Spanish Soccer and Tennis player "Pelayo Novo" dies aged 32


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Sep 7, 2010

Ex Spanish footballer Pelayo Novo has died aged 32 after reportedly being hit by a train.

Media said on Tuesday night the former second-tier midfielder was crushed to death by a train in Oviedo.
Novo was a second-tier midfielder for Elche, Cordoba, Lugo and Albacete - and also briefly turned out for Romanian side CFR Cluj

Novo was 27 when he was seriously hurt after falling from Albacete's team hotel in the North Eastern city of Huesca in March 2018.
He spent 51 days in a Zaragoza hospital following that accident.

And when he was moved to the Toledo National Paraplegic Hospital he captured hearts with his attitude once he realised he'd never play football again.

He became an ambassador for professional and aspiring disabled athletes in his country.
Novo discovered a love for wheelchair tennis and eventually became a member of the board of directors of the Asturian Tennis Federation.
He was also an active player who entered competitions and played at the Open de Catalunya most recently.