Taking Aim At Jeremy


A man is a tasty morsel.
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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
I was horny, drinking beer in a gay dive, looking for someone to hurt. I didn’t give a shit who. Just a good-looking guy that I could fuck up so he wouldn’t be good-looking anymore. And then, there he was. Curly-headed guy, wearing a tank that showed off sexy nips. Even before he said a word, I wanted to rip at them with my teeth. Handsome, too. Yeah. He’ll do fine for tonight. Nice piece of meat to fuck up.

He started up a conversation. Chatty. Sounded French. Ran his finger over my bare chest. He pressed his crotch into mine, and I could feel his dick rising in his jeans. He leaned in to kiss me. As my lips touched his, I could feel his heart beating fast. Yeah. This bitch is mine. We kissed passionately as his hands rubbed my chest and belly, then down into my jeans. He was panting. “You can have me. Take me. Do what you want with me. Even hurt me. Please!”

I smiled. “Come home with me.”
“I’m Jeremy.”
“Call me Caleb.”

Soon as we got to my place, he took off his shirt. “I got meth,” he panted. “Not yet.” I said. “I’ll have a beer now. But you go ahead.” He did two lines. Ripped off his clothes and began to maul at my body. I just stood there and let him strip my clothes off. When I was naked, with my dick sticking up tight against my belly, he ravished me with his mouth and hands. I pushed him back and said, “Follow me. And bring the meth.” We walked down the hall, naked, and turned into the playroom. He saw the chains, hooks and pulleys, and the heavy beams. “Oh, merde! Superbe!”

I took the meth and sprinkled some into his palm. He lapped at it with his tongue. When he had finished, I slapped him hard across the face. Took him by surprise. Then a hard fist into his belly and he was on the floor. He clamored to his knees and began kissing my feet. I reached down, grabbed a handful of hair, raised his head, and punched him in the face. Not letting go of his hair, I pulled him to his feet and over to a beam. “Hands up!” I tied each hand to the beam, then attached his ankles to restraints in the floor.

I stood close to him, our two hard cocks touching. “You gave yourself to me. Said ‘Do what you want with me. Even hurt me.’ You still want it?” Eyes wide and dilated, he nodded. Eagerly. “Good. Have some more. Stick out your tongue.” I sprinkled meth on his tongue. Gave him time for it to get into his system. Then punched him in the belly again. A gush of air blew into my face as his lungs expelled. As he gasped to inhale, I bit into his left nipple. Not a gentle nibble, but a hard bite, breaking the skin immediately, and sinking halfway under.

“Ohhhh. Yes, Caleb. Yes. Yes. Do it! Do it!” Not one to disappoint, I did it. I punched him in the face again. Cut his lip. Blood ran down his chin. I scooped some with my finger and put it on his tongue. “Like it?” “Ohhhhh. Yeah!” I punched his cheek next. Then smashed his nose. I could hear the cartilage break. More blood. A stream onto his lips. His tongue lapped at it. “Oh, Caleb. You’re fantastic. Don’t stop.”

I stopped. Took the meth to my table and mixed some with a hallucinogenic powder, added water, shook it, then sucked it into a hypo. The whole time I was mixing, the bitch was making noises and wiggling in his ropes, high on the meth, lapping at the blood on his face, yapping about how good he felt and how much he loved me. I stood in front of him and showed him the needle.

“Since you can’t snort this into a bloody nose, I’m going to shoot it into you. O.K.?” “Oh, yes. Shoot me up!” I got a small stool and stood so I could run it into his arm. His veins were popping, so no problem. I love running needles into arms, drawing a little blood back into the syringe, and then slowly pushing a drug into a vein. Gets me hard every time, just watching, and then, of course, feeling the surge as the drug flows into my bloodstream and brain. Damn, I love slamming!

I stood back and watched. Jeremy’s eyes widened. Mouth opened. He let out along “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Caaaaalap. So goooooooo. I mish gull swee ah nodda bushwa blin………………………………….” He kept babbling incoherently. I stood close and kissed his bloody lips. He sort of kissed back. I bit into them. Ripped them, drawing more blood. Then he grinned and laughed. I picked up a pair of super sharp scissors and said “Stick out your tongue.” He did, and I snipped off the end, about a quarter inch. He let out a yelp, closed his mouth, and then spit a mouthful of blood into my face. “Whee! Bloody! Blood. Blo. Blo. Bloooood.” Another spit in my face. Another grin. He kept doing this. Fill his mouth and then spit the blood on me. I leaned close. “Lick my face clean.” He lapped at my face. Making it bloodier. He stopped. Got a quizzical look on his face, like why isn’t Caleb’s face clean? The lapped at me again.

After a while, I stepped back and watched as he hung there, opening and closing his mouth, happily swallowing the blood from his lips and tongue. I got a pair of pliers and yanked out one of his front teeth. After an initial cry of pain, he began spitting blood through the opening. Laughing. Fucking crazy.

