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Oct 15, 2012
Hi everybody, my name is Ken, Asian oriental male. Glad to come across this forum. This is my first post here, and I want to share a story written by me. The beginning of the story is based on true events, but eventually it drifts into my world of fantasies and desires. Hope you guys will enjoy it! :) Here are the first 3 chapters. I will keep posting if there are interests for this.

Chapter 1 - Initiation
July 15th
Today is my third day here in mighty Vegas. A short
introduction, well, my name is Ken. I am a 26 years old Chinese
boy, here on vacation with my family and relatives. To the other
family members this might be an ordinary gambling and buffet
vacation, but for me there is something more than that. I feel
that destiny has brought me here. Why? It all sums up to one
name that keeps circling in my mind the last couple of days. Sir
Like a needle in the haystack, we crossed each other’s path
some years ago online.
Who is he? He’s a senior Master in his 60’s, with a deep
dedication and desire to achieve one ultimate goal - that is to
find a boy that he can enslave and own. The fact that he has a
special interest in Asian boys has led me closer to him.
Why am I attracted to him you ask? To be honest, I really
didn’t know. The only thing I know for sure is that each time I see
him online, I feel very happy inside me for some reason. And the
erection inside my briefs always confirmed that.
Sir Jon lives in Las Vegas, and at the time it was not easy to
realize that I could actually end up in Vegas and close to him.
Actually I still can’t believe that I’m in Las Vegas right now -
looking out of the window of my hotel room in 23rd floor, and it is
not the fact that I am in Vegas that makes it so unbelievable, but
to think that Sir Jon is out there in the horizon not far from me
that is such a delight and satisfying thought.
The first day I came to Vegas. I wanted to get in touch with
Sir Jon, but somehow I didn’t really have the guts, so I ended up
going to the Casino with my relatives, eating in the buffet, and
going to shows - only I just couldn’t enjoy it. I felt like I had to do
something. During the first night while sleeping, I suddenly woke
up in the middle of the night, feeling my crotch is soaked. I
realized I just had a wet dream about Sir Jon.
In the morning of the second day I realized that I had to do
something about this. I logged online with my cell phone and
sent Sir Jon an email, stating that I was currently in Vegas. I felt
better now, now I had to wait.
Two hours go by; I am going sightseeing with my family in
the really hot and irritating weather. I pull my cell phone from my
pocket and log onto the mail account. No response yet. I wonder
why? Maybe Sir Jon doesn’t want me anymore.
Four hours go by. I check my mail again. Still no response.
I’m getting a little frustrated, so I decide to forget the whole
thing and instead have a good time with my family.
The evening is getting in. I look at my cell phone, still
cannot get rid of the tickling feeling of wanting to check my email.
Oh, what the heck, I log onto it. Still no response - sigh!
Maybe Sir Jon has gone on vacation himself – sigh - I really hope
not, only I hadn’t told him I would be there for sure, in fact, I had
said that I didn’t think we were going to make the trip to Las
Vegas from Los Angeles.
The alarm rings, it’s morning again, my third day in Las
Vegas. I pick up my cell phone, whatever, it does not hurt to
check the mail again I think. I log on and there it say’s: Inbox (1).
I can feel that my cock is growing in excitement. I
immediately press the button to enter the inbox - ehh what the
hell - a spam mail from Damn, I knew I
shouldn’t have subscribed to that mailing list a few years ago,
now they are spamming me forever. Sigh, I go to the bathroom to
take a shower, preparing for my third day here in Vegas - with my
It’s afternoon here, weather is still hot as hell. I pass a
couple of hot ladies wearing thigh boots – sexy - but how the
heck do they actually manage to walk in those in this hot
weather. I can’t imagine. I pick up my cell phone trying to put
some distance between me and the rest of my family while I log
onto my mail account once again. It says Inbox (1). Must be
spamming, sigh, I enter the Inbox, and there it says, from Jon M.
My heart pounds hard, I can’t be dreaming in daylight can I?
The mail from Sir Jon says:
I was so full of joy inside I felt like exploding, a smile crept
across my face.
Somehow my parents and some relatives had to head back
sooner than expected earlier today, leaving me with my own
hotel room now and only couple of other relatives in the next
room. Could this be destiny? Is it meant that I am supposed to
get my own room tonight without disturbance?
I walk back and forth, feeling both scared and excited. What
should I do? I should call Sir Jon. I know I will regret if I don’t.
But what should I say to him? What if he actually comes here and
meets me? How should I appear in front of him?
I pick up my cell phone, start dialing the number. I cancel it -
pacing back and forth again, looking out the window at the
beautiful city with all the magnificent lights.
When I went through a hall downstairs earlier this evening
there were a lot of posters of missing persons there. I wondered
why they were missing. Could they just have been rebels running
away? Or maybe they were boys that were in my exact situation
My belly is itching; my cock is in full erection. I looked at my
phone, hmm, what the hell. I start dialing the number and put the
phone to my ear, listening to the endless buzzing tone.
Plapp! Somebody just picked the phone up. Oh God, maybe I
should just hang up the phone right now.
“Hello, who is this?” the voice in the other end said.
“Ah – hi – ah - is this Sir Jon?” I stammered.
“Well, it depends on who’s calling, but is this Ken calling?”
he asks.
“Yes Sir.”
“Oh, Ken, I am really glad that you called me.”
“Yes, I felt that I should call you, Sir.”
“Good boy, you really did the right thing! So where are you
staying currently?”
“At the MGM, Sir.”
“Are you staying there alone?”
“No Sir, I have some relatives staying here in the same hotel
as well, but I have my own hotel room, Sir.”
“Excellent boy! Now I really want to drive into town to
‘inspect’ you for a bit, son. What room are you staying in?”
I felt my heart pounding hard when Sir Jon asked that
question. A small bead of sweat ran down my forehead. Should I
tell him my room number or not - tell or not - tell or not - tell or
“Room 2315, Sir.”
I just did it. Oh God what did I just do? On the other hand,
yes! I did it!
“Okay, son. I will be there in about an hour. I will also bring
my assistant; I assume that you don’t mind.” I could almost hear
his smile as he asked that.
“Ehh, not really, but why is he actually coming along with
you Sir?” The idea of him bringing someone else along with him
caught me a bit off guard, and yet…
“Well, Ken. As we have discussed through the years in our
chats, you have said that you might need a little forcing when it
comes to submission. I do believe that you are ready to submit to
me as my slave boy. My assistant will bring some chloroform and
a large size suitcase that will fit your body.”
I was a little out of my mind. I could not actually believe that
Sir Jon still remembers this. I confessed this to him like 3 or 4
years ago. I have to admit I am a little scared right now, but I
cannot help but feel extremely excited as well.
“Okay then, Sir.”
“Good boy. Then I’ll see you in about an hour or so, bye for
“Okay Sir, bye.”
Sir Jon hangs up.
Shit, what have I just committed myself to?

Chapter 2 – The Meeting
July 15th
8.35 PM
Knock! Knock!
Somebody is knocking at my door. Oh Jesus! I step to door,
looking out the peep hole. There I see two men; no doubt it is Sir
I open the door slowly, looking straight into the eyes of Sir
Jon. He was much taller than I had expected.
“Hi, you must be Ken,” he said.
Sir Jon enters the room. He had such bright happy eyes,
showing that I was the boy he expected and had always been
fond of.
Behind him a muscular guy follows. He’s a huge guy,
carrying a extra large metal suitcase. He looks at me in a dead
serious manner and nods slightly. I nod back at him, not sure
how I should react. With both of them inside, I lock the door
behind me.
Sir Jon turns around. He was dressed more casually than I
had expected, but no doubt that he had that strong dominant
charisma all over him.
“So Ken, finally we meet!”
He puts out his hand for greeting. I put out my hand, which
is significantly smaller than his. What a handshake, he totally
had me ‘crushed.’ There was no doubt who was in charge here.
His assistant places himself behind me. I didn’t quite dare to
look back to see what he was doing. I face Sir Jon nervously.
Sir Jon approaches me and slowly slides his hand down into
my shorts; in one move he has his entire hand embracing my
erect cock and balls. He gives it a soft squeeze.
“Erhhhmm!” I fall a little forward with a bit of surprise,
“You really got some nice equipment there, Ken!” Sir Jon
smiled at me as his other hand ran down my cheek. “But I would
really like to see you completely naked.”
Sir Jon gives his assistant a signal, and the guy immediately
grabs my t-shirt and slowly pulls it over my head, taking it off in a
single action.
Sir Jon bends down and unbuttons my shorts, pulling them
down together with the nylon shorts underneath.
And there I was- -completely naked.
Sir Jon puts his two hands around my waist and starts
squeezing it slightly, then his hands circle around my waist,
reaching for my ass.
“I see you might have been a little greedy on your buffet
evenings here, but to be quite honest, your body is just as I
expected - smooth and firm - very good, son!
Sir Jon takes a few steps back.
“I do not have any doubts, you are the boy that I want to
enslave and own. The question now is if you are willing to submit
yourself to me. If you are willing, then you will have to sign the
contract that I have brought with me.”
Sir Jon takes a 5-page contract out of his brief case and
puts it on the desk.
“Now, you can read it through if you want to. But I promise
you, this is the same contract that you have read before. Simply
said, ‘it says that you will submit yourself to me fully, for 24/7
enslavement with no chance of escape, that I am allowed to
control your life and even have you forced to death if I wish, or I
can also sell you to another Master. Believe me when I say that I
know a lot of other Masters around here that would want to grab
hold of a slave boy like you for any price.”
I look at the paper contract not sure what to say. I look back
at Sir Jon with my innocent boyish looks.
Sir Jon gives me a warm smile back, as in comforting me,
saying it is all going to be okay.
“So Ken, here is the deal. If you sign the contract, then my
assistant here will have to put you out for a while. We will put
you in this suitcase and have you transported out of the hotel. I
can make sure that no one will notice how you leave. So you
don’t have to worry about anything more, nobody will ever find
you again. We have the car nearby here, so you will be out of the
suitcase quite soon, no danger of suffocating, that’s for sure.”

