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Oct 2, 2011
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This story was NOT made by me and I'm simply copying and pasting it here. It was originally posted on zambianmeat and I find this story to be very hot and I don't want to see this story gone after Zambianmeat closes. Enjoy


Kim and Tango stepped into the back hallway off the stage. It had been a brutal bodybuilding competition in Malaysia that had just finished. Kim had been thrilled that he had been at the top 10 but it was hard to barely miss the top 3 by coming in at 4. His buddy, Tango, was at 6 but seemed cheerful. Kim stopped in front of a competition poster and Tango came up behind him.

Tango smiled at Kim and playfully whapped his butt. “Hey! Don’t be so down! You did good … Better than me.”

“Yeah but I wanted to do better,” said Kim, flexing his muscles. He cast a sideway glance at Tango. They were both wearing male bikinis with the largest thing being the huge badge clipped on that showed their competition number. It showed off their gleaming muscles and left little to the imagination.

“Still, the top 10 is nothing to sneeze at.”

“Right you are, gentlemen,” came a voice behind them. They turned to see one of the competition’s officials with a clipboard – a Mister Wong. He was of average height, average build, and average everything. He reminded Kim of an accountant – an effect enhanced by the man carrying a clipboard and wearing glasses.

“What can we do for you, Mister Wong?” asked Tango.

“Could both of you follow me over here? We have something to discuss.” Wong stepped past them and gave them a wave to follow. Kim and Tango exchanged looks, shrugged, and followed. Wong did not go far when he entered a small conference room and motioned the two men to sit. “Now gentlemen, I have something serious to discuss.”

“Oh?” said Kim. He scowled and said, “We haven’t done anything wrong, have we?”

“Oh, no, no!” assured Wong, waving a hand. “In fact, you did well enough to attract some attention!”

“Attention?” said Kim, getting a tingling feeling.

Wong seemed a bit embarrassed as he harrumphed, fiddled with his clipboard, then said, “Uh. It seems someone wants to activate the longpig clause on both of you.”

Kim gave a theatric frown but inside was jumping up and down, screaming, “Yes! Yes!”

“Longpig clause?” said Tango, puzzled for a moment. “Oh! You mean a competitor becoming a longpig?”

“Um, yes,” said Wong, turning slightly red. “Various cannibal clubs give money for the bodybuilding competitions. Not the only ones, who give money, mind you! There are quite a number of reputable companies willing to finance the competitions to get attractive men.”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s hard to get the competition off the ground, not to mention financing the competitors themselves. So some slumps sign their life away, literally, to get a chance … Or are a bit kinky.”

Wong gave a huge sigh and said, “Well, on both of your psych tests, it seems you are open to being, er, ‘kinky’. As well as needing a bit of a financial boost to get into the competition.”

“Yeah, but I know I can pay back the money so I don’t need to be carted off to be invited to dinner the hard way.”

Kim was trying very hard not to “get hard”. He piped up, “Well, I’m most certainly willing to listen.”

Tango looked at Kim with surprise then smiled slyly. “Oh ho! That explains when we were having sex a few days ago you cried out –”

“No need to go into details!” said Wong, throwing up his hands in a warding off gesture. “I just need to know if you are interested.”

“I don’t know,” said Tango, lips pursed.

“It’s an offer for both or none.”

Kim flashed Tango a wide smile and said, “Hey buddy! Let’s go out in style! Be someone’s number 1 dinner!”

Tango looked down at Kim’s crotch, bikini stretched, and chuckled. “Getting jazzed by this, huh?” He shook his head, smiling. “You really want to be cooked?”

“You don’t?”

“Um. I wasn’t planning on it so soon.” He thoughtfully chewed on his lower lip then said to Wong, “What club wants us?”

Wong glanced at his clipboard and said, “The Miru club.”

“Oh they’re great!” said Kim, giving a little bounce in his chair. “I hear they can eat a lot of longpig at once. And that everyone enjoys the experience, even the longpigs.” He turned to Tango and said, “I know you’d like to compete a little more but the Miru club is top notch. Might not get another chance.” Then he added in a small voice, “And I’d like to be cooked with you.”


“This is nice,” remarked Tango, looking out the car window. Him and Kim were in a limo heading for “dinner”.

“Yeah, it is,” said Kim, stroking the leather seats then reaching over and stroking Tango’s leg. “And thanks for agreeing.”

