Schuyler's Last Ride


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May 27, 2012
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This partially true story was written by JValdez. It is based on a real (asshole) named Schuyler. May he get what's coming to him.

Schuyler’s bike idled in the right lane at the intersection, it’s large engine growling at having to stop for any length of time; the light finally changed, Schuyler eased out, guiding the big bike around the corner, when out of nowhere, a black Cadillac Escalade sped through the intersection, collided with Schuyler, knocking him off the bike, sending it skidding for several hundred metres before bumping up against the opposite kerb with a sickening screech of grinding metal; he went cartwheeling like a rag doll and came to rest near the bike, his heavy boots, leather outfit, gloves, and helmet all terribly damaged and scratched, but mostly intact.

“Ohhhhhhhh!”, he groaned; he looked up at the unusual clear blue sky and tried to move; through the pain in his body he noticed his legs were not painful; in fact he couldn’t feel them much at all, or move them; he heard the screaming of an ambulance drawing closer; then the flurry of EMTs as they bundled him inside and inserted various infusion needles, other devices, and an oxygen mask; as Demarol coursed through his system, he began to relax, let go of the present, wondering why the men were undressing him, and what kind of party this really was . . . Schuyler slid into unconsciouness; his body transferred to intensive care at University of Washington Medical Centre; four days passed before he was transferred to the orthopeadic ward, and then another five days there before he finally reached home; he wasn’t exactly pleased with the braces on his legs and crutches necessary to walk, but happy to be alive, assured by his doctors that soon he would progress out of the braces, since he was in “such good shape”, and “a real fighter”; Schuyler popped a Vicodin as he realized that it was time for the van to Physical Therapy; he heard the door of the van slide open, crutched to the door, and was surprised to see a new driver, young and seemingly very fit; “Hi, I’m Jay, and I’ll be taking care of you today!”, he brightly offered, assisting Schuyler into the van; “OK, buddy, where’s my driver Justin?”, he asked; Jay answered “Justin was called out of town, so I’m covering his routes, he prepped me on your background—how’s your suit against Mr Thomas proceeding?”; “Oh, that—it’s one of those ‘fuck me harder’ routines—the insurance carrier’s are fighting it out while I’m in rehab, Mr Thomas is really pissed at me cuz it was his fault; he’s even made a few threatening calls saying that he thought that I should be disposed of, along with the case; I always tell him to go fuck himself, cuz I deal with assholes like him every day in my work, but it’s not very cool, is it?”, Schuyler replied, his hostility and frustration at being disabled showing; “Well, you are making really great progress, so I’d concentrate on that, and keeping your girlfriend happy!”, Jay replied, negotiating the hills and turns on the way to rehab; Schuyler noticed that Jay had changed the usual route and was headed towards SoDo; the van bucked and vibrated on the rough road and finally a series of railroad tracks; Schuyler felt every bump, a tear coursed down his left cheek, he popped another Vicodin, “Hey bud, I think you’re off course!” he exclaimed; “No, bud, you’re off course!”, Jay answered, heading into an abandoned lot in back of a huge warehouse; a tall razor-topped fence surrounded the lot; Schuyler saw a door where the glint of cars could be just barely made out; Jay slid the van door open and said, “Out, bud!”, roughly pushing Schuyler out; he fell to the ground, his crutches falling away, Jay kicked his left leg, Schuyler screamed in pain “What the fuck is that about!”; Jay leaned over and spat “It’s all about your case, Schuyler, you have no case! Mr Thomas needs you to drop it!”; “The fuck I will!” Schuyler answered back, in tremendous pain, trying to crawl away from Jay’s heavy boots; “Yeah, the fuck you will . . .”; Jay’s voice trailed off as he dragged Schuyler’s struggling, crippled body over to the far corner of the lot; a rough wooden table, with work tools, a frame with ropes and chains, and a fire pit were nearby; Schuyler’s eyes grew wide as he got closer; Jay hauled him up onto the table, face down, crippled legs flailing uselessly; “What the fuck is this?”, Schuyler asked tentatively, the first signs of fear in his voice; “We call it final therapy”, Jay cracked, picking up a heavy leather whip; “I wanna see you dance, we know you’ve been faking it, that you’re not really disabled—do you know what a pain in the ass your suit has been for Mr Thomas?”, Jay interrogated, raising the whip; he sent it down on Schuyler’s upper back, tearing his flannel shirt, raising a nasty welt; “Fuck!”, Schuyler yelled in pain; Jay kept at the flogging, making his way across Schuyler’s shoulders and then down his back; Schuyler screamed in pain, as his shirt was shredded and blood began to drip from the angry wounds; “Oh my god, this can’t be happening!” he groaned; Jay said “Oh, but it is, man—enjoy the ride!”; Jay tossed the whip onto the table, unzipped his jeans and began a hard piss on Schuyler’s back, Schuyler once again screamed in pain, the hot stream stinging like a thousand nettles; his body jerked and squirmed as he tried to escape, his legs were useless, a burden more than a help; Jay zipped back up, grabbed Schuyler’s tender shoulders, and dragged him to the frame; he secured Schuyler’s hands and feet in an “X” pattern with the chains and began to rip off his clothes; Schuyler thought he would pass out, but didn’t; Jay held up his stash of Vicodin; “Uh you won’t be needing these anymore, either!”; he tossed the drugs onto the table.

Jay grabbed an axe on the side of the table and began hacking at Schuyler’s left thigh, about 8 inched down from the pubic region; “IEEEEEEEEEE! Oh my god, what are you doing?” Schuyler screamed; “It’s final therapy, remember? You won’t be needing these anymore either!”. Jay cackled, breaking through the bone and sending the leg to the ground; Schuyler’s face contorted in pain; he jerked his right leg; Jay smacked him hard in the face with “Uh, I need you to cooperate bud, or it could get nasty”; Schuyler’s stump jerked back and forth as it pumped blood; Jay was spattered with blood; he hit it hard with the axe handle with “Jesus, man, keep your stump down, k?”, and began chopping the other leg off; it hit the ground with a thud; Jay bent down to retrieve the still jerking, muscular pieces of meat and was showered with blood; he licked it from his face and threw the legs on the table; with a bowie knife he filleted the calfsteaks, and threw them onto a grill nearby; Schuyler watched in horror as Jay next stripped the meat from his muscular thighs, threw it on the grill, and then cracked open the big bones, growling like a demented animal as he stuck his tongue into the marrow and sucked it out; the worst part was the “crack” sound as each young white bone was shattered, its’ contents sucked out and swallowed by Jay; Schuyler watched as Jay’s thick muscular neck struggled to push the bloody mass down, contracting and pulsing like a snake; Jay tossed the bone remains into a bin marked ” Schuyler refuse”; Jay put his mouth on Schuyler’s and forced some of the marrow into his mouth and down his throat; Schuyler was amazed at the silky texture of it, but repulsed at what it was; Jay caressed Schuyler’s ab’s teasing his thick cock and balls, and jerking the large horse cock; with the other hand he made a small incision in the Schuyler’s side and extracted the liver; Schuyler was mad with pain; Jay took a healthy bite and threw it on the grill also; it smoked and sizzled with it’s bloody content; Schuyler’ cock was very hard, ready to pop; Jay tied it at it’s base with leather laces; it ballooned to two times it’s normal size; Schuyler moaned as it struggled to cum but couldn’t; Jay picked up his axe one more time; he said “Hold steady babe, or you’re gonna lose that hot head!” he brought it down on Schuyler’s left arm; the stump pumped copious amounts of blood; Schuyler screamed as his precious tatts went with it; Jay freed it from the chain, held it by it’s hand and began beating Schuyler’s face with it; he hissed “You son of a bitch! You goddamn son of a bitch! Fuck you!”; Schuyler’s face contorted with pain as his tattoos hit his cheek bones, cracking them; the Eagle slammed into his face over and over, then moved to his chest, pounding and pounding it; Jay stopped, sweating profusely; he ground the bicep into Schuyler’s face and threw it onto the fire, where it immediately began to pop and crackle, the Eagle started deforming as if it wanted to fly away; the arm began curling in on itself; Schuyler moaned.

Jay attached chains to Schuyler’s thigh stumps; he used “I” bolts to secure them, twisting them into the open bone; Schuyler growled, beginning to feel more like a piece of meat than anything else; Jay once again raised the axe to the other arm; as it was severed, Schuyler’s torso swiveled upside down, Jay again beat him with the severed limb, taking special care to hit his ass as back; Schuyler’s torso bucked and tried to escape the pummeling by his own arm; Jay formed the hand into a fist and jammed it into Schuyler’s tight straight ass, he screamed that spectacular male scream from the bottom of his lungs; over and over Jay thrust Schuyler’s hand in and out of his own ass; the trapped cock was huge, it’s prostate at the edge; Jay stared at the swollen organ, and just at it began to pulse wildly, chopped it off with his trusty small scimitar; blood and cum sprayed from the cock stump; load after hot load mixed with blood; it’s balls were tight in it’s sac; Jay chopped those off too; extracting the balls, and placing them and the cock on the fire; Schuyler’s face was red, the neck pulsing with struggle of being upside down; Jay looked up to see Justin approach with his machete; “Hey bro! We’ve got a really hot piece today!”, Jay sniggered; “Ya!”, Justin responded; Jay jammed his hard cock into Schuyler’s helpless upside down mouth, impaling it’s throat; Schuyler struggled to dislodge it, but only succeed in getting it further in; Jay’s hips pounded Schuyler’s throat; Justin forced his machete into Schuyler’s chest, forced his hand inside, and ripped out his heart; he rubbed the bloody, hot, beating organ into Schuyler’s face, and as Jay arched his back, lowered his machete one more time onto Schuyler’s thick muscular neck; Jay yelled as his cock pumped load after hot load of white cum, spurting out of the hot pulsing stump; Justin jammed his hard cock into the torso’s stump and yelled as his hard member began cumming; they grabbed each other’s necks, deep kissing, while pumping the last of their hot sticky cum.

Jay pulled Schuyler’s head off of his cock, Justin pulled his arm out of his ass; the arm joined the other arm as is roasted on the fire; Jay split the the heart like a butterfly spread it out on the grill; Justin speared Schuyler’s head through the skull, set it on a little rotisserie, and started the revolving motor over the coals; it steamed and crackled, cum dripping out of it’s nose, mouth and stump; they turned to the torso, released it, speared it through it’s ass and out the stump and set it turning above the fire also. The aroma of roasting Schuylermeat ascended; seabirds flew by, curious as to what delicacy this could be; Jay and Justin hosed each other off and worked a few Dragonstooth Stout’s, exhausted from their efforts; Jay offered Justin a hit from his new blonde blunt; Justin eagerly inhaled, soon feeling much better.

Jay had arranged a rudimentary dining table; plates and implements to one side, a series of platters, one huge, to the other; gradually a small group of several very attractive, powerful, and influential men, known only to Jay and Justin, began to arrive; Justin offered them beer while the dinner completed barbequeing; the men quietly talked among themselves, surprised at who was there; knowing smiles, handshakes and pats on the backs rippled through the group; the steaming torso was set onto the largest platter, the arms, heart, cock, liver and calfsteak went to others, the last being Schuyler’s roasted head, golden, steaming, and crispy.

The men stood around the platters expectantly; Jay carved some left calf steak and began passing it around while Justin carved the right; Jay was the first to sink his teeth into the tender, sweet flesh; It’s juices dribbled down the sides of his face as he broke out into big grin; he chewed the moist meat for only a second before it slid down his throat; Justin was next, his erection obvious; his white teeth ripped a good hunk of Schuylermeat, juices again flowing down his mouth and onto his thick muscular neck; it pulsed with excitement as the sweet morsel made it’s way to his gut; eager hands grabbed for the rest of the calfsteak; teeth chewed on the meat just moments before it dissolved like butter; Jay grabbed the left arm and bit into the crispy eagle; the skin crunched in his teeth, the meat unbelievably tender underneath; he took another bite and filled his mouth with Schuyler’s flesh; the seal and flay were quickly eaten; Justin picked up the other one, he made quick work of the meat, getting a rush as his teeth first bit into the crispy, flavourful tattoos; the rose was eaten, the elephant, the flesh was so hot and tasty! “Fuck me harder, I’ve never had better bicep!”, Jay exclaimed, Schuyler’s juices flowing down his chest; “Fuck, yeah!”, Justin replied; Jay yanked out the hand with an eyeball tattoo on the wrist; he wrapped it carefully with linen and placed it into a zippered pouch labeled ‘Thomas’ and then into an attache case; the crowd surged forward as Justin on one side, and Jay on the other, began carving Schuyler’s ass with a great flourish; a Federal judge was first to receive a steaming hunk of meat; he nodded appreciatively as his teeth sunk into his meat; “Mmmmmm!; damn that good!” he called out; a well-known entrepreneur was next, smacking his lips with “Jesus, you should have told me it would be this good!” to Justin, who slapped him on the ass; eventually only bones were left, as the men chewed their way through Schuyler’s rump; “Liver anyone?”, Jay called out, another surge, and soon nothing was left of the roasted bloody organ; and so it went, with the heart; Jay held up the balls like a prize; “Who wants these?” he said; the judge made his was forward, lust in his eyes; “Oh yeah, I’ve been looking forward to those!”, he whispered; Jay handed the set to him and watched with amusement as he forced them down his throat, whole, enjoying the struggle of getting them down. The cock was sliced a thin, so all had a chance to savour it’s texture; the men started ripping out the ribs and eating them to the bone, the tender meat so desired; a growing stack of white rib bones was tossed into the refuse bin.

“Men, we’re gonna christen this hot fuckin head!”, Jay announced; he pulled out his engorged cock, started jerking it, and soon spurted load after load of cum on it’s face; Justin was next, his cum mixing with Jay’s; each man contributed his own load of jizz; soon the head was covered with hot sticky white cum; Jay grabbed Schuyler’s left cheek and pulled; the meat came off easily; Jay stuffed the meat into his mouth; the judge followed him and began ripping off it’s lips; Justin ripped off the right cheek and bit into the tender meat; he grinned as he watched it being reduced to bones; he opened it’s mouth and pulled out the tongue, there was a free-for-all as it was devoured; Jay bent over and sucked the right eye out whole and swallowed it; Justin sucked out the left, Jay cracked open the skull; scooped out the brain, still steaming; there was mad frenzy as the last of Schuyler’s body was consumed; as quickly as they had arrived, the crowd departed; Jay and Justin pushed the last of the offal into the bin, drove the short distance to the pier, and offloaded it onto a fishing vessel headed deep out to sea.

The next morning Mr Thomas received a couriered package at his office early in the day; he grinned as he viewed the eyeball tattoo; he turned to his keyboard and made a few deliberate strokes; Jay and Justin’s account was credited for a job well done; Schuyler’s picnique had been a complete success!


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Feb 1, 2020
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This is an amazing story! Thanks!! Sucking the marrow out of that boys bones, fucking his stump, savoring his sweet organs and meat..OMG💦💦💦