Chapter 3: The Submission
July 15th
8.50 PM
I walked over to the desk and picked the paper contract up.
My hands are trembling a bit, I wondered if Sir Jon notices it. I try
to look at him through the corner of my eyes. He certainly is
observing my body from top to toe.
“But Sir, do - do I have any chance of regretting the decision
after signing the contract?” I almost whispered while I am
holding the contract firmly in my hand.
Sir Jon walked over to me, putting his hand around me at
the waist, embracing it. He gives me the sweetest smile.
“I do believe that deep inside you don’t really want that
option; that’s why I will have to answer NO to that. Based on our
many chats through the years, I know you inside and out. You are
a boy that needs to be enslaved and controlled 110%.”
His grasp around my waist is strict and firm, I feel so
submissive. Why do I feel like this - sigh? I cannot help it; my
cock is growing rapidly and uncontrollably to its peak. I’m so
ashamed, both of them are watching and I have no clothes to
hide myself.
“Good boy, this is a sign of true submission,” Sir Jon says as
he circles his fingers around my erected cock and gives it a good
This is a hard decision, but somehow I cannot let this
opportunity slip away or else I will definitely regret it for the rest
of my life.
I know I should study the contract in detail, but in another
way I do not really want to do that. I should trust Sir Jon and put
my life into his hands.
As I have come to my decision I look down and nod slightly
in agreement.
“I have made up my mind, Sir. I want to become your slave
boy, Sir.”
Sir Jon gives me a slight kiss on the head.
“Good boy, good boy.”
The assistant behind me reaches forward and gives me a
pen. I take the pen and start scrolling the contract to the last
page. A big thick line is printed at the bottom of the page with
the words “Signature of slave property” beneath it.
Okay, this is it. Should I do it or not? What about my family?
What will they think? Will they be looking for me? My apartment
back home on the other side of the globe, what will happen to my
Playstation 3, my movie collection? Will I ever get the chance to
get back there again?
As the thoughts and memories fly through my head I
suddenly realize that my signature is already on the paper in
black and white, no doubt about it anymore.
“Good boy!”
Sir Jon takes the contract and puts it down his brief case
“Now I assume all your luggage, money, and ID papers are in
this room, right?”
“Yes, Sir. That one is my suitcase. My passport, credit cards
and other ID papers are in the safe over there, the code is 1981,
Sir Jon smiles and nods.
“Good, good! Now my assistant will put you to sleep with
chloroform. If you remember our chats, we will have to make
sure that when you wake up, you will not know where you are.
And your loss of orientation about your location will have to be
maintained until your missing status here in the country turns
insignificant. Since you are not a local citizen here, I can assure
that you will quite soon be forgotten. You will not be allowed to
carry any ID papers. And if you should get the idea of running
away, I will definitely hunt you down and get you back no matter
what. You can expect severe punishment then. Is that clear?”
“Yes, Sir.”
I turn slowly around to look at the assistant. He has started
to unfold a white cloth. He takes a dark bottle out of his bag and
starts dripping a clear liquid onto the cloth.
As I look at the procedure curiously Sir Jon suddenly grabs
my hands firmly from behind and forces them behind my back as
he puts a pair of handcuffs on my wrists.
“This is for your own safety.”
My heart starts to pound hard. What HAVE I gotten myself
into? I felt like crying at this exact moment only the desire for
enslavement has overpowered me fully, my emotions are not a
top priority at this time.
After securing my hands behind the back, Sir Jon turns me
around again.
“Now, wasn’t that easy?” Sir Jon smiles as he looked up and
down my naked smooth body.
Sir Jon whispers intimately, as if he doesn’t want the
assistant to hear this personal statement from him to me, “I am
really looking forward to enslaving and controlling you, Ken.”
In a split second the white cloth suddenly appears next to
me and before I can react further the cloth is pressed firmly
against my face.
The smell of chemical is overwhelming a sharp and
unbearable smell is forcing its way up my nose.
I cannot hold my eyes open anymore, the chemical feels like
tear gas running through my eyes. It is horrible, it feels like
someone is sticking a sharp needle up my nose through the
nostrils and out my eyes.
I start to resist - pulling at my hands only to realize that I am
actually cuffed. The assistant also keeps my body restrained
with his strong left arm. It is impossible to escape.
But damn, this is not like what I usually see in the movies.
Am I not supposed to faint right away after getting the cloth over
the face?
I try to open my eyes a little but it is so difficult, tears are
running down my face. In the corner of my eyes I spot Sir Jon,
still standing in front of me, smiling, satisfied as he watches
pleasantly while I am being put out.
The lights in the room suddenly become so bright. Did
somebody turn up the lights?
What’s that buzzing noise, is it my ears ringing or a phone?
The environment is getting dizzy or is it me getting dizzy?
“Erhh, mm, mm, mmmm!”


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Here are chapters 4-7. Hope you guys keep enjoying it :)

Chapter 4: The First Night
I’m standing at the entrance of the MGM. What am I doing
here? Where is Sir Jon? I hear someone calling my name from
behind. I turn around, what are my parents still doing here? I
thought they went back, what the hell is going on?
Suddenly I hear something from above.
“He’s coming around...” someone says.
What? Who’s coming around? What is this? Where does that
voice come from?
The next thing I notice is that it is dark, very dark.
Something is wrapped tightly around my head. It is hard to
breathe. I try to turn my head around, moaning a little.
Now the tight thing around my head is slowly being pulled
off, ah the brightness! It’s killing me.
Slowly I see two figures in front of me, leaning over me
while I am lying on my back on what seems to be quite a hard
bed of some sort.
“Well, look who’s finally waking up.” It was Sir Jon’s voice.
I am still only half way conscious, but there is something
that does not feel like it should - something tight.
I try to move my hands and legs only I can’t. Slowly I turn my
head to the sides, realizing that I have actually been tied to the
bed spread-eagled, my hands and feet were strapped to the four
bed posts.
I panic for a few seconds as I jerk at the straps, trying to get
“No! No! Relax now, son! This is necessary! You will learn
that bondage is a significant part of your life now.”
“Erghg! My arms are aching. Sir please, it’s painful please
Sir Jon strokes my sweat filled hair back.
“I know it is painful, Ken, but it is necessary. You have to
sleep like this through the night. You know, you have been out
for about 3 hours now. You slept like a doll, boy! And I am quite
surprised that it was that easy to smuggle you out of the hotel in
the metal suitcase.”
“Where am I, Sir?”
“You are home now! This will be your room from now on. It’s
already after midnight now, so you should get some more sleep.”
I looked down at my body realizing I am still naked.
“Can..can I have a blanket of some sort, Sir, or a pillow
Sir Jon bends down beside me, smiling.
“No, Ken. I cannot spoil you the very first evening I own you,
can I? You do not need any blanket or pillow. This is how a slave
boy should spend the night when all he is doing is sleeping.”
I kind of panic by what Sir Jon just said. Oh God, I don’t
know why I am asking this, but I cannot stop it for some reason.
Instinct. Instinct. Instinct.
“Can you let me go, Sir? I … I want to go back to my family.”
Sir Jon gives me a sweet laugh, stroking my hair again.
“You know I cannot let you do that, Ken. You signed the
contract of your own will. And now you have to live with it. I
know that you feel weird and uncomfortable right now, but I will
discipline and train you. Quite soon you will not have any more
doubts about this, and you will mentally accept your
enslavement totally. But for now, have a good sleep, son.”
Sir Jon stands up and signals his assistant with his head.
The assistant immediately reaches for the leather straps around
my wrists and ankles, pulling them and tightening them to assure
that there are no slack or chance for me to break free.
When he stands back up he nods to Sir Jon.
“Good, good. Well then, good night, Ken. I will see you
“Good night, Sir.”
The two of them turn off the lights and walk out, locking the
door behind them.
I hear them walking away. Thuthump, thuthump, thump,
thum, th---
Suddenly everything is dead quiet. The room is quite small.
There is this bed I am lying on. On the right there is a little night
stand. I can see a small window straight across the room, but it
is totally dark outside. I cannot see what is outside. Right
beneath the window is a big squared metal cage. It is indeed big
enough to fit a person in it. I suddenly remember a chat I had
with Sir Jon about 2 years ago - he said that one of his desires
was to keep his slave boy trapped in a metal cage. I look back at
the cage. Is it a coincidence that the cage is here in the room? I
don’t think so. That one is definitely meant for me.
I put my head back down, still dizzy from the chloroform
procedure. It is not easy to sleep but I guess I have to…have

