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Oct 28, 2012
Chapter 1. Jane's First
Jane had lived a hard life. At 22 years old, she had seen more trauma and hardship than most people do in a lifetime. Born into a dysfunctional family that struggled with addiction and poverty, Jane was placed into the care system when she was just six years old.

The care system was not kind to her and throughout her time in care, Jane had suffered countless abuses at the hands of different foster parents – physical abuse as well as psychological damage inflicted upon her fragile mind. This treatment only served to harden her heart further against humanity, leaving it blackened and empty on the inside like an abyss of despair.

Unfortunately, Jane's experience in the care system was far from over. As she got older, she found herself in abusive relationships with men who took advantage of her vulnerability and lack of self-worth. They used her for their own pleasure and then discarded her like garbage. The abuse she suffered at their hands was both physical and emotional, leaving her scarred and broken inside.

It wasn't long before Jane began to hate all men. In her eyes, they were all the same – selfish, cruel, and heartless. She didn't trust any of them and made a vow never to let one get close to her again. This hatred fueled her and gave her the strength to leave her abusers and start a new life on her own.

Jane struggled to make ends meet, often working long hours at multiple jobs just to pay the bills. With no friends or family to turn to for support, she became fiercely independent and soon began to sell her body for cash. She learned to rely only on herself and never let anyone get too close.

Eventually Jane reached the breaking point where she wanted nothing more than to take revenge on all those who wronged her, seeking retribution through violence if necessary. It became apparent that this young woman's ultimate goal in life was to kill as many young men as possible so they could feel even an ounce of what she went through during such a long period under their control; feeling powerless in the face of authority while being subjected to horrific acts day after day without any hope for respite from such suffering anytime soon.

Though most would view this desire as monstrous and unforgivable, some wouldn’t help but sympathize with Jane’s plight - understanding how difficult it must have been for someone so young and vulnerable to endure such trauma which left deep scars both mental and physical that will likely stay with them forevermore. And in Jane’s mind by killing the men she was preventing other women from being harmed regardless of the young man was a threat or not.

Tyler was a blonde-haired, blue-eyed charmer. He stood in front of his mirror, shirtless and wearing only a pair of leather pants, as he finished getting ready for his evening shift as a barman.

His toned chest and chiseled abs were on full display, making it clear that he took excellent care of his body. His blonde hair although not natural was styled perfectly, and his piercing blue eyes sparkled in the light. He was the picture of confidence and charm.

As he checked himself out in the mirror, Tyler couldn't help but flash a winning smile. He knew he looked good, and he wasn't afraid to use it to his advantage.

With a contented sigh, Tyler pulled a white vest over his head and headed out the door, ready to take on the world. He knew his looks could be a double-edged sword - he had to be careful not to let his charm overshadow his skills as a bartender. But he was confident he could handle whatever challenges came his way. And today like most nights Tyler was determined to pull; he didn’t care whether it be male or female as the bisexual young man went through multiple partners a week.

As he arrived at the bar, Tyler greeted his coworkers with a grin and got right to work. He may have been easy on the eyes, but he was also a hard worker who took pride in his craft. As the night wore on, he served drinks, chatted with customers, and kept the atmosphere lively.

Jane had gone out to the bar for a night out and to look for her first victim. As she sat nursing her drink, her eyes wandered over the crowd. That was when she saw him - Tyler, the sexy barman.

He was dressed in a tight white vest that showed off his toned chest and arms, and black leather pants that hugged his muscular thighs. Jane couldn't take her eyes off him. She was captivated by his charm, his confidence, and his good looks.

As the night wore on and the drinks flowed, Jane found herself lost in conversation with Tyler. He was funny, charming, and clearly interested in her. She couldn't help but flirt back, her heart racing with excitement.

The chemistry between them was palpable, and Jane found herself drawn to Tyler in a way she hadn't felt in years. Tyler also found himself mesmerized by the beautiful blonde-haired stranger and as the night wore on, Tyler leaned in closer, and the flirting became more intense. Finally, he leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Do you want to come back to my apartment?"

Jane felt a rush of excitement her plan was working but she Also had a twinge of nervousness. She knew that she wanted to kill Tyler, but the thought of getting caught and going to jail did scare her.

Tyler seemed to pick up on her hesitation, and he gently took her hand. "Don't worry, I won't do anything you're not comfortable with. I just want to keep talking, maybe get to know you a little better."

With a shaky smile, Jane nodded her consent. She was nervous, but there was something about Tyler that made her trust him. They paid their tab and when Tyler finished his shift headed out into the night, Jane's heart racing with anticipation.