Tango patted Kim’s hand and said, “No problem. I was planning to do this anyway so what the heck.” He looked forward and said, “Ah, looks like we’re here! Look delicious!”

The limo stopped in an alley and the door was opened. “Ah good! The final course is here! Come on out my morsels!”

Tango got out first, followed by Kim. In front of them were two men: one Indian and one black. They were both muscular, both middle-aged, both with small, trimmed goatees, both only in shorts and sandals, and both drooling at the sight of their “morsels”. They both also had small potbellies. The Indian said, “I’m Raj and this is Dirk.” He waved to his companion. “Welcome morsels! Which one is Kim and which is Tango?”

“I’m Kim,” said Kim, feeling a full on hard-on. “And this is Tango.”

“Ah,” said Dirk, patting his potbelly. “Welcome! You’ll soon be in our bellies.”

“Yep,” said Raj, patting his potbelly also. “Hard to keep 6-pack abs when you’re an enthusiastic humanitarian!”

“Humanitarian?” said Tango.

“Yeah!” said Dirk, with a grin. “You know what a vegetarian is? Well we’re –”

“Never mind!” said Tango with a groan. Kim put his hand over this mouth to hide his smile at the bad joke.

“Well, let’s do this!” said Raj. He stepped up to Kim, ripped off his bikini. Dirk ripped off Tango’s bikini.

“Good meat!” said Dirk, smacking his lips as he gave Tango the once over.

“Yeah!” said Raj, equally enthusiastic looking over Kim

Raj grabbed Kim and threw him over his shoulder. Dirk did the same for Tango. They marched to a closed door as the limo left the alley. Dirk took out a key, unlocked it, and went in with Raj closely following.


Kim was bent over, with an enema machine slurping his ass and Raj’s dick in his mouth. Tango was the same only with Dirk’s dick in his mouth. Raj gave appreciative moans as Kim worked the large penis. Kim really liked the current view. Then Raj came into Kim’s mouth.

“Ooooh, that was good,” said Raj, absentmindedly grabbing a tissue and wiping cum off of Kim’s mouth.

Dirk also came and said, “Ahhh, yeah, good.”

The two cannibals went around and unhooked their victims from the machine, grabbed them, and put them on a nearby set of sofas. Kim barely had a chance to rub his sore yet cleaned out butt when Raj literally sat on his face, facing toward Kim’s feet. Fortunately, Raj’s asshole was clean. Raj started rubbing Kim’s smooth skin and said, “Good, no hair.”

“That was a rule of the competition,” said Kim, voiced muffled. “And I guess to make it easier to eat us.”

“Well, you are looking luscious ... How do you like the hole you’re coming out of as shit?” Kim got a massive hard-on with that as he stared at Raj’s hole. Raj got up, moved down, and started sucking Kim’s dick. Kim looked over to see Dirk doing the same thing to Tango. Kim closed his eyes in pleasure and Raj’s massive hands stroked Kim’s body. Then Kim jerked his hips and came into Raj’s mouth. Raj licked his lips and smiled up the length of Kim and said, “Very luscious!”

Tango also jerked and Dirk enjoyed one last noisy suck. Dirk looked over at Raj and said, “Make them even more juicy?”

“Might as well,” said Raj, nodding. “Let’s show them the others who are cooking.”

“Others?” said Tango. “I thought it was just us.”

“Oh no! We had a dinner party planned with those not in the top 10. Since they were eliminated early we could start cooking them early. But we had some late arrivals that opted for some of the top 10 and the extra expense. Those arrivals, of course, haven’t arrived yet to help us eat you two. But there are some morsels cooking and some diners waiting for din-din. Let’s show you your future.”

“Sounds good,” said Kim who was grabbed and flung over Raj’s shoulder again. “You know,” protested Kim into Raj’s back. “We can walk!”

“Yeah, we know, but it’s more fun this way. Work up an appetite!”

They went down a hallway with Kim and Tango’s asses in the air and entered a wide door. Kim smelled cooking – rather delicious cooking. They were in a very large room that had half of it as a kitchen and the other half with dining tables and lounges. In the lounges and tables were men of various ethic backgrounds chatting, playing cards, and etc. All of them were wearing loincloths. Kim muttered into Raj’s back, “What’s with the outfits?”

Raj shrugged and said, “Want to be like a cannibal Tarzan, right?” Kim just groaned.

One man, adjusting his loincloth, waved at them, Raj and Dirk waved back. Kim and Tango were placed in front of a large pot with a cook stirring and wearing only an apron.

