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I am a shoulder devil. I make you do bad things because it entertains me. You won’t notice it-- I’m just a nice guy on the surface. But that’s an act. I want you to make mischief. And I’m good at making it happen. Deep down we’re all bad creatures, I simply help it come out. I like to think of myself as an agent of fate. Josh’s time was just up.

I first met him and his friends outside a bar while taking a smoke break. I love cigarettes more for the people they bring me into contact with than for the act of smoking itself. Reckless. Trashy.

Noah was the easiest to befriend. He was the oldest at 24, and was the only one of the three of them holding down a steady job, and the only one to have a steady girlfriend. Bright red hair and freckles, he was thin and toned with a swimmer’s body and a thin neck. It was his neck that drew me to him in the first place. I wanted to do terrible terrible things to it. I went home that night and looked up how to snap a neck on the internet, but figured I’d need someone to practice on to perfect the technique. I imagined it would take me three or four tries to actually get it. I tried to picture him sitting in a chair, hands tied. The pain he would feel after my first failed attempt. The look on his face when my hands reached for his jaw a second time and he understood what I was trying to do, and that I wouldn’t stop until I had succeeded.

Noah introduced me to his friends Shawn and Josh.

Shawn hadn’t even graduated high school. He had gotten some girl pregnant his senior year and that sealed his fate. His kid was four now, and he only saw her a couple times a year. Shaggy blond hair, he was tall with a medium build. Kept himself in decent shape, too. He told stories of having a giant cock. Given his build and the size of his hands and feet, I suspected there was quite a bit of truth involved.

Josh was the youngest of the three and as such, always kind of fucking up. The one who got the DUI, the one who ended up putting them in a holding cell overnight when he got caught shoplifting. He was medium height but kind of lanky. Dark brown hair and eyes, he almost looked like a young Keanu Reeves.

When I met them, I knew this was my opportunity to take my game to the next level.

I can take credit for assaults, robberies, and countless misdemeanors. I get a kick out of it. It’s an adrenaline rush. Getting the thing done while forcing the risk of getting caught onto someone else. The artform of the manipulation. I’d always wanted to get someone to kill but hadn’t found the right situation. I felt like this entire game of mine was leading to that conclusion. That my hands had to be clean the whole time because if they got dirty for this part, I might enjoy it too much.

I invested my time with them by spending many late nights doing absolutely nothing. Sitting around in Noah’s living room or at a skate park. Drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. Shawn and Josh were completely worthless. I wondered what their parents thought when they realized this was the result of all the years they had invested into their kids. Josh’s mom bought him a carton of cigarettes as a bribe to keep him and his friends out of her house. I guess that kind of answered that question. It took a long time but nothing worth doing is easy, and now I was one of them.


They had this friend Patrick. They only ever hung out with him because his sister was hot. Patrick wasn’t bad to look at either. I did some recon on him once, hitting up some trashy girl he’d slept with. I fucked her just wanting to go where Patrick’s dick had already been, but it opened the door to some fun info. She told me his cock was small, much smaller than mine. Which might not have been a bad thing if he’d known how to use it, but apparently he was clueless. ‘Too bad,’ I thought. ‘Waste of a hot straight guy.’

I passed the information on to the gang.

“Figures,” Shawn said. “He doesn’t get laid often. You can always tell when he’s had sex because he just throws his used condoms on the bedroom floor.”

“Fuckin’ gross.” I said, while thinking just the opposite.

“Condoms are for fags anyway.” Josh said.

“I’m always down for some raw-dogging.” I said and gave Josh a fist bump. He grinned.

“Patrick sucks. I’ll raw dog his sister, though.” Shawn said.

“It would piss him off so much,” I laughed. I was formulating an idea. “He’s so protective of her.”

“Yeah, Shawn, you raw dog his sister, we’ll beat him up and make him watch so he can see what a real dick looks like.” Noah offered. The whole group laughed. I calculated my move. I had led him into the line of thinking. Take it to the next level.

“Fuck just beating him up man. Slit his throat while Shawn fucks her.” I nailed the tone and the cadence. It sounded just how I wanted it to sound. Like a guy who’d had a couple beers just saying stupid shit as a joke. But a certain seed was being planted deep in their minds.

Noah laughed and ran with it. “Perfect! He’d be all gurgling and blood everywhere and Shawn is fucking his sister as he dies. That’d be tight.”

Josh laughed at that and so did I. That had gone well. I chuckled at the thought of Patrick’s corpse lying on a floor somewhere, blood flowing freely from an open neck wound, never to fill his tiny penis again. We’d be putting him out of his misery.


One night we had a fifth hanging out with us. Jenny was Noah’s girlfriend, and no one could figure out how Noah had managed to get such a hot girl. Maybe he had a big dick too and was just more humble than Shawn. She was thin with a nice ass and big boobs. She usually didn’t hang out with us at the house, probably because Noah knew all his friends wanted to fuck the shit out of her. She had come over tonight to meet up with him before they went off to a rave, but at the last minute, Noah had gotten called into work. So she stayed.

Noah had long ago made sure to let everyone know she was off limits, but when she suggested a game of strip poker, no one argued with her. Did she have a secret fantasy about getting gang-banged by Noah’s friends? Cause that’s pretty much the only way this game could end.

Josh ended up being the first one naked. After a giving everyone a brief glimpse of average looking flaccid penis, he sat down and put his hands over his groin. Everyone else was down to just their underwear. I was holding nothing. Flop came, 2 of hearts, 6 of spades, 10 of diamonds. Shawn made the bet. Everyone folded except Jenny, sitting directly to his right. All in. Lay em out. She had a pair of queens, he had a pair of sixes. The turn was a 4. The river came up King.

“Three of a kind takes it.” Shawn said proudly.

“Fuck,” she said, not really sounding pissed at all. She stood up and slowly took down her panties. As she was bending to the floor she looked up toward Shawn, eyes not far from his crotch and said, “I was hoping to get you naked. I’ve heard your dick is huge.”

Josh and I held our breath, silent, willing Shawn to make the move.

He gently took her hand, placed it lightly on his rapidly growing bulge. She rubbed her hand over it, massaging it a little bit, her eyes went wide and a smile came over her lips. “Take it out,” she whispered to him.

He stood up and removed his underwear in one quick motion. We all had a clear view of his cock, and it was indeed massive. Standing straight up, it easy covered the distance between his pelvis and his belly button. Probably eight inches or so. And it looked to be about as thick as a can of Redbull.

She immediately dropped to her knees in front of him, and went about trying to fit it in her mouth. Josh stood up and walked over to her, his dick already hard. She alternated between sucking his dick and Shawn’s. I only gave it a beat before I went over and joined the fun too.

We all took turns absolutely railing Jenny. Most of the time she had a dick in her mouth and a dick in her pussy. My favorite position though was when she sat down on my dick, her anus tight and aggressive. I bounced her up and down on my lap. Shawn walked over, his huge dick swinging, looked her in the eyes for a moment to ask permission. She nodded and he bent his knees so his penis could get into her vagina. She screamed as he entered her. I could feel his dick going inside her, increasing the pressure on my own cock. He pulled out a little bit, then thrust back in, deep and hard. She screamed again, our dicks deep inside her. He kept thrusting, his low hanging balls slapping against my own.

Probably should have used some condoms, but like Josh said, condoms are for fags, right? We tried nutting on her face at the same time, which made us all feel like porn stars. Josh shot first, landed right in her eye. Then Shawn, but he missed and actually hit me in the stomach. I wiped it off with my hands and smeared it on Jenny’s cheek. Everyone else laughed. I came soon after, and she went from dick to dick sucking the last drop out of each, slicking each of our poles with the tri-semen blend.

Noah never would have known if Jenny hadn’t missed her period that month. Girls getting pregnant from pre-cum is no joke apparently. Noah was going to flip out. So I gathered up Shawn and Jenny, and worked out our game plan. We would have Josh take the fall. Tell Noah that we got drunk that night, and Jenny went to sleep in Noah’s room where Josh took advantage of her in a half-conscious state. No sense in all four of us going down. Too bad that Josh had to take the fall, but he was the one always fucking up anyway.

Noah was furious, as expected. If I’d left well enough alone, though, he might have calmed down, might have worked it out with Josh. But that would have been no fun. I told Noah that Josh was bragging about it. That he didn’t give a shit about what happened to Jenny or the kid. “It’s a good thing it didn’t happen to me,” I told Noah. “If it did, I’d probably kill the fucker. Like literally. He fuckin deserves it.”

Noah paused for a moment while he considered this option that he hadn’t even thought of. He replied quietly but with determination. “Help me do it.”

