Surfer's Feast, a story

Heavy Metal

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Apr 20, 2020
North Carolina
Rich knew that he had made a big mistake, a really stupid mistake, but he had no idea how costly it would end up being for him and his friends. It was so much fun! Taking a bubble bath in the restaurant sink! Just like he had seen on U-Tube. It was crazy, and stupid but so much fun!

“I will make sure that you and your buddies never find work on this beach again.” The manager at Dick’s told him after he found Rich naked in the stainless steel sink where he washed dishes at the restaurant. Sure it was late and all the customers had left and they had finished cleaning up. “If the health department found out about this, they would shut me down.” Rich stood up in the sink, soap suds slowly slid down the prominent ridges of his hard flat abdomen, through the dark hair of the pleasure trail that ran from his belly button down through his pubic hair to the prominent vein that ran down the center of the very long, thick, shaft of his uncut cock and the corona of his baby fist sized dick head, just inches from the manager’s face. “Rinse off, get your clothes on and you and your buddies get the hell out of here. I don’t ever want to see you again.” Tom, Hank, and Billy stood behind the manager snickering. Rich was quite a sight standing naked in the stainless steel sink, with his wet body glistening under the harsh lights of the restaurant kitchen, shredded abs rippled under firm pectorals with rosy pink nipples standing out hard and erect covered with white soapy bubbles slowly slipping down his slim athletic body.

“Fuck him if he can’t take a joke.” Rich said, as the manager literally pushed him out of the back door after he quickly rinsed off and pulled his clothes on, still wet.

“Do you think he was serious about making sure we will never find work on the beach?” Tom asked.

“Yes. This is a small community, if the word gets around, it may be hard for us to find another restaurant job around here.” Billy said.

The four friends were all surfers in their mid-twenties and in great shape who met each other at Kill Devil Hills where they were working for the summer. They shared an old beat up mobile home, a few blocks from the beach. The one thing they had in common was their love of surfing. They also liked to have a good time and liked to smoke pot and drink beer.

In a few days they decided to try to find another job. At Dick’s Rich washed dishes, Tom and Hank bussed tables for minimum wages and Billy was a waiter who made pretty good money from tips. Rent was due on their trailer and they had utility bills to pay. None of them had saved any money; of course, they spent it as soon as they made it. They all needed jobs.

They went from restaurant to restaurant and everywhere got the same answer. “We heard about the prank you guys pulled at Dick’s and there is no way we are going to hire you.”

Then they tried the Brew Through, gas stations, retail shops, even the surf shop and kite shops. It was too late in the season they were told, they didn’t have any job openings, there were plenty of excuses and reasons why they were not hiring, but there were no jobs. Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills were a smaller community than they knew. But hell the waves and the surfing was great. They didn’t want to leave.

Tom looked through the want adds in the newspaper and saw an add that said sperm bank and blood bank donors needed. “Hey, I found a way we can at least pay the rent.” Tom said and told the guys.

The next day they went to the clinic in Nags Head. They wore their beach uniform, baggy surfing pants, tee shirts and sandals. In a strip shopping center was a clinic, with a waiting room and a nurse behind a glass window. When they went up to the nurse she gave them forms to fill out asking questions about their personal and family medical histories. After they filled out the forms a nurse led them into examination rooms where they took blood to check for AIDS and other diseases. When the results of the blood test came in they would call the guys back to see if they qualified to give blood and semen. The pay was good and if they were clean they could come back in a few weeks to give more.

“Cool, all you have to do is jack off into a jar to donate sperm and let a nurse draw blood,” Tom said.

“Enough to pay the rent, but not enough for pot and beer and the extras. I think we still need to find jobs,” Billy said.

“We can keep trying to find jobs, but in the meantime I say let’s do this. At least it will pay the rent,” Rich said. Billy was still not happy with Rich. Billy made good money on tips, because of what Rich did, they all lost their jobs.

In a couple days they got a call. They were clean. Thank goodness the blood test did not test for pot! But as for AIDS and other diseases, they were all healthy as horses.

They went back to the clinic. It was a really hot day and the air conditioning was being repaired so the clinic was hot and stuffy. They were given plastic jars and porno magazines and escorted to individual booths where they were asked to masturbate into the jars.

