Story: The cave by the beach


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Oct 2, 2011
Costa Rica
Trevor was walking down a beach , wearing just his yellow swim trunks. He nice build form surfing for many years , brown hair and eyes , and a tanned skin. He dropped out of college at 20 years old and was now during the beach party of his life.
He was eying around every other person there, but he couldn’t settle for anything. The man decided to explore the area a bit before setting down and he walked towards a rock formation near the beach.
Once he arrived there, he saw a cave and there was a somewhat strong scent of semen. His cock twitched inside of his clothing and he decided to explore. He walked inside for a few minutes and reached the end of it. There he saw a rather spacious natural room and in the middle of it there was a man swallowing another one.
Trevor noticed multiple swimsuits on the rocky ground , which was rather sticky, and smiled at the show. He approached the duo and said, “Let me help him a little.”
The guy who was being swallowed had his feet danglingly with his cock pointing downwards. He was already nearly halfway swallowed and Trevor quickly started to jerk him off.
The meal moaned inside of his pred as Trevor was determined to make him cum before he finished the plunge. The pred was a middle - aged , white, bald man with an already big belly even not factoring the man he was eating.
The soon-to-be-meat moaned as he spasmed and came really hard on the floor and over the older male’s belly. Soon after that, the pred swallowed the guy’s waist, but Trevor had go of the cock before that. His fingers were still coated with the guy’s spunk and he sensually licked them before massaging the big pred to help him swallow his meal better.
Once the feet were gone and with one final gulp, the old man turned to Trevor and said with a smile , “Hey, there. Thanks for the help. ”
The younger guy smiled and said, “No worries, man. It was hot to see.” He then massaged the belly and saw the guy squirming a little inside of the belly. But it was simply because he wanted to be in a comfortable position.
The older guys belched loudly, extended his hand, and said, “My name is John. What’s yours, kiddo?”
Trevor shook his hand and replied, “My name is Trevor, sir. This is a rather nice place.”
John patted his stomach, “Indeed it is. I found it just now with this morsel inside.” He then belched again.
It didn’t take long for the man inside to be completely still inside of the stomach. The lack of oxygen killed him faster than the stomach acids.
The old man then looked at Trevor and licked his lips, “Wanna join him? I have plenty of space and it’s the biggest party this beach ever had.”
Trevor almost said yes, but he had to refuse, “Indeed it was, but there are two things that stop me from accepting your offer, mister. The first is that, I always imagined that, if I were to divide a belly with someone else we would have sex while we die.”
John cocked his head to the side and thought for a little while, “Well, you can always fuck his corpse. I can swallow air and avoid belching for you. My digestion is rather slow, so you would last for a good while. It sucks to be old.” He finished with a chuckle.
Then the old man asked, “And what’s the second reason?”
Trevor smiled sheepishly, “Well, I wanted to eat someone today before dying myself, you know.”
John then said “Oh.” Then he smiled, “Don’t be so shy, boy. All you had to do was ask.” He then looked at his surfer’s belly , “But I don’t think I would fit there, especially with this turkey here.” He patted his belly.
Trevor then removed his trunks and tossed them away, “I didn’t intend to eat with my mouth, sir.”
Trevor started to jerk off and his cock started to expand. “Oh, a cock vore? That’s a rather nice way to go.” John said as he approached the increasingly bigger cock and started to lick his slit.
Trevor shuddered at the older man’s experienced moves and was enjoying the blowjob, but it was cut short when his slit suddenly opened up and engulfed the other man’s head.
“Sorry about that. I’m just so hungry…” Trevor said, blushing embarrassed for not controlling his urges better.
Thankfully, the man didn’t mind, “It’s alright. I was like that when I had your age too.” He said loudly for the surfer to hear.
Trevor wished he hadn’t rushed this. Seeing the man’s big gut made his fantasize about being pressed against the floor with the older man on top crushing him while Trevor was fucked.
The surfer caressed his cock with one hand and sucked the fingers of another hand to coat them with saliva and then moved it to his ass to finger himself. He imaged the fat pressing against him, while the John’s 7 inches cock drove his prostate crazy.
He wouldn’t even mind if the old man crushed him to his death. But alas, it was impossible now.
The cock had to expand more than it ever did more to accommodate the old man’s belly. He had never cock vored anyone with a meal inside of their belly and this was proving a challenge for him.
As for john he was having the time of his life. The cock was warm and was giving him a full body massage as he got inside of it. It was a bit hard to breath, but air managed to enter from time to time. Besides, the strong scent of musk made John’s cock shiver and leak precum.
Trevor instinctively humped his hips and was panting loudly. His cock was aching being extended so much and he never felt so good as well. Suddenly, however, he felt someone touching his shoulders form behind, “Mind if I join in?” Said a deep masculine voice.
When Trevor turned to see it was a blond and very hairy man. He had a big beard and mustache and was built like a brickhouse. “Please, I need it.” Trevor said as he removed his fingers from his hole to grand the man passage.
The newcomer tossed away his green speedo and he also lubed his fingers with his own precum and saliva before loosing the entrance a little bit more. Then he shoved his 8 inches cock into the surfer making him throw his head back in sheer pleasure.
