Sacrilege is so exciting that I can't control myself


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Apr 10, 2018
I had forgotten when it started, but I could feel that in the last ten years, some crazy and uncoordinated instinctual desires ideas that come from mine id stricken my ego again and again. Let me keep in extreme anger and hate in the spring and summer—meanwhile, depression and despair in the autumn and winter.

What caused it? Perhaps it is because I have lived upon the grave and some ghosts possessed on myself, or I learned too much knowledge of the dark such as massacres and genocides, when I grew up. I started helping my grandparents slaughter sheep, skinning and eviscerating. When I touched its warm organ and smelled the blood, I would feel much better; I began to drink the blood and eat the raw heart of animals because I met a witch doctor in South Dakota; that is the thing he taught me.

However, after I did that, only several days later, I would start to hate this "civilized world" again, especially hate religion. There was nothing holy to me except blood and death. That caused some problems in my real life: When other people talk about natural disasters or genocides, they would say, "That so horrible", then keep enjoying their dinner.


I would only say, "THAT'S NOT ENOUGH!!!".

Let the hypocritical kind words to the hell. My heart longs for rivers of blood, extreme anger, pain, and despair.

Only remove the holy skin of humans, back to origin. Realize and accept that humans just are a kind of animal, then we can accept any atrocities, blasphemy, and abuse view it as a kind of art.