Slaughtering A Punk

Luis Adam Bree

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Oct 31, 2016
London England

We were playing in a shitty little club in Hun*tington Beachwhich was not known for its hospi*ta*lity to bands or anyone who isn't a clone of some*thing, or a very commercial surfer. We were in the alley be*hind the club which was such a fucked-up disaster that I even forgot its stupid name. Anyway, there was me, Steve, and Brian.

Let me explain something. Brian is the roadie, and my best friend, which means we swap cum, share piss and shit when we are in a mind to, and do other wonderful things, and have been since we were old enough to do them. We went to school inDenver, been jerk*in' our cocks since we was ten, and real quick we graduated to better things. Last year when I quit to becomea pro base player for this gay anarchist band, The Queer Cocks, Brian left too. He didn't have no*thin' more to hold him inDen*verthan me.It was well we wasgettin' out that town anyway... we'd left too many corpses about — but that's something else — or is it...*

We werebitchin' about the place toTod, the drummer, who wasskatin' back and forth in the alley, grinding on the little section of curb when Ian, the lead, and his mainfuckmate, Benny, who is the sing*er, came along with the good-bad news that the other band that was to play tonight had got busted in San Bernardino for bad tires on their van, so we were it. That was good — we didn't have to split the money with anyone else, but we would be the only band, and we had just so much material, which meant we'd have to do every verse of every song we knew...

Let me explain something else. Brian and I are both just eighteen. We lied about our age to get with this band. We beenplayin' bars and clubs where you got to be twenty-one to drink and here we are just eighteen — fuck laws...Anyway...

I'm not tall, just sort of regular looking, not fat, not heavy with the muscles either — that's Brian's depart*ment. I got dark straight hair, almost black and my skin is dark tan too — being Mexican what else. Brian is just about as opposite as he can be: tall, over six foot, and slen*der, but solid ass mus*cles, fair skin, almost white even after bein' in the sun. We both got our hair cut short on the sides, but long in the center. Brian's hair hangs down to his ass, I'm notshittin'ya. When I'mrimmin' him I get blond hair in my mouth, and itain't the hair about his shit-hole that's always matted down with left over shit any*way. So that's Brian and me... Todis young too — about nineteen. He fuckin' lies about it so much who knows... He is my height and has muscles on his muscles, and is alwaysgoin’ about without a shirt to show them off too. He has light brown curly hair, kind of long but frizzed out in an afro, and blue eyes that are deep, almost black they are so blue...

Then there is the only adult in the bunch, Ian, who is English, twenty-two, and just skin and bones — and speak*ing of bones, he has the god-damnestbig cock you ever did see. He has bleached blond hair, bleached out to white, but his dick hair is dark brown. His main ass suck is Benny, who is twenty, muscular and tall, very well built. He played football in college before he got tossed out for raping another player. He has brown hair and brown eyes and brown skin. As he says, he is the token nigger and he doesn't have a hair on his skin, not even eyebrows and lashes.

So that's us, The Queer Cocks. We're all queer for sex all the time —sex the way we like it— sex that's rough and dirty. Use your ima*gi*nation about that. Just think of the dirtiest spot on your body and that's what we want to sniff and suck... So here we were in this alley behind this hellhole club,gettin' ready to play our asses off. The fog was coming in from the ocean a couple of blocks away and the placewasgetting cool, which would be a relief when we got done with our set. Thefriggin' place was so small it would be a real sweat*box.

The manager came along and said if we were good enough to hold the crowd we would get a bonus. That was fuckin' good of him, as we were going to work our asses off, and if the crowd didn't like our mu*sic or politics, we'd be in a big mess, but if they did like us, the bar will be great. We all agreed when Ian said to be dirty assed creative.

The others went inside, leaving Brian and me out**side,doin' some smoke. I was sitting on a brick ledge that went around the building, with my legs spread wide and my red sneakers planted flat on the ground. Brian was standing between them, push*ing his crotch up against mine, putting bones in both our dicks as he would take a huff on the cig,then suck some of the smoke into his lungs, then our lips would meet. I would suck the smoke from his mouth, then we would continuesuckin' mouth, and when the smoke got out of our lungs we would swap it again. After a few times we were getting a rush like when we jack off while hang*ing by a rope in the closet, before the shit took effect. Just the thought of doing anyhangin' gets my crank boned up, and having my hands crammed inside the back of Brian's jeans,feelin' his butt got me twice as hot.

I said, "Oh, dude, save that stick for later. If I get much more fucked up I'm going to shoot a gush*er all over the insides of my jeans!" And he said, "That's fuckin' cool, man." A string of spit con*nected our lips as he backed a step away, then he said, "I can lick both your jeans and crotch..."

He leaned forward. Our lips met again, we swap*ped some spit as he ran his hands over the front of my 501's,squeezin' my nuts hard. I said in a whisper, "Yes, dude, fuck over my balls,make me cry!" His fingers locked about my scrotum and he squeezed until there were tears in my eyes which he kissed, sucking the teardrops into his lips.


The set wasgoin' good even though the audien*ce could see there was no other band. We were out*rageous enough to hold their inte*rest, playing good enough music to get themslammin' in the pit so they weresweatin', and even when we laid some heavy lyrics in 'em, they cheered and grab*bed their crotches and flipped us off.

Benny wore leather shorts. Ian had pulled them down once. Benny twirled about and mooned the crowd,then he whipped his prick out and slam*med it on the stand cymbal. I got down and licked Benny's ass-crack,thenwhen Ian whipped his cock out and began pissing, he in*vited anyone to drink it. Benny got on his knees and took a shower, but some kid from the crowd dashed on stage and went down on Ian, getting a mouthful of sweet piss. The crowd was jazzed. We were the most out*ra*geous bunch they had ever seen and we were in*fec**tious. Guys in the crowd would tongue kiss after we did it to each other on stage. Therewas even a couple of guyssuckin' piss in the pit. Later we were in one of those oh so faggysongs we wrote ourselves,doin' the chorus where we all sing:

Oh punkchickie• Let me put ahickie on yourdickie... • I know it sounds so queer • To have my lips so near • I just want your cream, so don't fear... • Oh punkchickie.• Let me lick yourdickie • tonight...

Then I made eye contact with a small framed red*headed kid who was getting the worse of theslammin'. I got down on my knees and played in that position which I do when I want to see the audi*ence because the blinding stage lights are not focused that low. I had seen him on another song get knocked down and the other guys in the pit all stomped on him — not for real, but enough so he pro*bably had some bruises, but not enough to kill him. Things in the pit are simu*lated, but later... if we can get away with it...

Brian and medon't simulate. Just as our eyes met, the redhead kid paused and got hit by a big spike-haired football linebacker type, which sent him sprawling towards the crowd. He rolled up in a ball to protect himself as all the guys mashing in the pit began to stomp him again while he was wriggling like a snake to get out of the pit. As soon as he got up he went right back in,hoppin', highsteppin', slamming his eighteen eye laced up Doc Martins on the floor. By now his red hair, which had been slicked back was all over his face, stick*ing out in all directions. He had rips in his T-shirt, and Doc Martin prints on his skin.

At the end of the song he rushed to the stage. He pounded his fist on the platform floor and yelled, "More music,muther-fuckers, more goddamn fuckin' good music - more - more - more!"

The crowd cheered. We went into a political song about how we were our own police because the pigs wouldn't protect a punk, and a homo punk was more likely to get a night stick up the ass from the cops after the fagbashin' skins were throughbeatin' his ass.

Later Brian told me he went to the head about that time, as he had no mouth to fill. He was in the stall with his hosehangin' out — he drops about seven inches soft and just loves to stand back and let the stream flow in the water, make bubbles, so anyone nearby can see his fuck stick. The urinal was overflowing into a puddle on the floor.

The room was busy, heavy with the scent of grass and amyl nitrate. The redheaded kid moved next to him and the boy said to Brian, "I gotta go bad —man, can I joinya— even the sink is being used..."

Brian smiled and said, "It's okay - just don't piss on my boots."

The redhead was cute; he had a little boy face, you know the kind, little freckles all over, long lashed dark blue eyes, oval head, square chin,poutylips,small pug nose. He was only about 5'2" tall, slender, but solid muscle. He flipped open the buttons on his 501's, then slid his jock down and out, popping a long, slender soft dick about five inches that spit out a wide stream. Brian is a man of action — he bent down and wrapped his lips about the uncircumcised cock end and tasted the bitter sweet piss the boy was expelling.

"Oh shit! You're reallydoin' it," the redheaded boy said as Brian swallowed the stream, inhaling the scent of his sweat wet crotch, driving his nose into the sparse red dick fur until the last drops of liquid gold had been spurted. "Holy fuckin' shit," the boy gasped, his dick beginning to stand tall as Brian stood. "I only dreamed of guysdoin' stuff like that!"

Brian wiped a dribble of piss from his chin and said, "Your dreams just cametrue, dude."

The boy grabbed Brian's dick and said, "Man, you got one big fucker there... what's it like when you get a bone in it..."

Brian smirked. He liked the feel of the soft fingers clutching his dong, and said, "Stick around after the show and see..." Then the boy said, "Fuckin' all right, you need a roadie for the band, don't ya? Need a guy who drinks your piss...""

Brian said, "Sure the fuck do, and the bass player is my fuck friend, and we do more than just suck piss."

The boysaid,"Holy muther-fuck,you're makin'my nuts sing!" He stroked Brian's dick more, making him grow to his full length. The skin pulled back on his dick-head. Brian didn't have to play with the boy much. His dick arched tall and got real thick, with a wide vein building as the head exposed and pointed to the boy's navel.

Then Brian asked, "You with anyone? If so, bring him around too. We like fuckin' groupies."

The boy bent and kissed the wet end of Brian's cock. His tongue pushed into the piss-hole, his lips locked around the head and he sucked the last bit of piss from Brian's love pole, then he straightened up and wrinkled his nose.

"I ain't noordinary groupie," he said, "I'm the best fuckin' groupie inHuntington Beach." Then the boy looked down as he stuffed his boner into the worn jock pouch. "I got no friend. I'm a throw-away boy."

A voice from behind them said, "Hurry up, I gotta use the crapper real bad!"

Brian said, "Justgettin' to know each other, that's all." He and the redhead buttoned up.


In the break between sets Brian told me of the boy, and I told of the eye contact and the beating he was taking in the pit. We agreed he would be fun for the night. He knew what was going on. In the second half we got reallyrad and did our piss-on-authority song. We dressed up a rubber doll as a cop and we all pissed on ‘him’. Later, at the end, we did out jerk-off song, and to begin it we all masturbated until we were hard,then hit the song.

Masturbate your cock, Mas*tur*bate your cock... Spread spit on it, glide fingers over it. Pumpit,pump it,shootin' spunk all over... Grease it, buzz it, No, easy does it... Make it stiff,standin' tall, Beatit, whack it against the wall, Use it till you bruise it, That's the best way to abuse it... Splatterjizz on your belly,Watchin' porno on thetele..It's so neat to beat my meat,To the best when I'm in heat...

Then in the end we pumped the necks of our guitars like they were giant cocks, and the dildos we had on the ends lit up, and at the end of the song we squeezed the balls on the dildos, and the cocks shoot glitter scum all over. The crowd was in a frenzynow because they hadn't seen such an act before and expected the cops to bust in at any mi*nute. The redhead was jumping up and down like he had springs in his feet, with his arms high over his head. He was half naked now with the shirt tucked in the waist of his jeans, flopping with each jump. There was a cock bulge in his tight jeans. A small splatter of red fur under each arm matted down with fresh boy sweat. His nipples were stan*ding tall and pink in the centre. I thought he might be squirtingjizz in his jock. Other boys looked like they were...

I grabbed the mike and said, "Yes, Red, we all do it!" I was looking right at him. He nodded his head, smiling at me, mouthing 'Yea, yea, yea. Then I said, "We all do that and more, don't we." Again he was mouthing, “Yea, yea, yea!”

The crowd was shouting, 'More, more,more!' But we didn't have any more tunes to play. The show over we started to break down the equip**ment. The redhead was up on the stage asking Brian what to do. Brian set him to putting away the mikes and cables,then he had him help move the drums out to Benny's truck. I watched him. The kid really moved fast and was neat too.

We were all out in fifteen minutes, outside drinking a beer, and the money had been split. Brian and I weren't going to try to drive back to our place in Las Vegastonight as we were both too fucked up. Besides we got this redhead boy on the string, and we don't share chicken meat with the others. Let them find their own. We assured the others we'd be there for practice after work Monday night in Benny's garage.

I spotted the redhead standing a bit away from us. He had put on a flannel shirt and Levi jacket. The torn T-shirt was still hanging out his butt pocket. He had a back pack and beat up board be*side him. He looked innocent, like he wanted to be guilty, gazing at us like a puppy that wants to play with the big dogs. His eyes were sad and lonely looking. I motioned him to come over and I hand*ed him a beer. He took a swing and said, "Thanks, man, I worked up a sweat in there."

"I hope you're old enough to have that," I said.

"Igrowedold fast, living on the streets," he said,"besides I got hair under my arms and above my dick and some on my nuts too."

"What about around your asshole?" Brian ask*ed. And the kid said, "Don't know, never seen my shithole."

Brian said, "Well, let's see." Then to me he said, "You take his arms and hold them. I'll see if the fuzz on his shithole is red or shit brown."

The boy set the beer down and turned away when he saw me reach for him. I put my arms around him and bent himover,hug*ging him close to my body as Brian undid the buttons on his jeans. The boy protested, "What the fuck are you doin', asshole?" "Checking out your asshole," Brian said, pulling the boy's Levi's down. The kid continued to protest,

"Please guys... not here on the fuckin' street!"

Brian took hold of the kid's squirming butt and looked close. Then I could see him sticking his ton*gue in the crack. All the time the boy was cursing us out andstrugglingthe best he could. His firm little body felt good in my grip.

Then Brian said, "Yea, he sure does have hair there. It tastes brown... but might be red... I'll just have to look better later. And his shitter is a cute little puckerhole too."

Brian stood up and I released the kid who quick*ly pulled his jeans up and buttoned them fast. Then he leaned against the wall and pulled a pack of smokes out and lit one before taking an*other swig from the beer. Brian leaned over and kissed me.

Then I said, making a smacking sound, "God damn red peanut butter hair there." We all laugh*ed, including the kid who didn't seem so pissed off now. Brian played he was pulling a hair from bet*ween his front teeth. He looked at it and said, "Sure is red — and tastes good — like asshole."

We all laughed again. About then the others said they were leaving. We said we'd get home okay. Ian and Benny laughed.Todgrabbed his crotch and said, "But will Red?" We all laughed again. Brian andme and the band members for one reason, and the boy for an innocent sexy reason, not knowing our real lusts...

Then Brian extended his hand to the boy. "I'm Brian, and that cocksucker over there is Steve."

The boy shook hands and said "'I'm Scotty, and I'm a pretty good cocksucker too, when I want to be." Then he shook my hand.

I asked, "How old are you? Guess you are older than you look."

He said, "How old do you think I am, and does it make a differ*ence toya? I can get my dick hard and shoot cream like any man can, so what the fuck does it matter if I'm twelve or twenty?"

I said, "You want to come to Vegas with us. To me your age meansnuthin', but to a pig a lot and I want to know if who I'm fuckin' is street legal ass or not... You look closer to twelve..."

"Well, fuck," he said, "I'm street legal, if that makes you feel better, if anymuther-fucker asks. I told you I was street legal. Besides, you guys don't look all that old yourselves."

I said, "We just turned street legal ourselves.Been on our own for a couple of years.And you?"

The kid sat back on the wall, scratched his balls,then lit another smoke while holding the beer bet*ween his knees. Brian and I watched and listened to what he'd been through.


"My mom and her boyfriend went off and got married about two years ago, and he fuckin' took over. We didn't get along before, then when he starts giving orders like a fuckin' marine in boot camp. Well, I had a belly full real fast so I left... I was selling my dick al*ready, you know when you look twelve and you got a bigger dick than the fuck*in' teacher that gives you blow jobs, if you ain'tsome kind of nutcase, you know where the cash is at. The fuckin' step*father and I don't get on about all things, especially my sexual prefer*ence, which he is really guessing at. So I leave and they don't know where I am, butthey don't go lookin' for me neither. I got my ass bust*ed for selling dick onGarden Grove Boulevarda few months later.

I had been crashing here and there, mostly at trick's places. I was doin' okay, had money in the bank and all. When I got home, the fuckin' step-dad confiscated all that money and beat the crap out of me. I stayed a week, then I met some old guy up inPasadenawho kept me for a year, but then I got too old and he tossed me out. He found someone younger, and I was a year older. So I went up to Holly*woodand made good bucks there. I was selling it on Santa Monica Boulevardand got busted again two months ago.

This time they charged me, but it was my first offence so I got off with being a JD and they sent me home. Then the asshole really beat thelivin' shit out of me and I was in the fuckin' hospital for two days.Lucky he didn't bustnothin', just a bad concussion.So after he pounded my nuts and blacked my eyes, I fuckin' left and have never reported to the fuckin' probation officer. I'm sure there's a warrant out on me. So now you know why I was shy aboutdoin' things out*side. I don't want to see thatfucker, or my mom again."

I said, "Time we hit the road. We're both horny and so are you, I guess. We're going to Vegas. You could work the streets there. Younglookin' ass sells for good bucks. We know about that... but we can't support you.

Scott said, "I'm horny all right, andworkin' in Vegas would be fun, I'm sure I can make good bucks there too."

Brian said, "You know we don't want just ordi*na*ry sex, you know, fuckin’ andsuckin’... we're going to do lots more — stuff that most people call dirty..."

Scott said, "Sure, I figured that one... I never done shit right out... I've sucked some of my shit from dicks what have been up my ass*hole, and I've tasted piss and I dig cheesy cock heads, so I guess it's just a step more for me." He shrugged and picked up his board and knapsack.

We all got in the van, me driving, Brian in the other seat and Scott on the motor hump. I started up Beach Boulevardto connect with the ninety one free*way to head toLas Vegas. We talked about no*thing in general. Scott mostly wanted to hear about the hustling in Vegas which we could sure fill him in on because between jobs that's how we make money, and sometimes even when we are work*ing because we are horny for sex all the time anyway.


We got on the freeway and Brian stripped off his shirt. I had mine off all along. He said, "Scott, why don't you take off the jacket —get com**fort**able— we're probably going' to get dirty before we get to Vegas..."

Scott took off the jacket and said, "That's cool. I might take off everything just for the fun of it. That way I'll be comfortable."

I said, "While you are up, why don't you get the other beers. We can drink them, fill our bladders... give us something to share later."

The kid got up, slung his jacket down in the pile with his board and bag,then got the beers. We rode a while in silence. Then he asked, "Don'teat*in' shit makeyapuke?"

"Sometimes," Brian said.

I said, "In the beginning you might spit up — but that's cool with us because we both like vomit. We both puke sometimes even if we don't feel like we have to"

Scott said, "Sounds messy!" Brian said, "That's the whole point of it.The feel*ing of the hot shit, piss and puke sliming over your body... the smell, the taste... know*ing it's the real insides of another man. It's all part of it... Yea, fuckin' messy - makes my rod stiff."

Scott giggled, "I've had a fuckin' boner ever since you sucked my dick in the men's room. I swear I'll fuckin' cream off if ya just touch it."

"Why don't you take a drink from my cock, man," Brian said, opening the buttons on his Levi 501's, letting his dick pile out.

Without hesitation Scott set the bottle down and went down on Brian's prick, slurping and suck*ing, then gagging as Brian let a stream of hot piss go. But he swallowed it all down.

I said, "You still thirsty, dude?"

Scott answered, looking up at me, "Guess so."

That was kind of okay, kind of made my screw stick wiggle.

I said, "I got a bladder full... this is a long drive..."

The boy reached over and pulled my buttons open, laying the 501's open and allowing my fat cock to stand tall. This whole scene was making my dick real passionate. Scott licked my cock, peal*ing the foreskin back and swabbing the cheesy sur*face of my dick head.

I said, "Feels good, dude. Don't try to blow me just yet... let me get empty first."

The boy stopped licking and sucking. He just held my cock in his fingers and I cold feel his hot breath blowing on my rod. Then I let the stream flow. He held the pisshole inside his mouth so the stream went in like a water fountain. He made lots of noises, gulping and swallowing real fast as the stream became a flood of urine. When the stream slowed, he closed his lips and sucked as I spurted the last piss out. Then he sat back on his heels.

Then Brian said, "Let's see that asshole of yours, dude. We're far enough out so we can get naked now." Brian had slipped his engineer boots off, and his jeans, while I was getting my piss drunk.

Now he was sitting bare-assed naked with his pole standing a full fourteen inches long arched above his hairless navel. Scott looked at us each, then took a swallow of beer and nodded. I watched the road, but also watched him as he unlaced his Doc Martins, then slid off the Levi's, but left his jock on. He sat on the motor hump and chugged the last of his beer, both balls dangling out of the pouch which was being pushed out by his hard-on.

When he was finished with the beer, I said, "Scott, why don't you give me a blow job. You seem like a boss cocksucker."

He said, "I'm pretty good, but you both look like more than a mouth*ful. But I'll fuckin' try." He knelt and took hold of my rod which was stiff and curved over to the right. The fat head was all ex*posed now and the thick vein up the back bulged. He ran his tongue over my shaft, then down to the root, slurping up the salty flavored sweat there in my black fur patch.

At the same time Brian had lifted the kid's butt, and he had slipped to his knees, exploring the boy's asshole and crack with his tongue. I knew that Scott was about to get a good fucking.

My jeans were down to my knees, allowing me to spread wide and enjoy the cock-sucking. Scott lifted my nuts and sucked on the scrotum and licked about there too, then he continued to go down on me as far as he could, gagging each time my cock head went deep into his throat. He was moaning as Brian was frigging his asshole with a finger and tongued the shithole too.

I rested my right arm across the boy's shoulders as he cock-sucked me, kind of helping him go down on my rod, pushing each time he went down so he was taking more of my fifteen inch cock down his throat. Each time I thought he was going to gag and puke up the piss in his belly, but that would be okay.

By now Brian's had his cock all wet with spit and the hole had obvious*ly been lubed realgood, with his tongue and lips spitting saliva inside.

Scott bucked and reared his head off my cock. He screamed, "Ouch... god damn it... oh, pullout!"

Brian backed off and stuck into the kid's shit*hole again. Scott gasped,thennodded without say*ing anything, biting his lower lip. I took quick glances at him as I watched the road. Good thing at this time of night there was little traffic...

Brian slid his boner up that boy's velvet shit chute, and this time there was no problem. Scottooohedandaahhedas Brian worked his cock deep*er inside the boy with each stroke,thenScott went back to sucking my boner, which he took down his throat better now that his asshole was spread. He soon had his nose buried in my fur patch and was locking his lips about the base, swallowing on my bent prick while Brian was stroking his boner in and out of the kid's shithole.

Scott made a muffled scream and his body froze. He was panting and bucking; I figured he was shooting off, so I reached between his legs and felt the elastic pouch. Sure enough there was a big wet spot which was getting wetter as his prickthrob***bed the scum out. This brought Brian off, and I heard him grunt like he does when he is shooting off.

All this was making my balls horny. I pressed the kid's face down harder and felt his lips spread at my cock base and then his teeth as he gagged and choked. That brought me to shooting a jizzload into his hot throat.

I lifted him up and let him taste my spunk, then rammed back down as Brian was ramming his tool into the shithole so hard the kid was almost push*ed off my cock. His hips slapped Scott's round butt, and it made a slapping sound.

I slowed down as my scum squirted, then when we had all spent our juice and separated, I pulled over. I said, "Time to change drivers," and I strip*ped off my clothing so I too was buck naked. Scott pulled his sticky cum soaked jock off.

I took it and began to suck the boy cream out of the fibers as Brian lifted the kid up.

Brian said, "Fart out the cream I shot inya... I want that juice in my mouth." He slapped the boy's butt to emphasize his words. Scott said nothing.

Brian's tongue swabbed the ass crack and he locked his lips about the freshly fucked asshole and sucked loudly. It made a slurping noise almost like a fart. Soon there was a burping sound as Scott's asshole bled out the liquid contents.

Brian sucked hard, making more wonderful noises,thenwhen his mouth was full, he raised up and held Scott's face in his hands. He forced the boy's mouth open and he spit the shitty cum back into the boy. Their lips met, Scott sucked, then gag*ged, and almost retched up the contents of his belly, but he swallowed hard,thengiggled.

Brian took over the wheel and I continued to suck on the jock as we drove on in the night.


After passing throughApple Valley, then pastBarstow, and after Baker, we headed upChocolate Mountain. We had been all silent — Scott thinking about the new sexual things he was about to do. His dick was hard in anticipation of this new debauchery. Brian and me were stiff between the legs because we knew the flavor of blood, the scent of ripped open flesh, the feel of body fluid sliming across our muscles..Our ears ached to hear the screams of agony,our fingers itched to feel the convulsions of death. Our balls waited to ejaculate the final sperm this young redhead boy would ever know...

I pulled the smoke out, and said, "That ought to make us really mellow." Brian said, "Yes, just what I need to make the evening last. Make it a good fuck... Yes, some smoke..." I rolled a joint, then after lighting it, passed it to Scott who took a hit and passed it on. We didn't talk much until the joint was down to roach. Scott pretended he ate it. He laughed and said, "Guess I'll eat anything... Bring on your shit,guys !"

I said, "Later... Right now I want to fuck you. Come sit on my cock as we go over the pass. I want to feel that butthole of yours suckingthe cumfrom my nuts."

Scott said, "All right, man... Get my hole wet..."

I said, "If I start eating your asshole I won't stop. You're wet enough. Suck my joint — I'm stiff and ready, but a little dry."

Scott bent over and began to go down on me again, coughing up some phlegm which he spew*ed out over my cock and spread about with his tongue. Then heraised up and balanced himself on one foot, with the other in the air near the wind*shield. I held his butt with one hand, directing my fuck pole with the other. His hole surrounded my boner,then his hot wet hole consumed me like a sucking machine.

This was going to be one honey of a fuck... but then there would be better ones later, I knew...

Brian reached up and took hold of Scott's head and guided his wet lips onto the end of his stiff prong. Scott slobbered over the cock. I watched him mouth over the shit dirty prick. He ringed his tongue about the corona of Brian's prick head. The pink tongue curled under a brown sliver of shit wedged under the fat flesh,then the boy suck*ed the shit into his mouth and choked as he swallow*ed it. I thrust up into his asshole and felt the slime of what was left of Brian's cum oozing about my cock as Scott pushed down onto me. Brian said, "Yea, suck my cock, boy, suck all your shit offame!"

And I said, "When I'm done fuckingya, there will be lots more shit to eat off my rod."

The kid continued to suck and lick on Brian's prick, bent as he was, his leg still up so his right knee was on the dash, his hand braced on the motor hump and the left foot on the floor. His legs were spread wide enough so in the occasional light from other cars I could see shit oozing out of his hole around my fat prick and dribbling into my dick hair and down Scott's thighs.

I reached under the boy's swinging nuts and took hold of his love pole which was flat against his belly, dribbling pre-cum over the red pubic bush. I didn't have to lube him or nothing, just slicked my fingers and stroked him off.

Then Brian said, "Oh, suck hard, boy... suck my man dick and I'll feed yathe jissim you want... god damn...ohhh... ugh.. suck that fuck juice."

Scott choked and gagged as Brian filled his mouth with thick scum. I kept whacking the boy's prick, sliding my fist up and down the fat centered shaft with veins standing so fuckin' tall I could feel them pulsing in my jerk-off grip. Myjizz was about to shoot off when the boy reared up groan*ing and gasping.That move*ment of his body made me squirt up his asshole. I rammed my pole up onto his shit-filled bowel. My jissim joined what was left of Brian's up there that hadn't been squeez*ed out around my fat prick, whichmade hisshit soft and very pliable.

Scott shouted, "Oh, fuck, man, I'mgonnacream off... Jesus fuckin' Christ...ohhh shit... make mymuther-fuckin' dork blow up. Yea, whack me... whack me good... oh god damn, that feels good!"

And sure enough his juice splattered across the windshield; great gobs of white, thick boy cum that only shoots out of a teen*ager's cock. I let go of the throbbing meat and watched it bounce, send*ing strings of cum over the dash*board and his belly and some onto Brian too. His rectum was pul*sa*ting with each convulsion of his cock, and that added to the pleasure of my own ejaculation.

We were all wet with scum and sweat. The boy leaned forward and fell off my prick, slipped to his knees and began to suck my rod. I pushed his head off, and he eagerly tried to get his tongue about my dick. I started to piss and said, "Wear this blad*der full... let it fall overya like a god damned shower."

The boy looked up, thenblinked his eyes shut when some piss splattered into his eyes, which burned. I let the stream flow, guiding his head about, so the stream rained down on his hair, run*ning over his face as evenly as possible. It made the red freckles splattered across his nose glisten.

The stream formed a river down his neck, a*cross his chest, the pointy nipples parting the flow. His tongue flicked out, lapping fresh salty piss from his upper lip and chin. He said, "Yea, good, yea, spray me... yea, make me fuckin' wet."

Then Brian said, "Hey, Steve, we're almost there... the oldZyzzakRoad exit is just ahead... you know what that means..."

I answered, "Sure the fuckin' hell do..Now the real fun begins." My stream had stopped. The boy lipped my cock head, lapping the piss drops still drooling out, then he milked my dork to get the last drops of piss —his new found treat— then he wrapped his hands about himself, feeling the wet*ness of his body, luxuriating in the feel and scent. I took hold of his piss wet nuts and lifted him so he stood before me. “I’m thirsty, toy god damn red*head fucker!”


He sat up, opened his eyes and asked, "Where the fuck are we?"

"We're in the middle of the desert, 'bout two thirds the way to Vegas," Brian answered, "this here is a good parking place so we can get real dirty."

I continued explaining, "It's a dead end road — goes about ten miles into nowhere south of route fifteen... a good fucking place. We may even pass cars pulled over for fast sex on the way to Vegas."

Brian laughed and said, "Remember the time we came through here with the brothers... you know the ones we foundhitchin' out*sideBarstow, and we came by three cars with guys on the hood and guys on the trunk, all bare-assed and fucking girls. It was like the whole fuckin'Barstowfootball team was out here get*ting their jollies off on a Satur*day night. Don't think I ever saw so many nuts bounc*ing about in one place..."

I said, "Never saw so many young good lookingshitholesI couldn't stick my tongue up inside..." We all laughed. Scott sat on the motor hump, licking the piss off his face, thenhe leaned over and licked a string of cum off Brian's thigh and kissed it back into Brian's mouth. The boy then reached over and wiped some scum off the dash and windshield and offered his slimy fingers to me. I sucked them. I said, "Get down on my cock, boy... clean your shit off it and then kiss the muck back to me."

Scott didn't need any other instructions. He was on his knees bet*ween my legs and began to slurp his tongue up and down the length of my shaft, curling his tongue about until it was covered with a thick slime like wet peanut butter, then heraised up and half kiss*ed, half spit the stuff into my wait*ing mouth. He did the same thing several more times until the entire length of my fifteen inch cock was clean and we had shared the chunks of shit and the shitty slime.


The van came to a halt near the end of the road. I got up and went to the back to get the air mat*t*ress. I took the pump and handed the cord to Scott.

I said, "Plug that into the cigarette lighter." He did and I con*nected the hose to the mattress,thenturned the pump. The ribs filled with air and brown splotches became evident all over the thing. To Scott they all looked like the shit left over from past fun times. Brian and I knew it wasn't just shit, but liberal amounts of blood splattered about —also from fun times— like the hitching brothers fromBarstow.

We had slaughtered them inside that night because we were afraid their screams would be heard by the boys fucking near the free*way. We had tied them up and slowly cut them open. We kept the boys placed so they could watch each other die, slowly and pain*fully, seeing in the other a mirror of their own screams of agony as their intes*tines were pulled out. Brian chewed on the older one's liver; I pinched the little one's kidneys. Then we ripped their sto*machs out and fucked into them in the hole where the intestines begin, after cutting them loose. They both died shortly after we had squirted off into their stomachs. The mattress, the place, the road all had wonderful memo*ries. Now we would make more. Scott's death was near.

Brian and I were real stiff between the legs. Now the mattress was filled and Brian and Scott and I crawled into the back and kissed, spit*ting into each other's mouths, licking Scott's skin to taste the drying tangy flavor my urine had left, making the young muscles sticky to the touch and acrid to the smell. We rolled about, the three of us becoming one wet slimy mass of flexing muscles, enjoying the moment of physical pleasures.

Brian said, "I'm about ready to pop my asshole.How about you,Stevy?" I answered, "Mine too. Why don't you lay down on your back, Scott, then Brian and I will shit all over you. That way you can see it coming down my chute and suck that turd while Brian shits on your belly, then we can smear it about. You can feel how wonderful fresh shit feels."

The boy promptly laid back. Brian adjusted the ceiling light and we kissed,thenexplored the young body with our fingers and tongues to make the boy even hornier than he was. I ran my fingers over his belly. I felt the muscles tense as my tongue wet his damp sweaty skin which still had the piss flavor from before.

Scott fingered my asshole,then spit up at it, the saliva splattering there. Then he strained to tongue my wet shitter. The kid was a natural at dirty sex.

I stopped licking over his taut skin and bit his left tit, biting hard enough so the boy reared his head up and shouted in pain. Then I sucked hard, making the instant pain disappear, and he relaxed as Brian slobbered over the boy nuts and hard dong. My tongue caress*ed his neck, followed by my fingers which I wrapped about the slen*der neck, feeling theAdamsapple flex as my tongue neared the red wet lips, tasting my own piss and its scent on his body which made him sticky. Brian sat up and straddled the youth. His balls droop*ed over the boy's belly. I did the same, letting my nuts drape against the boy's chin as his mouth hissed onto m*y asshole.

Scott said, "What if I throw up. You sure it's okay?"

Brian said, "We want you to get sick sooner or later. There's little point in all this unless we all get as fuckin' slimy as we can, and the best way is to mix shit with puke."

I said, "If you want to be sick, just let the puke out. Don't try and hold it back. It's great, you'll see." I lowered my hole to the boy's face. His tongue rose up stiff and wet to meet my asshole. I flex*ed my anal muscles, opening and closing the wet sphincter slightly. His tongue dabbed at the flexing hole. He gagged,then I farted. He gagged again,thenlicked my asshole. The fart had spray*ed a thin speckling of shit juice across his face.

Brian waspissing,his asshole popped a loud fart that barked. I could feel the piss drooling over my belly and running down through my pubes and over my cock and balls, dripping onto Scott. I lean*ed forward and Brian and I swapped spit. We let our tongues dance in my mouth, then his. I farted again and a small piece of shit oozed out. I could feel Scott taking it in his lips, then a retching sound, but no puke. Then I felt a fart blast and the stiff turd up inside my bowels poured out against the boy's lips. He gasp*ed as it entered his mouth. I could smell Brian's shit, so I reached under his swing balls to feel the hot slimy diarrhea that ooz*ed from his hole. I spread it about, around his nuts, and mixed it with the blond fur on the scro*tum and over the boy's red dick hair and flat smooth belly. My own turd was in the youth's mouth and he was gagging, trying to chew it up. Iraised up and felt the end of the turd brush by my nuts and flop over Scott's chin. Brian farted again and I heard the plop of another dump. Then he stood, crouched over in the van. He reached bet*ween his legs and grabbed his ass and dragged his fingers forward between his legs, across his nuts and cock and up his belly and chest, leaving a trail of shit stain across his wet skin. Scott was chewing the thick hard turd I had planted in his mouth. He made loud noises as he chewed the shit, making it soft enough to swallow.

Brian stepped aside and I reached down and smeared the shit about the boy's cock and balls, massaging it into his crotch and stroking his prick. The kid was very excited, and he gasped as he swallowed a lump of shit. Then I saw a string of white jissim spout out of his brown slimy cock. I stroked him again and more cum burst out. The boy cried out in pleasure and was gasping because he still had a mouthful of shit.

I went down on his cock, tasting the familiar flavor of Brian's shit and the tangy sweetness of the boy's cum. I swallowed the cock, cleaning the out*side and massaging the skin with my tongue and swallowingthe cumthat was spewing out of the piss hole.

The boy had lost control and soon was pissing, and I greedily held my mouth over his fountain and drank that too. Brian was squatted down now and was feeling under the kid's nuts, probing at the hole we both had fucked. Scott continued to chomp on my shit, making a humming sound. His cock was still erect even though he was pissing. The scene had so turned him on...

Brian said "You get a belly full of shit in there, boy, and I'm gonnaget most of it." With that he raised up the boy's legs and Scott instinctively placed his dirty fingers under his knees to hold his legs in the air like he was going to get fucked. He had been in this posi*tion many times before, except in the past things were going in his fuck hole, not coming out. Brian rimmed the kid and poked at the hairless sphincter with his fingers. I continued to suck the fat boy prick, intent on getting another load of cream.

Scott was still chewing on the turd I had blasted into his mouth and was taking pieces of the sticky dark brown shit from his chin and neck and stuffing them into his mouth to chew and swallow. He made a belching sound once in a while and he moaned as he con*tinued to hold his knees back to his chest, straining his neck to reach his fingers, scraping the shit from his chest and face. I felt the boy dick surge again and Scott cried out as he once more spurted cum and at the same time his asshole burped a fart.

Brian sucked hard on the hole and made a loud slurping noise. Then I smelled the shit as the light brown turd made up of several round nuggets rolled out onto Brian's waiting lips.

I swallowed more cum and then let the hard dick slap against Scott's belly with juice still drooling out. I leaned down to the asshole still belch*ing out light brown shit. I got my mouth around the pucker*ed hole and tasted the bitter gritty shit as it entered my mouth. But soon the stream stopped and I was left with only a half mouthful. I chomped down on it. It was soft enough to mush with my tongue and break up into small enough pieces to swallow. I gulp*ed down two chunks, then a third.

Brian was sitting back on his heels, jerking his cock with a shitty hand and chewing the shit he had in his mouth.That made his smile lookwonder*ful with the excess shitmushedabout his mouth. I roll*ed to the side and Scott released his legs, then with one hand he con*ti*nued to feed shit to himself, and with the other he grabbed my dick and brought me off with three short jerks, letting my scum arch and flow over his belly.

For a minute we all just squirted jissim over our bodies and chewed each other's shit. Then Brian and I attacked the young body before us and suck*ed on the skin, swabbing our tongues across the flesh, cleaning all the shit up. As Brian cleaned the boy's chest, biting and sucking on the high stand*ing nipples, I raised the legs and clean*ed the ass*hole, sucking on the dirty opening and sticking my tongue up inside his hot body, tasting the freshsul*ph*uric liquid oozing out. Then I was greeted with a soft fart which I swallowed. When Iraisedup, Brian and Scott were kissing. The boy held onto Brian's neck with his arms. I leaned forward and sucked the shit from his fingers.


Brian asked, "You think it's about time?"

I answered, "Oh yes, I'm so god damned fuckin' horny to do it. Yes, we got to get to it before I bust open!"

Scott asked, "Do what? You mean there's more? Jesus fuckin' Christ, my ballsare about spent of cream!"

Brian ignored the boy and said to me, "You start on him — I'll hold him down."

I said, "You hold him good, don't let that bastard attack me like the marine did last week..."

Brian said, "That fucker was lots stronger than this one will ever be."

Scott started to sit up and said, "What are you guys talking 'bout anyway?"

Brian said, "You ain'tgoing' nowhere." With that he pounded the kid in the neck with his fist. That laid Scott flat on the mattress. I grab*bed his balls and began to squeeze. At once the boy began to buck and twist, but I had my upper arm sur*round*ing his legs, and Brian had Scott's arms twist*ed behind him and held the boy down with his body, watching me destroy the boy's nuts.

Scott shouted, "Oh, Jesus, no.. thatfuckin' hurts,ohhh... shit, that hurts....ohhh, please... stop..."

My fingers had closed about the red furred nuts bag and were press*ing hard, harder than Scott had ever felt. The pain was streak*ing down his thighs and throbbing up into his belly so hard his muscles were twitching. I continued to squeeze and Scott stop*ped beg*ging and just screamed at the top of his voice. Brian smiled as my fingers twisted the scrotum. Then I yanked hard, pulling the sack down between the youth's quivering thighs. He was screaming loud*ly and gasping for breath between screams and each time I applied new pres*sure to his scrotum, flattening his boy balls. His voice went high and squealed to a stop,thendisappeared all together.

Brian said, "Yeah, kid, scream! I like hearing a boy cry as his nuts are destroyed. Yea,Stevy, keep smashing this fucker's balls!"

The boy's legs were flailing about as I continu*ed to press down on the scrotum, crushing the nuts. Then I released them and watched as the skin turned bright red and the nuts began to retract up against his pelvis for protection. Just as they were to be drawn up into the body, I grasped them again, thumbs and fingers closing about the scro*tum, digging in real deep. I could feel blood begin to ooze about. I yanked hard and Scott screamed a gasp like he had been punched hard in the belly. I lifted him up by the scrotum and then bounced him like a paddle ball. His screams came out in a jerking sound as his body weight was straining the cords that held his nuts.

Brian said, "Yank them fuckers out! Oh, god damn, he does scream good, don't he!"

I said, "Sure the fuck does!" I yanked his balls several more times, and the screams were getting weaker as his voice became a rasping, grating sound with each yank on his manhood. I clasped my fingers tightly about the balls which were get*ting smaller as I squeezed them — even though the sack would be filling with fluid to protect them. Then I lifted him high in the air, leaning aside so his legs could rise up. I pounded the scrotum with my fist and dropped him on his butt.

I said, "Let the fucker go... I think he's softened enough so there's no more fight in him."

Brian said, "Don't think so... the asshole is still straining his arms against mine..."

Then I said, "Well, then let the son-of-a-bitch loose. We'll see how much fight is left." Brian let go and I stood up, hunched over in the van.

Scott had tears streaming over his cheeks and a drool of saliva was dribbling out his mouth. He gasped and then grabbed his nuts and curl*ed up in a ball, sucking air like it was hard to breathe. He groan*ed loudly until his voice cracked. Brian and I laughed. This was a wonder*ful beginning...

I said to Brian, "Your turn. Ruin his nuts, he ain't gonnalive long enough to ever use them again anyway... We might as well get some fun out of them." Brian laughed.

Scott whimpered, "Please, guys, please don't do no more...oh, God, please... my balls are ruined... no more!"

I took his face in my hands and said, "What do you mean ruined, they're still attached. Until they are either gone or can no longer give you pain, they're not ruined." Brian laughed, "They'll be god damn ruined before long though, boy, so get ready to sing soprano in your last minutes of life."

Scott was crying, sniffing snot up his nose,thenasked, "Why are you guys doing this to me... Why are you hurting me this way? All I wanted was some funscrewin' around in a new way... Please, just leave me here... I'll never say you did it..."

"Bullshit," I said, slapping his face.

Brian said, "We do it because we likedoin' it, ass*hole, that's why." I said, "Yasee, kid, what we're doing here is paying back for all the shit we got when we was growin' up..."


"...My dad was in the fuckin' army... we went from place to fuckin' place all over the fuckin' world. All he ever gave a god damn about was his career and for me to be just like him... an asshole. He didn't like the friends I had, the music we play*ed, the way I kept my hair, the way I dressed. Hebitchedme out for jerkin' off... worse than the god damn priest. He was so fuckin' proud of being a Mexican officer in the fuckin' US Army... he ex*pect*ed me to follow in his place, like it was an honor to be in the army... fuck the god damn army. Then one night he beat on me real bad... he fuckin' beat my ass bad... then he claimed I didn't know how to be a man, so, he would treat me like a girl and he fucked me. Things was I was no virgin then, but he was so fuckin' dumb he didn't notice, but he fucked me, then told me it didn't happen and if I told anyone no-one would believe me. Then he started using me in other ways too when I didn't kiss his ass of do anything the way he fuckin' wanted. He made me drink his piss, then he made me eat a turd of his... that was the ulti*mate punish*ment... but he got afriggin' bone inhis dickwatching. His was the first shit I ate, but then I tried others, in rest*rooms, or from guys I had fuck*ed, rimming their assholes right after I pulled out. That fucker even made me suck the dog's butt*hole and fuck it in the ass*hole, then suck my own scum out...

He couldn't figure why my dick was so hard even after I had shot off and why I didn't puke my guts out neither. Then later he caught me givin' head to some cute blond private. He busted the pri*vate out of the Army and sent me to a mental hos*pital. I escaped from there — that was when I kill*ed my first man... hung the sucker... took the keys and drove toDenver'cause I knew Brian was living there..."

Brian added, "We wasassholesuckin' buddies right from the first time we swapped shit. That's something you like or you don't — there ain'tno midway about it — and we both liked it something hot, sucking our tongues up each others' holes, sniffing them, farting. Jesus, it'sgreat... makes me fuckin' juice my cock talking about it.... Sticking our fingers in deep when we were about to crap and licking them likelolly-pops, brownlolly-pops... Yeah, we did it all... Shit is fuckin' good...

First there was shit... then there was hurting guys. Not just any guys at first, but only guys that hurt us. But then we found killing was so much fun we started in hurting others... and killing. But I didn't learn about killing until after we wasliving together inDenver."

Then I said, "Wewas inDenver... both of us able to do the music we liked for the first time. Like I said I was already a pretty good bass player. I crashed with Brian a while but then his mom got bust*ed and we had to take off, or he was going to get put in an orpha*nage, and I would be gotten for killing the god damned orderly at the nut house, so we started selling our dicks and occasionally getting our rocks off killing some guy 'cause that makes us feel best — killing does."

Brian nodded and said, "My mom was a hooker and she sold drugs on the side. I ran them for her. We did okay for a while down inCarson,Colora*do, selling to the military there. I met Stevythere. We both knew the other was queer, so we stuck together in school... made it bad for any of the guys what wanted to cause us trouble, but also found that there was more to sex than just pulling off, or cock-sucking, or butt fucking. We both liked the taste of shit and piss. We compared notes and then began to swap with each other...

My mom's boyfriends were all assholes. They beat me, but she wouldn't donothingabout it.Stevyand meran off several times, but his fuckin' dad would come get us. He always tried to keep us apart too, but when we went to school we were together, in the same classes. Then my mom mo*ved toDenver... thought business would be better there. She wasgettin' too old to sell her ass on the street corners, you know, so the drug dealing made sense. Only I was getting too old to get away with running for her, so I was in the way.

I played keyboards, real good too. But then one night one of here fuckin'drunkboyfriends beat my ass, then used afriggin' beer bottle on my hands. He had me pinned down and just bashed the god damn bottle on my right hand, breaking the bottle, then he stabbed both of them with the fuckin' bottle, gashing the nerves and tendons. I can use my fingers, but not well enough to even play no*thing. I'm fuckin' lucky I can jerk off.

Stevycame up to Denverabout then on the run from the hospital. We stuck together. He helped me do things, helped me learn to use my fingers all over. But I'll never play again. The doctor who took care of me said I'd never make a fist again."

Then Brian punched Scott in the face, pounded down on the cower*ing boy, smashing his mouth and nose, causing blood to spurt over the terror stricken face. "See, I can make a god damn fist," he said, licking the blood from his knuckles.

Scott yelled, "No, please... please don't hurt me no more, please! What do you want... I'll do any*thing. Just stop beating on me." He sob*bed and groan*ed out, even though he didn't try to fend off the blows. He was confused and his nuts still hurt him powerfully bad.

Brian continued, "When my mom got her ass busted, we split. Living on the streets was better than any institution. And when we connected with the band,Stevywouldn't join unless I was taken on as a roadie. He's my only true friend, and I'm his. We do it together, whatever it may be. Right now it's getting out rocks off supreme by killing you in the most painful way we can think of."


Scott had just stared open mouthed at the truth of where we were coming from. He was still sha*king from the sudden fisting of his face. He might not have believed the story, except his balls ached sobad, if he could have, he might have cut them fuckers off, and he could taste his own blood...

Brian opened the back doors and jumped down, then poked his head back in smiling.

The sky in the east was beginning to glow pink and I could see the shit stains on his body well in the dim dawn light. I rolled Scott toward the doors and gave him a kick as he moved stiffly and like all his muscles hurt, which many sure did...

I said, "You take the cocksucker, I'll bring the stuff."

Brian had grabbed Scott and yanked him out on*to the ground. He tried to make the kid stand, but his knees were bent and he was in a stooped po*sition, shaking all over like he was cold, but it was a nice warm day breaking. I jumped down and helped Brian move the boy along to the side of the truck. Then I said, "I watched you looking at these strips of wood all stained funny and with nail holes in them while we were in the club. They don't seem to have a useful purpose, but they really have a good use."

Brian smirked, "At least we think they do..."

Scott was in a fog. He moved slowly like in a dream, his fingers clutching his ball bag, his shoulders humped over,blooddrooling at the corners of his mouth and from his nose, shit and sweat streaking his young muscles He gasped with each step. I think he understood he was walking to his death as surely as a condemned man knows it when he climbs the scaffolding to be hung. Only this death was going to be far more painful than any hanging.

Brian threw the boy against the truck. Scott moved fluidly, banging his head against the side.

Scott looked up at us through tear filled terror stricken eyes. "No,please," he pleaded again, "No, please don't do no more to me... Just kill me and be done with it... That's what you're fuckin'gonnado, isn't it... kill me?"

Brian said, "Sure thing, you little son-of-a-bitch, but it ain'tno fun to just kill you dead... bang, like with a gun. Shit, man, that's no fun at all. The fun is watching you suffer – hearing you scream and wail until there is no voice left — seeing how your body comes apart, watching you twist and con*vulse uncontrollably from the intense pain we are going to cause you — that's the fun in killing!"

I said, "You got that right, buddy. Now give me your hand, Scott, and I'll show you what those boards on the side of the truck are for, and where the stains come from."

Scott didn't resist as I lifted his hand and made him stand on his tip toes. I laid his hand against the two by ten boards bolted to the side of the van, turned his palm out, pressed on his fingers and wrist. Brian picked up the spike and hammer,thenstabbed the spike into the boy's hand. It made blood spurt out when he struck with the hammer.

Scott sang out in pain. Brian whacked again, driving the spike out the back of the boy's hand. Scott shrieked, his right knee rising as he be*gan a dance. Brian pounded one last time. This blow drove the spike deep into the wood and the flatten*ed end of the spike was press*ed against the youth's palm. I released the fingers and wrist and we step*ped back to watch. The boy raised each leg in a stamp*ing motion. He gasped and screamed as jolts of pain coursed through his arm and body. He banged his head against the side of the truck sever*al times, emphasizing each bang with a scream. All the muscles in his young body were straining as if he could force the spike to with*draw by sheer force. His fingers closed and opened about the spike. Blood drooled off his hand onto the wood, joining the blood of all those other boys who had preceded him hanging there. He despe*rately clutch*ed at the nailed left hand with his right fin*gers trying to free the hand, all the time scream*ing in an endless wail of agony that thrilled both of us. Finally his voice cracked and was broken and he only opened his mouth and a silent scream accent*ed by the drawn lines in his never shaven face. It was truly a beautiful sight.

I said, "Now, Scott, you know what the boards are for."

The boy only gasped. His head bobbed about. He did look up at me, silently acknowledging what I had said. Then Brian held the right hand and I delivered the blows to the next spike which plunged through the other palm, spraying us with a spurt of blood. Then I drove another spike through the wrist to be sure he didn't come loose as he struggled and twisted, then I held the last spike as Brian nailed the left wrist.

We stepped back and watched as the morning light illuminated the blood drooling from the extended hands and wrists. It dribbled over the strained skin. His thin biceps shivered. The boy continued to stamp his feet and flex his muscles trying to free himself – more an auto*matic reaction than a controlled action. A drool of blood pink saliva dangled from his open mouth, and his cock, like most victims, was stiff, standing against his flat muscular belly, a drool of piss glistening like morning dew in his red curly pubic hair.

Brian asked, "How's it feel, asshole?" He punch*ed the youth in the belly so hard it shook the truck.

Scott looked up, and in an involuntary action his stomach revolted and vomit spewed out his mouth like a fountain. His body convulsed several times and more puke rained out, billowing over his chin and making a river over his heaving chest and belly, on down through his crotch, dripping off his balls.

Brian stepped forward and sucked the fresh vo*mitup,lapping the bitter tasting shit brown slime. I kissed Brian, swallowing a mouthful of the fresh puke he had lapped from the young quivering body,then I received a face full from the boy's gaping mouth as a deep retching sound echoed from his belly. Brian and I savored the acid scent of fresh puke as Scott continued to retch, shower*ing us with the contents of his stomach. We licked over his contorted body and took turns punching him in the belly to continue the puking.

We swab*bed across the flesh to the round pectorals. There at the pink slime covered nipples we stopped and began to suck flesh, biting and chewing on the brown ringed centers on a field of puke slime cover*ed freckles. Scott winced and then yelled when he found his voice again. I knew Brian was chewing off the pink tittycentre. I joined in and clamped my teeth down hard until I could taste the sweet metallic flavor of fresh blood. Scott twisted and raised his knees, trying to catch us in the nuts, but we were too close to him.

Then we tore the loosened flesh away and stood back chewing his nipples with our mouths open so he could watch his flesh being devoured along with the vomit we had slurped up. Now a new color was added to the shit streaks and the river of puke... fresh blood glistening in the morn*ing light. We knew there was no-one to hear other than us, and it made our dicks stand up.

The spikes in his wrists and hand had made slightly bigger holes from his twisting on them, but he would not pull them loose or fall off them. What we had used were railroad spikes we had found. We ground them down so the points are sharp like arrows, and when they are driven into the wood they hold well, and when removed with a crowbar, the hand flesh has to be slashed away first. We had more spikes which we would soon use on the boy; longer ones, triangular shaped, with the edges sharpened like razors.

But first more damage needed to be done to Scott's firm young body... Brian had the crowbar and whacked at the youth's knees, smashing them hard with well placed blows to shatter each knee*cap. I forced my fingers into the open wound on his chest, stretching the skin about the holes where his tits had been, I pulled the strips of skin away, baring even more flesh, and stuffed the skin into Scott's open, wailing mouth.

When both knees had been broken and could hold no more weight, the youth hung, sobbing, breathing loudly, gasping for air, excruciating pain watering his eyes so everything was a blur.

I got the cleaver from the inside and held it in front of Scott's eyes. He knew where I was going to strike: in his face. I held the sharp blade against his skin, then pushed in and carved an opening as wide as his face. I severed the lips and cheeks, driving all the way back to the jawbone joint. This brought a fresh flow of blood over his chin.

Now all his teeth were exposed. We whacked at them with the crow*bar, chipping the teeth away, hitting so hard that the boy almost lost conscious*ness. Then Brian rammed the crowbar up the kid's left nostril and ripped it loose from Scott's once pretty face. Then he pried the right side loose. Now the wide pug nose was held only by the center strip of membrane. Brian wedged the nail pull slot against that and pried it up, ripping the nose bone loose. It made a crunching sound.

We stopped a while and lit smokes and watch*ed the writhing boy express his pain in squeaks and moans. Finally his eyes fluttered open and we puffed on the cigarettes as I stroked his cock and pealed the foreskin back. Then Brian batted his smoke there, which brought another cry of pain. While Scott's attention was focused on his ruined dickhead, I pushed my burning hot cigarette up against his dick base. It brought more than a gasp, but less than a scream.

I lifted the left leg and bent it back so the foot was next to the bleeding hand. Brian whacked the ham*string hard with the bar and bashed it until the gasping screams stopped and Scott had at last pass*ed out. I dropped the left leg that dangled from the broken hip and waited until Brian had awakened the boy with some amyl nitrate.

I lifted the foot again and Brian quickly drove one of the sharp triangular spikes through the arch of the foot. After several blows he had shattered the bone and anchored the foot into the board. A second spike secured that foot,then it was my turn to finish the job by nailing the right foot. I did this with two spikes - one through each side of the foot. The spikes burst through the ball of the foot into the wood. Now two more blood streams flowed. In all the violent bucking, nailing, spiking the feet, the cigarette had fallen from the youth's cock. Now a pre-cum drool dangled from his piss hole.

Brian had a long, thick knife, and as he massa*ged the prick he toyed with the piss opening. I took hold of the red furred balls and squeezed them until once more the boy's voice rose in a wail of agony. At that point Brian pushed the blade into the cock-head, deep enough so there was a flow of blood. I released the swollen, bruised nut bag and took the hammer and began to destroy the boy's man*hood, smashing and pounding the testicles into the perineum, shatter*ing that bone until it broke out through the red fuzzed skin and more blood flowed. I continued to hammer the balls, making the scrotum a pulp of blood and fluid, the balls totally disintegrated.

Brian said, "His balls are really ruined now. Let's get rid of the rest."

"Want to cut his dick off?" I asked. He smiled and nodded. Scott was groaning, no longer able to scream or yell, his voice gone. He watched with fearful eyes.

The sun was making our shit stained and blood speckled bodies glow with a jaundiced hue.

Brian shoved the blade all the way to the hilt into the boy's hard prick shaft and squeezed until he could feel the blade pressing through the skin. Then he yanked it out, followed by a burst of blood that shot out like crimson cum. I reached in*to the van and got the lighter fluid and sprayed it over the wound, then struck a match. We gleefully watched as the flames scorched away the red pu*bic bush and seared the dick so the bleeding stop*ped. The flames bent around the boy's crotch and made the already swollen ball bag well up even more with fluid. The flames charred the dick and began to burn through the scrotum when it burst, sending fluid over the convulsing crotch. Then we pissed on him to put the fire out. Scott made little sound. His face, though twisted and bent told us he felt the agony of his crotch being destroyed.

I said, "Time for a final fuck."

Brian smiled and answered, "Not the final fuck."

Then I said, "Well, no, not the final one, but the final one in his ass*hole."

Brian pushed his boner against the kid's puck*er*ed asshole and forced it in. The sphincter muscle resisted, frozen closed because of the pain and damage done to the boy's crotch. With an upward thrust of his hips and a mighty grunt Brian open*ed the hole wide, ram*ming his entire cock into the boy who reared his head back in new pain where there had only been pleasure. Then Brian lifted him*self up, pressing his body next to Scott's, hold*ing onto the wood board on either side of Scott's head. He pressed the boy's knees up and shoved his over a foot long fat dick up into the tight flame charred asshole. Brian's prick reamed in. It tore bits of burnt flesh away, adding blood to the lubricant on his cock. He lifted his body, making it flat against the gasping Scott, whose face was bent in new pain. That way the room was made for me to enter the hole too.

