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Oct 2, 2011
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This story was NOT made by me and I'm simply copying and pasting it here. It was originally posted on zambianmeat and I find this story to be very hot and I don't want to see this story gone after Zambianmeat closes. Enjoy


Anton yawned widely, shook his long blond hair to get it out of his eyes, and stretched his naked muscular body in the yard in front of the long pig dormitory. He glanced at the other long pigs also yawning as they got out of their bunks and tottered outside where Anton and semi-early risers were (though it was only about 5 minutes). Zak, mouth wide in a yawn, came up to Anton. Anton smiled and gave Zak a playful whack on his shapely butt.

“Hey! Watch the meat!” playfully retorted Zak, rubbing his butt.

“I like your pecs better,” said Anton, rubbing Zak’s large and well-formed tits.

“You’re not bad yourself,” said Zak, grabbing Anton’s large member.

“Well, this is it, huh?” said Anton, giving a satisfied sigh to Zak’s attentions. “We’re going to Hills Meats.”

“Yeah, but at least we’re going to one of the better facilities. Some of the other ones are really nasty.”

“Well, that’s a reward for us being cooperative,” said Anton, looking around in admiration at the other shapely long pigs.

“Yah, one year of us getting in shape in exchange for our own apartment and food – and having fun.” Zak tossed his head, also with long hair though black, toward the dormitory. “Then we had to stay at this dump for 3 days, nude. Only water and no food.”

“A fast to clean us out. At least we’re not hungry anymore.”

“Strange, we’re not,” said Zak, rubbing his six-pack abs. “Guess that’s why it’s three days, huh?

Anton looked down at his large penis. “Man, what they gave us over that year was great! Grew our dicks, gave us a great shape.” He flexed his big biceps. “Never though I’d bulge nicely.”

“Hey, we’re the mediums! Look over at the big guys!”

Anton looked over at some of the really muscle bound dudes. They were nervously chatting in a group, showing off their mountainous biceps. One guy had a skull tattooed on his biceps and thorns on his butt. He turned and showed a tattoo of a bull on his chest. “That’s ironic, a bull on the chest.”

“Huh? What where – … Oh? Yeah. Bull meat. That is one tough redhead. I understand being fucked by him is intense.”

“He’s going to make some fine meat and his red-hair should be in demand.” Zak used one finger to curl his long locks and said, “One year to grow hair for wigs. Gee, they really want to use all of us, huh?”

“You bet, sexy,” said Anton, affectionately rubbing Zak’s ass. “Too bad I can’t screw you again before – … Drat, it’s here!” A rumbling of diesel sounded.

“Ah, don’t worry, we’ll be butchered together,” said Zak who then kissed Anton passionately as the semi-truck pulled up. The driver of the truck looked grizzled, sporting a cigar in his mouth, but he looked at the naked, longhaired long pigs with appreciation. He went to the trailer and in a few practiced moves, lowered the ramp and opened the door. The trailer was a modified cattle car with carpet on the floor and between the open side slats – carpet that had seen better days but carpet nevertheless.

“All aboard meat!” said the driver, waving them on.

Zak took Anton’s hand and they joined the throng getting on. They went to one nice corner. Anton glanced out of the narrow opening. Anyone driving by on the road would see naked men but that probably wouldn’t mean much in these cannibal times. He glanced to one side for a moment as the driver closed the door and put away the ramp. In a minute, the truck was moving.

“Hey pig,” came a gruff voice and a large hand on his shoulder. Anton, knowing it wasn’t Zak, turned and saw the redheaded and tattooed muscle man. He looked at the huge man wide-eyed. “Need a fuck and you’re elected.” Anton, a bit panic-stricken, looked down at red’s big boner. The man picked up Anton, pinned him against the wall, and lifted his legs.

“Don’t I get your name before you fuck me?” squeaked Anton.

“Butch,” rumbled the man who then shoved his dick into Anton’s ass. “Good hole,” said Butch as Anton writhed.