“That should be easy enough,” Rich said, taking off his shirt as he entered his booth. “Man, it’s hot in here.” They did not know that there were hidden cameras in the booths where curious eyes watched them as they jerked off into the cups and the air conditioning had been intentionally cut way back.

The woman who monitored the cameras got an eyeful as she watched Rich masturbate. Rich was six two, well built with six pack abs, muscular chest and arms, and wide shoulders that tapered to a slender waist. His sun-bleached hair was shoulder length. His small hips and waist showed off his ample penis and big heavy balls to advantage. She watched as his penis grew to full erection; it looked to her to be about ten to twelve inches long and about as thick as a beer can, thickly veined with a big purple head. Good specimen, she noted.

She also observed the other guys, all well built surfers, tall, lanky, big boned, toned and blond. Another trait that they all seemed to share was that they were all amply endowed with penis’s ranging in size from nine inches (Billy) to ten inches (Tom and Hank) to twelve inches erect (Rich). They would fetch a good price!

After the guys had finished donating sperm, they were led into a room and asked to lie down on hospital beds as they gave blood. The attendants gave them cookies and orange juice after. Then the director of the clinic asked the boys to join her in her office. Word was out in the community and she knew they were out of work and needed money.

“Not many people know this, but this clinic has a world wide clientele and we are renowned for certain procedures and products that are in high demand among a very wealthy and discriminating clientele.” She wore a white lab coat, had her black hair pulled up in a bun and wore black horn rimmed glasses. “I would like to present a unique opportunity to you boys that I do not offer to just anyone. It will give you the chance to make a lot of money very quickly and easily. But it does involve some sacrifice.”

“Money, did I hear money. How much? What do we have to do?” Rich asked.

“How much money depends on how much you are willing to give up.”

“What does that mean?” Billy asked.

“We pay by the ounce.”

“The ounce of what?” Tom asked.

“Man meat.”

They all recoiled.

“We pay over $1,000 an ounce for the erect penis and testicles and pay a premium for the whole package.”

“Oouch!” Billy said.

“Wait a minute guys,” Rich said. “Let’s think about this. I must have about a pound or two of junk between my legs when it is hard. How many ounces are in a pound?” He asked.

“There are sixteen ounces in a pound,” the director replied. “I am not asking for a decision today. “You all talk among yourselves. I have given you an invitation. Think about it. We take care of all the details. Remember we can either take the external penis, or the penis and its root, we can take the balls separately, or we can take the whole package. We prefer the whole package and pay a premium for it above the per ounce price. Here is my card, get back to me if you are interested,” then she stood and escorted them to the door.

“Just think about it. It sounds like they weight it hard and say my junk weights a pound and I give them all of it, that is $16,000.00 plus a bonus for the entire package. This isn’t chunk change,” Rich said as they sat down on the sofa back in the mobile home.

“Yeah, but we are talking about losing our junk permanently man. I don’t know,” Tom said, downing a can of Budweiser.

“You know to be perfectly honest, I have always thought that my meat just sort of gets in the way,” Rich said. “It is so big, it is embarrassing when I surf and you can see it hanging down my leg through my bathing suit and when it gets hard it is impossible to hide. Girls don’t like it because they say it is so big it hurts them. I wouldn’t mind losing mine. I might want to keep my balls to keep the testosterone flowing. But there is always juice and supplements.”

“You know I’ve never said this before but I sort of agree with Rich. It is such a distraction, always getting me into trouble, ‘the little head ruling the big head,’ with out it I could focus all my energy on surfing and wouldn’t have to worry about sex, women, and other distractions,” Tom said, rubbing his dick as it grew into erection down the leg of his baggies. “See even the wang likes the idea.”

“I would like to be free of mine too,” Hank said.

“You guys are crazy,” Billy said. “Do you know what you are saying? You are talking about permanently losing your junk.”

“We all just left a deposit in the sperm bank, so who needs it now. God gave them to us for making babies right? Someone will use the sperm to make babies, so they are just surplus equipment now. Do you know what I could do with that kind of money?”

“You guys are crazy!” Billy said, but he did feel tension in his pants as his dick began to swell with the thought.

“If we do it, we won’t have to work, we can just surf all summer with no cares and to hell with Dick’s restaurant,” Rich said. “Who’s in? I am and I’m ready to go all the way, dick, balls - the works.”

“Count me in,” Tom said with a noticeable erection growing in his pants.