“Look in!” said Dirk, grinning.

There were various body parts floating in the bubbling broth. A head popped up. The cook tapped it to send it down again. The cook looked at Kim and Tango with professional interest and said, “The more expensive morsels?”

“Yep!” said Raj. He leaned over to look into the pot. “Who’s cooking?”

“A couple of Europeans. Wanted to make Irish stew with real Irishmen but I settled for these.”

“Too bad,” said Raj with a sigh. “The competition was international but didn’t get as many out of towners. Had more local longpigs.”

“Isn’t it a bad way to cook humans? Boil them?” said Tango, peering over the rim with interest as an arm with an elaborate tattoo popped up.

“Need to chop then sauté first. Otherwise it’s rotten stew,” said the cook. He nodded at them and said, “Don’t worry, longpigs. I’ll cook both of you right. I have lots of experience!”

“I see,” said Kim, seeing a butt float by.

“What about your other two?” asked Raj, pointing at an oven.

“Ah, glad you reminded me. Should be ready now. Grab an apron and some mitts and help me out.”

Raj and Dirk donned nearby aprons and mitts and went over to the nearby large oven. The cook opened the left oven door and pulled out a cooked Asian on an extra sturdy pan. Raj and Dirk helped slide the well-done man onto a platter on a nearby table. Then they went back to the oven and did the same with the cooked Asian on the right side. The men lounging looked up with anticipation. Kim and Tango looked over with awe at the perfectly done and basted muscle men. Though something seemed a bit off to Kim. Something … “What nationality are those?” said Kim as he stared at them.

“Thailand,” said the cook. “The diners wanted either Irish stew or Thai food!”

Kim and Tango groaned at the pun.

“Okay then,” said the cook. “Need to let the Thai food cool off a bit and the stew simmer just a few more minutes. Then we eat!” He pointed to another pot across the kitchen. “Put them in there for now.” He nodded to Kim and Tango as Raj and Dirk grabbed them and put them over their backs again. “Don’t worry, you’ll like it,” absently said the cook with a wave as he attended to his roasts.

Raj and Dirk paused, took off the sandals off of Kim and Tango’s feet, and walked over to the pot. Kim and Tango were lowered into the pot. The liquid was a bit thick and warm. The pot was more like a drum with Kim and Tango facing each other and standing. Raj and Dirk slipped on some of their own loincloths, grabbed some nearby oversized wooden spoons and started stirring and splashing the two longpigs.

“Hey! Isn’t this a bit of a cliché?” said Kim, twitching as Raj spooned some thick broth onto him.

“Yeah, makes it more fun!” said Dirk, spooning stuff onto Tango.

“I don’t know about this,” grumbled Tango. “I like the sex but this is ridiculous!”

“Ah, don’t be a party pooper!” said Raj, enjoying stirring.

“I don’t know how you expect to cook us with just warm broth,” curtly said Kim.

“Oh … don’t worry,” said Dirk with a wink.

After a few minutes, the cook called Raj and Dirk over. Tango shook his head and said, “I’m getting out of this pot!”

“Huh?” said Kim, feeling a pang. “You’re not changing your mind about being eaten?”

“Nah! Just want to wake up our hosts to the fact we don’t like this. I’d prefer being popped into the oven or even being chopped up to sitting in a dumb pot.”

“Oh … Okay” said Kim with a small voice. He actually liked the pot.

Tango got a puzzled look on his face. “Uh, Kim? I’m having trouble moving.”

Kim looked quizzically at Tango then tried to lift his arms. Seemed to be blocked. “Hmm, Tango? Has the pot shrunk?”

Tango looked down at his chest and said, “Um, no … We’ve gotten bigger.”

Kim, wide-eyed, looked down and saw his chest bulging even more. Laughing, Raj and Dirk came back. “Well morsels, we have the menu with you as top billing all filled out!”

“Why are we getting bigger!” snapped Tango, jerking a bit in the broth.

“Oh that,” said Dirk, pinching Tango’s shoulder to see the expanding muscles. “You see, we’ve perfected a way to make the muscles of the longpig expand at least 50% for cooking in record time. More meat, better texture, and better flavor … Of course if we didn’t cook you, you’d probably croak anyway. A bad side effect and all that.”

“Oh,” said Kim in a small voice, admiring his chest. “So that’s it! That’s what looked a bit off with the Asians, they were more bulgy than usual!”