“Ah, you know we’re a couple don’t you?” said Zak as he watched Anton being screwed. “He’s Anton and I’m Zak and …”

Butch cocked an eyebrow at Zak then said, “Hey Bart, do this guy’s boyfriend.”

Bart was a huge black man with an equally large dick. Before Zak could do anything, Bart picked up Zak, pinned him against the wall, lifted Zak’s legs and began to fuck him.

Other long pigs watched in awe and Anton and Zak writhed, moaned and generally got their asses worked over.


The semi arrived at the Hills processing plant. The long pigs got off. Butch and Bart got off with satisfied smirks. Anton and Zak got off a little slower, rubbing their butts. Though Anton and Zak had not been the only ones screwed. The muscle men had been busy – as well as a few more aggressive souls.

The driver gave Anton and Zak a friendly leer and said, “Customary to get fucked on the meat wagon.”

Before the pair could reply, an older man in a lab coat and a pad came over and said, “All right long pigs, second door on the left. Move single file.”

Inside were a bunch of workers directing the long pigs to get on the scales, weighing them, measuring height and girth, and recording data on their slate computers. Then the long pigs were directed into a chute (like a cattle chute) where barbers reached over and cut their hair as the pigs stood and shuffled through the narrow fenced area.

Anton ruefully rubbed his nearly baldhead and said, “Wonder why they let us have a short Mohawk?”

“To be able to grab our severed heads,” said a Hispanic man before him. He turned his head in the crowded space and said, “I’m Jose, soon to be Mexican food. And you?”

“I’m Anton and behind me is my lover, Zak. Soon to be pot roasts, I think.”

Jose was pulled forward, laid on a large platter, arms raised up, and attached to handcuffs that was attached to the platter. Before Anton and Zak could protest, they too had been plopped onto their own platter, their hands raised and handcuffed. The platters were on a conveyor belt and they went down the line.

“This is uncomfortable,” grumbled Zak.

“You aint seen nothing yet,” said Jose.

The conveyor rounded the corner where they heard buzzing. Then they saw a room full of long pigs on platters getting their bodies shaved with electric razors. Jose squirmed as a couple of men shaved him, flipped him and shaved his backside. The attendants seemed not to be bothered with Anton’s and Zak’s squirming and protests, mixed with giggling at being tickled. The now hairless men, sporting a short Mohawk and asses in the air and dicks pressed against a cold platter, trundled down the conveyor.

“My arms are tired,” said Anton, into the platter. “I wonder what …” He heard water and, when they turned the corner, they saw long pigs getting hosed down – and hosed up with a tube up their ass. “Hey! Isn’t this a violation as my rights as meat!” said Anton as a grim looking hefty guy wearing damp coveralls shoved a tube up his butt.

“Don’t know,” said the hefty guy. “You think getting hosed down is tough, try doing the hosing all the time!” With that Anton felt his colon being filled as the hefty guy hosed him down, lifted him a short distance with one arm (big biceps) and scrubbed him quickly (fortunately with warm water). The hefty guy put him down and the water was sucked out of his ass. Before Anton could relax, his colon got filled again then emptied. Pop. The hose was taken out.

“Ah, that was intense,” said Anton with a sigh as his platter went around another bend.

“You know, I never thought it was boring working here,” said Zak. “That big fella seemed bored.”

“Oh, there are perks,” said Jose with a moan and wiggling of his butt.

“How do you know so much?”

“Ah, used to work here. Tried another job but got into deep shit so …”

“Career as meat, huh?”

“Yep, decided to be turned into shit rather than be in shit!”

“Does anyone recognize you?”

“Nah, this is the morning shift and I haven’t been here for years.” Jose looked left and said, “Finally, we get some relief.”


Another room came into view with long pigs rubbing their sore arms and butts. Before Anton could ask, an attendant with a needle jabbed Jose in the ass then another attendant released Jose’s arms and helped him off the platter. Anton said, “Ow” as he was jabbed but was so relieved to be released.

“Why did they …” started to ask Anton as they were shuffled to another chute. Then he looked down and said, “Oh.” He was getting a huge boner. He was pushed into the chute, not roughly but firmly and a bar pressed against his back. His boner pressed against Jose’s shapely butt. “Pardon me.”