“Me too,” Hank chimed in.

“Not me,” said Billy.

“Guess that means you will have to find a job or move out,” Tom said pointedly.

“Let me work on it. We can live on what you guys bring in first then if I need to I might consider it. But until then I will try to find a job.”

“Do we go tomorrow then?” Tom asked.

“Sure,” Rich replied.

“Then I have a suggestion. Let’s jerk em all we can tonight.” They then all stripped down and began to masturbate. Before long Tom took hold of Rich’s dick and Hank took Billy’s and they began to masturbate each other.

“Don’t want to waste this,” Tom said, licking the cum off of the end of Rich’s enormous erection.

“Any more of that and I’ll think you’re gay,” Rich said, enjoying every minute of it.

“I wonder what that thing would feel like inside me,” Rich said taking Tom’s dick in his hand and guiding it toward his ass.

Soon they were all fucking and sucking each other until they passed out naked and exhausted on the floor.

Rich called the next morning, asked to speak to the director and told her their decision. They made appointments to come in the afternoon.

That afternoon the three guys went to the clinic. As they sat in the waiting room Billy opened the door and came in.

“Did you change your mind?” Tom asked.

“I decided I didn’t want to be the odd man out in the house and besides it’s a lot of money.”

Soon the nurse came out.

“A fourth donor? Are you with these young men?” She asked with an eastern European accent, looking at Billy. “Come on, we can take care of you too. We will take you two at a time. The wait shouldn’t be that long. Who wants to go first?”

Rich and Tom volunteered.

The nurse escorted them to a locker room where they removed their clothes and were given hospital gowns then directed into a large well-lit room with several operating tables outfitted with stirrups and covered in sheets.

The nurse directed each guy to take off the hospital gown and climb on to the tables. She then fastened their legs into the stirrups and tied their arms at their sides with leather straps. “So you don’t panic in the middle of the procedure,” she said referring to the straps. “You can either choose to watch or not. Which will it be?”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” Rich said.

“Me too,” said Tom.

The nurse then began to inject their crotches with painkillers and a liquid Viagra like substance. “We usually like to give our clients one last orgasm. Would you like?”

“Sure,” they both said at the same time. She then pulled on latex gloves and began to masturbate Rich. In the background the surgical assistants began to prep them and the doctor appeared.

“You have a considerable endowment,” the nurse said, admiring his growing erection. “It should bring you lots of money.”

“I sure hope so,” Rich said, with a big smile, laying back and enjoying himself as she worked on his massive member. When she finished with Rich and Tom the surgical assistants came over to them, shaved them, painted their crotches with antiseptic, inserted catheters, then double banded their penis’s.

“This shouldn’t take long,” the doctor said as he picked up a scalpel and began to work first on Rich. “Impressive,” he said, admiring the mammoth erection in his hand. “But they all take about the same time, no matter what size thy are.” He began to cut around the scrotum, then into the crotch where the penis was attached. He made fast work of the connective tissues and tendons then cauterized the vessels and arteries, and before long he had the whole works, penis, root, scrotum and balls laying in one piece in the stainless steel pan beside the operating table.

“That looks like more than a pound,” Rich said, looking at the big shiny purple head and the long tube of meat with the balls and scrotum dangling from the middle.

“More like two pounds,” the surgical assistant said, stitching him up as the doctor went on to work on Tom.

“Two pounds, wow, that is more money than I expected. I forgot about all that other part inside me,” Rich said, admiring the shear mass of cock meat on the tray.

“That is the root, it keeps the erection up and connects it to your body. It is almost as long as the external penis,” the assistant said.

“And all that counts?” He asked, looking at the thickly veined shaft and swollen purple head lying in the steel pan, still dripping cum.

“Sure does,” the assistant said. “It just means more money. That is why we recommend if you are going to do it you may as well give up the works.”

“Makes sense,” Rich said.

When they finished patching up Tom and Rich they brought the other two in. Billy debated whether to lose it all or just his penis or balls and finally decided to lose it all. He liked the idea of focusing his energy on surfing free of distractions, plus the extra money sure did sound good.