Chapter 5: The Lockup
July 16th
I hear the sound of birds outside the window. Slowly my
eyes open only to be met by a bright sunlight shining through the
window and hitting me right in the face.
I try to cover my face from the sunlight only to realize that
my hands and feet are still tied to the bedposts, the muscles in
my arms and legs are aching. An electrifying pain is pumping
through my hands and feet. I try to shake and pull at the leather
straps a bit, impossible, they have tied a double knot to ensure
that I cannot get loose.
I turn my head back down; looking at my enslaved body,
Suddenly the door opens, and Sir Jon walks into the room.
“Look who’s finally woke up!”
Sir Jon sits down on the bed next to me, puts his hand on my
forehead, and starts stroking my hair back.
“Did you have a good sleep, Ken?”
I respond by nodding slowly. “Yes, Sir. But can I please go to
the bathroom, Sir? I ... I really have to pee!”
Sir Jon laughs, “Ha ha, of course you can, son. You have
been a very good boy!”
He reaches for the leather straps around my wrists and
unties them. He then reaches down to my legs and unties them
as well.
My arms and legs had been restrained for such a long time
that it was hard to actually move them. I try to sit up, but I don’t
have any strength left in the exhausted limbs of mine.
“Let me help you, son!”
Sir Jon grabs a hold of my arms and pulls me up off the bed.
“The rest room is the second door to the left,” he says.
“Thank you, Sir.”
I stand up and start walking towards the door, it was hard to
walk my legs were numb.
Apparently we are on the second floor, as I see some stairs
at the end of the corridor leading down to another floor. I finally
arrive at the bathroom and walk straight to the WC. Ah, what a
relief! A stream of yellow urine pours out of my cock. Hm, maybe
I should take a shit as well, who knows when Sir Jon will let me
go to the toilet again.
As I sit there making my big poo I hear foot steps walking
outside the bathroom. Back and forth, back and forth. It sounds
like Sir Jon and his assistant. I can hear that they are carrying
something, it sounds like some metallic items coming in touch
with a wooden box. I wonder what they are up to?
After I finish up my work in here I leave the bathroom and
walk slowly back to my room.
The assistant is standing by the bed looking strict his arms
Sir Jon is sitting on the bed with a golden metal box in front
of him.
He looks at me as I enter the room.
“You sure spent your time in there, boy. I hope you have
emptied yourself thoroughly.”
“Yes, Sir, I have,” I say as I keep looking curiously and
nervously at the box.
Sir Jon smiles at me.
“You probably wonder what this is; this is your chastity
device. I had it specially made and customized for you. The seller
is a good friend of mine, and he designed this device for me
based on my descriptions of your cock length and ball size. I also
showed him pictures that you have taken of your crotch, and the
video you shot for me when you showed me your body on
webcam. I remember you told me that the CB-3000 didn’t fit you
quite well. Based on this information he has made this device
that he guarantees will fit you perfectly and is inescapable.”
Sir Jon opens the box revealing a metal device, a metal
wand, and a cock ring.
“The seller also said that this device will be quite painful to
wear, especially if you attempt to get an erection in it. He
purposely made the metal wand bent a little, so that it will inflict
a little pain on you. Originally it was not my plan to have him
make it like this. But when I showed him a picture of you, he
thought you were so lovely and sexy that he just had to make
this wand especially for you.”
I have to say I was a little terrified, not because of the cock
cage but of that steel wand.
“But what is that wand for, Sir?”
Sir Jon looks at his assistant, both of them smiling at each
other as if if that was the most stupid question I could ask.
“Ken, my boy, that wand is supposed to be inserted into your
I feel my heart pounding hard, having that metal thing up
inside my cock!
“No, please, Sir, Sir, I don’t - .I - .it will hurt a lot, Sir. Please,
can’t I just wear the CB-3000? I don’t - I don’t think I can handle
this device.
Sir Jon gives me a serious look.
“Now you listen, boy. You have to understand the fact that
you are now a slave. You must do whatever I want you to. And
you WILL HAVE to wear this device. Besides I spent more than
1,000 dollars on this customized device, so you BETTER NOT
“Now, come here!”
I start walking towards the bed next to the assistant. The
big assistant immediately places himself behind me. In one move
he grabs my wrists from behind. He backs up onto the bed and
sits down with his back leaning towards the wall and bed posts,
while he pulls me onto him, positioning me lying on the bed
against his chest while he keeps my wrists restrained on both
Sir Jon starts spreading my legs wide open and places
himself in a sitting position between my wide spread legs.
“This is for your own safety, my assistant Bob here has to
keep you restrained while I put this device onto you.”
I look nervously at Sir Jon, trying to move my hands, but
they are being kept in place firmly.
Sir Jon grabs my cock in his hands, looking at it.
“Hmm, you seem to be quite erect, the device will never fit
you while you are in this condition. I think you have to ejaculate
first so that your cock can shrink a little.”
Sir Jon starts pulling my cock up and down, up and down,
the foreskin going up and down, up and down.
I close my eyes, moaning, eeeehhhremmmmmm!
“Good boy, good boy!”
I admit that I am so turned on right now, I can feel that the
cum is about to leak.
Bob is also concentrating on looking at me being
masturbated as he keeps my wrists held firmly without any
chance of escape. As I get more excited I twitch my hands but
he adds force to prevent me from being able to move an inch.
“Ehfhfhfmmmmmmmeeehhhhhmmmmmm - aahhhhfffmmm!!”
A stream of thick white cum is pouring out of my cock. I
cannot stop it; neither do I want it to stop for that matter. Oh the
feeling is heaven!
And suddenly it was over - my cock started shrinking to its
minimum and suddenly I felt this great regret for signing the
contract last night.
But as I see Sir Jon now picking up the chastity device I
realize that there is no way of escaping this.
“Your recent orgasm makes it easier for me to insert this
wand into your urethra.”
Sir Jon now picks up the cock ring and starts adjusting it
tightly around my balls. It was quite tight but not that bad since I
had tried CB-3000 before. Now he puts the cock cage over my
shrunken cock, then he picks up the metal wand and starts
sliding it through the cock cage, tightening it.
And then without any hesitation, Sir Jon starts inserting the
metal wand into me,
I can feel the cold metal intruding my cock the pain is awful!
I cannot stop the tears from running down my cheeks, but as
I cry out Bob keeps my hands restrained with even greater force.
There was nothing I could do; my legs were also out of strength
from the spread-eagle bondage through the night, so I didn’t have
any strength to give a kick.
“Good boy, now just a little bit more.”
Sir Jon keeps inserting the bent metal wand until it
completely fills me.
Sir Jon leans back looking satisfied as he picks up the pad
lock and locks it onto the cock ring.
“Now you are officially locked into a chastity device. And
this device will now be a part of you 24/7, only taken off for short
periods when I allow it!”
Bob now releases my wrists; I fall back onto the bed laying
on the side in extreme pain as my tears keep running down my
Sir Jon stands up, looks at me and smiles.
“I will let you rest for a while now, Ken, without bondage so
that you can adjust yourself to the new device.”
Sir Jon and assistant Bob leave the room and close the door
after them. I can hear the sound of a key locking the door. My
tears are still pouring out from the pain of the bent wand intruder
the inside of my cock; I can’t do anything but to accept this.

Chapter 6 – A Retrospective Look
October 16th
The morning sun is shooting in I am slowly waking up. As my
eyes open, I find that I am surrounded by metal bars, in a lying
crouched position; I have spent several nights throughout the
first period in this metal cage. It has been 3 months now since I
was officially enslaved by Sir Jon. I cannot deny that these 3
months have been quite hard, both mentally and physically.
The last I heard from Sir Jon, my family had been reporting
numerous times to the police regarding my missing status. CNN
had actually covered my case for a few weeks. But clearly they
are not prioritizing my case, and so now the search for me has
been cut back significantly. Assistant Bob has also gone around
a number of places in Vegas and actively removed posters with
my profile picture on them.
During the first weeks, I was also forced to shave all my
body hair, including my head; now I am a totally hairless, smooth
and bald slave boy. The shaving is done regularly to keep me in
this state. The shaving of the head is temporary according to Sir
Jon. The purpose is to make my appearance a little different from
the missing pictures that have been going through the media
lately. And it actually worked; nobody seemed to recognize me
when Sir Jon takes me out for short breaks. I guess to many
Americans here, all Asians look alike, so nobody actually cares.
Sir Jon has also attached a metal collar around my neck. To
assure that I cannot take it off and that I always remember that I
am his boy, he has put epoxy into the lock of the collar, thus
making the collar stucked around my neck for good.
And you probably wonder how it is going with my cock and
balls inside the chastity device. Well, the first days were hell; it
was so painful that sleeping was not possible during the nights.
It hurt a lot when my cock attempted an erection. Also pissing
was quite painful, but at least I didn’t have to pull the metal
wand out to be able to pee.
It is still aching in my crotch these days, but I guess I have
gotten used to it a bit. It now feels more like it is a part of me,
both the tightness and the pain. My cock is also obeying, and for
most of the time now it is not attempting any erection, but
remains in a flaccid state.
But to make sure that my cock is working as it should, and
that it does not attempt to become erect, Sir Jon has been
milking me regularly about every 10 days. And no, he does not
masturbate me the way he did the first time right before he
locked me into chastity device. According to Sir Jon, a boy is not
allowed to enjoy the orgasm feeling of such masturbation. That is
why he uses prostate milking method instead. This is a method
where he inserts a finger into my anus and massages the
prostate. In fact there are people that also get an orgasm feeling
when being massaged like this. Unfortunately I am not one of
those, and clearly Sir Jon knows this to take advantage of it. To
me it simply feels like I need to pee when Sir Jon massages it.
When it reaches the peak of the moment, I simply cannot hold it
back, and the cum automatically pours out of my cock, which is
still in a shrunken state. And all of this is possible to do without
having to remove my chastity device. So to Sir Jon, this is
definitely a win/win situation. The need to cum is partly removed
by this method of being milked, but the horny and submissive
feeling is always there. Since I never actually get the orgasm
feeling, the horny feelings never go away. And obviously this is
what Sir Jon wants to achieve with me.
Another thing that Sir Jon had been putting much effort into
training me is to suck a cock. Throughout these first 3 months, I
had been forced to suck Sir Jon’s cock every night before going
to bed. The first days were terrible, as I had never sucked a cock
before. So it was hard. I cannot count how many times I actually
vomited during the sucking. Sir Jon’s cock is huge, very huge,
and when he gets fully erected, it is specially hard to fit it all in
my mouth. This often results in deep-throating, as his cock has
no other way than to force its way down my throat. I remember
the very first evening when I had to suck it for the first time. I
was actually terrified when I saw the size of Sir Jon’s cock. I
mean, how could I actually get it down. Assistant Bob was there
the first times. As usual he was there to keep me restrained from
behind, so that Sir Jon could do his work. I was quite scared the
first time Sir Jon tried to enter me with his huge cock. Tears
were running down my face, and I was actually begging. I still
remember clearly that the first time I attempted instinctively to
keep my mouth shut when his cock got near it. Sir Jon then had
to pinch my nose. When I got out of air supply, my mouth had to
open, and his cock went straight into it without any hesitation.
But after 3 months now, I have finally gotten used to it luckily. I
still get gag reflexes at times when his cock is very deep down
my throat, but usually it goes by okay.
Another thing that Sir Jon is quite obsessed with is that I
have to swallow his cum. I have to swallow every drip of it and
lick it all clean afterwards.
The door to my room opens, Sir Jon walks into the room.
“Good morning there, sunshine! How are you this morning, my
lovely slave boy?”
“Good morning, Master. I am doing well this morning, thank
you, Sir.”
Sir Jon walks to the cage and start unlocking the padlock.
He opens the cage and slowly gets me out of it by pulling the
handle on my neck collar.
My muscles were exhausted as he pulled me out of the
Sir Jon then throws a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and a pair
of knee-high black rubber boots down on the floor beside me.
“Put these on. We are going out for a little while. It is raining
outside, so that is why you have to be wearing these rubber
I pull the jeans and t-shirt on. Then I start putting my feet
down the rubber boots, tucking my jeans inside them.
Sir Jon then takes a long metal chain and attaches it to the
collar around my neck. He picks up a pair of ankle cuffs, reaches
down, and cuffs them tightly around my booted ankles.
“Hands behind your back, slave,” Sir Jon commands.
Without any hesitation I put my hands behind my back. Sir
Jon immediately cuffs my hands together with a pair of steel
“Then we are ready to go, boy!” Sir Jon starts pulling the
chain that is locked onto my collar. I follow him in small steps,
looking carefully so I don’t trip in the ankle cuffs.
I am commanded to sit in the backseat of Sir Jon’s car. On
the backseat there is another metal hook point that is attached
to a small metal chain. Sir Jon picks up the metal chain, runs it
through my handcuffs, and attaches it on the other end of the
“There! Now you are ready. I’ll just run inside a few minutes
to give my dogs some food, then I’ll be back and we’ll take off.”
Sir Jon closes the car door and runs back in. And there I am,
tied up securely in the backseat of Sir Jon’s car. In a way it is
frustrating that he always has to keep me restrained in some
way whenever he is not present, as if he does not believe my
nature of submission. In another way, I am really glad that he
does this. It shows his dedication as a Master and the fact that
he really cares and does not want to give me any chance of
possible escape. But to put it another way, if he hadn’t secured
me in the car like this right now would I actually be running away
already at this very moment? A very good question to which I do
not have a very good answer.

