick thighs before carefully carving a number of juicy and tender sirloin steaks and roasts from the large slab of meat. He repeated the process on the young man’s other leg before cutting his buttocks into some prime rump steak and roasts.

Before Paddy tidied up, he weighed the meat he had collected from Wyatt’s body. Smiling to himself satisfactorily as the reading came back at 23 kilos of prime beef collected.

Paddy waited nervously for the President and his advisors to come in the room.

“Ah Paddy good to see you.” The President said, “I trust you have what we spoke about.”

“Yes sir.” Paddy replied, “I have a quality steak from the thigh and also some sausages and burgers for you to try.”

“Excellent.” The President replied as he took the meat and handed it over to be cooked “Now who was the unfortunate soul that I’ll be tasting.”

Paddy smiled “His name was Wyatt and he’s a model that was shooting with my son. Here’s a couple of pictures of him.”

The President looked at the pictures, the first of which came from a photoshoot and showed Wyatt in a wet t- shirt.

The second showed off the model’s fine body and showed him in only a black pair of underwear.

The President told Paddy that Wyatt looked a fine specimen and then prepared to eat his meat.

Paddy and the advisors waited patiently, if the president liked what he was eating their problems would be over.

The President came back into the room after tasting Wyatt’s meat, “Paddy come to my office, we have plenty to discuss.” He said with a smile and a wink.

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Chapter 2. In Business

Paddy had been working tirelessly for ages, putting in countless hours and sacrificing his personal time to secure this contract with the government. And now, finally, his hard work had paid off. He had just received official confirmation that the deal had been sealed and received all the paperwork including the licenses to kill from the president.

Paddy could hardly contain his excitement as he walked out of the President's office, contract in hand. He couldn't wait to share the good news with his close team and especially his son who had been working alongside him on this project.

As he made his way back to his office, Paddy's mind was racing with ideas on how to celebrate this momentous occasion. He wanted to do something special to commemorate the occasion and show his team how much their hard work had paid off. Perhaps a fancy dinner or a weekend retreat at a luxurious resort?

But for now, Paddy was content to revel in the moment. He knew that securing this contract would mean significant growth and wealth for his company, and he was thrilled at the prospect of taking his business to new heights. It also meant that no young men were safe and if Paddy or Patrick Jr liked what they saw they could end up dead.

“We did it son.” Paddy exclaimed as he arrived home “We got the deal. The President loved the taste of Wyatt’s meat.”

“That’s awesome dad.” Patrick Jr replied, “When do you start and has, he issued you your license yet.”

Paddy smiled “We start right away and yes, my boy he has. He’s given us the licenses.”

“Licenses.” Patrick Jr replied, “He gave you more than one.”

“Yes, my boy. One for me and one for you and also a few others for select people we want to work for us in different areas.” Paddy announced “You see I want you to be the hunter. I mean look you have a great eye for guys, and we know which to bring us and will yield great meat. You’ll also get to do what you please to or with them without any fear of repercussions. What do you say? Are you in?”

Patrick Jr liked the idea and as he thought more and more about it, he knew it was the right call. Any male that took his fancy he could kill, abduct or do whatever he pleased to just as long as they ended up in the Butcher’s shop. He looked over at his father and told him he was in as he gave him an embrace.

Later that evening Patrick Jr decided to go out to celebrate and decided to hit up a gay club. He wanted to have a little fun and there was no better place to find a willing companion than at the club.

Patrick Jr nervously approached the entrance of the gay club. He had never been to a place like this before and his heart was pounding with a mix of excitement and apprehension. As he stepped inside, the booming music and flashing lights overwhelmed his senses as did the sight of the number of attractive young men who wandered around shirtless as they tried to score a one-night stand. But as his eyes adjusted, he looked around and saw that everyone was welcoming and accepting. The dance floor was packed with people of all genders, orientations, and identities, all dancing and having a great time. Patrick Jr had struggled with his own identity for years but after his father’s kind words, now being in this space felt like a weight had been lifted. He slowly made his way to the bar and ordered a drink, feeling more at ease with each passing moment. As he sipped his beverage, he struck up a conversation with a friendly stranger who helped him navigate the different areas of the club. He learned about the various events and activities the club hosted and felt like he had found a community that he could call his own. As the night wore on, Patrick Jr couldn't believe how much fun he was having. He danced, laughed, and made new friends. But there was one particular young man he couldn’t keep his eyes off and the vibe Patrick was getting was that the sexy stranger thought the same way. Shirtless and wearing nothing more than a short pair of shorts, showing off his muscular stocky frame and standing at 5’3’ Anthony was your perfect definition of being a pocket dynamo . In his younger days the twenty eight year old was a successful gymnast and Anthony had to be in good shape for that and had made a vow to keep the dedication and hard work in sculpting his body.

Patrick took a deep breath and approached him, introducing himself and striking up a conversation.

Anthony was charming and funny, and Patrick found himself laughing and chatting with him for hours. They moved from the bar to a quiet corner of the club, where they could talk more easily without the thumping music and pulsing lights.

