Stitching up a Hairy Athlete after the Autopsy

What is he stuffed with??? Plaster of Paris??? :thinking:

The screen messages are a real pain.
The fisrt green screen said:

"Greetings friends and colleagues, all the videos shown here are for learning purpouses and above all to clarify the doubt that you ever had of the embalming technician, a profession that those of us who dedicate to this love"

The second screen said:

"After embalming the body and preserving the organs with cavicide, powdered formaldehyde is used for internal body preservation and for proper care or transfer outside the country"

The third screen said:

"Thanks for your comments, let me know any questions, dont forget to give me a like and subscribe for more content"
Thanks for the translations. :)

The messages still are a pain because they obscure the view. :cry:

But better to have the film with the messages than to have no film. (y)
It's a shame it's been filled, I love laying on hairy dead ones and chewing the sticthes open to get at the organs