It wasn't until they arrived at Tyler's sleek, modern apartment that Tyler finally leaned in to kiss Jane, his eyes dark with desire. He pulled her close and kissed her fiercely, his hands moving along her body. Jane responded with a hunger that had been building all night, and they continued to kiss and caress each other passionately.

Finally, Tyler pulled back and took a step back, his eyes burning with desire. "Let me take off my top," he said huskily, and turned around to shed his vest. Jane couldn't help but admire his toned back and muscular arms as he did so.

Next, Tyler turned to Jane and took her hand, guiding her towards his bedroom. As they walked, his fingers intermingled with hers, igniting sparks of desire in her body.

Once in the bedroom, Tyler took off his pants, revealing a pair of tight, patterned briefs that hugged his muscular thighs. Jane couldn't take her eyes off him, and he grinned in response.

"Like what you see?" he asked with a cocky smile.

Jane could only nod, to overcome with desire to speak. She began to undress him, her hands shaking with excitement as she ran them over his body, enjoying the feel of his muscles beneath her fingertips.

Once he was down to just his underwear, Tyler sat on the edge of the bed, as Jane bent down and began to give him a blow job.

The blonde hunk groaned with pleasure as Jane gave him something that he would remember for the remainder of his short life. Jane worked faster as Tyler’s moans became more intense, and he fired his load deep down Jane’s throat. Jane smiled, enjoying the situation that was playing out. Tyler now watched as Jane stripped down to her own lingerie. They kissed again, more urgently this time, their hands roaming freely over each other's bodies.

As their passion grew, they tumbled onto the bed, their desire for each other consuming all else. For the rest of the night, they explored each other's bodies, their pleasure mounting with each passing moment. In each other's arms, they found a kind of happiness and fulfillment that they had never known before.

Jane and Tyler fucked long into the night trying out various positions and enjoying each other intimate company before both falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Tyler and Jane woke early the next morning in their cozy bed. As the gentle rays of sunlight streamed through the window, Tyler stretched his arms and yawned, feeling refreshed after an eventful night.

"Good morning, Jane," Tyler said with a smile, turning to the sexy blonde next to him. "How about we start the day with a nice, relaxing bath together?"

Jane, however, wore a strange expression on her face. Her warm eyes seemed distant, and a peculiar darkness lingered within her. "Sure," she replied in a monotone voice, following Tyler's lead towards the bathroom.

As the water filled the bathtub, Tyler adjusted the temperature, making sure it was just right. He turned to Jane, who stood by the doorway, seemingly lost in her thoughts. "Come on, Jane. The water is perfect," he urged, jumping in and extending his hand towards her. "Join me."

Without uttering a single word, Jane stepped into the bathroom, her face an enigma of conflicting emotions. Her mind raced with a torrent of thoughts, invisible to Tyler, who could only see the surface of her troubled demeanor.

Tyler lay back in the bath. He glanced at Jane, expecting her to join him, but instead, her eyes bore into his soul with a chilling intensity.

In that moment, the sudden, malicious intent that had been stirring instead overcame Jane. Her grip tightened around the edge of the bathtub, her knuckles turning white. Tyler, oblivious to the danger that loomed above him, closed his eyes, allowing the tranquility of the water to wash away the remnants of sleep.

With a sudden burst of strength, Jane lunged forward, her hands pushing down forcefully on Tyler's chest. Panic flashed across Tyler's face as he struggled to comprehend what was happening. The weight of Jane's actions pressed him against the porcelain, his cries for help silenced beneath the water's surface.

Jane's face remained eerily composed, a facade concealing the darkness that consumed her. The sexy female he had brought home had become an instrument of chaos; her motives shrouded in mystery. Tyler’s arms and legs splashed about as the bubbles danced atop the water, Tyler's desperate struggles grew weaker, until finally, his body went limp.

In the wake of the unspeakable act, Jane stared down at the lifeless form before her, a mix of emotions passing fleetingly across her face. Regret, relief, and a chilling satisfaction all intertwined within her as she slowly came to terms with her own actions.

She had just killed her first young man and she had loved it. Yes, Tyler was a sexy polite young man but during the kill and more importantly after Jane felt something that she hadn’t really felt or had before… a sense of purpose. She had found something that made her feel important.

She took a few photos of Tyler in the bath and set the scene to make it look like he had simply died in the bathtub. She lay Tyler back in the bath with his arms behind his head and placed some cocaine on the side of the tub. Before taking a final picture of his first conquest and leaving the bathroom.

Not wanting to forget her first kill she grabbed the patterned briefs Tyler had worn the day before and placed them in her handbag before swiping the silver chain the young man also wore and then left the apartment.

For the next few days Jane kept a low profile until she felt the coast was clear to come out.

Forty-eight hours later the police arrived at Tyler’s apartment after receiving a call from Tyler’s work when he hadn’t turned up for his last two shifts. When they entered, they were met with an eerie silence. The only sound broke when one of the officers noticed something in the bathtub and cautiously made their way over to investigate further.

As they approached, it became clear that there was a body lying lifelessly in the tub filled with cold water. Carefully reaching out to feel for life signs, they quickly confirmed what was already suspected - Tyler had passed away.

Shocked by what they found, their eyes scanned around searching for any clues as to how this could have happened until one of them spotted: drugs and drug paraphernalia scattered across the bathroom surface. They waited for the arrival of the homicide and the coroner but already treated the sign like it was an overdose.

Detective Sarah Miller arrived at the crime scene, her heart heavy with the weight of another tragedy. The apartment was dimly lit, the air thick with unease. She cautiously entered the bathroom, where the lifeless body of Tyler lay motionless in the bathtub. The sight was enough to send shivers down her spine.

Tyler was a young man, full of potential, but his life had taken a tragic turn. Sarah's instincts told her that this was no ordinary death despite the collection of drug paraphernalia that rested on the edge of the bath.

The detective called for the forensic team and carefully examined the scene. Tyler's body was pale, his eyes vacant, and his skin clammy.

The coroner said likely cause of death was an overdosing, but he wouldn’t know until he had got the body on the table.

As the forensic team meticulously documented the evidence, Sarah retraced Tyler's steps in her mind. She knew she needed to uncover the truth and bring justice to his memory. The search for answers led her to question Tyler's friends and work colleagues, hoping they could shed some light on the circumstances surrounding his death. All were shocked when they were told that Tyler had died of a drug overdose. To them Tyler was clean and had never taken or even spoke about drugs. This gave Sarah cause for concern and her suspicions were raised even more when the coroner told her the cause of death was drowning and that he had found no traces of drugs in Tyler’s body.

Sarah opened up a new line of enquiry and discovered that Tyler left the bar with a beautiful female stranger. She hoped the CCTV would show her more but was left disappointed when she was told they were not working. No one could remember Tyler’s date and the case soon went cold.
Chapter 2. The 18th Birthday Present

Landen was a shy and timid young man whose good looks had seen him get signed as a model. Despite his recent professional success, he was lacking confidence in his personal life. To compensate for this, he liked to attend the gym regularly, hoping to build up his physique and boost his confidence as a result. Being at the gym allowed him to focus on his health, achieving fitness goals and feeling proud of his progress.

However, he still struggled to make social connections, often opting to keep to himself and avoid interacting with others. Despite this, Landen was determined to break out of his shell and find a way to integrate himself into a community where he felt like he belonged. His family also saw this in Landen and wanted to ensure that he eventually came out of his shell, especially with the big landmark in his life coming up.

Landen woke up on his 18th birthday to the sound of his phone buzzing. He groggily reached over for it, expecting to find a few texts from his friends and family wishing him a happy birthday. Instead, there was a message from his older brother Keith that read, "Hey man, happy birthday! I've got a big surprise for you tonight. Meet me at Mom and Dad's house at 7 pm."

Landen's heart raced with excitement at the thought of what his brother had in store for him. What could it possibly be? As the hours ticked by, Landen tried to picture all the possibilities. Maybe Keith had arranged a party with all their friends, or rented out a private room at a fancy restaurant? He couldn't wait to find out as he got ready for the night.

When he arrived at his childhood home at 7 pm, Keith was waiting for him outside. He had a mischievous grin on his face that made Landen both excited and nervous. "Come on, little bro," Keith said, slinging an arm around Landen's shoulders. "The party's waiting for us."

As they walked to Keith's car, Landen's heart was pounding in anticipation. What was his brother planning?

Earlier that day Keith had walked the streets as he looked for someone that could help him in his quest. He wanted his brother’s eighteenth birthday to be one that he remembered. He also thought that losing his virginity would help Landen become a man and even help with his confidence issues. He wanted to find an attractive young lady that would make Landen feel comfortable and so far, he had been all out of luck. Until he saw Jane.

Jane was stood by the side of the road; she needed to make some money and did one of the few things she knew how to. She smiled as she saw Keith approaching “Hey honey can I help you with anything?”

Keith in return smiled back “I think you can yes.” He said as he explained that he wanted to pay for James services for the night as it was his brothers 18th and he wanted him to become a ‘real’ man on the same day he became an adult. Keith asked how much it would cost and smiled when Jane told him it would be 250 bucks for the night, and she would ensure that Keith’s brother had a time he wouldn’t forget.

The two agreed the deal and Keith paid Jane half the money now and told her he would pay the rest when he got to the hotel room with his brother. As he was leaving, he handed Jane a key card to the hotel and told her to be at the hotel by 7:30pm.

When they pulled up outside the hotel on the outskirts of town, Landen's stomach dropped. This certainly wasn't what he'd expected. But as Keith led him inside, he told him that a night he would remember for the rest of his life lay ahead.

The two now stood outside the hotel room as Keith said “Happy Birthday little bro.” As he opened the door and led Landen inside.

Entering the room, the two saw that Jane was lying provocatively on the bed in a sexy nightdress.

“Tonight, is the night you finally become a man.” Keith said as he ushered his brother forwards.

Landen stood still as he tried to comprehend what was happening. Jane was a beautiful young woman, but Landen was nervous. He’d never had sex before and didn’t want to mess it up.

“Well, what do you think?” Keith asked as he broke the silence.

“This is fucking awesome.” Landen replied, “I can’t wait to get started.” He added knowing saying anything less would lead to issues with his brother.

“Ok well I’ll be back in the morning. Catch you later.” Keith said as he turned to leave and placed the rest of the money on the side.

Jane eyed Landen up and down and she could see the handsome young man was extremely nervous and decided to break the ice.

“So, you’re the birthday boy.” Jane said sexually as she got off of the bed “Don’t worry. I don’t bite.” She added as she approached Landen and grabbed the bottom of his shirt.

Landen stuttered as Jane began to lift it off him, she placed her finger to her lip to sshh him and carried on removing his shirt.

“I.I.I think you should know I’ve never done this before.” Landon announced nervously.

Jane smiled “I know just follow my directions and you’ll be fine. Like your brother said tonight you become a man.”

She undid Landen’s jeans and pushed him back onto the bed.

“Just relax. This will be fun.” Jane said as she pulled down Landen’s underwear until his cut manhood flopped out and she began to give the birthday boy a hand job. Landen groaned pleasurably as his trouser snake easily doubled in length. His groans of pleasure were music to Jane’s ears. Jane could tell when Landen was about to blow and bent over as she covered Landen’s cock with her mouth and collected his sperm as he eventually fired his load. Jane swallowed it as she looked at Landen and said, “Now it’s time for the real fun to begin.”

She pulled off Landen’s jeans and massaged her hands down the young man’s lean toned body as she slowly kissed his neck before moving her hands down and pulling off his underwear and pushing Landen back so he now lay on the bed. Jane quickly joined him and began to slowly kiss Landen up his lean torso. The young man moaned pleasurable as she reached his shoulders and closed his eyes as she reached under the pillow and pulled out a small object she had hidden there earlier.

“Happy birthday.” She said to Landen as she rammed the small knife into the side of his head. Landen’s eyes opened wide in shock as his body tensed and arched up for a few seconds before falling back to the bed.

Death was instant for the young man as Jane smiled and gave Landen a kiss on the lips. Jane jumped off the bed and looked down at her latest conquest.

Unfortunately for Landen his birthday surprise was more than he expected.

Jane gathered her belongings and took Landen’s underwear as a trophy before slipping out into the night leaving the birthday boy naked on the bed.

Keith arrived early at the hotel, he wanted to find out all the details from his little brother and was excited to see him.

“Wakey wakey the latest member to the men’s club!” Keith announced as he entered the room.

Landen lay motionless on the bed as Keith opened the curtains “Must have been a heavy night. Wake up.” he said as he pushed his little brothers shoulder. Something was off, Landen’s body was ice cold and Keith noticed his eyes seemed vacant as he just stared up at the ceiling. It was then that he saw the pool of blood on the pillow “Fuck. What have I done?” He muttered as the shock of finding his brother’s body now hit him.

“What have we got doc?” Detective Sarah Miller said as she entered the hotel room. “Young man knocked off during the night. Seems like it was a robbery gone wrong by a prostitute.”

“Dam, he’s just a kid.” Detective Miller said as she got a look at Landen’s naked body. “Who found him?”

“Older brother, he’s outside with officers. He thought it would be a great idea for his little brother to lose his virginity on his eighteenth birthday. Kind of regrets that now.” The coroner said as they finished making their notes.

“Wow that’s a bummer. Killed on your birthday. Poor bastard.” Detective Miller said as she turned to speak to the brother. “Get the report to me asap please.”