Story: Thanksgiving at gutterkc's House


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Jul 13, 2011
Kansas City, Missouri
This week we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday here in the USA. I wrote a story to celebrate the occasion featuring CDG member gutterkc, whom I have actually met IRL. Enjoy!

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Thanksgiving at gutterkc's House

My sphincter clenches as the cold metal touches my anus, but you push ahead anyway. I squirm a bit as the thick spit penetrates me slowly, but I am tied down, spreadeagled on your table, nude and helpless. From the look on your face I wonder if this is the day I don't walk out of your basement. Is that why you're using the new copper spit you made with the pointed steel tip?

The cold metal is several inches inside me now, and I can feel its point grazing against my rectum when you pause its advance and lay the hand-held controller for the machine pushing the spit down on the table next to me.

I feel your hand on my head, which hangs free over the edge of the table, pushing it down and slightly back. Your finger pushes gently on my lower jaw and I respond by opening my mouth. Your cock is already semi-erect as you push it into my mouth, but I feel it grow and stiffen as you run your hands over my chest and belly as you explain your intentions. You smile as you watch my erection grow while I listen to you describing what is about to happen to me.

I shudder slightly as I feel the tip of the Wyoming knife poking into me near my left hip. As your cock moves in my mouth you explain that a man in Hungary offered you a large sum of money to film today's proceedings and send the video to him for his private collection.

You draw the Wyoming knife along the natural curve of my lower belly, cutting neatly through the skin and muscle layers but not what lies beneath. I feel your erection stiffen as you open me up, and then I taste your cum. My own orgasm follows, as the Wyoming knife begins its cut from the pubic bone to the sternum. You enjoy watching my cum as it spurts over the bloody cut in my belly and oozes into the abdomen.

There is surprisingly little pain as your hands pull back the skin and muscle to reveal my insides. You pull my intestines out with both hands and coil them in a steaming pile on my chest. Stepping back and taking your cock out of my mouth, you lift my head up by the hair so that I can see you as your free hand pulls more of my entrails into view. I notice my bare feet twitching slightly as I watch, fully aware that with you disemboweling me by hand like this my life will end shortly.

After the pile of guts is large enough to satisfy you you begin walking around with the video camera, capturing me in all my gutted glory from a variety of angles. After putting the camera back on its tripod you loop my intestines around my neck a couple of times and pull them tight. It takes longer than you thought it would, but eventually my heart stops, I am no longer breathing, and after a twitch or two my body is still.

Picking up the remote control, you advance the spit slowly, guiding its path as needed until it passes through my esophagus and out my mouth. Once again you remove the video camera from the tripod to film my spitted carcass from every possible angle for your patron.

After untying my hands and feet, you and a friend lift me up from the table using only the spit, and carry me over to the special mount you built. Once I am securely on the mount you use a large knife to sever all of the connective tissue in my torso and abdomen, then rotate the spit so that my body is facing downward, toward the large tub you have placed underneath me. My insides plop wetly into the tub. Your video of this part of the process will become one of your patron's favorite moments.

You shave my head and pubic area, then tie my wrists and ankles to the crossbars you have inserted in the spit pole. Not long after that I am rotating slowly over the large fire pit in your back yard, cooking. My body becomes a delicious meal for you and your friends to enjoy for Thanksgiving. You include some cuts of my meat when you send my video to your patron.

After seeing the video, which included the cooking and eating of my body, your patron sent you a bonus, and offered you a commission to make another film for him.

I had become your first longpig, but I would not be your last...
Great story! I wanted to be below as your "insides plop wetly into the tub" and onto me. What fun to wallow in warm, wet innards. Slopping around, rubbing your slime over my naked body, munching. Yeah. Wallow and swallow.
Great story! I wanted to be below as your "insides plop wetly into the tub" and onto me. What fun to wallow in warm, wet innards. Slopping around, rubbing your slime over my naked body, munching. Yeah. Wallow and swallow.

As we approach Thanksgiving 2023 my thoughts have naturally returned to this story, as my desire to be someone's holiday feast has not abated! :yummy2:

I'm sure if you asked him, my friend gutterkc would be happy to have you join us, and of course he could take photos of you playing with my entrails as my nude body lay cooling nearby... :load: