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A man is a tasty morsel.
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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
I heard the loud crack of cartilage breaking. Felt it, too, since it was my fist that smashed into his nose. Flattened it. Blood spurted up into my face. “Uh oh! That hurts!”, he giggled, as he felt the bloody mush with his hand. Simon was absolutely stoned. Looking at his hand, he said, “It’s red. Wet. Blood! It’s bl………”

He didn’t say anything more because that’s when my fist punched deep into his gut. Air whooshed out of his mouth and he bent suddenly forward, staggered a couple steps, and went down on his knees, holding his belly. He started to look up at me just as my boot smashed into his mouth. He fell backwards. Unconscious. He was suddenly missing about several teeth and blood filled his mouth. I grabbed him by his hair and propped him up against the wall. Didn’t want him to choke on blood, at least not now that he was my newest play toy.

About three hours ago, I drove to Hustler Hill. I’d been in a funk lately and needed to beat someone up. Somebody with a beautiful face. The urge had been building for a week or so, and I figured I needed to find a guy to take my frustrations out on. I found Simon. 5’7” and about 150#. Slight build but extremely good looking. And immaculate, smooth ivory skin. Told him I’d give him two hundred bucks for a blowjob. He looked at my big pecs and said “Deal.”

At home, I gave him a beer….drugged….and took off my shirt. His eyes widened.
“I’m Simon. You’re gorgeous. Is your cock as nice as your chest?”
“Let me see.”
I dropped my jeans.
“Oh, my. It’s huge. I should charge more.”
“You should pay me to wrap your lips around it.”
“You wish, but you’re right.”

Simon knelt and took my cock into his mouth. It immediately got hard and filled his mouth. But he was experienced. Took the whole thing deep into his throat. Knew how to extend the experience, even though I wanted to cum right away. His mouth worked my dick for ten minutes of ecstatic pleasure before I shot my load down his throat. Simon stood. Drops of cum on his chin, which I licked off.

“That was fantastic. You’re an incredible cocksucker.”
“My dick is even more talented.”
“Maybe you should fuck me.”
“Another two hundred.”
“Deal. But let’s rest and drink our beers first.”

We sat on the couch, arms around each other’s naked shoulders. Didn’t take long for the drugs to take effect. He caught on fast, and I pretended my beer was drugged, too.

“Wow! What’d you put in here?”
“LSD.” (It was actually a much stronger hallucinogen but I stuck with LSD.)
“Nice. It makes you look even hotter.”

He was giggling and fingering my tits when I pulled him to his feet. That’s when I threw the first punch, into his nose. Another minute and he was on the floor and unconscious.

What is so satisfying as punching a guy in the gut? Catch him unawares, when he’s relaxed, and your fist sinks deep into his belly. My cock pops up every time. Whenever I punch or kick a guy, I get a hardon. It’s more stimulating than using a stick or knife. Don’t know why, but that’s how it works with me.

I love to use my hands to hurt a guy. Pinching, scratching, gouging. Love it. And to hear his reaction, his cries, his moans---pure ecstasy. But it’s my hands doing the deed that really gets me off. I want to hurt him. And to feel his hurt through my hands, or teeth. No quick, painless deaths for me. I want to see him suffer. Hear him suffer. Feel him suffer. There is no greater thrill.

Simon was already shirtless, and I used scissors to cut off his pants. No skivvies, of course. I slid his boots off, exposing his smelly feet. I grabbed one foot and licked between funky toes. Bit into a toe, drawing blood, and ground my teeth until the toe popped off into my mouth.

I had propped him against a post and began slapping his face. It was already kind of a mess, what with a smashed nose and teeth kicked out. But I like slapping a guy’s face. Over and over until it turns red, and finally blue from bruising. The more beautiful the face, the more I like fucking it up.

I like fucking up bodies, too. But before I started on Simon, I stripped naked, so my dick could swing free and do its thing. Then I rolled Simon onto his belly, and began punching. Put my boots back on and stomped. Kicked him in the ribs and thighs. Stomped his butt. Soon, they were all black and blue. Rolled him onto his back, and punched his chest, belly, ribs, and thighs. Landed a nice kick into his nuts. I took his belt and swung it onto his soft smooth skin. Ten minutes of steady whacking and that sexy white skin was bruised and bloody. And at least twice during those ten minutes, my swinging dick shot its load.

I stood back and looked down at him. He was a mess. A gorgeous, sexy mess. I grabbed my dick and wanked. A huge load shot high and landed on his face. Perfect! Too bad he didn’t notice. But he was feeling deep pain. Moaning, wheezing deeply, twitching. I picked him up and laid him on a big wooden table. Then pushed him off. He landed on the floor with a face plant. I stood him up and shoved him hard into a wood column. I heard him mutter, “No. No.” as I tossed him over my shoulder and dropped him into a pile of yard tools. All this time, my dick is bobbing and spurting.

I put him on a crusty mattress and laid down beside him. I was tired and needed a rest. I cuddled up against his bruised back, wrapping my arms around him, feeling his warmth, hearing his short moans of pain. My dick shot a load against his bare butt. I dozed off.

I woke as Simon was sliding away from me. It was extremely painful for him to move but his brain was working enough to know that he needed to get away from me. Good. He was semi-lucid. Aware of what was happening to him. He feared me. I like my guys to know just what I’m doing to them. And how much it hurts.

I let Simon squiggle his way across the room and to the door. Then I walked over, took a handful of hair, and lifted his head. “Hi, Simon. Glad to see you’re awake and ready for more play.” I dragged him by the hair back into the room and onto the crusty mattress. I laid on top of him, looked into his face, winked once, and sank my teeth into his mangled nose. Lifted my head, pulling a large piece of it, and yanked it off. His eyes widened as he saw me chewing his flesh. And swallowing. He fainted.

I lay with Simon. My mouth moved over his body, licking, kissing, nibbling. Yes, nibbling. Biting into his flesh to break the skin and lick at his blood. No deep bites. Just small bites. Eat a little skin, suck a little blood, shoot a little cum. Once he opened his eyes, looked at me with my blood-red lips, and uttered a weak cry of terror. “Hey, Simon. You’re a tasty piece. Look into my face and remember me.” I jammed my thumb into his eye and popped the eyeball. He screeched. I popped the other one. “Hey, Simon. Your eyeballs are hanging over your cheeks. Can you still see? Do you see me? Look, my mouth is getting closer. Closer. Your eye is in my mouth. Can you see down my throat?” I love sucking eyeballs and rolled it around in my mouth with my tongue before crushing it between my teeth. It popped, spurting eye juice, as my cock spurted, too.

I spent the next several hours biting and chewing his body. Used a razor to cut pieces off. His blood soaked the mattress, mingling with the blood of the other dudes I’d cut up. I love lying on that mattress! I ate a lot of Simon raw. Then I chopped him up and froze pieces for later meals. I took a cup of his blood, and added it to a pot of frozen blood I’d accumulated from nine other guys. Someday I’ll thaw it out, stir it all together and drink the mix of all those pretty boys.

I love to torture and kill and eat pretty boys. My only regret is not having a buddy to share the enjoyment with. Maybe someday. But if I find a like-minded buddy, I’d probably end up eating him, too. I’m that kind of guy. Sigh.


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