I pushed a finger inside next to Brian's prick and stretched the hole wider, then shoved my bony fifteen inch thick veined cock in, gliding next to Brian's well lubed dick, both of us riding on a slime of blood and shit. I pressed into the body, holding Brian's butt as I forced deep so that I too was all the way in the kid's asshole. Now we had stretched that to the breaking point. Fresh blood flowed out, making additional lubricant to our steel hard rods. We screwed and pressed the boy to the side of the truck, making breathing difficult for him. Then we shot off deep into the rectum.

Our convulsions were painful to Scott, but a pleasure for us. Then on the count of three we yank**ed out. That created a strong suction in the boy's guts which made a popping sound as our stiff rods left the clutching asshole. We quickly knelt to watch at the hole, for we knew not only blood would come out, but a fart would follow, and there would be fresh shit flowing, loose and wet like diarrhea, bright greenish yellow, or maybe white. The shit still in the form of intesti*nal fluid would flow from fright and the suction. We were rewarded with a flow – lumpy as shit was forming, but as we gobbled this delicacy up, the thick mo*las*ses textured tan liquid became more fluid and we drank the foul smelling and tasting delight.

Scott groaned and rasped other sounds, "Oh, Jesus, forgive me... Oh, please, forgive me... Mary full of grace... now is my hour... Mary... full of grace..." His voice trailed off as we stood facing him with the shit drooling over our faces much like the vomit had flowed over his body.

The morning sun, now fully up, lighted us bright*ly. Our well muscled bodies were streaked with all kinds of human excrement. We leaned closer to the boy who was breathing with a labored gasp. He raised his shoulders with each breath. We pressed our wet flesh next to his, gliding as we had done inside his shit chute while fucking.

Brian said, "Say a prayer... Let me hear it."

Scott answered, his voice a barely audible rasping whisper, "Hail Mary, full... of... full of... Jesus, God, it hurts... full of grace..."

I said, "Hail Mary full of shit... You think that first century whore is going to help you now? You're going to hell as soon as we are finish*ed with you, kid... To hell and you ain'tfelt nothing compared to what's waiting for you there... if you believe that shit."

"Forgive me...umph..." His words were cut off short and he arched his body and bucked as Brian stabbed the knife into the flat belly, pushing it to the navel all the way, twisting and turning the blade when it was in, making Scott's eyes bulge in this new agony. He whispered, "Oh Jesus... Oh God... or someone...make it so I don't hurt no more..." His head fell forward and a drool of bloody saliva drained from his mouth.

I grabbed his head and leaned him back, then pressed my thumbs into the eyes. I pressed down hard on the pupils, and pushed them back. This brought a wail from the boy as I made his body respond once again to a new pain. I forced down hard, felt the firm wetness part and then spring out. I continued to push and gouge my thumbs into the sockets until both eyes had slithered out. One dangled by a thread of veins and cords, the other, almost ripped loose from the lower socket, dangled over. He was seeing a swaying world through the left eye, and the right was a view of his chest and belly. Now he could see the knife stick*ing up from his flat pulsating belly, the mus*cles frozen in a strain to meet the thrust of the blade.

Brian had knelt and was worming his hands up into the kid's asshole. I squatted beside him and pushed my hand in beside his wrists that were already deep in the boy. I pushed up and soon we were both in up to the elbows, thrashing our hands about inside, grabbing things and pulling, then partly pulling out and then ramming in deeper, only to grab something else and yank on that.

Scott was still very well aware of what was hap*pen*ing when we began to pull on his intes*tines. Each of us grasped a different part now that we had broken the thin membrane tissue of the rectal wall. Brian's hand came out first, followed by a long string of intestine. The slimy gray tubing wriggled as it met the air that was cooler than the boy's belly. I had hold of more and yanked down*ward, and pulled the stuff out.

The smell was at once both awful — it made us both gag and gasp, and it was an aphrodisiac that brought our cocks to a boiling point. Long strings of guts lay about us and dangled down like long sausages from the boy's wide ruptured asshole. The smell finally got me and I began to puke. Brian grabbed me and held me close and our lips met as another mouthful of vomit came roaring up my eso*phagus and into Brian's waiting mouth. Much of the shit-filled puke spilled over our bodies. The taste of my vomit brought Brian's sto*mach in revolt and he too sent a stream of green slimy, shit brown, lumpy, piss orange liquid stuff, bathing me. The wet, burning hot, lumpy slime made my balls pull up in excitement. My cock nearly ex*ploded without any hand stroking.

We pulled more guts out. Scott gasped with each yank his body felt. Then I took the knife out and cut off a section of intestines and forc*ed it over my cock-head. The slimy contents spilled over my nuts. I pealed the flesh down over my cock like a living rubber. Brian followed suit. Both our cocks were covered with Scott's flesh. He winced and buck*ed as we clutched our cocks covered with his intes*tines and began to jerk off.

Only Scott didn't know how close we were to shooting off. He thought he was nearly dead. His fingers were no longer spas*modically clutching at the spikes. His belly had relaxed, the gulps of air were father and farther apart.

I felt my balls ready,then the most wonder*ful explosion erupted into the slimy flesh sur*round*ing my engorged cock. My cum filled the intestines. Brian gasped too; he was shooting off too. Scott was not moving now. His head wobbled. Bloody babbles formed at his ripped lips, showing he was still breathing.

Brian stabbed the boy's throat. Now there was a con*vulsion in Scott's belly... a throat gurgle... his whole body shook wonderfully as all men do when they die. This boy was proving to be no differ*ent. We pressed close to feel this final spasm. Then it was over... no more pain... he was dead. Brian and I looked at each other... smiled. We were satisfied. We had done another boy. Now we had to clean up...


The morning sun was beating down. It quickly made the desert hot, also quick to make a corpse stink and bloat...

I hacked at the neck that was already sliced and cut. A few whacks with the cleaver and Scott's head fell to the ground and rolled away. I hacked at the wrists and ankles until the torso fell to the ground. I pried the hands and feet free with the crowbar,then I collected the hands and feet and put them in a plastic bag. I went looking for the head and put that into the bag also. We did the same with the torso. Now we only had to gather the intestines that were lying around. We gathered them in another bag and put them in the back of the van. We covered the blood that had spilled on the ground with some sand. Now we could be on our way before it got too late.

We drove on into Nevada and on to Las Vegas, smoking a ciga*ret*te and looking at the boy's head and hands in the plastic bag sitting on the motor hump – the mouth spread wide, teeth broken, the once cute nose dangling over the destroyed mouth, the eyes dangling off in different directions, the soft, never shaven skin deeply etched as mute evidence of the final hours of suffering and agony this boy had endured for our pleasure — the fin*gers bent into fists, mute testimo*ny of the futile effort he had made to escape the wonderful suffering he had endured.

We parked beside our trailer on the outskirts of town and slipped inside without anyone seeing us. We were still naked. We carried the plastic bags with the different body parts into the bedroom. There's always a large rubber sheet on the bed which we cover with a sheet whenever we don't need it. We lay on the bed with the slime from the evening's pleasures dried to our skin. We knelt facing each other and began to piss on ourselves to wet the dried slime and make our bodies slippery and wonderful feeling again,

Brian held a long plastic straw and I bent my head back. He push*ed the straw down my throat,then blew into it, sending a flow of air into my sto*mach. He blew again and again until I belched. He pulled the straw out. I gasped and belched again, then retched. I spilled an*other mouthful of puke over us, then another into his waiting mouth. He swal*lowed everything. The stomach acid in my puke brought his stomach to a boil and he too was vomiting. We puked uncontrollably now, sending the lumpy slime over our bodies. Then we opened the bags. The smell brought our bellies to heaving again and more vomit gurgled to our mouths. We let it boil over our lips in fountains, and it made rivers of slime over our muscular chests and bellies.

I took the boy's right hand out of the bag and licked and kissed the fingers. I pulled them into a cone shape,thenrolled it in the slime which gather*ed about my dark dick hair. Brian lifted him*self up in a hunch*ed over position and I began to insert the dead hand in his asshole which he spread wide for the entry. He bent and squatted down, impalinghimselfon the fingers, then the thumb pressed between his ass lips, then with a sud*den sucking sound the hand dis*appear*ed up to the severed wrist. Brian had gotten the other hand from the bag and rolled it about his slimy body. I bent over, facing my butt to him. I gasped as the dead fingers probed into my anus. The knuckles passed up into my ass, the thumb pressed past my pros*tate, and the hand slipped in. The width felt wonderful against my colon. The wrist stretched my anus sphincter wide and pleasu*rable — mostly because I knew it was a severed hand from the dead boy. It brought instant recall of Scott's hours of suffering, his screams and final gasps and gurgles as he died.

I took the head out of the bag and slipped the neck over my prick. The tattered neck pressed against my balls and pubic curls. My cock went up the boy's esophagus and my cock-head was stick*ing out his tattered mouth. I turned the head so it faced Brian who was kneeling in front of me.

He pushed his boner against the left eye socket, forcing his cock into the head. He pushed hard to enter the boy's brain after breaking the membrane separating the eye socket and the rest of the skull.

When he was inside Scott's brain we both began to fuck, rising up and embracing each other, our lips meeting. We were still retching up small amounts of vomit to swap in a passionate kiss. Our tongues caressed, lips locked, bodies slipping and sliding on the sea of vomit. The hands inside our bellies caressed our prostates; the slime in Scott's head massaged our hot cocks. We both ejaculated, floating on a cloud of indescribable ecstasy, our voices rising in a roar of pleasure Scott never knew he had created.

We had a few beers and smokes and took a little nap. I woke up feeling someone lying on top of me. But it wasn't Brian. He had been up earlier and had taken the dead torso out of the other bag and put it on top of me. It's an eerie way to wake up, I can tell you that. When he saw that I was awake, he said, "Found some shit in the bag, wantit?" He didn't wait for an answer — did't needone.