I told him we’d need Shawn to help, and laid out a plan, which Noah then pitched to Shawn. Shawn knew he had two options: go along or reveal the deception.

Shawn and I met up with Josh two days later at Shawn’s mom’s house. She was out of town for the weekend. Josh wanted nothing to do with us after being thrown under the bus, but we promised him Noah wasn’t going to be there and that we were going to work out a plan to make things right.

The kitchen was the room in the house farthest from the street, so no windows were looking in and any screams would be harder to hear. We moved a chair in from the dining room. The only other murder tools we needed were large zip ties and saran wrap.

“Why is there a chair in the kitchen yo?” Josh asked as Shawn and I followed him in.

“Sit down and you’ll find out.” Shawn said with a smile.

We didn’t wait for him to act on his own accord. Shawn and I grabbed his shoulders and forced him into the chair. Shawn pulled his wrists behind him and secured them with a zip tie woven through the back of the chair.

“What the fuck?” Josh started yelling as he pulled at his arms. I started to get nervous he was being too loud. As soon as Shawn had his hands secured, Noah walked into the kitchen, plastic wrap already in hand. Fuck, this was moving fast. This was about to happen. No one was gonna back out now.

Josh’s eyes went wide with panic when he saw Noah. I don’t think he knew what was going to happen, but he knew it was bad news.

“Oh shit. Noah, Noah this is all a misunderstanding bro. This is all a mistake. Dude, whatever they told you, it’s...”

Noah brought a large swath of the plastic wrap over the front of Josh’s face. Wrapped it around the back of his head. Josh started screaming “no” over and over, struggling frantically to free himself from the zip ties. Fuck, he was loud. Noah kept wrapping the plastic around and around circling Josh’s head, moving a little lower to get the neck too so there was no way air could get in. Once his air was completely cut off, the screams stopped and there was only the sound of the plastic wrap over his mouth flapping as he tried vainly to inhale and exhale. His chest heaved and shuddered. Noah tore off the plastic wrap from the rest of the roll and patted down the edge over Josh’s face. Noah gave a couple light slaps to Josh’s cheek. “Have fun buddy.”

We all watched, transfixed by the struggles and sounds. I tried to imagine what his lungs must have felt like at that moment, unable to take in even the slightest amount of air. This was going to be a long and painful death. But I knew that beforehand. It’s why I suggested it to Noah in the first place.

Noah lit up a cigarette, took in a deep breath of smoke and nicotine as he watched Josh struggle frantically for just a little air. “Fucker better be dead by the time I finish this or I’m just gonna cut his head off.” I smiled at the thought of it actually happening, even though Noah’s thin neck was probably better suited for beheading.

By the time Noah was done with his smoke, there was nothing left in Josh but impulsive twitches and convulsions. He pissed himself, but fortunately didn’t shit himself. And then he was still. Noah stood up, spit on the corpse, and walked into the living room.

Shawn and I sat in front of Josh’s still body. We’d done it. He was dead. And when we looked at each other after Noah left the room, knowing that we’d willingly sacrificed his life (however worthless it might have been) to save us from having to own up to fucking Noah’s girlfriend-- that was the moment incredible moment of the entire experience.


We buried Josh like a dog in a shallow grave in Noah’s dad’s backyard. I was pretty sure his body would be found sooner or later, but there was no trace of my prints or DNA so I wasn’t worried.

Shawn wasn’t so confident though. He came to my house one night and told me he wanted to go to the cops, turn himself in.

I’d wanted to not ever have to do any dirty work myself. Not just because I might get caught, but afraid of unleashing a monster within me. But I couldn’t let Shawn jeopardize everything. And there wasn’t time to plot scheme and manipulate anyone else into doing this for me.

So when he went out back for a smoke break in my dark back yard, I went to my closet and pulled out some rope, made a makeshift noose, and followed him out. There was a tree out there with a branch tall and thick enough for him to swing from. I couldn’t wait to pull down his pants once he was up on the rope and watch that huge dick of his swing around like a baseball bat.

The thing about being a shoulder devil is you’re caged on your perch, with only an ear to whisper in. I was a shoulder devil for a long time. Now I was about to be free.


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great story thanks


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Shawn’s death made the local news, a two minute blurb about youth suicide. I’d moved him from my back yard to that of his dad’s. Any forensic investigator probably would have realized it right away, but I guess Shawn just wasn’t that important.