“No need,” cheerfully said Jose, also pressed against the man in front of him. “This is our last comfortable place before we are butchered.”

The bar opened, closed, and Anton felt a boner against his butt crack. “Zak, is that you?”

“Yep … Boy, is it cozy here.”

“We’re pressed together as not to get second thoughts,” said Jose. “We’ll be seeing the butcher’s handiwork as we move along … rather clean but still a bit gruesome.”

It didn’t seem too bad, sharing body heat as they shuffled – which was about all they could do. After a few minutes, they entered a warehouse. Down and to the right were carts with body parts. One cart had penises and balls, one had butts, one had legs, one had pecs, one had arms and …

“Oh look!” said Anton, tilting his head since his arms had limited range of motion. “There’s Butch’s arm with the skull tattoo.”

“And I see his pecs with the bull tattoo!” said Zak. “And there is his butt!”

“I see some black body parts, I wonder if that’s Bart.”

“Guess it doesn’t matter. Butch and Bart are off to the market in glorious cuts.”

“Look forward and to the left, see anyone you recognize?” said Jose.

“Oh, heads,” said Anton, craning. “Ah, there’s Butch! He doesn’t look bad in a Mohawk.”

“And Bart!” said Zak, excited. “He looks good too with his dreadlocks cut.” Zak sighed. “I guess that wonderful penis of his is on one of those carts … I wonder what carts we’ll be on?”

“Probably on the other side,” said Jose. “These are the muscle bound long pigs. Hefty meat with a nice flavor. For those big meals.”

Anton then heard the sound of chopping. He dreaded seeing what he expected to see as they rounded a corner. There was a row of guillotines with several long pigs kneeling with their arms ties behind their backs and their ankles shackled to long chains that were fastened to an overhead conveyor. The blades came down and the headless bodies were raised, blood coming down. The bodies went to one side to drain, with the arms raised because of being tied. The attendants grabbed the disembodied heads, cleaned off the blood and put them on a cart. The guillotines were quickly hosed down, another set of long pigs was grabbed from the chute, arms tied behind them, and put into the stocks, a band put on the base of their balls and dick.

“Rather clean operation,” said Anton, voice wavering.

“Yeah, it is,” said Jose with a sigh. “This was where I worked. Could process quite a few long pigs in a day.” He nodded. “Over there are the butchers.”

The drained bodies had been washed, brought over to some baskets, and sliced open to remove the organs. Then the bodies were lowered to metal tables. Butchers chopped up the bodies with practiced hands and what used to be a man now became cuts, different cuts placed on different carts.

Anton cringed a bit as a body had an electric saw applied to it.

“Don’t worry about it,” said Jose, obviously feeling Anton’s tensing. “Can’t do anything now and it is painless … I guess it’s a bit impersonal but what can a worker say to someone they’re going to kill? ‘Looking mighty meaty today?’”

“What about, ‘Your sausage will be good sausage soon?’” said Zak. The man behind Zak groaned. “Hey! I thought that was good.”

“Needs work,” said Anton who then jerked as another set of guillotines did their job.

“Ah, we’re up,” said Jose, as they started moving.

Attendants, not roughly but firmly, grabbed Jose, Anton, and Zak (and others too). Their arms were tied behind them, the shackles put on their ankles, placed in the stocks, and a band placed on their junk. Anton looked over to Zak and said, “I love you.”

Zak gave a sad smile and said, “I know. I love you too.”

Just as Anton braced for the blade, a whistle blew. He heard an attendant say, “Break!”

One attendant took a smoke break, unzipped his pants while puffing.

“Uh, Jose? What were the benefits working here?” asked Anton as the attendant, took a drag, rubbed his boner, and looked down at Anton.

“Sex with the long pigs, of course,” said Jose. “I used to enjoy … Mmmph!” An attendant shoved his dick into Jose’s mouth.

