Smooth Crotch?


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Jan 13, 2012
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Smooth vs Hairy? Gay men have debated the good and bad of both. And there will never be agreement between the two sides.

What about a smooth crotch? I have shaved mine a few times and, WOW, my dick looks so much BIGGER without pubes getting in the way. As some you have surmised from my comments, I love smooth bodies with smooth cocks. Don’t want no hair in my teeth when I eat cock.

What are your opinions on the subject?
Hairy guys are sooooo satisfying. You can brush the fur and even get sparks from static electricity. :happy stud:
I've had some pretty electrifying bears. Just remembered one who was very hairy but shaved his crotch. That was a bit strange.
I definitely prefer shaved, smooth sex. But at the same time I like the idea of having my crotch shaved by my killer