Chapter 7 – The Gas Station
The car is rolling, I can sense it, but I cannot see anything.
When Sir Jon came back to the car after feeding his dogs, he
also brought a rubber hood for me. He feels that it is still
necessary to keep me disoriented about the location.
“We are going to see a friend of mine. I am going to get
something back from him that he borrowed from me a while ago.
Recently I told him that I had enslaved you, and he got very
curious about seeing you. That is why I am bringing you along
today - to show you off a little, hehe. I am very proud of having
you as my slave boy, and I am not afraid to show that to people,
and I bet some people would envy me for having such an
obedient boy as you.
“Thank you, Sir.”
The car stops, and Sir Jon gets out. He opens the back door
and pulls the rubber hood off my head. He unchains from the
hook and slowly pulls me out of the car with the neck chain.
The area seems to be quite deserted. There is this gas
station with a house beside it, I guess the friend of Sir Jon owns
this place.
It was good that Sir Jon made me wear rubber boots, as the
ground was full of sticky mud that splattered as the rain hits it.
Sir Jon pulls the neck chain as I follow him behind and into
the gas station.
An elderly man, quite muscular, is standing behind the desk.
He immediately smiles at me when I entered, his eyes scanning
me from top to toe as his look falls down to my lower part of the
body. Obviously he was excited about seeing me in rubber boots.
“Well there, isn’t it Old William? How’s it hanging today,
friend?” Sir Jon shouts as he walks towards the man.
“Haha. Well Old Jon, still selling my gas here, but look who
you brought today. I believe this is your newly enslaved boy?”
“Yes it is! Ken, greet Sir William.”
“How are you, Sir William. This unworthy slave was once
known as Ken.” I look down as I greet him.
Sir William walks out from behind the desk and approaches
me. I can spot that he already got a full erection inside his work
He puts his hand on my left shoulder.
“Well, Jon. I can see that you really acquired something
quite unique this time. From the first look of him as he entered,
this is without any doubt an obedient boy. And trust me; I have
owned numerous boys through my lifetime to be sure of this.”
Sir Jon looks at me, smiling. “Well, I do know that for a fact
already, William. William has been my close friend for many
decades now. Since you are my enslaved boy now, I don’t have to
hide this from you. William here has also owned a lot of boys
through the years as he just stated himself. But he has this
unusual desire to have the boys snuffed after a while.”
I immediately get this chilling feeling as Sir Jon said this,
and Sir William’s hand is still on my shoulder, circling a little. I
don’t know how to react. I do not dare to look straight at Sir
William’s face.
Sir William smiles back at me. “Yes, your Master is correct. I
have snuffed a lot of boys like you before. And since Jon has told
me a little about your desire for snuff, I can with an honest heart
say that I would DEFINITELY not mind having you snuffed as well
if you were my property. But you are the property of Old Master
Jon here, and I can guarantee you that he is a fair and strict
Master, that wouldn’t think of snuffing his boys without a
“Haha – William, you flatter me!”
“Well Jon, if you are ever considering selling this boy here
be sure to contact me.”
“I have no intention of doing that for now, but I will definitely
keep it in mind.”
Sir Jon looks at me as if he is looking for a confirmation
from me to accept what he had just said.
I simply give Sir Jon my usual obedient look as I look down
Sir William lets his hand slide behind my back as he reaches
my waist and circles his way to the front, there he embraces my
crotch and gives me a good squeeze.
“Arghhgh!” I grimace slightly from the pain.
“Oh, so I see your Master has already caged you! Too bad, I
was looking forward to feel your cock and balls in full glory. So
what kind of chastity device did you force on this poor boy, Jon?”
“It is a customized device that I ordered from Charles
downtown. He talked me into making the metal wand a little bent
to inflict some pain on my slave boy here. I could not resist the
temptation, so I went for it.”
“Haha, that old sadistic son-of-a-bitch! A urethra chastity
device, eh? Boy, your Master here must really love you, he
usually does not lock his boys into urethra chastity devices. He
only does that to very special boys. So Jon, you probably told him
that your boy was Asian, right? I know he has this special desire
for Asian boys. You know, once he enslaved a Japanese boy that
he somehow managed to bring home from Tokyo. After a few
years of enslavement, he decided to end the boy’s life. You
remember him, don’t you Jon, that Toshio boy? I think he was
only in his early 20s.”
Sir Jon smiles slightly. “Yes I remember him, the old bastard
certainly tortured him a lot during the days prior to his snuffing,
he was basically only skin and bone by then.”
Sir William nods. “Yes, I was there when he snuffed the boy.
He simply grabbed him by the neck with both his hands and lifted
him off floor. It took like 2-3 minutes before the boy finally
choked to death in his hands. It was quite an experience indeed.
Then I helped burying the body.”
I was quite shocked over what I have heard till now, but
somehow I cannot help getting very, very excited about this.
I notice that Sir William is looking at my cuffed booted feet.
“Oh, you sure look good in those rubber boots. Wonder if you
are sweaty inside them right now.”
Sir William really looked at me with lust.
Sir Jon said, “Obviously this old geezer here is into rubber.
You probably understood that by now.”
“Hey, are you mocking me for my fetish, you old bumper?
Well then, Jon, I do have some unfinished work around here that
is too boring for me to actually do it myself. I could use some
assistance with the work. For example that old wall in the back,
needs to be painted. Why don’t you lend me your boy a couple of
days? He could do the work and then return to you, besides I will
pay you by the hour for having him here, Jon. What do you say?”
“Oh you old cunning wolf! I know what you have in mind.
Even though I am sure you would not dare to snuff my boy, I am
on the other hand quite certain that you will take fully advantage
of all the holes on his body for your pleasure. Let’s make a deal
here. I do not mind lending him to you for work. But before I give
him to you, I have to ‘lock’ certain parts of his body up. As you
know me, William, I do not like to share my property with
anybody else when it comes to intimate sexual matters.”
“Okay then, Jon, we have a deal. But at least you must have
him rubbered up totally for me.”
“That’s a deal, William. Now could I get back the leather
straitjacket you borrowed from me a while ago?”
“Oh yeah, it is in the back room. I guess there is a reason
you want it back now, don’t you?” Sir William said, as he looks at
me giggly.
Sir Jon hands the neck chain over to William.
“None of your business, you old wolf! Watch him for a little,
William, while I go inside and get the jacket.”
Sir Jon walks into the back room leaving me here with Sir
Sir William grabs the neck chain and pulls me closer to him.
He whispers into my ear, “You are a very hot boy, Ken. I promise
that I will acquire the enslavement rights of you one day.”
Sir William circles his hands around the shaft of my boots.
“And I will make sure that you will get snuffed - by
strangulation. Oh, the sight of a strangled oriental Asian boy it is
I feel like I should confirm to him that I accept it, if he one
day enslaves me.
“I understand, Sir.”
“Good boy, good boy. I will definitely enjoy having you here
with me in a couple of days. Your Master will certainly restrain
your body so that I cannot take advantage of it, but there are
always some possibilities.”
Sir Jon returns with a shiny leather straitjacket. He holds it
in front of me.
“Isn’t it beautiful? Only for you!” Sir Jon smiles.
“Well then, Jon. Why don’t we just put your boy into the
straitjacket right here. I would love to see how he looks when
being fastened in it.”
“Let’s do it, William!”
Sir Jon hands Sir William the key to my handcuffs, while he
straightens the jacket out.
Sir William reaches around back and uncuffs my hands. He
gives Sir Jon the hand cuffs and key, and then he immediately
grabs both my arms from behind, holding me still.
Sir Jon holds the straitjacket in front of me, while Sir William
leads my arms into the sleeves. Then he grabs the jacket from
behind and starts buckling the leather straps, tight. Sir Jon grabs
the sleeves and loops them through a holder in the front of jacket
then gives the sleeves to Sir William who immediately takes
them and tightens them at the back.
“Don’t forget the crotch straps,” Sir Jon says, bending down
and shoves the crotch straps behind my legs. Sir William grabs
the straps from behind and buckles them to the straitjacket.
The straitjacket somehow fit perfectly, as if it was meant to
restrain my body.
“Oh, my God, you are so lovely, boy.” Sir William claims. He
has this exciting look on his face as if he is going to have an
ejaculation right here and now.
Sir Jon looks proudly at me.
“Now son, it is time to go home.”
He and Sir William force the rubber hood back onto my head.
I can hear Sir William saying to me.” Now you be a good boy.
Obey your Master. And we will meet again soon!”
“I will, Sir. good-bye for now, Sir.”
I am put back into the car and Sir Jon does not forget to
chain me at the back. The chain now goes through the
straitjacket instead and is locked onto the hook.
The engine starts, and we start rolling toward home.


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Oct 15, 2012
Chapter 8 – All rubbered up
October 18th
7.30 am
It is early morning and still half dark outside. I am in bed,
restrained in the leather straitjacket, second night in a row now
since we visited Sir William 2 days ago. The jacket is secured
with extra chains that are attached to the bed posts. It has been
hard trying to sleep these 2 nights with the tight straitjacket on.
But Sir Jon says it is necessary, because the straitjacket will be
a central part of me from now on. I had to get used to wearing it.
The door of the room opens; Sir Jon comes in and turns on
the light. He carries a bowl.
“Breakfast time, boy! Today I will lend you out to William for
the entire day, so you better have some energy to do the work for
Sir Jon unchains me and pulls me up sitting on the bed, but
the straitjacket remains strapped on me. Sir Jon stirs the
porridge mix in the bowl with a spoon.
Oh no, it is the same porridge thing again I think to myself.
After Sir Jon enslaved me, I had actually been given quite small
amount of food. Sometimes I didn’t get any food for an entire day.
Some days he gives me a biscuit and a glass of water, that’s all.
But mostly he feeds me a special porridge mix that he has made
himself. It contains the basic nutrition stuff that is necessary to
keep me healthy, but it is by NO means any good in any sense,
and definitely not the kind of food that would make me gain
weight. On top of that it has no taste at all so that it is more like
my taste buds have been turned off. The purpose according to Sir
Jon is to cause me to lose weight. As a slave boy I had to learn
to accept and take what is given me without complains. Sir Jon
also weighs me regularly, and in these 3 months I have lost more
than 10 pounds. He says I would have to lose at least another 20
pounds. Also another reason why he gives me such small
amounts of food is because in order to keep a slave boy fully
controlled, ideally the boy has to be physically weak to some
limit. And that can be achieved by feeding the boy minimal and
only enough to keep his health steady, but never to the point
where the boy actually gets full.
Sir Jon puts the spoon to my mouth and orders me to eat the
porridge. Without any complains, I take the spoon in my mouth
and swallow the tasteless porridge. After 10 spoons, the bowl
was empty. I have to admit I am still very hungry, but I do not
dare to tell that to Sir Jon or ask him for more food. He might
punish me if I complain.
Sir Jon starts to unbuckle me from the straitjacket. Oh, it
was such a relief to be able to move my arms again.
“Now we have to dress you up and prepare you for today.”
Sir Jon opens a cabinet and takes a black butt plug harness
“I have to keep you plugged so that William cannot take
advantage of your anus. Bend forward, boy!”
I turn around and bend down, spreading my legs.
Sir Jon then slowly inserts the black butt plug into my hole.
“Arrgh argh! It was tight and painful as the plug penetrated
“There!” Sir Jon has managed to shove the plug all the way
in. Now he puts the harness around the plug and attaches it
around my waist. He then locks the harness with a small silver
padlock on the front right beneath my navel.
Sir Jon then walks to the closet and opens it, revealing a
shiny black latex cat suit which he takes out from the closet.
“I want you to put this suit on, son. It is a size M, it should fit
you perfectly.”
“Yes, Sir.”
I pick up the suit and starts pulling it on. It is very tight
indeed. I have to pull and drag a lot in order for the suit to attach
to my body. As I pull the sleeves of the suit on, Sir Jon walks up
behind me and helps zip me up. He then secures another silver
padlock from the zip handle of the suit on the front of the chest
to a hole on my neck collar, thus making it impossible to pull the
zipper of the suit down.
Sir Jon picks up a wide leather waist belt which he attaches
tightly around my waist. He puts another padlock on the belt on
the backside.
“There, this will make sure that he cannot mess with my
slave boy. You do understand that I have to secure you this way.
This also means that you won’t be able to pee like usual. But
don’t worry, the suit is waterproof, so if you must pee, then just
do it inside the suit, and I will clean you up later.
The waist belt was really uncomfortable, it was rather hard
to breathe. But I guess it is necessary as Sir Jon said.
Sir Jon then reveals another item. This one is a harness to
be tied around the head. It has a big rubber mouth piece that is
attached to the front of the harness.
“Now open your mouth wide.”
I open my mouth as Sir Jon shoves the rubber mouth piece
deep into my mouth. He then buckles the harness behind my
head. Another silver padlock is locked onto the harness at the
back. Also Sir Jon tightens another leather strap from the
harness down to my collar at the back of my neck.
“You are almost ready now, boy. Just the rubber boots left.”
Sir Jon puts the pair of knee high black rubber boots in front
of me, the ones I used last time when I was at Sir William’s gas
station. I immediately put my rubbered feet into the boots. Sir
Jon then bends down and tightens a pair of foot cuffs around my
booted ankles. He then stands up and turns me around, grabbing
my arms behind my back and cuffs me with a pair of steel
handcuffs. He then turns me back facing him.
Sir Jon smiles, looking at me from tip to toe.
“You are gorgeous. A fully rubberboy for sure! I hope you are
doing okay?”
I feel warm and uncomfortable, but I can do nothing but to
nod in agreement.

Chapter 9 – A choked rubberboy
We arrive at Sir William’s place at 9.30 am. Sir Jon leads me
into the gas station pulling me by the neck chain.
I walk inside and is met by an overjoyed Sir William. He
looks at me with an extremely excited facial expression.
“Now what have we here? A fully rubbered boy!” Sir William
says and giggles.
Sir Jon hands the neck chain over to Sir William and gives
him the key to my hand cuffs.
“I am putting my boy into your charge now, William. Play
nice with him. I will be back at 18.30 pm to pick him up. He
better still be in one piece by then!” Sir Jon says with a serious
Sir William immediately pulls me closer to him, saying: “Of
course, Jon. Don’t worry; I will take good care of your boy!”
“Okay then, you be a good boy now,” says Sir Jon as he
gives me a warm smile.
Without any chance of speaking, I simply nod at Sir Jon.
Sir Jon then turns around and walks out of the gas station.
Sir William runs his fingers down my rubber suit.
“Wow, he sure has restrained you quite securely. Is it
I look down as I nod slightly.
“Poor boy, follow me into the house.”
Sir William pulls the neck chain and leads me into a back
room that connects with his house. Back there in the living room,
he leads me to a chair.
He runs his hand down to my buttocks and feels the hard
thing blocking my anus.
“He really did plug you, didn’t he, Ken? It’s alright; sit down
here with me for a while.”
Sir William sits down on the chair and makes me sit onto his
lap. His left knee comes in touch with my buttocks. As I sit firmly
onto his lap, he starts shoving his knee upwards, thus pressing
on the butt plug that is inserted deep inside my ass.
“!” I moan in pain as the plug gets shoved
deeper into me.
Sir William makes a couple of sudden movements with his
knee upwards, making me cry out in pain. I try to break free from
the sitting position, but Sir William simply pulls at my cuffed
hands, making it impossible for me to get off him. My booted feet
dangle uncontrollably in mid-air as the foot cuffs make clinging
I look back at Sir William, pleading him for mercy with my
eyes. He simply smiles with delight while he keeps moving his
knee upwards.
“Oh, it has really been a long time since I tortured an
oriental Asian boy like this. So Ken, have you ever been choked
My heart starts pounding in shock as I shake my head
“You haven’t? But that is something you have to experience,
it is quite fun you know.”
Sir William then reaches up for the collar on the back of my
neck. He starts pulling it upwards, making the collar tightening
around my neck. With his right hand he keeps me restrained by
holding onto the hand cuffs.
Arhghgg - *cough* - argghrh - *cough* I feel the air being cut
off, hard to breathe. I try to get off the chair, but can’t do
anything other than kicking violently with my booted feet in midair.
“Relax, Ken. Don’t be afraid. I won’t strangle you to death. I
only want you to choke until you pass out. I really want to see
how you look like when choked unconscious, boy!”
I start getting light headed, the ears start ringing. I can still
feel my rubbered legs kicking in the air.
“Don’t fight it, Ken. And it will go much easier.” Sir William
whispers into my ear.
My booted feet comes to rest in the air, still dangling slowly
as my head falls to the side, eyes closed.
The next thing I know is darkness, total darkness.

Chapter 10 – The Longest Day
As I am slowly waking up, I notice that everything is upside
down as my head is rolled back on the high edge of the chair. Sir
William is still holding me firmly in his arms, fondling and
touching all over my rubbered body.
“Erhhghg.” I moan a little as I start to regain consciousness.
Sir William immediately raises my head up as he hears my
“Look who’s coming around again. You were out for almost 3
minutes, boy! I actually thought you had strangled to death. I do
think you really were on the edge, since you lost control of your
As Sir William said that, I now actually realize that my
crotch is soaked inside the suit, also some of the urine had been
leaking its way down my legs and feet inside the suit.
Sir William pulls at my hair straightening me up.
“Well, you are lucky to have regained consciousness,
because I had no intention of actually reviving you, boy! But on
the other hand, none of the boys I have choked before have died
from such an easy choke as I just did on you.”
Sir William pulls me up from the chair and starts uncuffing
my hands from behind.
Now, it is time to work, son! I don’t pay your Master to let
you wander around here without work.
I get a little dizzy as I stand up, I can feel a little headache
after the choking, but I have no choice but to follow Sir William
as he pulls my neck chain and directs me out to the backyard.
“There is some paint, and there’s a brush. Now start painting
that wall over there, boy!”
I am shocked when looking at the big wall on the back of the
house. This will be a hell of lot of work. And the sun is still
burning; shining right at the wall I am supposed to paint. I can
feel the sweat starting to gather around my forehead.
“Now go on and paint, boy!” Sir William shouts and gives me
a pat on my rubbered ass.
I pick up the brush and paint can and start painting the
endless large wall.
Three hours has gone by, and I am not even finished with
one third of the wall. The heat is killing me. And I am so thirsty,
but no way to get any liquid inside me because of the gag in my
mouth. But somehow I don’t think Sir William would give me any
water even if I weren’t gagged. Sir William has obviously closed
the gas station for the day. He sits in a yard chair behind me,
wearing a t-shirt, wide shorts, and sandals, while he enjoys his
lemonade with a straw.
I suddenly feel the need to pee and start twitching my legs a
little together. Obviously Sir William notices that.
“Hey boy, come and sit in my lap for a while. It looks like you
need a little rest.”
I put down my brush and slowly approaches him. I really
hope he’s not planning on choking me unconscious again.
“Come!” Sir William pats his laps.
I start sitting on his lap as he pulls me into position.
“You know, son! I recognize the look of a boy when he feels
nature is calling. I saw your twitching just then, your legs almost
crossed as if you are holding your bladder in control. You have to
pee, don’t you, boy?”
I look down, nodding.
“It’s okay, son. Your suit is waterproof, so just start peeing.
After all I have seen you peeing your pants earlier today, but I
still want to see you do it while you are awake.”
I have to say I feel quite embarrassed about it, I start
shaking my head a little, indicating that I do not have to pee
“Sure you do, boy! Don’t be shy! I can help you with this.”
Sir William puts his right hand on my waist, just below the
waist belt. He starts putting pressure onto my bladder.
“Mmmghthhghhg” I start complaining from behind the gag,
as I grimace a little.
He keeps adding pressure to the bladder as he circles his
hand around the area. It was so uncomfortable; I almost cannot
hold it back anymore.
“Just let it go, son! Don’t hold it back! It’s okay.”
Sir William suddenly lays a hard abrupt pressure onto my
bladder, almost like a punch in my stomach.
“Argghgh!” That last sudden move has done it for me. It is
now impossible to hold it back. My booted feet start twitching
uncontrollably, as I feel the urine pouring inside the suit. Sir
William immediately puts his hand on my crotch, feeling my
pulsing cock and the urine streaming out. I am so embarrassed
but cannot do anything about it.
After finished peeing, Sir William commands me to continue
painting his wall.
The hours go by very slowly. As I am painting, I can sense
that Sir William is watching my rubbered body carefully from
behind while sitting in his cozy yard chair.
The sunshine is merciless; my whole body is sweaty inside
the rubber suit. The butt-plug is aching inside my ass, and my
jaws are exhausted from the rubber gag that is stretching my
Without any clock around, I do not have any sense of time.
As I am standing there painting the wall, I feel the day is endless.
A few hours later I am finally finished with the wall. I feel
such a relief. Maybe Sir William will let me have a little break
Sir William approaches me from behind and forces my arms
behind my back while he puts handcuffs on my wrists.
“There is still 2 hours left before your Master comes here to
pick you up, boy. I will let you relax for a while.”
Sir William pulls my neck chain and directs me into his
house. I follow him into a dark room. In the middle of the room
there is a big large iron chain hanging from a hook in the roof.
The other end is attached to a hook on the wall across the room.
He picks up a long thick chain lying on the floor and starts
twirling the chain around my body. As he tightens the chain
behind my back with a padlock, my body is completely restricted;
my arms are pinned to the sides of my body. He takes the chain
from the roof and attaches it to the one on my body on my back.
Then he walks across the room and takes the other end of the
chain off the hook.
Without hesitation he starts pulling on the chain. As he pulls
the heavy chain, my body gets hoisted in the air.
“Hmmfmgggg ghhgg!!!” I cry out from behind the gag. It was
unbearable; my body was pressed against the heavy chains as I
get lifted up into the air.
“Now, now, boy. It’s going to be all right. Do not struggle
against the chains or they will just get tighter around your body!”
Sir William keeps pulling until I am hanging mid-air. Then he
hooks the chain back on the wall and secures it with a double
I start shaking my head, looking at Sir William, pleading for
mercy as my booted and cuffed feet start kicking wildly in the
Sir William walks to me and starts grabbing my booted
ankles, trying to calm me down.
After I have calmed down the kicking, he grabs both my
booted ankles firmly and starts pulling me downwards. I now
realize that he was not there to actually calm me down, but
rather to check that the chains are strong enough to keep me
trapped there in the air.
“Mmm. Good! You will definitely not get loose. Now be a
good boy and try to get some sleep until your Master arrives.” Sir
William says with an evil giggle as he walks out the door and
locks it behind him.
And there I am hanging in the air in total darkness, left to
suffer for another 2 hours.