He rummaged in the bag and his hand came out with a pile of red-brown goo which he just crammed into my mouth. He lay on top, the torso between us, with his dick shoved up the wide opening that had once been the boy's ass. He bent over to kiss me and share the mess he had shoved in my mouth. He managed to get a mouthful and swallowed it, then, with his mouth half open, he looked at me to see me swallow my part.

I had an idea. "Hey, we got some shit in the freezer, right? Why don't you take it out and put it in the microwave."

"You can never get enough shit, canya, pig?" Brian said. He got up and took a big turd out of the freezer. We always keep some in there. I think it was one of his turds. He put it in the microwave and set it to defrost. We had another smoke. After about ten minutes Brian got up to take it out. He poked a finger in the side of the turd and said it was warm on the outside, but still a little frosty on the inside. "That'll keep it firm!" I said.

I pushed the torso to the side and took the head in one hand, and with the other I stuffed the turd into the dead mouth. I held the head between us and began kissing the turd in its mouth, and sucking on it. Brian crawled up to me and began sharing the shit with me. Now and then he would scoop up a handful of puke from the bed and cram it in both our mouths. We bit off another piece of the turd and let it get nice and warm and mushy in our mouths. It tasted nice with the puke.

The turd was sticking out of Scott's mouth, half bitten off, glisten*ing with our drool and spit and puke. I took the eye that was dangling on the side of the head between my fingers and pushed it onto the end of the turd.

"It'slookin' atyou !" I joked.

"Maybe it can look at the shit inside," Brian said. I thought he was going to press it deeper into the turd, but instead he pushed the eye in my ass*hole. He ripped the other eye from its cords and plunged it into his own asshole.

"Guess he can't see far enough," he said. With that he shoved his monster dick in my shithole and pushed it in all the way.

I couldn't hold Brian's huge cock inside me for very long. I begged him to take it out. Of course it came out all shitty, so he turned around in a 69 position and shoved his dick head into my mouth. I licked the shit off and stuck a finger up his asshole when I felt him doing to same to me. I felt some soft shit in there — and the eye.

Brian got up a little, with his holeright above my mouth. Without any warning he shat out the eye with some loose shit. "Eat it," he ordered.

I thought he meant eat the shit. He looked over his shoulder and saw me doing just that, but every time I opened my mouth, the eye would be there.

"Eat it," he ordered again and now I got the mes*sa*ge. I held the eye between my teeth and bit down hard. It made a weird crunchy sound.

"Eat!"Louder this time.I swallowed. "Like it? Want more?"

"Umpf" was all I could mumble.

He held his hand under my asshole and ordered me to shit. The other eye came out and of course a lump of shit. He licked some shit off his hand, then pushed his hand right into my face and kept it there. I had the other eye between my teeth and bit it in half, then swallowed it.

"Good!" he said."Fuckin' cannibal!"

"Give me more to eat, man!" I begged him.

"How about this?" he said, grabbing a two-foot-length of intestine from the bag. He draped it over my face. "You like raw flesh, uh?" I bit off a piece and tried to swallow it. It was too much, it made me puke again. "Hold it!" he shouted in my ear. He quickly grabbed the bag from the floor beside the bed, held it high, thenemptied the con*tents on the bed. The smell was overpowering. The blood that had been in the bag was now on top of the pile, slowly sinking into it and dribbling down the sides. Brian grabbed me by my neck and pushed my face down in the pile of intestines.

"There's your fuckin' dinner, cannibal!" he shouted. I could barely hear him with my face sticking in the pile of bloody guts. He came on top of me and shoved his dick up my ass again. Then I felt his face next to mine, and I heard a muffled shout, "Eat! Puke! Eat! Eat!!!" He cram*med a couple of inches of intestine in my mouth, and as a com*mand, rammed his dick even deeper into my hole. I couldn't chew, couldn't swallow. I turned my head around and tried to find his mouth. He was stuffing the guts into his own gullet as well, fucking me at the same time.

I spat out the intestine for a second and lifted my head to get some air. My face covered in blood and slime turned him on, and vice versa.

"Whatsamatter, can't you eat it? Well, let's try the other end then."

He grabbed a handful of slimy, bloody guts. Without any con*sider*a*tion for the pain it might cause, he yanked his cock out of my hole and began stuffing the guts in it.Then another handful. And a third. I was getting stuffed with the boy's guts. He scooped up some blood, slurped it up, thenblew it into my ass. I think I had half of little Scott's intestines shoved up my asshole. The other half was still lying in a bloody puddle on the bed.

Then Brian got on top of me again, rammed his cock back in. pushing the guts further down my rectum. He pushed my face down in the heap of guts on the bed,thenforced my mouth open with his fingers. With his other hand he crammed the guts into my mouth.

"Chew! Eat!" he roared. That was too much. I felt the puke boiling up and my spunk wanted release also. Brian felt my convuls*ions.

"Puke in them guts!" he shouted and with that he pushed my face further down in the re*maining heap of intestines. Just in time. The puke blasted out, with loads of half-chewed shit and some hard bits that must be the eyes. Brian made me puke out everything,then he grabbed my hair and lifted my head up.

While he was fucking me, half the guts he had stuffed up my hole had slithered back out and now there was another pile between my legs. He scooped up as much as he could and held it under my throb*bing cock. "Shoot!" he yelled.

I came with a roar in the now-warm-again intes*tines he held around my dick. Quickly, he got his dick out of my ass and sat up, still holding both hands full of guts and shit and half chewed up eyes, mixed with my cum, in front of his face.

"Wannaeat...wannafuckin' eat guts, blood, puke, shit, every*thing," he moaned and he stuffed as much as he could in his mouth and started chewing. The bed was now so slippery that he fell onto his back, still mumbling and chewing away and swallowing. "Get on top of me," he managed to say between bites. I too almost fell. I was able to straddle him, with my ass over his mouth.

I knew what to do. I reached down and pried my fingers into his mouth and held it open. He said something, but I couldn't hear exact*ly what. He couldn't say more anyway, as a piece of intes*tine that was dangling out of my hole now hung in his open mouth. I felt him biting on it and pulling it out. When it came slithering out, I couldn't hold the rest, and soon I was shitting out all the intes*tines right into his mouth. He coughed some back up again but I stuffed it all back into his mouth. I turn*ed around so that I might better feed him and watch him eating. When I saw half an eye in the bloody mess, I made him look at it and then, temp*tingly, shoved it deep down his gullet. He had a hard time trying not to puke and eat instead, but he was intent on proving he was a good cannibal.

I took the head again, with half the turd still in its mouth, and pushed it down onto his mouth. The turd fell out of the head, right into Brian's mouth with the half chewed guts. I held my hand under his chin and pushed his mouth close. I look*ed him in his eyes and I saw his were ecstatic. I gave him time to chew and swallow some more. Then I held my hand out flat some distance from his face but still in his view.

"Fuckin' cannibal," I shouted, "Fuck*in' man-eater!" I slapped him hard in his face. He spat out some blood and shit. Another hard smack in his face and I could see he was getting even more ec*static.

Now I punched him in his face with my fist. This time the blood that splattered all around came from his nose. I stuck my tongue up his bleeding nostril and slurped away. He was moaning real hard now. I knew he was cumming. I quickly bent over and took his dick head into my mouth. Not a second too soon. I swallowed his load, and let him lay there, panting, sucking the last drops of cum out of his now softening dick.


We rested for maybe an hour. The bed and all around it was an indes*cribable mess. It began to stink realbad. We would have to do some*thing about it pretty soon. "Spent?" I asked. — "You?"

He looked around, sort of taxing how much cleaning up we would have to do. He let out a loud burp. It was then I realized he hadn't puked up any of the shit and the guts he's eaten earlier on. I admired him for that, since I had only been able to eat a little, and then still had to puke. But some had gone down, I was sure. That meant Brian's dinner would soon be digested and turned into the most deli*ci*ous shit I could ima*gine being offered for dinner. It would be a feast in a day or so. Not to mention the taste of Brian's shit — soon.

We wondered if we'd keep some of Scott's body and cram it in the already full freezer. There was still a little pile of intestines. The hands and feet would be no problem and perhaps the head would fit in. It would be nice to keep the skull even after we'd used the head a couple of times, after it would begin to rot. The torso was a bit of a pro**blem. It would almost fit in, but not quite. We got a big wooden hammer and smashed the ribs. The collar bone still stood out, so we cut around it and ripped it out. That made our dicks hard again.

When I bent over to cut around the second collar bone, Brian rubbed the bone he'd ripped out against my ass. "Fuckin' skeleton fuckin' you!" he joked.

"Fuckin' skeleton want some shit?" I joked back. With that I shat out a bit of soft shit onto the end of bone. Brian licked the end of the bone, smacked his lips. "Don't know what tastes better — your shit, or mine, or a dead guy's shit," he said.

"Well, maybe tomorrow we can find out," I said, "That's when you're going to shit and you know what you've been eating, don't you. It's gonna fuckin'tstink, though, I can tellya."

"...Eat it all back again..." he said, "Fuck, man, we need some meat to go with it. Let's get some now before we put all this in the freezer.

He took a big carving knife from the wall and stuck it into the love handles of the torso. He sliced and hacked and got a fairly big piece out. "Think this will do? Even when we roast it?"

I said it probably would. We stuffed everything into the freezer and just about managed to close the lid. Then we cleaned up most of the rest. We never bother about the blood stains. If anyone should come in here, it's probably too late for him anyway. I kept about a foot of intestine and wrap*ped that around my dick and my balls before I put my clothes on. Sure it would stink, but I always stink. And speaking of stink... would you


A man is a tasty morsel.
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Jan 13, 2012
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You sure know how to get me aroused. Great story!


A man is a tasty morsel.
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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
I would love to get you naked and have my way with you -you always sound HOT CALLMECALEB
Too bad you have disappeared, Luis Adam Bree, because you are the one man I would give myself over to. You could be Brian or Steve. I cold be the other....or Scott. Fill me up.