A man is a tasty morsel.
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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
Picked him up in front of Walgreens. Posing provocatively against the wall. Shirtless on this sweltering night. Blond. Smooth. Muscular. Pretty. Very young. My kind of boy. My kind of toy. Took him home. Drugged him. Stripped him. Hung him spread-eagle in the playroom. Shoved a knife behind his Adam’s apple. Pullled it out. Dropped to my knees. Chewed on his soft cock. Blood dripped on my head. Looked up. Caught some in my mouth. Mmmmm. Naked, I stood and watched blood run down his chest. Between pecs. Over belly button. Around dick and nuts. Thighs. Puddled around his toes and soles. Blood filling lungs. Gasping breaths. Gurgles. Blood running from mouth. I stood near his face, my bare feet in the puddle. Blood shot from his mouth as he struggled to breath. Spewed onto my face. My dick got harder. Put my lips to his. Shots of blood shooting into my mouth. Swallowing frantically to keep up with him. My dick humped his belly. Shot my load. Cum mixed with blood in his crotch. Kept drinking. Then the stream slowed. And stopped. His lungs were full. Humped him again. Shot again. Fell exhausted into my crusty leather chair. Stared at the boy. Hanging limp and smeared red. Dead. It’s still early. Enough time to go find another boy. My dick's still hard. One’s never enough.
Killing a pretty young boy, cleanly and quietly, is a sensual pleasure. Consuming him is a bonus. His essence in my belly is Heaven.