“Yep!” said Raj. “If they tried to enter the competition looking like that they’d be placed even lower than they were. Need good form not just bulk!”

“But for eating, you want bulk,” said Tango with a sigh.

“You got it!” said Dirk with a wink. “Now that we know you won’t crawl away, you’ll have to excuse us while we get things ready.”


Kim and Tango faced each other, a bit uncomfortably as their muscles expanded. As they felt they were going to burst the pot, the cook rang a small dinner bell and the lounging men suddenly got up and ran toward their dinners.

Men, loincloths flapping against their asses, who excitedly used long forks and wooden spoons to get cooked body parts out of the pot, surrounded the pot. They murmured amongst each other as they munched – pressed against the pot.

Tango sighed and said, “Cannibals lunching – cliché.”

“Seems to be the theme,” agreed Kim, though feeling excited they would be cooked next. He nodded at the other table. “Seems a bit more relaxed there.”

Cannibals sitting around the table, loincloths draped over the benches, used smaller forks but sharp knives. They reached over to the nearest body, stabbed it with the fork, carved it off with their knife, put it to their mouth and ate enthusiastically.

“Let’s see,” said Tango, rolling his eyes. “Civilized cannibals using knives and forks. Groan.”

Kim chuckled and said, “Relax, man. The main part is that we get to be eaten. So what if they put on war paint and a bone through the nose.”

“I hope they don’t do that!” said Tango, raising his eyebrows.

“Doesn’t look like it … Still, relax and enjoy watching them snack on some of us contest winners.” Kim looked over at the pot to see a cannibal eating a large bicep. Other on the table what looked like an ass cheek, roasted, was disappearing down one cannibal.

Tango shrugged then looked down at his massive chest pressing against Kim’s massive chest. “Man, we are getting meaty, aren’t we?”

“Sure are,” said Kim, leaning back a bit – as far as he could in the crowded pot. Minutes passed as the two “morsels” watched their fellow contestants go from muscle men to a pile of bones. It was interesting seeing some cannibals enjoy guts, lungs and hearts. One cannibal tried to do an “alas poor Yorick” routine on a disembodied head before biting into it. All the cannibals seem to enjoy their victims – quite a bit.

Kim started to say, “Do you think we’ll be eaten as enthusiastically as –“ when he was interrupted by Raj and Dirk coming back … with a bunch of men also in loincloths. The group was racially diverse but tended to favor Asians. All had at least a reasonable build on them. A few were heavily tattooed. But all of them looked at Kim and Tango hungrily.

“All right morsels,” boomed Raj, coming up and reaching down to turn a lever. “Time for you to meet those you’ll be meat for!”

Tango gave a small groan as the broth started to drain out of the pot. Kim felt his boner get even harder as he stared with fascination at the group he and Tango would, literally, become part of. He then yelped as Dirk sprayed them with cold water to remove traces of the broth.

“Sorry,” said Dirk, not looking very sorry.

“Hey, what nationality are these two?” asked a gruff looking man.

Dirk nodded at Kim. Kim licked his lips and said, “Malaysian but have Chinese ancestry.”

“Hey!” said the gruff man, smiling. “We’re having Chinese tonight!” Kim and Tango just shook their heads as the cannibals cheered and high-fived each other.

Dirk nodded at Raj. They both went to either side of the pot and grabbed Tango. After a mighty grunt and straining for a moment, Tango popped out. Kim felt the pressure off of his chest. A glad cry came from some of the cannibals who rushed up to grab Tango, lift him up over their shoulders, and head for an unused corner of the kitchen. It was surreal to Kim watching Tango’s naked body, with massive boner, carried off in triumph by a group of men in loincloths. Then it was his turn. Since he was not pressing against anyone, it was easier with him. It felt so strange to have so many hands lifting him up over their heads and chanting “Chinese, Chinese!”. They carted him off also, his boner waving in the air. Was it his imagination or was his dick and balls even larger than before. They probably were. He was in awe at his over bulgy body and wondered how well he would cook when he was put down on a table. He looked over to see the other cannibals licking, nibbling and generally enjoying Tango’s naked flesh. But could only see for a moment before he was surrounded. It was an overload of senses. Men licked his tits, grabbed his arms and licked them, licked his belly, gave him passionate and tonsil sucking kisses, licked his balls, and sucked his dick. One large Indonesian man with a massive cock and tons of tattoos (some with skulls and knives) lifted Kim’s legs, gave him a predatory smile and stuffed his cock into Kim. Kim grunted as the dick penetrated him. Other men grabbed his lifted legs and started licking them. He even felt tongues on his ass. Someone was still sucking his dick. He felt something warm against his face. It was a Euro’s dick and before he could admire its width, it was shoved into his mouth. He was being licked, fucked, and sucked – and sucking. Kim felt overwhelmed yet very aroused. It was an International fuck fest and roast event and he felt proud to be a main course.