I ran my hands over his body. So smooth. Kind of lean, but I felt the tight muscles of youth. I nibbled at his nipples. Bit into the tips and drew blood. His dick was soft now, contracted within a luscious foreskin. Felt good in my mouth. Even better when my teeth clamped tight. I moved behind him, knelt, and spread his cheeks, inhaling the acrid scent of manhood. My tongue probed. Ahhhh. Definitely an ass to eat. I bit hard into his smooth butt, breaking skin, drawing blood.

As I touched and probed and bit into his naked body, Jeremy continued to make incoherent noise. But he seemed to like the biting. I took him in my arms and kissed his bloody lips. He wrapped his arms around me and returned the kiss.

“You like pain?”
“Mmmmmmmm.” Head nodding.
“You like blood?”
“Like this?” I rammed my fist into his belly. Breath and blood spewed into my face.
“And this?” Both fists caught both ears hard.
“More?” A fist into each eye, one after the other.
“How ‘bout I shoot you?”

Jeremy was slumped in the rope, still unable to get his breath back. But his eyes conveyed a sort of pleasure in his pain.

I pulled my big leather chair into the middle of the room, about ten feet from where Jeremy hung. It was well worn, with a couple tears and lots of dried blood splatters which I liked to peel off and taste. You know, remembrances of men past. And it sure was comfy. Got my BB gun and sat in the chair. Aimed at his belly. Bullseye! He jumped. Another BB into a thigh. Knee. Chest. I kept shooting. He kept jerking. Began yelling. “Ow! Ow! Ow!” Shot into his dick and nuts.

Finally, what I’d been holding back on, his face. At ten feet, it’s impossible to miss what you’re aiming at. And I was about to make his face disappear. Pew! Got him in the chin. OW! Pew! In his left cheek. Pew! Pew! Pew! Three direct his to his nose. He let out a yelp just as I pulled the trigger and it went right into his mouth. Cool! Pew! Into his eye. A shriek. A very loud shriek.

I spent another ten minutes keeping up the rapid-fire barrage. Jeremy hung by his chest but his arms, legs, hands, head were jerking in every direction. Shouting. Shrieking. Moaning. Protesting. “No, no, no. NOOOOOO!” Bam! Bam! Bam! When I stopped shooting, he was a mass of holes. From forehead to shins. Some just red, others dribbling blood. Especially cock, balls, and face, where I’d concentrated my fire. I can’t describe fully the sexual thrill. Sitting there, one hand on my cock, the other shooting the gun. Aiming a gun at a face or a dick, pulling the trigger, and seeing the BB hitting the spot and penetrating into his body, hearing his cry. Jesus! I was hard the whole time, and I’m hard now telling you about it.

I stopped and walked up to him. His face was a mass of blood. Torn to shit. Many BBs still embedded in his soft tissue. Cheeks and lips. Harder surfaces like cheekbones and forehead, they had ricocheted off. Best of all, both eyes had been shot out. Bloody sockets, dripping blood and jelly-like liquid. I almost shot my load…involuntarily…without touching myself.

His crotch was pretty shot up, too. Cock and balls a red mushy mess, his pubes clotted with blood. He was just hanging limply, from the rope, making no movements, moaning, crying. The psychedelic had worn off, from shock and pain, I guess. “Why? Caleb you fucker. Why?” “You wanted pain, Jeremy. Wasn’t it enough?” I smashed the butt of the gun into his mouth. Bunch of teeth broke. “And I’ll give you more. Lot’s more. Your pain is just beginning, kid. And I want you to appreciate it, so I’m gonna shoot more meth into you so you’ll feel every bit of it.”

I filled the syringe with a strong dose, grabbed his arm, and shot it in. He felt the rush immediately and moaned loudly. I got a clean point and shot myself a healthy dose. I was in a hurry, so after I pulled it out, my arm was dribbling blood. I felt the rush. Oooohhhh! Baby. Great meth! I licked the blood, grabbed a riding crop, walked behind him, and began to whip his ass, then his back. Hard and fast. I was super high on meth and had a huge amount of energy. I just kept going, flailing at his body, tearing up his backside, splattering blood with every strike. He screamed at the beginning but in time his shrieks devolved into deeply painful groans. The bubble butt became nothing but a jiggling mass of red mush, blood oozing and running down his legs. The muscular back looked the same. I ran my hands over the slippery, oozing flesh. My dick was up and quivering with excitement. I slid it into his crack, coating it with his blood. I knelt and spread his cheeks. My tongue slid up and down, lapping at blood, probing his still-tight hole. My dick grew hard, quivering with delight, as my tongue pressed against puckered flesh, anticipating what lies within. Stop, Caleb! Restrain yourself. Kill now. Feast later.

But I had lost control. I was hungry. And Jeremy was toast.