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Jul 12, 2009
Hi everybody, I need to tell you this story. I am private and I don’t have anyone to share my pain, that’s why I am here. My two friends are dead now. You can see them on this photo. Max (he is almost naked) and Roman. Max was gay. He was a good friend, and very kind guy. But you know not everybody like gays even if they are good people, especially in army. Max concealed his orientation and I known it by chance. Once I woke up at midnight for pee and found Max making blowjob to Roman in toilet. That was surprise. They forced me to promise not to tell anyone about this. I promised and tried to forget about this night, but something changed. I noticed that Roman became more aggressive to Max and once it gone too far. That day we received extra duty and stay in barracks. Roman was washing the floor when Max came up to him. Maybe because I knew his secret he did not shy me. He kissed Roman in lips and put hand into his pants. But Roman had other thoughts about this. He smack Max face and call him “ebanyi petuh”(it mean like “fucked fag” in English, maybe even worse). Max said nothing; he just turned around and went away. Roman made a joke about how Max crying then he rolling him on his dick. Then I laughed; now I don’t think that was funny. Max returned. I pretended that I didn’t see him, Roman also continues to washing floor. Max came closer, raised gun and made a shot. Roman not fell. He slid down the wall, maybe even not understood what happened. All window and wall was in his blood and parts of his brain. I was petrified, all what I could do was watching on this small brain parts. Maybe 10 seconds left before I turned eyes on Max. It looked like he waited this. Max gently hug Roman body, looked at me and shot himself.
I don’t know what was on my mind, but before call someone for help, I took my phone and made this picture. I think I just didn’t want to forget this moment, last moment then my friends was alive…died.
Thank you for listening to me.


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