Anton stared at the dick in front of him and felt someone playing with his balls. Then, almost at the same time, a dick was shoved into his mouth and other dick into his ass.

“Hey Harry!” came the voice in front of him. “How is butchering up the bodies going?”

“Not bad, looks like we’ll make our quota,” came the voice behind him – with a grunt. Anton smelled a cigar coming from that direction.

“Be sure your condom doesn’t leak. Hate to do a hand flush of the pig.”

“Know what you mean. I wonder if I’m going to chop this guy.” He gave a whap of Anton’s butt. “Man, thinking about it gives me even a bigger boner.”

Anton felt his hole getting tighter.

“Know what you mean. Offing long pigs makes me hot.”

“Yeah, nothing like it! … Though my wife doesn’t like my job.”

“Why? My wife doesn’t mind since my sex buddies become cold cuts.”

“Well, women! Don’t understand a man’s need.”

“Yeah ….”

The pair talked and smoked for a while as they fucked Anton. Then the guy in front released his load, held Anton’s head and said to Anton, “Come on, gulp it down. That’s a good piggy!”

The attendant backed away as the butcher came in Anton’s butt. The butcher came forward, flapping his large dick in front of Anton’s nose and smiled down at Anton through his cigar. The butcher took a drag, zipped up his pants, put on his bloody apron and said, “See ya on my table soon.”

Anton looked to the sides. Jose was panting as the men fucking him finished. Zak, still being fucked by a young attendant in the front and older butcher in the back, moaned. The fuckers both groaned as they released their loads. They patted Zak and walked away.

Zak said, working his sore jaw, “Well, looks like we were useful at the last, huh?”

“Yeah, sex toys,” grumbled Anton. “Well, can’t complain. We’re going to be a meal soon so what’s a little sex?” The whistle blew, signaling the end of the break. Anton was about to relax for the blade to come down when a voice said, “Jose! Is that you?”

A man in a business suit zipped up his pants and walked toward Jose. Jose, a bit surprised, said, “Yeah, it’s me, Mike! About to be cold cuts.”

“Wondered what happened to you,” said Mike looking down at Jose’s nude form thoughtfully. He stroked his chin then said, “You know my restaurant is quite successful. Unfortunately we underestimated our larder so I’m down here shopping.” Mike leaned down, lifted Jose’s chin and said, “Wanna help me out?”

“Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly? … Sure, why not.”

“Got any friends who’d like to come along?”

“Maybe. Zak, Anton? This guy is an acquaintance who specializes in cannibal cuisine. We get to be on display then cooked alive … though we’re drugged up so it doesn’t hurt. Said to be a nice experience.”

Anton looked over at Zak. Zak shrugged. Anton turned back to Jose and said, “Sure!”

“Good, good,” said Mike, straightening up. He said to an attendant that looked like a supervisor, “I’ll take these three. And let me see the muscle pigs.”


Anton was in the back of a nice van. And he was humping a young blond muscle bound man who had his eyes closed in ecstasy. The blond man had a nice bronze tan and bulged in muscles all over. Zak was face down and being humped by a Korean muscle man and Jose was riding a swarthy older muscle man’s dick. As they finished, they all lay back, panting.

The blond guy gave Anton a kiss and said, “Thanks … I always loved being the bottom.”

“You’re welcome,” said Anton, admiring the bronze blond amazing physique. He turned to face Jose and said, “Jose? What can we expect at the restaurant, besides being cooked alive?”

“Depends on what the chef wants to prepare. We could be cut up into pieces and cooked that way. But, typically, we are cooked alive then gutted after we expire, stuffed, sewn up, and artistically laid out then finished cooking … gives the customers an authentic Cannibal feel.”

“Heh!” said the swarthy man, scowling. “I’m to be laid out on a table, naked and cooked? Bah! Better to be cut up.”

“Too late now,” said the Korean. “I know, I’m going to be an artistic Asian pig roast!”

“Well, I don’t mind having my bod on display,” said the blond, flexing. “I’ve been working on my tan and getting ripped. I’d like people to see how great I look!”

“Yah, you sure do!” said Zak, nodding in appreciation. “Though you’ll probably have a carrot sticking out your butt.”

“That’s fine as long as they see my great butt … Hey, we’re stopping.”

The van’s engine turned off, the side door opened, and there was an imposing man who looked like a Greek chef. With a hint of an accent, he barked, “All right pigs. Out! Let’s look you over.”

They scrambled out onto a loading dock and lined up. Mike was there among the Chef’s attendants, nodding at his selections. The Chef made a show of inspecting each long pig: pinching the butts, feeling the dick and balls, rubbing the pecs, and feeling the biceps. He finally, grudgingly, “Not bad, not bad. Good selection. The muscle pigs will be good for the main courses. The others will be side dishes, tasty but less filling.”

Mike came up to Jose, pinched his butt and said to the chef, “I want a piece of this one’s ass.” He smiled toothily at Jose. “Always said I’d chew on your ass some day, didn’t I?” Jose laughed then got a deep, tonsil sucking, kiss from Mike.

The Chef sighed, grabbed a marker from his pocket and said, “Which butt cheek?”


Jose had his left butt cheek marked for Mike. The Chef said, “All right, you pigs, let’s get you cleaned and shown off. Follow.”

The Chef walked into the back door and the attendants made sure the long pigs followed. Anton could only see the kitchen for a few seconds and they were whisked through it. Then they went through a side dining area, diners munching on various cuts of meat. Anton saw a cooked young man who was only half there and a waiter, dressed up like a native, cutting off a piece for a customer. They took a corner and stopped. The attendants took off their coats and revealed muscles and a native grass skirt. They reached into a cupboard and put on some wild wigs and a bone through their nose (clip on). The group went through a narrow door, entered a front display area for the restaurant and there were two large cooking pots, filled with some sort of broth.

“Okay, put them in,” said the Chef.

Anton was grabbed and lowered into the nearest pot. Jose and Zak joined him. The muscle men were put in the other nearby pot.

The Chef said, “You’ll stay there for a while, give some ambiance to our restaurant as your skin gets cleaned and soaks up some of the sauce.” He nodded at two “natives” and said, “They’ll take care of you and make sure that, uh, you don’t wonder off.”

The two attendants grabbed some spears and stood between the pots. The first one said to the second one, “My nose bone on straight?”

The second peered at the first’s face and said, “Good enough. We’re just humble savages, ya know!”

Passerby’s looked in, nodded their approval and pointed at the men cooking in the pots. The natives put down their spears, picked up huge spoons and started stirring the pots. The second one stirred Anton’s pot. Anton said, “Isn’t this a bit corny?”

“Yah,” said the attendant. “But we get to dress up and play act.” He lifted the spoon with a load of broth and tipped it over Anton’s head.

“Hey! What’s the idea,” sputtered Anton.

“Getting ya clean,” said the attendant. “This broth is more for cleaning and tenderizing ya than eating. But it gives a good show.” He nodded at some observers who clapped when he poured broth over Jose.

Jose, sputtering just a bit, sighed and said, “Sad but true. Want to give a full Cannibal dining experience. They have several themes: Medieval, Chinese, Apocalypse, things like that. This week’s theme is ‘Natives are hungry … and willing to share.’”

Zak irritably wiped the broth off his face and said, “Do they have to be so authentic?”

“Well, technically, people cooking in pots are more of a fantasy. In real life, they would cut up the body and …”

“Never mind.”


After half an hour, the wet long pigs were taken out of the pots, put over the shoulder of the obliging natives, and carried through the main part of the restaurant – with applause from the diners as some of the pigs cheekily waved – and into the kitchen. The long pigs were placed on platters set on carts, two each facing each other on a kneeling position. They had an injection to get their boners up again and hard. Their hands were tied behind their backs, their bodies pushed together, their boners and balls tied together, and a metal U-shaped bar put under their ass to have the butt checks shown deliciously. Then other bars attached to the U-bar to frame the longpigs and ensure they remained upright. A cord was tied under their pecs to get them to plum out a bit.

