Rich Kid from Moscow Becomes a Beggar after Ex Girlfriend Pressed Charges for Assault and Battery


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Oct 7, 2008

A popular rich kid and influencer from Moscow has been forced to beg in the streets after prosecutors pressed charges against him for assault and battery of ex-girlfriend.

They have frozen all his assets and he is not allowed to have any money. Dude is 21.

In October under the influence of drugs he live-streamed on YouTube how he beats his girlfriend and hits her on the head with a chair several times. The video went viral reaching millions of views.

Later it became clear dude regularly streamed his drugs use and sexual orgies to millions of viewers who tuned in every night to watch him sexually abuse and beat his girlfriend while high on drugs.

He originally started with hookups on Skype and then moved to Instagram and YouTube.

Shortly after YouTube blocked his channel local police visited the lad at his home and told him they are pressing charges for spreading pornographic material online. He now faces up to four years in jail.

For his YouTube channel he invited young guys and girls and streamed the house party online which regularly ended up with everyone getting drugged, the guys shirtless engaded in fist fights and verbally physically and sexually abused the girls live on YouTube.

His channel become extremely popular millions of people tuned every night to watch his orgies and reportedly he made a lot of money from YouTube.