Secret Relationship Between Two Men Leads to Murder in Argentina


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Oct 7, 2008

A man's body was found at the side of the Roggero Dam of the Reconquista River in Moreno on Friday, September 20th around 6pm local time.

The victim, I.F.D, aged 30, was found with his eyes gouged and some of his intestines removed, along with six stab wounds.

According to police, 'I' was in a relationship with Fernando Miguel Ambrosio with whom he worked with at a supermarket in Villa Tesei. At some point, 'I' sent a threatening text to Fernando that he'd reveal their affair to his wife if he was to leave him.

Fearing his wife and family would find out about the relationship, Fernando along with his friend Jonathan Gaitán, asked 'I' to come to his house, where he was bludgeoned with a shovel, stabbed, and had his eyes and parts of his intestines removed. The suspects then put his naked body in a bag and threw it on the river's edge.

The victim's family, aware of the relationship, spoke with police and pointed their suspicions to Ambrosio. Officers found traces of blood in his car, as well as the scalpel used at his house. A brother-in-law of Ambrosio was the first one to alert police as he saw Fernando and Jonathan washing off a shovel and leaving the house.

Both suspects refused to testify.


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Nov 10, 2013
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