“This is complicated,” said Anton to his platter-mate, the swarthy man.

“Yeah,” said Jose, the next platter over and tied to the blond guy. “But after we’re cooked, they remove some of the bars and we will look just fantastic! Heat rising from our cooked bodies and everything.”

“They’ll see my great butt?” said the blond dude, flexing his butt.

“Absolutely,” said Zak, wiggling a bit as his bonds were tightened to the Korean guy.

“Are they going to eat our butts directly?” said the Korean, voice wavering a bit.

“Not on the platter,” said Jose. “They’ll carve us up.” He sighed. “Never thought I’d be on this side of the buffet.”

The sous-chefs came by and started applying sauce to the longpigs. They also stuffed various veggies and fruits up their anus. Anton wound up with a carrot sticking out his butt.

“Oh, this is uncomfortable,” grumbled Anton.

“Don’t worry,” said a sous-chef working on Anton’s pecs with sauce and artistically tying garnishes. “You’ll be in bliss when you get put in the oven.”

“You guarantee that?” groused the swarthy guy, twitching as his biceps were massaged.

“Absolutely,” said the Chef, vigorously rubbing the blond’s butt. “That drug for getting your penis hard also makes being cooked alive pleasant … compliments the one you got in the abattoir, by the way.” He nodded at the blond’s large member, smiled, patted the blond’s butt and said, “You are going to be popular.”

The blond gave a wide smile to that.

“The oven is ready,” said a sous-chef.

“Okay, final touch!” ordered the Chef.

Each longpig had an apple placed in their mouths and a band to keep it in. The sous-chefs rolled the platters with their heavy meat toward one wall. In that wall was a pair of huge doors. A couple of attendants opened the doors to show a huge oven, glowing red. Anton could feel the heat as Jose and the blond guy were picked up by the platter and slid in. Zak and the Korean slid in beside them. Then Anton and the swarthy guy were slid in – with a bit of a bump since it had gotten crowded.

“Good luck, my long pigs,” said the Chef, cheerfully. “Hopefully you’ll all be a taste sensation!”

With that, two sous-chefs closed the doors.

Anton felt his dick and the swarthy man’s dick throbbing as they sweated. He turned to his head to see Zak, breathing heavily. But Zak gave him a grin around his apple and winked. Anton grinned back and winked. The blond was mumbling a bit as he adjusted his great butt, the swarthy man looked at his gleaming biceps and flexed them, and the Korean did a muffled chant as sweat came off him. Jose was looking around the oven, noticed Anton looking at him, and shrugged as if to say, “Hey, we’re here, might as well enjoy it.” So Anton relaxed as he heard the flames roar.

Somehow it didn’t seem that hot anymore … It seemed quite pleasant actually … Like sunbathing … The blond guy looked dreamy, Zak couldn’t keep his eyes open, the swarthy man wasn’t twitching anymore, the Korean was peaceful, and Jose was smiling and looking as if he was in another world … Anton felt wonderful: warm inside and out – huh, ironic, huh? … Warm and cooking … Entrees … Huh … Anton nodded off …


The diner was definitely a success. Anton and his meat mates were placed on serving tables and many of the diners oo’d and ah’d at the perfectly cooked bodies, kneeling and facing their platter mate. In a little while, the longpigs were half gone with the blond nearly a skeleton. All their butts had already been carved off and various limbs removed – like the swarthy man’s biceps. Anton’s dick had been one of the first to be placed on a plate.

Mike looked around with satisfaction at everyone enjoying the main entrees. He noted someone bite into Zak’s pec with the big tit. Another diner was having problems getting his teeth sunk into the Korean’s extra big bicep but finally managed it. Mike used his fork to pick up a piece of Jose’s butt, chewed blissfully, took a sip of wine to wash it down, then said, “Jose, you’re the best ass man around!”

The tasty end.


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This is one of my favorite cannibalism stories, sumptuous, sensual and simply amazing. Read it in Zambian Meat years ago, and had chatted with Matthews94 before. Anyone knows if he is still contactable?
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