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Chapter 11 – The Deal

I start regaining consciousness as I feel a pair of strong
arms capturing my rubbered body as I slowly got hoisted down to
the floor. I looked up it was Sir Jon. Without much strength left in
my body, my head falls onto his shoulder. Sir Jon starts untying
the chains around my body and removes the handcuffs from my
wrists as he firmly holds my rubbered body in place.
“I heard from Sir William that you have been a really good
boy today! I am proud of you!” Sir Jon said with a fatherly smile
on his face.
Sir William approached from behind and laughed.
“He certainly has been quite obedient. Hope you don’t mind
that I have messed him up a little. He seems quite exhausted,
doesn’t he?” Sir William said with an evil giggle.
I’m so exhausted that I can hardly stand on my feet. My head
is still resting on Sir Jon’s right shoulder as he keeps me held
firmly in his big strong arms.
“No, of course I don’t mind, William. After all he is a slave
boy. His duty is to obey us.”
Sir Jon raised my head as he discovered the blue marks
around my neck that are left from Sir William’s choking session.
“I see you have been strangling him, William. Quite a risk
you have taken, you old fag!”
“Hey Jon, I was choking the boy carefully, his life wasn’t
threatened at any time.”
“Well, William. I do not really mind him being choked. I am
more worried for the fact that if he had died from the
strangulation, you would have to pay me A LOT of money for
Sir William laughed. “And for one moment I thought you were
actually concerned about the boy’s life!”
Sir Jon looks at me with a smile.
“Well, he is after all a property now. And I am still enjoying
him being my slave. But since Sir William here likes you that
much, you must realize that I one day might sell you to him, so
that he can live out his desire and have you strangled to death.”
It sounded terrible, what Sir Jon just told me, but it must be
my horniness and dizziness that controls me. I can not help but
nodding and agreeing.
Sir William came from behind and grabbed my hair, pulling
my head back.
“This is a lovely boy indeed. So let’s make a deal, Jon. How
many years do you think you will keep him, and at what price will
you be selling him to me?”
“Well, William. I cannot say for sure how many years. But if
you can get your hands on 3 million US dollars, I will consider
selling him to you within a short period of time.”
“3 million dollars? You gotta be kidding me, you old fart! My
largest offer is $500,000!”
“Oh no, this rare Asian boy here is worth more than that! I’ll
make you a last deal $2,500,000.”
“1 million, no more!”
Sir Jon laughs and shakes his head.
“2 million!”
“1.75 million US dollars, no more than that, Jon!”
Sir Jon looks at my exhausted face as he says, “Okay, that’s
a deal, William!”
I cannot believe my ears, but my cock is already leaking
cum from inside the chastity device. Sir Jon just agreed to have
me sold at a price of 1.75 million US dollars.
Sir William giggles delightful while he still grabs my hair
firmly looking at me.
“Well, it is a large amount of money, but judged by what I
have seen in you today, you are definitely worth it, boy. I will do
my best to earn the money, and I usually have my luck at the
casinos also. So soon, boy, you will be mine. There are so many
other ways I want to torture you. And as I have said, I will have
you strangled slowly to death for my pleasure!”
“You really get me all curious about this strangling talk of
yours, William. Did he really choke that nicely today? It makes
me wanna watch it myself.”
“Well Jon, if you want to take the pleasure in holding his
body tightly, I can pinch his nose closed to make him suffocate
right here and now.”
Without hesitation Sir Jon turns me around and puts his
arms around my body, embracing me with a bear-hug from
behind, pinning my arms to my body tightly.
“Do it, William!”
I look at Sir William scared, but I knew that I would
definitely get no mercy from him. He approaches me and starts
pinching my nose shut. I try desperately to breathe through the
rubber gag, but no air is available to be sucked in. I feel like
giving Sir William a kick in the nuts, but my booted feet are still
cuffed together, there is nothing I can do.
Sir Jon keeps his bear-hug tightly around my body, it is
impossible to escape him.
“Hmmargghg!” I moan as the saliva is running down the
corner of my mouth. I start to feel lightheaded. The need to
breathe is growing unbearable as I try to turn my head from side
to side, hoping to escape Sir William’s fingers around my nose.
“Don’t fight it, boy. Just let yourself go out,” Sir Jon
whispers into my ear.
Everything starts to go black, and the last thing I hear is a
distant wheezing voice saying: “Good boy.”

Chapter 12 – The Disclosure in the Jacuzzi Tub

When I halfway returned from the black out, I realize I was in
the backseat of Sir Jon’s car. The engine was running, and we
are headed home. As usual Sir Jon has not forgotten to fasten my
cuffed hands to the hook in the backseat. I am so exhausted that
I fall into blackness again.
The next thing I remember is looking upside down at the
back of assistant Bob as he is carrying me over his shoulders. He
put me down on the bathroom floor, lying on my back as the two
of them stand above me.
Sir Jon put his foot onto my stomach, stomping lightly.
“Indeed a good piece of property I have here, Bob.” Sir Jon
says while smiling to his assistant. Bob looks at me smiling while
he nods.
“Let’s undress him and clean him up a little, then I want to
have some fun with him in my Jacuzzi tub,” Sir Jon says with a
delightful smile across his face.
Sir Jon starts uncuffing my feet and pulling my rubber boots
off, while Bob removes the rubber harness around my head.
Oh, what a relief to finally have my mouth free. They then
turn me around lying on my stomach, while they unlock the
padlocks to take off the tight waist belt.
Next I am commanded to stand up while they both help
peeling the wet rubber suit off my body. The inside of the suit is
totally soaked with both sweat and urine.
Sir Jon reached down for my cock as he discovers
something unusual. He touches my cock head through the
chastity device, then putting the fingers near his nose. He then
immediately raises his hand and gives me a hard slap on the left
cheek. I almost fall over the edge, but assistant Bob keeps me in
place by holding both my upper arms.
“I can smell your cum! How dare you cum without my
permission! Tell me now, when did this happen?”
I look into Sir Jon’s eyes as I stammer. “It - it was during
your conversation with Sir William, Sir. When - when you agreed
to have me sold to him, it just leaked by itself, Sir.”
“Hmm, fair enough, boy. But you are still not allowed to cum.
You will definitely have to be prostate milked tonight, so this will
not happen again any time soon.”
Bob picks up a large garden hose. Before I can react he
starts shooting ice cold water at me. I start screaming in
desperation as I try to avoid the water, but to no effect.
“I will go preparing the Jacuzzi. Take him to me when you
have washed him up, Bob.”
Sir Jon then walks out, while Bob continues punishing me
with the ice cold water from the hose.
After what seems to be an eternity, he finally finished my ice
bath. He locks a chain onto my neck collar and pulls me up from
the floor. Bob then puts his hand around me reaching down for
my ass. As he feels the butt-plug in his hands, he suddenly
shoves it a little deeper into my ass.
“Arrgghh!” I start wriggling.
“Good boy! Sir Jon wanted me to make sure that the plug is
still sitting firmly inside you.”
Bob then takes the chain and leads me into another big
luxury room where Sir Jon is already sitting in his warm Jacuzzi
tub, smoking a cigar.
I am lead into the Jacuzzi tub, and Bob starts locking the
other end of the chain to a hook on the tub.
“Now leave us, Bob.” Sir Jon says and waves at his
Bob turns around and walks out closing the door after him.
Sir Jon starts pulling on my neck chain, getting me closer to
As I sit tight beside him, I can feel his fully erect cock all
over my ass. He reaches down and slowly starts to pull the butt
plug out.
“Ahh, what a relief to finally be free.”
Sir Jon then bends me over a little. His left arm embraces
my body with his left hand resting onto my locked cock. With his
right hand he starts inserting his finger into my anus.
Free for a second only to be penetrated again, I give out a
Sir Jon pushes his finger deeper into me as he reaches for
the prostate. He starts massaging the prostate.
“Arghghhhg g fhhfhf!” I feel the need to piss is slowly
building up as my prostate is tickled merciless.
“Good boy, good boy,” Sir Jon says as he keeps massaging
my prostate.
In no time I can feel the cum leaking out of my cock, as Sir
Jon grabs it firmly to feel the warm stream of liquid pouring out
of it. Both the metal wand inside my cock and his firm grasp
make it even more painful as the cum is leaking out.
After all the cum has finally leaked out, Sir Jon pulls his
finger out of my anus and prepares to insert something bigger.
Suddenly I can feel his fully erected cock slowly penetrating my
ass, separating my butt cheeks totally. Oh, he is so big, and it is
so painful!
Sir Jon pulls my hair back as he keeps rocking me.
“You know, boy! What I like about you Asian boys is that you
have such tight assholes. It gives such a high pleasure and
excitement to my large cock, and a lot of pain to you which is a
big plus.”
Sir Jon keeps pushing his cock hard and rapidly through my
anus until I finally feel a warmness filling up inside me. Sir Jon
has finally reached his peak and cum.
He pulls his cock out, leaning back and breathes heavily, but
satisfied. He reaches for my neck chain again, pulling me into his
arms. He then puts both his arms around my body, embracing me
with a tight bear hug pinning my arms to the sides. He also
crosses his legs tightly around the lower part of my body under
water. I am now totally wrapped tightly by his limbs.
“You are a very special slave-boy, Ken. I have had many,
many slave-boys before, but there is something quite unique
about you that I haven’t seen in the others. I usually do not refer
to my slaves by their name, you know. But you are special, Ken.
You are obedient and do not cry out any complaints, even when I
made a deal right in front of you to have you eventually sold to be
snuffed. It is in fact a rule that slave-boys must obey everything
they are told. But in reality I have seen so many slave-boys that
do quite the opposite when facing real challenges. There was
one Italian boy I owned that I did the same with in regard to
selling to William for snuff. He totally freaked out, begged for
mercy, and pissed in his pants. It was so pathetic that William
totally lost his interest for the boy. I sold that boy to a labor
camp in Burma for a small amount of money. He did not survive 2
months there, based on what I heard. But I know that William
really wants you, boy. He will definitely work hard to gain that
amount of money. And when he has reached that amount, I am
afraid that I will transfer my ownership of you to him. Based on
our chats for all these years, I know that you have a deep desire
to be snuffed as well, so probably this is not too shocking to you.
But between us, Ken. Give me your honest answer of how you
feel about this.”
“I am your slave, Sir. I have signed the contract willingly, so
I am your total property. In fact I am surprised that my unworthy
life is worth 1.75 million US dollars. But if you want to sell me,
then I will have nothing to say but to obey your decision, Sir. I
know that Sir William desires me a lot for snuffing by
asphyxiation. Honestly I do not know why he feels that deep for
me in that regard, but if that is what he wants, then I will have to
accept it.”
“Now this is why you are so special. Your dedication is
worth praising. Other people would probably call you naive and
stupid for letting someone else control your life like this totally.
But in my opinion you are a brave boy who dared to give himself
up like this. To tell the truth, the way of slave-boys here in Vegas
is a little different from other places. When a slave-boy reaches
his 30s, he is considered too old to serve. Some of them actually
get the chance to transform into a dominant role, while others
have to be terminated. Among all my slave-boys, only 2 had the
chance to transform into being Masters eventually. One of them
is actually my assistant Bob. But they are unlike you, boy. They
had a potential dominant side hidden somewhere inside them.
From what I understand, you are totally submissive. So I cannot
really picture you in a dominant role. So to be honest, I do not
see any other way than to have you forced to death before
turning 30. But as you know, I am not into snuffing really, so all
my previous boys were sold to other Masters for that purpose.
But never has a slave-boy been sold at such a high price as you.
But even if you had a potential dominant side in your personality,
I don’t think I would really want you to realize that. Somehow I
feel that you must be snuffed instead. It is your destiny. It is not
meant for you to grow old like everybody else.”
Still wrapped tightly in Sir Jon’s limbs, I simply nod and
respond: “Yes, Sir.”
Sir Jon releases me from his limbs and turns me around.
“Oh my god, all this talk really makes me so horny. I guess it
is time for our regular routine!”
Sir Jon picks up his fully erected cock, instructing me to put
it into my mouth.
I start putting my mouth onto it as Sir Jon holds my head in
place with his hands.
“Deep throat, boy! Deep throat!”
Sir Jon then shoves his cock deep down my throat as I get
vomit reflexes.
“Eerrgghgh – errgh!” Uncontrollable tears start to run from
my eyes as I get the reflexes. I try to focus on the cock going up
and down inside my throat.
After a while Sir Jon pulls his cock up from my throat and
starts shooting his load. As the warm liquid fills up my mouth, I
start to swallow them fast, swallowing with everything I got. It is
coming so fast I almost have a hard time keeping up the
“Good boy! Swallow, easy, swallow it all!” Sir Jon says while
he observes me and my throat swallowing with a fast rhythm.