When they all weighted in, Rich came in at 2 pounds 2 ounces or 34 ounces plus the bonus. The others weighted less but they all came in at or over a pound, so they were also very pleased. After a couple of weeks they were healed up enough to start surfing again. They did not have to worry about money any more that summer. They did not have to worry about the cost of going out to the bars either. They took hormone replacement and with their focus on surfing and working out, no longer distracted by the need for sex, they built up great bodies, ripped, hard and lean. Not one of them regretted their decision.

Meanwhile back at the clinic the chef for a very successful business woman from the Washington, DC area, who was vacationing in Duck with some friends, called in to see what was fresh and was delighted to hear about the meat from the surfers, she gave them a credit card number to reserve all four packages, drove down from Duck and picked up the meat for dinner that night. Each package was washed, cleaned, refrigerated, and vacuum packed in clear plastic. The chef also stopped by the local seafood market for oysters, and lobster tails.

“Ladies our chef has out done herself tonight. We will all share these delightful dishes each prepared in a different way.” The hostess, an attractive unmarried career woman in her early thirties said to her friends who were in Duck for a girl’s weekend.

First the chef brought out a plate covered with a domed silver cover and put it on the table. When she pulled off the cover she revealed a steaming hot plate that contained a nicely grilled penis that had been split open from end to end and placed in the slit was the fresh buttery meat from a lobster tail. The whole affair was covered in parsley and chives and covered with a glaze of butter and rested on a bed of rice.

The women literally gasped when they saw the first dish. After they divided the lobster penis dish among themselves and ate it, the chef brought out four plates with breaded deep fried scrotums stuffed with steamed oysters. Each one of them cut open the two chambers of the scrotum on their plate and then teased out the steaming oysters from inside dipped them in cocktail sauce, then divided up and ate the fried scrotum skin.

“Absolutely delicious,” one of the women said. “Where did you find these?”

“This is a one of kind meal. My supplier assured me that they were freshly harvested. I paid a fortune for them, but nothing but the best from my girlfriends, right? Just imagine them swinging between the muscular thighs of hot young surfers this morning when they woke up probably with a morning hard-on. They were willingly given, mind you and their owners were handsomely compensated for their loss. What you are eating was pressed against the surface of a surfboard not two days ago riding a wave in the Atlantic. Now it is on your plate, cooked and ready to eat.”

Next the chef brought out another covered dish. The women couldn’t wait to see what delight lay under the silver cover. She opened it to reveal a plump pink cock stuffed with crabmeat, like the other one, it was also split from the cock head down the length of the shaft and stuffed with crab meat swimming in a rich lemon butter sauce and resting on a bed of linguine.

Next the chef brought out testicles Rockefeller in oyster shells steaming on a bed of rock salt. The chef had chopped the eight fresh testicles and mixed them with cream, spinach and other ingredients and stuffed the mixture back into the oyster shells, New Orleans style.

The chef then brought out another covered dish and when she lifted the lid the cock had been cut into half-inch medallions, and speared shish kabob style with onions, red peppers, green peppers and mushrooms between each slice. The head was at one end and the other pieces were put back together as they had been taken, creating the illusion of a long thin penis that was part meat and part roasted vegetables. It was covered in a delicious teriyaki sauce and served over brown rice.

After they finished the last dish, the chef emerged from the kitchen with fanfare. “And now for the piece de resistance.” When she lifted the lid an enormous penis emerged from the steam resting on its side with stuffed scrotum still attached and a long root coiled behind. The head was the size of a ripe plum, it had all browned nicely and was surrounded by steamed vegetables. It was the full package that had been harvested from Rich and was quite impressive, after cooking it had swollen even larger. The external penis with skin and swollen head had grown to a full twelve inches, the scrotum was stuffed to the point of bursting with steaming oysters, several more inches of the root coiled around the plate behind the scrotum, which when roasted looked a bit like beef jerky. This was almost too much.

“Oh my God, I don’t know if I have room for any more,” one of the women said.

“This is the best cock I have ever eaten,” the hostess said. “If you knew what I paid for this monster you wouldn’t want to miss a morsel. Dig in girls,” the hostess said, spearing the swollen cock head, drooling juices from its piss slit, with her fork, then sliced it off for herself with her knife.

Sure enough the women finished the whole works and washed it down with a fine Merlot.

“What a feast,” one of the women said, raising her glass to toast the others. “To surfers. May they grow em bigger every year,” she said, wiping her mouth of some of the cock juice from the last dish with her napkin.