Rise up against the Deplorable Treatment of Dead young Guys in Russian Morgues


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Oct 7, 2008
Just watched Autopsia Vera (again! and came hard) and I am as shocked as the first time I saw it.

Those Ruskies know business. They took out this huge saw, butchered the young dude like a pig then flipped his skull open and propped him up in a most uncomfortable position. Dude kept puking blood during the procedure.

I think the size of the saw is disproportiante to the young chests of the guys and they should also use more comfartable body blocks, like those used by the Morbidtech mortican.

Also the mortican of AB was careful and relaxed, he sliced his patient open slowly, then stiched him up like any alive patient.

We should contact the Russian associationt of forensic scientists and complain to them. This cannot continue. I think the families of the deceased young guys will also support us.

I will keep up you updated. Those who are for the cause, please post in this thread.
yes i agree. corpses should be treated with tenderness, love and respect. and they must always be used for sex in a tender way.

unless its the corpse of a complete bastard.
The conditons in morgues around the Russian federation is appaling.

I searched on the net and saw quite a few job openings, unlike Bulgaria.

Also they don't use scalpels but ordinary knives, don't know if you noticed this.

Bastards. Also they should be more careful with the heads of the guy.

In the vid they often grab them by the hair to prop them up.


I thought they were really into salvaging body parts for transplantation. Sure, some like bones may be used after autopsy, but sometimes, I don't see a point in doing that.
Such a sad situation. But kind of hot though.:wtf: