The Barefoot Fetish of Gaius Antonius


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Mar 7, 2018
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Gaius Antonius was one of the richest Senator's in Rome. Befitting his rank, he owned a palatial estate just outside the city where he and like minded friends could enjoy every delicacy both culinary and sexual. His wealth had allowed him to build up an impressive force of armed guards and just as impressive a large number of slaves that served his and his friend's every need. His favorites among the slaves were male teens between fifteen and twenty. Their primary use was to give any sexual request put to them.

Gaius' estate included a huge marbled bath, in which he spent a great deal of time entertaining his associates. The slaves were told that before they entered the bath they would change into a white loincloth and be bare chested and bare foot. One time a young slave forgot to remove his sandals before entering the bath. Gaius became furious. In a loud voice that echoed off the marble walls, Gaius said “How dare you defy my rule”! The boy looked down at his sandled feet. His eyes became as wide as saucers. Gaius turned to one of his guards and pointed at the terrified boy who immediately turned and ran. The guard fired an arrow that pierced the boy's back, the head sticking out of his belly. The youth let out a high pitched scream, his back arched as the arrow hit him. Still trying to escape, he stumbled a few more feet and collapsed. His now bare feet twitching on the marble floor, after a slave removed the offending sandles. Two slaves took hold of the wounded boy's wrists and began to drag him away. His high pitch screech had become a low moan. His bare feet twitching as they pulled him away.

“Wait Put him down”! Gaius commanded as he walked toward the wounded boy. He pulled his robe aside revealing his rigid cock. When he reached where the boy lay moaning, Gaius picked up his now bare feet by the ankles and slid his cock between them. “Let him satisfy me one last time”. The feel of the boy's feet twitching against his hard cock soon brought forth a groan of lust from Gaius. Unable to hold back any longer, Gaius shot his white juices onto the boy's belly. He used the youth's bare feet to squeeze out the last of his cock juices until his cock became limp, then he dropped the boy's bare feet to the floor. The guests were very amused by the site of Gaius using the boy's bare feet that way. From then on it became quite common for a guest to order one of the youths to lay on his back and place his feet on the guest's cock, massaging it with his bare feet until it shot its juices. Others preferred to have the youth lay on his back and then pick his bare feet up as Gaius had done to use them against his cock until it came.

Gaius ordered contests with two guests each with his own slave using his bare feet to try and bring his guest to an orgasm first. The slave who won would be given a reward whereas the guest would whip the losing slave.

Another popular sport was to order two young slaves to strip naked and lay on their backs. Each would use his young bare feet to stimulate the other's cock. This was a favorite pastime for the guest Senators who couldn't help but massage their own cocks as they watched the youths struggle to make his opponent cum. For these contests, the loser didn't get whipped. He had to use his losing bare feet to satisfy any of the guests that desired it. It usually didn't take him long to satisfy the crowd of men because they had become very aroused watching the two naked teens compete. However, when he was finished, his belly and cock were awash with the guests juices.

After awhile Gaius began to get bored with the various barefoot sex games that he and his friends had come up with. Then he thought of a new variation that might be more exciting than any of the other versions. However, he would keep this this new version for his pleasure only.

The only people permitted in his bath for this would be himself, the slave and a trusted body guard. Previously, when the male slaves had reached their twenties, they were sold to gladiatorial promoters. Although they were trained, they seldom lasted very long. They didn't have what it took to be a gladiator. When he attended the games, Gaius would take perverse pleasure in watching a young gladiator, who had served Gaius' sexual perversions for years, take a sword or trident in his belly. The ex-slave would take stories of Gaius' perversions to the grave.

Gaius had decided, at least for a time, not to sell the twenty something slaves to be gladiators. He had the slave brought into his bath by the selected body guard. The slave would be ordered to strip naked. Gaius would already be naked, massaging his cock in anticipation. The naked slave lay on the floor as he had done many times before. Gaius would place his cock between the bare feet of the slave, but this time he kept it still, not sliding it back and forth. Then as he felt his pleasure mount feeling the bare feet of the slave against his cock, he would nod to the body guard. The guard having prepared with bow and arrow shot the arrow into the slave's lower belly.

“AAAHHHH” the slave would cry out in shock. Unconsciously, his bare feet would press tightly against Gaius' cock. Gaius felt the excitement of feeling the slave's dying bare feet against his cock. The slave's feet mashed together, and squirmed from the pain in his belly making Gaius' hard cock even harder. Another not from Gaius and the guard shot another arrow into the slave's belly this time just under his ribs. Gaius felt the shock in the slave as his bare feet again pushed hard against his cock. Then he could feel the bare feet rubbing against his cock caused by the slave's pain from this second arrow. After a short time, Gaius felt the slaves feet become weak and begin to twitch. He could feel the slave's dying bare feet against his cock, twitching as he died.

It was this twitching that sent Gaius over the top. His cock began to shoot its juices onto the belly and cock of the dying slave. Some of his cum splashed against the lower arrow in the slave's lower belly. As usual, when his cock had stopped shooting its juices, Gaius pushed the bare feet of the slave against is cock to force out any cum that remained.

It was an intense orgasm and looking at the dead slave with two arrows in his belly and Gaius' cum covering him, he began to get aroused again. He told the guard to take the body away to a cart that was waiting in the alley. It would take the body to the pit where they throw the dead gladiators. The guard picked up the dead slave by his wrists and dragged the body away.

Although Gaius had many friends in Rome, mostly because of the orgies that he provided, he had also created several powerful enemies in the Senate. They were afraid that his influence in Rome would grow and be a danger to them. They came up with a plan that would leave them unsuspected and would not involve going to the emperor.

They approached one of Gaius' slaves and told him of Gaius' new sexual game that involved killing the slave, and said that Gaius' may invite his friends to participate which would mean more slaves would be slaughtered to feed the lust of Gaius and his friends. The Senator suggested that he could supply quick acting poison with which they could poison Gaius' body guards. Then taking the guards weapons, they could kill Gaius' and any of his followers that may be present. The Senator also promised the slave that, if they were successful, they would be given their freedom and allowed to go anywhere in the empire. Actually, the Senator had no intention of letting the slaves live since they would always be a threat to him and his co-conspirators.

The slave took the poison and had it placed in the guard's food. It acted quickly the guards suffered extreme belly pain and were unable to stand. It didn't take long for all of them to lie quietly dead on the floor.

The slaves striped the guards and took all of their weapons. They headed for Gaius' bath were the orgy was taking place. They rushed into the spa where the Senators were already naked and enjoying the bare feet of the slaves chosen for that nigh. The armed slaves quickly shot the few guards in the room who fell from the arrows in their bellies.

They next turned their attention to the Senators who in their passion had not noticed the slaves attack. They attacked the Senators with knives while their cocks where still raping the salve's bare feet. The knives struck them in their bellies. They fell crying out in shock. The slaves whose bare feet were being raped jumped up and grabbed the bare feet of the Senators. Their cocks were now on the bare feet of the Senators who groaned from the knife wounds in their bellies.

They caught Gaius trying to escape. Pulling back onto the floor next to the dying Senators that the other slaves were still raping. They tied his arms behind his back then lifted his bare feet and one by one each slave raped his bare feet. Once all of the slaves had exhausted there cum on the Senators and Gaius, they bound Gaius' bare feet together and hung him from his bare feet on a hook and each took turns firing an arrow into his belly. That is how the guard found him the next day, hanging from his feet with many arrows in his belly. His body covered in white cum.


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