It had been a bitch to move his 6ft frame. Between his huge hands, his thick thighs, and his third leg, it felt like he was all limbs. Somehow, I managed. I wished I could cut off his dick, somehow preserve it as a trophy, a reminder of what I’d taken away from all those girls out there who would have been hungry for his massive cock.

The news said it was likely due to the stress of being a young parent and a tough job market-- aka, being a fuck-up. Only I knew the truth.

“You ever think about what it must’ve felt like?” Noah asked me as we shared a cigarette in his backyard one night. I’d had my neck in a noose before. An imagine of Shawn’s contorted neck flashed into my mind.

I rubbed my neck for effect as I exhaled. “Must’ve been slow and painful.” I sensed some sadness, some remorse coming off Noah. I decided to prey on it. “Like Josh.”

“Dude... Josh … fuckin deserved it.” Noah was quiet for a moment. “Right?”


“I dunno. I guess. I mean, I just... I get where Shawn’s head was I guess. Josh deserved it. But maybe we weren’t the ones to make it happen. Maybe...” I trailed off purposefully.

“Maybe...?” Noah prodded.


“No, maybe what?” He asked.

“Maybe now we deserve something too.”

“Maybe.” Noah took a deep inhale, and locked his eyes with mine. “I think about Josh a lot. It’s weird. He was here. And now he’s not. I did that.”

“How did it feel?” I asked earnestly. Noah was silent for a full ten seconds.


“I felt it too. I mean, even just being there. It like, changes you.” I said.


“Either you’re above society’s rules or you deserve to suffer for breaking them, you know? I mean either you’re an agent of justice or just a selfish sinner. You’re entitled to kill or you deserve to die.”

“How do you know the difference?” Noah asked.

“Maybe there isn’t one.”


The funny thing about my conversation with Noah was that I half-believed what I was saying. I could feel the doubt, the conflict within him. And so I decided to take the biggest risk of all. It felt like a culmination of all the work I’d done so far. I talked Noah into a Russian Roulette of sorts. I’d told him that both of us were were either entitled to kill or deserved to die, with no real distinction. So we decided to resolve it with a coin toss.

The rules were simple. One of us would call heads or tails, and we’d flip the coin. Whoever lost, went first. They’d be handcuffed and laid on the ground. The other person gets a large, serrated knife. The coin would flip again. Heads, the person on the ground gets to keep theirs. Tails, they lose it. If the person on the ground lives, the roles reverse and the coin is flipped again. And thanks to Oregon’s assisted suicide law, we’d cover our asses in the event law enforcement got involved.

I don’t know if Noah was concerned with the math, but I was. There’d be a 75% chance that one of us would die. If I played by the rules, there was a 38% chance I’d die, same as Noah’s. If I cheated I could take my risk of dying down to just 25%, and increase his chance of dying to 63%.


We met in my shed, a detached 600sq ft unfinished building with concrete floors. Odds are that it would see blood within the hour. Gardening equipment hung on the walls, and a couple spiderwebs littered the corners, spiders perched in the centers, ready for a show.

Noah recorded his video first. We had worded the script carefully. “I, Noah Buellis, of sound mind and of my own free will, request the assistance of Eric Gimble in my suicide under Oregon state’s assisted suicide laws. He is not to be held responsible for any crime in relation to my death.”

I clicked the stop recording button on my cellphone and put it in my pocket. “Now you record me.” I said. And he did. The words came out of my mouth surreal, as if someone else was saying them. “I, Eric Gimble, of sound mind and my own free will, request the assistance of Noah Buellis in my suicide under Oregon state’s assisted suicide laws. He is not to be held responsible for any crime in relation to my death.” Would anyone ever watch that video, with those as my last words to the world?

Noah put his phone in his pocket and pulled out his pack of smokes. I did the same. “Now, if one of us gets sliced tonight, we’re on our own for getting rid of the body. We’ll do it discreet but if we mess up, that’s what the videos are for.”

Noah nodded as he exhaled a plume of smoke. We were silent for a moment. “Wonder how it’ll feel if it’s me.” He said, and rubbed his neck.

“Wonder how you’ll dispose of my body if it’s me.” I replied.

He regarded me for a long moment, thinking about that question for the first time. “Gotta get you off your property, I guess. So I’d probably, you know, finish cutting you up, put you in some garbage bags, carry you to the river with some big rocks.”