Chapter 13 – The Bet

The days are rolling by. It has now been 3 years and
22 days since Sir Jon enslaved me. I just reached 29
years old last month. For each day that has gone by, my
existence as a human being has been deprecated more
and more. To Sir Jon I have become more and more of an
object, a property that he has gotten used to and taken
for granted.
The last I have heard from Sir William is that he has
been dealing with drugs to acquire the money to buy me.
According to Sir Jon he is still a far cry from getting the
entire amount of money.
Even if Sir Jon once said that keeping me restrained
is a temporary measure to until the focus of my
disappearance from the media slowly go away, he has
kept me this way most of the time for the past 3 years.
Every night I have to either be tied up for bed or sleep in
the cage. It has somehow become a natural way for me
to sleep now.
This morning I am still in my bed, hogtied in my bed
with chains the entire night.
Sir Jon opens the door and walks into my room.
Behind him follows an elderly man with grey hair and a
rather toned body.
They both walk to my bed and stand in front of me,
smiling wickedly.
“So this is my slave-boy, Charles!” Sir Jon says.
“What a hot boy indeed!” the elderly man says while
he looks at my hogtied body.
“Well slave, this is Charles. He is the one that
designed your chastity device 3 years ago,” Sir Jon says
with a smile.
Sir Charles reaches down as he touches my chastity
device and my locked cock.
“Well look at that. It fits you perfectly! Your Master
told me that you have been locked in this continuously
for 3 years. Impressive! And I bet you have been in a
little pain all this time, because that WAS my intention
when I designed it for you!” Sir Charles looks at me
wondering while he bends my locked cock a little.
“Yes Sir, it does hurt.” I said with a moan as he
bends my cock downwards.
“Good, good!” Sir Charles says giggling.
Sir Jon starts untying me from the hogtie. As he
commands me to stand up, he moves himself behind me
and grabs my upper arms, holding me in place.
“I have made a bet with Charles here. The bet is on
your life actually. If you manage to survive throughout
today after what we are planning to do to you, I will win
the bet. And Charles here will give me 5000 US dollars. If
you should not survive, then it means I will lose 5000
dollars to Charles as well as having lost you
Surely Sir Jon has come to a level of the
enslavement where he doesn’t really care more for my
life. As he has stated before, slave-boys reaching 30 will
ultimately have to face their destiny.
Sir Charles pulls a rope kind of thing out of his
pocket. It looks like some kind of a rubber strap.
“This is a specially made rubber strap. It is quite
elastic but also very strong material. You are probably
quite curious about what the bet is all about, aren’t you
boy! Well, let me tell you. This rubber strap here will be
tied around your neck very tightly. That means it will
restrict and choke you totally, unless you use your neck
muscles to fight the shrinkage. This also means that if
you get tired and relax your neck muscles or fall asleep,
then the strap will definitely choke you to death. Your
hands and feet will be secured to the bed, and you will
have to fight for your life the next 24 hours. If you are
still alive after 24 hours, then your Master has won the
My heart starts pounding hard, but I know that I will
have no choice or ways to escape this.
“Make me proud, boy!” Sir Jon whispers into my ears
while he still holds my arms tightly.
During the next minutes they both make sure that I
am tied to the bed spread-eagled with leather straps.
Obviously it is Sir Charles that is most concerned about
me being secured tightly. He keeps pulling at the leather
straps around my wrists to make sure that I cannot get
loose. Still not satisfied, he picks up another pair of
leather straps which he double knots around my wrists.
There is no doubt that he does not want me to get loose
and reach for the rubber strap around my neck.
After securing my hands, Sir Charles starts twirling
the rubber strap around my neck. In one motion he pulls
hard and tightens the strap.
“Ehhrggg!!” I try to scream as my tongue protrudes.
The sudden tightness around my neck blocks my scream
as I look at Sir Jon, crying out for help.
Sir Jon reaches down and strokes my hair while he
says, “Use your neck muscles, boy! Use them!”
Sir Charles twirls the strap another round before he
ties a knot on the side of my neck.
I start biting my teeth together hard to ease the
pressure around my neck. It does indeed help a little, but
the strap is very tight. I try to relax my neck muscles a
little, and immediately the strap starts shrinking
merciless, choking me. I resume biting my teeth, while I
instinctively pull at the straps around my wrists.
“Okay, it is now 10.35 am. So if he is still alive
tomorrow at 10.35 am, then you will be getting your 5000
dollars, Jon.” Sir Charles says with a wide smile around
his face while he watches me choke.
“Don’t you worry, Charles. This is one hell of a tough
boy, he will manage it,” Sir Jon says with a proud voice.
“Well then, let us go get something to eat, Jon. I
know of this new sushi restaurant downtown. They even
have a sushi buffet. Let’s go and try it out!”
“Sure, why not!” Sir Jon says, as the two of them
leave the room, locking the door behind them and leaving
me there to strangle slowly.
The hours roll by very slowly as I am lying here
fighting for my life, biting my teeth together, feeling the
dizziness and my ears ringing in the distance.
At times I really do feel like giving up, but as soon as
my eyes close I start panicking.
I start to lose my sense of time. It seems like an
eternity. The sweat is pouring down my head, mixing
with the tears running down from my eyes.
Another few hours, or minutes, roll by. The extreme
headache is acting up again, it feels like my head is
about to explode. I cannot make it - I know I cannot
make it - oh god!
It is getting dark outside. I can almost see stars
now, glittering white stars covering my eyes. But I know
I am still conscious, that is the most important thing.
The door to my room suddenly opens, and a dark
figure is walking towards me. It turns out to be Sir
He sits down on the bed beside me and starts
smiling in an evil manner.
“You are still struggling I see. To tell the truth, no
boys have ever survived 24 hours with this special
double knot of mine. The longest that one boy had last
was 17 hours and 35 minutes. Till now you have only
reached 8 hours, boy. You still have 16 hours to go!”
“Errhghgh!” I gasp as I look at Sir Charles.
“You know, I could easily add pressure to your neck
right now and make you strangle to death right away.
But my bets are always fair and square. I do not ever
cheat on my bets. So I will not do that. I do believe that
you will not last 24 hours though.”
Sir Charles starts stroking my hair back.
“It’s alright. Don’t fight it that hard. If you cannot
stand it anymore, just relax your neck muscles and let
the strap do its job, just relax, boy. Relax!”
Obviously Sir Charles wants me to choke to death
right at this moment. He keeps hushing and comforting
me to make me fall asleep.
“You know, it is a beautiful sight when a boy
strangles to death. A certain sign of death is when his
body goes into spasms, and eventually he loses control
of his bladder. When the boy starts pissing and shitting
himself, you know for sure that he has reached the edge
of death.”
As I lie there and listen to Sir Charles’ words, I
cannot hold it back anymore. While being choked
merciless by the rubber strap, my cock starts leaking
cum. I just cannot help feeling so excited about the fact
that Sir Charles wants me strangled to death. A stream
of white cum runs down my cock and onto the chastity
Sir Charles notices the ejaculation, smiles and
touches the cum with his index finger. He then slowly
puts the finger into his mouth, tasting my cum.
“Mmm, your cum really taste good, son!” Sir Charles
says with pleasure as he licks his finger while looking at
I cannot remember how long Sir Charles was there in
the room, but after a while he was gone. I am now left
alone to choke again. It is now completely dark. As I
keep biting my teeth together, I pray for the morning to
come soon. I have to win this bet for Sir Jon it is my
Time goes by. My head now feels swollen, my ears
are ringing, and I cannot see clearly. I can feel that my
eyes are totally bloodshot. I cannot really feel my face
anymore, and my tongue also feels swollen.
I feel the need to piss. I don’t care anymore, I do not
have the strength to control my bladder. The urine just
starts pouring out of my cock and onto the bed sheet.
I start thinking of my family, how life would have
progressed if I haven’t submitted myself to Sir Jon.
Maybe I would have a girlfriend by now, planning our
wedding, our honeymoon. I suddenly realize those are
distant dreams now. It will definitely never happen. I
have become a slave and will stay this way until I am
I suddenly hear a voice.
“He’s still alive. Surprisingly, he is still alive!”
It was Sir Charles’s voice, although a disappointed
statement from his side.
I start open my eyes as Sir Charles is loosening the
rubber strap around my neck. It was unbelievable. It was
daytime, and I have actually made it.
As the rubber strap is taken off, I feel this great
relief as the pressure suddenly disappears and I can
finally take a deep breath again.
Sir Jon bends down, stroking my hair, smiling at me proudly.
“I knew you would make it, boy! I knew it!”


