Retired Firefighter Shot Dead in Brazil


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Oct 7, 2008

Images from surveillance cameras released on July 26 show the moment when retired firefighter José Carlos Prado, 48, is shot dead in Francisco Beltrão, in southwestern Paraná. Footage was released by the defense of the policeman, who responds to the murder case outside the prison. The lawyer alleges that the client acted in self-defense.

Attorney Igor Ogar, who defends the family of the firefighter, said that the policeman's defense tries to reverse the reality of the facts, pointing to the victim as the aggressor.

“The images show that the victim was in a public place and was carrying a firearm in a defensive and preventive manner, pointed towards the ground, without posing a risk to any of the people present. Without any act of aggression committed by the victim, the author of the fact [the policeman] fired several shots at the victim, even when he had already been shot and was immobile on the ground, without posing any risk”, says.

“There is no self-defense of the author of the fact, as there was never unfair aggression by the victim, and the excess practiced by the police officer, who even shoots the victim on the ground, is undeniable”, he finished.