I took a deep inhale on my cigarette. I usually didn’t drag too hard on my smokes, figured it was even worse for my health. But this time, I wasn’t sure how much longer my mouth was gonna be attached to my lungs. Might as well enjoy it. “Check to see if my lungs are black.” I said.

He smirked. “Nah, I don’t want to cut that much. I’ll check the inside of your neck hole though, see if there’s tar in there. Honestly, I’ll probably try to stick my whole hand up there, see if I can use your head as a puppet.”

“Just don’t make me suck my own dick.”

Noah smirked again. “OK.” He said. There was more silence between us. “What are you gonna do with my body if it’s me?” He asked.

I smiled. “Probably make you suck your own dick.”

He laughed. I wondered how serious he thought I was.


I called heads to stay safe for the first round, and heads hit, so I put the cuffs on Noah. As soon as I secured the second cuff, I knew I could guarantee my survival by cheating, cutting his head off whether the next coin flip was heads or tails. I still hadn’t made up my mind. Maybe a part of me wanted to feel that knife’s serrated edges ripping apart my flesh, the feel of warm blood cascading down my neck, my screams turning to muffled grunts as the knife ripped through my vocal cords.

I laid Noah face down on the cold concrete, his head turned to the side, cheek pressing against dirt and leaves. I picked up the coin, took a deep breath, and flipped. I let the coin crash to the ground in Noah’s field of view. Heads, he keeps his. Tails, he loses it. It bounced and spun, and landed on----


Noah started panicking. “Wait wait,” he said. Wordlessly, I picked up the knife and walked over to him. “No man, we weren’t serious about this. I was joking. Don’t cut me man. I don’t want to die. I take back my video!”

I grabbed a fistful of red hair from the front of his head, pulled back his head. “No, no no” He started whimpering, fighting against his handcuffs. I brought the knife up and pushed the blade up against the surface of his neck. I jerked the knife quickly making a small cut just below the adams apple. I wanted to keep that part of his neck attached to his head.

A small steady trickle of blood made it’s way down his neck. “OK dude stop!” he yelled, pulling frantically at his cuffs.

I lined my knife back up with his neck, the blade tickling the small incision. Noah went still, held his breath, and I did the same. And then, slowly but with pressure, started sawing.

He let out a shout-scream as I could feel the first layers of skin shredding underneath the serrated edge. Blood started rushing out over the knife, down over his chest and soaking his shirt. I picked up speed and his screams became clouded with gurgles as I felt the knife travel into his esophagus. I was taking my time, trying to feel every structure of his neck as I sliced through it. His screams stopped with a sudden squeal. Must’ve severed his vocal cords. The only sounds that came from him now were the wheezing and rasping sounds of him breathing air and blood into his lungs through the hole in his neck.

I rolled Noah onto his back so I could get a better angle for sawing through his spine. His body felt limp, but as soon as he was on his back, our eyes locked. He was still conscious. He looked lost, terrified, and like he was desperately fighting sleep.

“Almost done, buddy.”

I bent over him so I could put all my weight down onto the knife. It slipped into a little crevice between vertebra, and cutting through the cartilage was much easier than the bone that I had anticipated. I could feel it once I was through. Only a thin flap of skin at the back of Noah’s neck was all that joined his head to the rest of his body. I looked back into his bright green eyes, and saw only a glassy, unfocused stare.

I sliced through the final strip of skin, and took a moment to breath. I wiped my hands off on the clothes of Noah’s body, put my hands on either side of his severed head, and lifted.

Heavy. Warm. I ran my fingers over his freckles as I locked myself into a staring contest with him that I could never win.

I wanted so badly to put my penis pretty much anywhere. His mouth, savoring the feel of teeth he could no longer control. The neck hole of the head-- seeing if I could shove my cock so far up there that I could reach into his mouth and touch the head.

It took all my self control to remind myself that I couldn’t leave DNA evidence-- the videos we had recorded were a last resort, and certainly violating the corpse would cast doubt onto whether this was actually a suicide.

I had just killed Noah, and like with Shawn, I intended to get away with it.

I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at his cock though. Everyone else I’d already seen while we were fucking Noah’s girlfriend. Obviously I wouldn’t get to see his size hard, but from the look of his flaccid cock sitting in a bed of fiery red pubes, no one was going to miss him.


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Dec 21, 2010
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I'm afraid I don't have it in me to flesh out Patrick. I don't normally write stories in a serial fashion-- but I kind of rushed the first part of this story to completion and then realized there was more to tell. Glad you liked it!