the stories of serial killers I think that more than one excites, the truth is that sometimes these stories become so interesting that they can even be poetic, and within the poetic there are quite macabre things
This sounds beautiful
Just to be invited along. I am watching him kill the college student. i approach and start taking the clothes off the body. he begins to dismember the body. I just start sucking that dead cock. For a start...
For me, it is the threat of danger, the fear of encountering someone. I once handcuffed my wrists behind my back, laid the key on a tree stump, and then wandered off. I walked naked, except for my construction boots, through the woods and up a hill. I had taken a smaller dose of drugs because I wanted to find my way back to the key, but it was enough to fuck up my vision and sense of space. At one point, I was certain there was someone nearby, and I cowered behind a nettle patch. Frankly, I was scared shitless. But no one came, and I eventually resumed my trek. All went well except when I tripped over a tree root and slid down a low ravine. Eventually, I made my way back to the key and went home. A little bruised and scraped, but still excited about the danger, and still hard.
What an excellent and brave adventure!
I saw this documentary called Carl Panzram: The Spirit of Hatred and Vengeance. And he has to be the most intensely masculine man I've ever heard about. And I really wish I could have been there for all the violence, the rapes, the torture, and murders he committed on others and others committed on him.
The book is better.
In my fantasies I am a serial killer :). Either on a killing spree with a hot friend or boyfriend - or perhaps pay by a group or even government to be their sniper, executioner or their machine gun man when they need a couple of hundred people offed in a couple of minutes..
The first would include lots of torture and sex - that last part just they joy of taking lives.
Not a healthy fantasy. I would love to be the good citizen who gunned you down before you took the first shot.
Not a healthy fantasy. I would love to be the good citizen who gunned you down before you took the first shot.

True - but how many fantasies in here are, really. As long as the thought stays in my head, there is no harm to anyone.
My final night in apartment 213 with Jeffrey Dammer would be perfect. Polaroids of my corpse found by Police for other's to pleasure themselves