Tasty Vigenette by Torro 2412


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Oct 10, 2010
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Here's a story written by new member Torro 2412:

Tasty Vigenette by Torro 2412

Two hours left of my shift. It's a pretty quiet day, not much meats sold today than yesterday, I keep checking every items in the shelf and counters, and sometimes go to freezer to grab some stock. Beef, pork, hams, sausages, chickens, and lambs, that's the kind of meats that sold in this butchery store, owned by an old couple from countryside. they're kind enough to let me work here as part time job, since I have another job.

Walking home, I'm passing in front of a gay bar, I see two guys kissing near the front door passionately. That makes me remember the last time I kissed a guy almost five years ago, he was a member of biker club in my hometown. He's really bulk and hairy, but still keep his beard in hipster style and trimmed military haircut, not like the rest of the club who have thick beard and bald head. He's a great kisser, too bad he had to go soon after the kiss with the rest of the members.

I live behind an abandoned old bakery, that turned into stray dogs shelter. My other job provided me this place for live until my contract's over. To be honest, I was sick literally sick, with this job, but I needed money for my dad's kidney surgery that time, and this is the last offer I got from my old friend, they paid me cash with big amount of money on the first day, though I have to stay in contract for five years, and it's only 6 days left. Yeah, this job is gory, really gory.

I see a right harness black boot around the store, I don't think much about it, probably a dog stole it somewhere, still a hot boot tho, I would have a pair someday. I walk into my room, throw my body onto the couch and almost fall asleep, until my phone is ringing. "no number", I know who it is.

"password" he whispered on the other side. "Z for Zetas" I answered.

"there's another perro in the basement. This is your last job, do it all by yourself and finish him in three days, but this time don't send back the craps to us, dispose it as you can, he's American not Mexican, it'll risky for you and us if you send it back. Copy that"

"Sí, Señora" oh boy, here we go.

"send the recording as usual. Adios. Z for Zetas" *click.

This is the first time I have to deal with American victim, it's kinda weird to be honest, since I always done Mexican males and females and it needed at least 2 slaughtermen. I immediately put on my hood, bulletproof vest and gloves, grabs my camera and go to basement immediately.

I see a tall, bulk guy tied on a chair, with cloth bag covered his head. He's wearing black leather jacket that already torn apart, maybe it's because of being dragged, a dirty white T-shirt, ripped blue jeans, a left black harness boot and white trashed sock on the right foot, showing his big toe. I startled, my heart tells me that I knew this guy, so as he started trying to scream, I open his head cover. Holy shit!

He's the biker I've met before! He's gagged with cloth, his nose was bleeding, leaving blood stains on his nostrils, and there's some bruises on his forehead. I'm startled even more, as he looks at me on the eyes. My tears are flowing, I was supposed to find you back in the town after I done with my job, but not like this.

I open his gag, before he says a word, I kiss him as I hold his head. He seems to enjoy it too. "what the hell hap-" he cuts me "you're the slaughterman?"

I quiet.

"tell me you're the slaughterman", I nodded.

"then I don't mind being killed by you, cute guy" he smiled.

I'm a bit shocked "tell me what the hell happened with you, how did you ended up here? Are you a user? Dealer? Supplier? Tell me"

There's a long silence before he opens up. He's an anesthetic and chloroform user. He started using it three years ago with his ex partner, who was mexican, for sex. He injected the anesthetic into his spine so his partner could use his paralyzed body like having sex with corpse, but he didn't have any idea how the partner got the drugs. One year after he had to working overseas for couple years and they broke up. He got a news that his ex was killed, I was the killer, and dismembered. Just few days after he got back to the states, after the club meeting, he was kidnapped and tortured, and ended up here.

I know the boyfriend and his backstory. He was a dealer, didn't pay his debts and betrayed the cartel. I slaughtered him while he was in his sports leather suit and boots, then threw his craps on his neighborhood.

"could you give me a head?" he looks at me.

"huh?" still confused.

"please give me a head for the last time. The way you butchered my ex was hot! Makes me horny" he gives me his smug smile while looking to his bulge on his jeans.

Well, I can't deny this opportunity. I open his pants fly, pull his meaty hard long cock, and suck it like I've never had cocks for long time. He's moaning softly, then loudly as he reaches the climax. He shoots his loads into my mouth, I choked a bit, but managed to swallow all of it. It's so tasty! Now my bulge is getting bigger.

"it's my turn" he says as he smiled at me. I'm about to untie the rope on his hand while he said "not now. Do your job first". I stopped, then I get what he means "ok, I'll fuck your mouth later, my wolf. I'll do you first, just like your boyfriend". I know this means I can't have him alive anymore, buy the idea of having his dismembered body for my pleasure turns me on even more.

I put back in his cock, pulling up my hood, setting up the camera, sharpening my hunting knife, and put on a goggle. I roll the camera while pulling his hair hard, he looks really calm, and start my monologue in spanish as he has to remain silence. Then I drive my knife onto his neck, I did it as quick as I can, and finally separated his head in less than ten seconds. I said my final monologue while holding his head, throw in to the floor and stop the recording.

Bloods still spurting from the stump for a minute, I still have to take couple of pictures of his mutilated body, but my bulge can't wait any longer. I stare at his headless body for awhile, he's too young to die, but too handsome to life. I cut the ropes around his ankles and hands with my knife, then drop his body to the side. I pulled off my hood, take a couple long breath, I see his head on the floor, not too far that my foot can reachs it, rolls it onto between my black tactical booted feet. I adjusted his face facing up, his eyes is still wide open and his mouth is slightly too. He's so handsome and sexy, even just a head.

I pull out my cock and start rubbing it. I kick his head a little between my feet left to right, just like kicking a soccer ball between feet. I keep jerking off while watching his head rolling side to side a little until my precum is flowing. I grab his head towards me, open his mouth a bit wide so my cock can drive in. It's surprisingly warm and slippery, like an oral from alive person. I can't help myself to not moaning loudly until I shoot my loads on his mouth, some of it leaks through his neck stump. That was a great oral job I've ever had.

I stopped a while, breathing, while keeping his head on my cock. Then I raise his face onto my face, kissing his mouth that turned a little cold. I look at his body, I still have works to do.

I put his head on chair, then walk to the body. I drag it a couple feet away by his booted leg, and pull out his manhood from the unzipped fly. I cut the entire of it from the base, walk back to the chair, and shove the cock into his mouth, ball first.

I grab a big lumberjack axe and makes my way to his body. With a single swing, I cut his left leg on the hips joint, and I do the same on right one, Then I drag it to the chair. I arrange his legs by facing the soles together and bend the knees, stump side facing back, calves and feet on front of chair leg. I noticed his missing boot, so I put on a loose sweater to cover my bloody T-shirt and vest, go outside and grab the boot. I put it on his head.

Now it's time for the arms. With a couple swings, I separated his arm. I put it side by side of his head, his forehead bending behind the head. That's a really hot view there. Then I take few pictures of it from different angles. Though I only need 2 picture, head only and head with severed body, I keep more of it for my personal collection.

Now, the disposal. No, I won't dispose the head and limbs, just torso. So I drag the torso to the other side of basement where it has butchering tools, take off the clothes, and dice his body into tiny bits. got 3 bucket full of meats, he had a bodybuilder type of body so no wonder why, the dog will have feast tonight.

After giving a bucket of meats for the dog upstairs, I cleaned myself. I have few plans to keep his body together with me after sending my report tonight, but now I have to take a rest, I still have time.