“The name is Kurt, by the way.” Said the newcomer as he started to rub Trevor’s nipples.
The surfer would feel the strong muscles and hair pressing against his back and this was driving him crazy, “I…I’m Trevor…and this…” he pointed to the man being swallowed, “is John…”
“Is someone there?” John asked with a muffled sound, to which Kurt replied.
This ended up making all three laugh ed as they continued with the rhythm .
When John’s member got inside of the cock, he started to hump the fleshy wall. He was so hard he needed release. The musk was making him so around. The man couldn’t help but to inhale as much as he could. Thankfully, whoever was fucking the surfer stimulated the cock to eat him faster.
Suddenly John’s body was washed with cum that tried to exit the cock. The old man knew it was his orgasm from being fucked so hard. Thankfully, it helped lubing John which made his path much smoother now.
It took some time until the chubby old man to finally enter the chamber of the right ball. There was only a small amount of cum given the orgasm the surfer just had.
John couldn’t reach his own cock given how tight the space was and his own huge bally didn’t make things any easier. He simply decided to continue to hump the walls while massaging his own body. The balls were still rocking back and forth due the fucking happening outside, but John didn’t mind it at all.
He panted and moaned as he felt hotter and hotter. He was sweating profusely and he soon realized some of his sweat was actually cum. His body was tingling, but he was a big meal, so he wouldn’t die so soon.
He kept pressing his cock against the ball’s flesh and finally reached his orgasm. He bellowed loudly as his cum was added to the pool, which was now rising quite a lot. But his orgasm was accompanied by an even bigger one.
The pressure he applied on his own dick accelerated its digestion and shortly after the first orgasm, his member melt into a jizz. This sent a huge wave of pleasure over the man.
Despite of losing his penis, the man was still in pure bliss. He could feel his form slowly melting away and he couldn’t be happier about it. He closed his eyes as he massaged his own body as it broke down. His feet were now just bones a s the melting accelerated.
“Ah…I wish I had done this sooner.” John whispered to himself as he closed his eyes and felt the ongoing pleasure wash his body as he slowly perished.
Outside, Kurt was on his on the way to his turd orgasm. Both men were covered in sweat and their bodies were almost glued to one another. “If he still…” Kurt panted on Trevor’s ear before licking his neck, tasting its savory and salty flavor.
“I..think he stopped moving…” Trevor panted back moaning.
Kurt gave him several love bites and some drew blood from him. He knew what Kurt wanted and he was okay with it. “I’m yours…” Trevor whispered. The surfer wanted to join these beautiful muscles. “Consume me…”
Kurt smiled as he nibbled Trevor’s ear, “That’s what I wanted to hear. But first, I’ll let you ejaculate the old man. I don’t want to pop with you cumming him into me.”
Trevor laughed at the mental image of it happening. He probably would die from the sheer cum pressure as well.
The surfer could feel his balls softening and shrinking in size. John was now gone and was nothing but sperm. He felt the pressure building up inside of him and he roared.
He came like a geyser, spraying the old man and his meal into the cavern, causing a small wave, which moved some of the swimsuits around. The cum was torrential and formed a small pool under their feet.
Kurt bit Trevor on his shoulder he reached another orgasm as well. They kept joined together for a long time. Trevor’s cock still spasmed after the biggest meal he ever had and cum continuously leaked form his cock, even if it was just a tiny rope now.
The surfer’s cock was also shrinking was almost back to its original size. It was then when the smaller man noticed he had been lifted and was…sinking from behind?
Trevor looked to the man behind him who smiled seductively, “What? Never seen a man absorb another like this before?”
Trevor only had heard it was possible for some people, but enever actually witnessed it himself. He just smiled and closed his eyes as he felt himself sinking into the bigger man’s body.
His legs joined with his and the same happened to his arms, and torso. As for his head, it was absorbed by the chest since the man was much taller than he was.
Trevor was feeling like he was being trapped and slowly crushed by the man’s powerful muscles. He grinned to himself knowing that he would get his most desired death in the end.
He would be crushed into the muscles and merge with them, adding more muscle to this powerful individual. The surfer could barely move. But he had enough leeway to hump his hips against his muscle prison.
He could feel the muscles tightening around him, digesting and melting him into the body. He was exhausted and couldn’t work another orgasm, but he was still satisfied. “Thanks, man!” he managed to say, but he doubt Kurt was able to hear him.
Once Trevor was fully inside of his body, Kurt allowed himself to sit on the pool of cum as the smaller man’s body melt to make his body even bigger. He even noticed that his cock grew a few inches.
The blond man was jerking off furiously as Trevor died and finally became one with him, merging completely.
“Nice show, man! Mind if I gobble you up?” said a bass voice of another guy who just arrived. He was a tall black man with a beard wearing a red tank top and blue speedo.
Kurt continued to masturbated and soon orgasmed, adding his seed to the mess already on the floor. He panted a little before smiling, “Sure, man. I’m all yours.”
By the end of the day, dozens upon dozens of swimsuits and assorted clothing were scattered at the floor of the cave.