Sudden death, but no CPR


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Aug 28, 2015
(Very short story I saw on tumblr)

The most important soccer championship was taking place between two high school teams. Among all the players, Sam was the most talented one. His school team won almost all champions in the past 3 years matches because of him.

But their rivals decided not to get suppressed again by Sam's team. And the key was to get rid of him.

Right before the match started, the rivals spiked some drug in his sports drink. It would easily give him a sudden heart arrest once doing sports intensively; for example, playing the forward in a soccer match.

The game started. But Sam didn't show any symptom of being physically uncomfortable. At the time of 82', he has already scored 3 times, almost beating the rival school team because they got nothing!

The game soon went into 5' overtime. At the moment only 2 minutes to the end, Sam collapsed. No any sign of pain.

The paramedics, who were bought off by the rival school, and his teammates all rushed to him. He was lying on the pitch peacefully, without any struggle. But his eyes were rolling back.

To check the physical condition, the paramedics took off Sam's boots and checked his ECG. The lean, solid and well-shaped teenage pecs were still heaving slightly. The heart monitor showed that his heart was still beating strong, but somewhat out of rhythm.

"So leave him to us, we will get him back!" The paramedics carried Sam onto a gurney, sending him onto an ambulance. As agreed with the guys in his rival school, Sam wasn't given defibrillation by the paramedics. His heartbeat became more irregular after being carried on the ambulance. Only 15 minutes after collapsing on the pitch, Sam's ECG finally displayed a perfect flat line. His right foot twitched slightly before his heart thoroughly stopped beating. Perhaps he suddenly realized something and wanted to struggle for the last time.

Being afraid that the elements in the drug would finally be found in Sam's socks, underwear and baselayer, where his sweat was deeply soaked, the bought-off paramedics helped arrange an immediately cremation of Sam's body. A well-built and toned teenage athlete was tranformed into a can of ash within 1 hour after his last soccer match. However, his death was claimed after he became ash. The reason was "obvious": Malignant arrhythmia.