After awhile and a lot of groaning and grunting, men switched off. Kim felt like he had been raped by all of them. He and Tango lay there, panting and flushed, each on their individual table. The cook came over and directed two of his helpers to put down what looked like a metal frame by Tango. The cook came up with a bowl. Tango’s legs were lifted up by the helpers, the cum on his ass wiped off, then the cook started jamming stuffing from the bowl into Tango’s colon.

“Hey! I’m not a turkey!” protested Tango. The cook shoved a large carrot (with leaves) up the ass and secured it. Tango was lifted up and placed in the frame. The helpers put bars across Tango’s neck, chest, stomach, hips (with his balls and dick artistically hanging out), legs and feet. Tango bulged nicely against the bars, especially with his pecs hanging over his chest bar.

The helpers raised Kim’s legs and he got the same treatment. It felt like his gut was going to burst with all the stuffing. The carrot made sure the stuffing stayed inside. Then he was placed in another frame and had bars put across like Tango. It felt weird having his body bulge over the bars but, as he looked down his body, it looked delicious too. He heard a roar of flames behind him and knew what was going to happen. “Guess we’re ready, huh?”

“Sure are,” said the cook, giving both of them the once over with professional interest. “Spit roasted – with a modified spit of course.” He nodded and Raj and Dirk came over and lifted Tango.

Dirk said, to the tasty looking Tango, “Don’t think we wouldn’t give you a nice send off.”

Kim could not see but heard the clank of metal as Tango was placed above the fire. Then the two came back and lifted Kim. Raj gave him a large hungry smile and said, “Well, champ, you came in at 4 and Tango at 6. I think that makes this dinner a 10!”

“No more puns, please,” protested Kim as he was lifted up and taken to the fire pit. He felt the heat as he was placed down. He looked over and saw Tango, starting to sweat and being brushed with BBQ sauce by what looked like a Korean. Tango looked good except for that carrot dangling out of his ass. “Well, bud,” said Kim to Tango. “Here we go into culinary history.”

“Yeah, it’s been a trip,” said Tango, looking down at his body. “Ought be to delicious.”

“You will be,” came a tough voice. Kim looked over to see the tattooed Indonesian with a brush and BBQ sauce.

Motors came on and the longpigs started to rotate above the flames. It was pleasant to be basted as they were turned. Kim admired Tango’s reddening butt – complete with carrot. He looked down at his own body as he faced the flames and saw his muscles that had been worked for then artificially enhanced, reddening too. His dick was starting to cook also – in the applied sauces. He felt quite blissful as he started cooking while he turned. Kim even smiled at the Indonesian who was smacking his lips as he basted his victim. After awhile and him turning a few times, he drifted off.


Kim and Tango were indeed successful. Raj and Dirk had to almost use force to get their preferred body parts. Raj enjoyed Kim’s butt cheek, dick, and balls. Dirk had basically had to do the same with Tango. It was amusing seeing Kim and Tango’s internal organs being fought over. Raj managed to get a pec with tit of Kim’s. Dirk almost had to bean another to get the same from Tango. The pecs were delicious!

After awhile, Raj and Dirk, with distended stomachs (more than usual) staggered over to a lounge and sat heavily down. They wiped their mouths and burped.

“That was great!” said Raj, with another burp.

“Yep,” said Dirk, looking over at the feeding frenzy still going on over an increasing shrinking selection. Bones were piling up – bones with very little meat on them. “The longpig clause in the competitions really paid off.”

“You bet,” said Raj, feeling satisfied. “Hey, you know where we should have the next competition? Mexico!”

Dirk laughed and said, “To have Mexican, right?”

One of Kim’s bones clattered to the floor.

I am so spoiled by video porn that I can barely sit still to read even one paragraph of erotic writing. I'm sure I miss out on lots of good shit.
Since Zambianmeat is gone, there is no more news from Matthews94. Wonder how is he now, and if he still has other cannibal stories on other platforms.