As they chatted, Patrick felt a connection forming between them. They talked about their interests, their experiences, and their moments of self-discovery. Patrick felt like he could open up to Anthony, and he listened intently as Anthony shared his own journey.

As the night wore on, their conversation grew more intimate. They talked about their desires and fantasies, and Patrick felt electricity in the air. Anthony suggested that they go back to his hotel room, and Patrick eagerly agreed.

When they arrived at the hotel Patrick excused himself and went to the toilet. When he reentered the room, he saw that Anthony was displaying some of his legendary sass as he sat in a chair in his shorts with his elbow resting on his knee as he threw Patrick a look.

Seconds later Anthony stood up and without any hesitation, the two began to kiss passionately. Patrick had never felt so alive, and as he explored Anthony's muscular body with his hands, he felt a thrill of excitement rush through him. As they made love for the first time, Patrick felt a deep sense of connection and belonging that he had never experienced before.

The two now took a brief break before continuing their night of passion.

Patrick sat down next to Anthony and the two passionately fondled with each other’s bodies.

Patrick ran his hands along Anthony’s smooth chest and groped his hard pecs, he ran his fingers over his nipples and could see that this turned Anthony on. The two lay on top of each other. And Anthony pulled Patrick’s pants down his cock had only just recovered from its previous fondle when Anthony started to play with it again, he then placed his mouth over the end and began to give Patrick a blow job. Patrick loved it as he felt his cock being sucked in Anthony’s mouth. But Anthony loved it even more. Patrick could feel his balls tighten and then he fired a large load into the hot slut’s mouth. Anthony withdrew and gurgled the cum he then swallowed it and gracefully licked up any large remnants that oozed out of Patrick’s thick cock. He then begged Patrick to fuck him, and he didn’t have to wait long. Patrick rolled the young stud over and pulled his underwear off. His cock was cut, and his pubes looked freshly shaved. Patrick grabbed his legs and placed Anthony’s ankles on his shoulders. He then placed a condom and shoved it hard and deep into Anthony who let off a little moan on entry, but the noise soon succumbed to something more pleasurable as Patrick fucked him hard. Anthony enjoyed each hard thrust and screamed “give it to me, give it to me” this fired Patrick up and he rode Anthony like he had never done before. He rubbed his hands over his smooth body and rested them on his shoulders. He then placed them loosely around Anthony’s neck. Anthony was too busy enjoying the sex to notice where Patrick had put his hands. Patrick felt his pulse and his Adam’s apple move with each swallow. But he resisted the temptation. He continued to fuck Anthony but was unable to take his eyes off the young stud’s neck. Both boys appeared to reach their orgasmic climaxes together and both let off loud noises of enjoyment as Patrick fired his load off into the condom. He could feel Anthony’s erect cock digging into his groin and he pulled his penis out of Anthony he then moved up the body placing his knees either side of Anthony’s chest. He smiled at Anthony as he rubbed his hands over his smooth chest. He felt his hard pecs again and solid abs. Anthony was one hot mother fucker and Patrick was enjoying every minute of it. Anthony placed his hands onto Patrick’s muscular torso “Thanks for the sex, you were fantastic,” said Anthony. Patrick continued to smile at Anthony and placed his hands on the young lad’s waist, he then slowly massaged Anthony’s body until he reached his neck. He then gently massaged Anthony’s neck. Anthony enjoyed it and when he felt comfortable Patrick firmly clasped his hands around Anthony’s young neck and began to strangle him. Anthony was petrified as Patrick started to strangle him, and he knew this could only end one way. He desperately tried to fight Patrick off, but he had been too slow as Patrick had put all his weight down onto the young body. Anthony tried to beg for his life, but he could only make muffled sounds as Patrick had tightened his grip around Anthony’s neck. He tried desperately hard to breathe but found it near impossible, he clawed at Patrick but his attacker was able to use the strong arms to deflect the incoming blows away. Patrick could feel Anthony struggling violently underneath him, he felt his legs kicking as he tried to buck Patrick off, but Patrick was too strong, he saw the look of desperation in Anthony’s face as he held his hands firmly around his young neck. He could see that Anthony’s eyes were watering and his face was going red. Anthony tried in vain to release his grip, but he couldn’t he looked up at Patrick and watched as he strangled the life at of him. Anthony continued to struggle violently and gasped for air, but Patrick coolly held tight and stared down directly into Anthony’s eyes. He suddenly felt Anthony stop struggling as his body went limp. His arms flopped to the bed and Patrick saw his eyes had glazed over. It didn’t stop Patrick though and he held his hands tightly around Anthony’s neck. Ten minutes passed and he still held his hands firmly in placed he pressed down hard on Anthony’s young body and his body rocked about on the bed with each one of Patrick’s violent movements. Finally, Patrick stopped what he was doing and looked down. He saw his hands were wrapped around Anthony’s neck. Patrick climbed off the body and saw Anthony was naked. His penis was still erect from the sex they had shortly before death.

With Anthony now dead Patrick wasted little time in conveying the fresh meat to his car and drove back to his dad’s slaughterhouse where his meat was sold in the butchers shop.