Short and nice execution


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Aug 28, 2015
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This is from my collection. When I read this one, I visualised the guy being executed as the one in the photo.


The battle finished at 4 PM. I led a small team destroyed an important communication hotspot of the enemy. But due to a technical mistake, my team shot a mate in the neighbour group and unfortunately, he died. Because the bullet, though tiny, went into his left armpit and destroyed his heart. He was my friend. The shot was not my fault; but as the guy shot the bullet was in my team, I thought I should take the responsibility. I asked for a death penalty from my higher officer. The military court took some time to discuss it, and they agreed.

As a good team leader, I was provided with lethal injection. But it wouldn't be the type that is used usually in prisons. If I had been given this execution, it would have been a very easy death for me: The nurse in the army would inject anaesthetic in to the vein in my arm, then I died during my sleep at midnight. I did not want such a easy death to pay for my friend's life. So the military court finally gave me hanging execution. Not the type with gallows; because you can not expect a battling army to build or bring a gallows with them. And they didn't want to make the execution public; it would be my secret execution.

Two of my teammates gave me the execution at 11 PM, when other soldiers had already finished showering and fell asleep. The execution was arranged in the bathroom, which was actually a big tent as our accommodation. I would die in bathroom, because my mates could clean my body a little bit right after my death. It was a hot and damp summer night. When I stepped into the bathroom, I took off my vest to make bare chest. But I didn't take off anything on my lower body, including the thick combat boots. I told my mates, "You will enjoy the socks inside my boots soon later!"

They brought some cordages with them to the bathroom. One was them was used to tie a noose over the beam in the bathroom. My mates had no idea about how to tie a standard hangman's noose; so they just tied a knot with the cordage over the beam. I didn't care about this; as long as the rope could lock my neck, then I would die successfully.

After finishing the knot, I walked to the place below it. There was no stool or block in the bathroom; and no one wanted to hear the noise made by the stool that I would kick away. But me and my teammates had our own method. First, of course, a mate tied my ankles together with another cordage. He placed his palm on the area on my left pectoral, near the left cleavage. That was the right place to feel my heartbeat.

"Your heart rate is about 44 bpm. Don't you feel nervous or scared?" He asked me.

"No. Now finish your job!"

Then the other teammate held my hip with his hands, raising me up; I grabbed the cordage dangling above me with a pull-up. Then I was on my way.

I dropped down my hands, so that my mates could tie my hands together at my back.

Because I didn't feel any fear at all, I was KO within 10 seconds. Then I started automatic and continuous twitch. Because my hands and feet were all tied up, I couldn't kick; my mates could only see I was rotating in suspension. As for me, I felt like having a wild and erotic dream with my girlfriend. But this dream only lasted very short time. 5 minutes after I dropped my chin in the noose, my mate checked my pulse, both on my wrist and left pec. And there felt like no pulse. This simple noose killed me in only 5 minutes.

Then a short post-processing of my body. My teammates firstly released me down, making me lie on the ground. My eyes were slightly open, with my eyeball rolled a little bit up. They couldn't see any agony on my face and I looked like sleeping peacefully. Then raised my arms over my head, yes, two sweaty armpits. Then they took my boots off, as I said. The camouflage socks were totally soaked. My trousers and underwear were stripped off two. My penis was very stiff and long, pointing to the ceiling when I was lying on the ground. But not much cum. Only a little spot on my underpants. Perhaps my mates would feel disappointed. Though my body was not dirty at all, they still gave showered me a little bit anyway.

Finally, they wrapped my naked body and carried it outside. I was cremated somewhere outside of the army camp.


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Jun 4, 2010
I like lethal injection. The idea of it sends my own heart racing. More than anything else. Strapping muscle boys down to kill them.

A body struggling hard against the solid straps. locked in place trying to use his muscles to break free and escape. his heart accelerating hard with every closing minute, the adrenaline has his young cock hard as a rock, his lungs expanding his ribcage hard, his heart beating so hard in primal fear you can see it thrashing between his muscular young tits, he arches himself back, he forces out his ribcage and his flat belly sinks in and you see it as he tries to force his muscles to break his straps..

You see his 18 year old heartbeat as if its about to explode.

tell me your not watching this boys heart and dying to snuff it out in this way.

He knows he's only getting the muscle paralyzer.. It's just us two now, he knows he's dying in suffocating pain and there's nothing that can save him but he's human, you can be a solider but you are a human first and in this position, your first human reaction is to escape and live and you cannot do that.. Anyone can hide their fear but the Heartbeat hides nothing and it will take a little while to weaken and die beating in such a powerful body.

I would be in heaven feeling his suffocating heart try its best to stay alive right to the very end

I am going to lie on that boys chest until there is silence in that breathless body and when I take him to be cremated I AM going to remove that heart and eat it. I will have told him this too, to add to his impending fear of painful death. A solider deserves nothing less than agony
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