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And here are the final two chapters, folks. Hope you like it :)

Chapter 14 – The End Is Near
Since the bet between Sir Jon and Sir Charles 2 weeks ago,
I haven’t really felt the same again. I am still constantly hearing
a ringing sound in both my ears, and the headache doesn’t seem
to go away either. I feel like something in me has been
permanently damaged, something in my head maybe. After all Sir
Charles did not show any mercy, and he had the strap tied really
tightly around my neck with the purpose of assuring that I would
strangle to death. It wasn’t meant for me to survive, so it has
definitely left a permanent mark in me.
Lately I have also noticed that Sir Jon coughs a lot. His
health is not at the top peak anymore as it used to be.
It is Thursday, 13:00, somewhere in August. The mighty
sunshine here in Vegas is merciless preying on its many
inhabitants. And here I am. Lying in Sir Jon’s balcony in a rubber
cat suit and thigh boots, tied spread-eagled to four corners while
the hot sun is shining directly at my entire rubberized body. Sir
Jon has kept me like this for almost four hours now. He walks
out onto the balcony in his casual t-shirt, shorts, and sandals,
drinking his ice tea. He looks down at me through his big
sunglasses and smiles.
He bends down beside me, stroking my hair back, which is
totally soaked with sweat.
I look up at Sir Jon, almost half conscious from the heat and
thirst, licking my lips.
“Please Sir, I’m thirsty. Please.” I mumble as my eyes are
halfway closed because of the bright sunlight.
Sir Jon smiles as he slowly puts the straw from his ice tea
glass into my mouth. I start immediately to suck on the straw as
fast as I can; getting every possible drip of liquid I can while I
have the chance.
After only a few sips Sir Jon pulled the straw away from my
“Easy now, boy! Don’t drink up my entire glass of ice tea!”
Sir Jon says while he puts the straw back into his mouth and
finishes up the ice tea.
I look up at Sir Jon, almost craving for mercy and a few
more sips as I see him emptying his glass of ice tea.
“No, Ken. You will not get anymore to drink!” Sir Jon says
with a determined voice while he fetches a chair and sits down
beside me.
“Now what I want to tell you, boy, is that I have been to the
doctor lately. And it has now been confirmed that I have lung
cancer. According to the doctor I will only have about 1 month
left to live at most. That means I cannot take care of you
anymore. My assistant Bob will be inheriting everything in my
possession now. But he has told me that he does not really want
to own you after I am gone. Now Ken, I have been thinking a lot
about this, and I have made up my mind that I cannot let you
have the option to go free after I am gone. So that means I have
to sell you to another Master, and the money will go to Bob. The
potential candidates as you might have guessed already are Sir
William or Sir Charles. I have made them aware of my condition
already, and they both have started making bids on you. Either
way I believe you will eventually be snuffed.
Right now it is Sir Charles that has the highest bid. He told
me that he was quite disappointed about the last bet. Not
because he actually lost 3,000 US dollars, but rather not being
able to see you strangled to death. So he has raised his bid to
30,000 US dollars today to acquire the ownership of you. Sir
William’s bid is at 20,000 US dollars.
Anyhow we will make sure that you are secured and
restrained properly during the transfer of ownership. Not that I
think you would run away, or can run away, but it is best to
prevent any possible measures to being able to escape.”
Sir Jon approached me as he lies his body on top of me,
embracing my hot rubberized body and keeps talking.
“You are the very best slave boy I have ever had. You have
never complained or done anything to disappoint me. In a strange
way I do not really want another Master to own you the way I
have the past 3 years. I know I would be jealous turning in my
grave, so that is why I want you to remain mine forever. Maybe
that is why I prefer to sell you to a Master that has plans to snuff
you. I want your life to end with me, but I don’t feel like I can
actually do that on my own.”
Sir Jon looks at my innocent face as he smiles. I simply
close my eyes and nod slightly, confirming my agreement to what
he has told me, even though I know deep down I wouldn’t have a
choice anyway.

Chapter 15 – The Inevitable Conclusion
Today is the final day that Sir Jon will be owning me. He has
brought Sir William and Sir Charles over for the final bid. We are
in the living room. All the 3 Sirs are sitting comfortable on
separate couches, watching me as I stand there in the middle.
Sir Jon had shaved my entire body the night before, leaving me
there completely naked with only the neck collar and chastity
device left on me. Assistant Bob is also standing behind me and
holding my upper arms tightly in place.
Both Sir William and Sir Charles have brought a bag of their
own, each containing their equipment to restrain me if they
should win the bid. Both of them have brought a straitjacket with
them. Sir William brought a rubber straitjacket, while Sir Charles
brought a special canvas straitjacket with extra chain straps
attached to it.
Sir William raises his voice: “35,000! You better not beat
that, old Charles!”
Sir Charles giggles as he looks at Sir William. “You are
pathetic, William. You don’t deserve this boy. I will have to raise
the bid to 50,000!”
Sir William hits his palm on the table, looking furiously at Sir
Charles. “Damn you, you old fox! You probably just gonna snuff
him right away after you buy him anyway. It is such a waste! Why
cannot I have him, then we could share him together!”
Sir Charles laughs out loud. “Oh, the sight of a strangled
Asian boy is priceless. And the feeling of me actually doing it and
having that power over his life is something I really don’t want to
share with anybody! I know you are also planning on snuffing
him, William. So I do not really trust you if I shared you with him.
You could go behind my back and snuff him without my
Sir Jon expresses his opinion. “Well, it doesn’t really matter
to me. I will be selling him to the highest bidder, so right now
Charles has the upper hand. Do you still want to bid, William?”
Sir William starts scratching his head, looking at me with an
unusual desire. He then raises his voice. “I will raise my bid to
Sir Charles turns his head looking at Sir William. “Damn you!
You never give up do you? You actually got that much of money?
Hey Jon, you better watch out. This old geezer might not have
enough money to pay you!”
Sir William then reaches for a bag and takes out a bunch of
cash, throwing it on the table. “Here is the money! So you better
shut your fucking mouth!”
Sir Charles simply giggles and looks back at Sir Jon. “Then I
will have to raise my bid to 100,000!”
Sir William’s eyes are wide open. He pulls out a handkerchief
and wipes the sweat off his forehead. He then reaches back into
his bag, taking out another bunch. “I raise it to 110,000!”
Obviously Bob behind me is thrilled about all the money he is
going to get. As the bidding is going higher and higher, I feel that
Bob’s grip around my arms are getting tighter and tighter. Even if
he is not holding me this hard, I doubt my 140 pounds body could
ever escape these 3 strong men surrounding me.
Sir Charles takes a check out of his pocket, writing a sum on
the check, and then shows it to all of us. On the check it says:
‘300,000 US dollars!’
Sir William hits the table with a loud bang! “Fucking old
bastard! This is not fair!”
Sir Charles waves the check looking at Sir William. “Oh,
those with the highest number always win, my good old fellow!”
Sir William starts gathering his money, putting it down his
bag again. Obviously he has lost the bid. As he gathers his stuff
stands up and walks out, he turns his head looking at me for the
last time, looking at my locked cock. I can sense his erection is
building up as he shakes his head, sighing, and then slowly walks
Sir Jon stands up. “Well, congratulations then, Charles! This
boy is now officially yours!”
Sir Charles walks over to me, running his hands all the way
down my body. “This time I will make sure that you strangle until
In the next minutes the 3 of them make use of an electric
metal cutter to remove the collar from my neck.
It really feels weird to not actually wearing a collar after all
these years. But I can totally understand why Sir Charles wants
to remove the collar. It would make my neck so much more
As the collar is coming off, Sir Charles immediately grabs a
hold of my neck with both his hands firmly. Before I can react he
lifts me off floor by the neck, as my feet are dangling in the air.
“Arfhgghg, krfkgkgkkgkg!” The air to my lungs is completely
cut off as his mighty hands are embracing my slender neck
I try to kick violently, but to no use. All three of them are
watching curiously as I am choking.
It looks like Sir Charles is having an orgasm. He locks his
eyes on me as he lets out a relieved scream. “Ahh! I have been
waiting soooo long to do this!”
He then releases me back down on the floor.
“Uhugghg, guughghghgh!” I cough hard as I am released.
Assistant Bob does not hesitate to resume holding my arms from
Sir Charles laughs. “What a good preview! Now let’s get you
home. We will do the real actions there, my boy! Ok, guys, help
me strapping him into the straitjacket.”
Sir Charles picks up the canvas straitjacket, holding the
sleeves out in front of me. Bob then takes my arms and leads
them into the sleeves. Sir Charles hands him the straitjacket and
he immediately starts tightening it on my back. Sir Charles then
reaches into his bag pulling out a pair of soft black leather thigh
high boots. He puts it in front of me and commands me to put my
feet into them. As the boots do not have any zips, I have to make
an extra effort to put my feet into them. With a little assistance
from Sir Charles, my legs are finally trapped inside the tight
boots. He then starts to strap the sleeves of the straitjacket
through the loops on the front, while Sir Jon reaches into the bag
to fetch a pair of ankle cuffs. He bends down and starts cuffing
my booted feet tightly. Sir Charles gives Bob the sleeves, and he
tightens it on my back. Sir Charles then picks up the crotch strap
and hands it to Bob between my legs, which Bob then straps
tightly. They both then pick up the extra chains on the
straitjacket and start to secure them around my body.
Sir Charles then grabs me by the arms and leads me out to
his truck. I am lead into the back of the truck, as I see Sir
Charles handing over the check to Sir Jon. After a few seconds,
Sir Jon walks over to me in the truck. I can see the sad
expression on his face as he sighs.
“This is it, boy. I have appreciated our time together. But
this is where the road ends.”
Sir Jon puts his head near my ear as he whispers: “I really
love you, Ken! I honestly do! I hope to see you on the other side
With these last words, Sir Charles interrupts us and locks
the truck. As he drives away, I try to turn my head around despite
the straitjacket keeping me in place. I look at Sir Jon as he
slowly disappears into the horizon.
I will never forget Sir Jon. He is the one that triggered
everything in me in the first place. I remember way back in 2002
when I first made contact with him online. When he sent me the
first lines of messages, I was still a normal ignorant boy like
everybody else, living the routine life. But after the first chat with
Sir Jon, I knew deep inside me that this was something special.
It all started in my room at home in my parent’s house and
through all the insecure and dilemma thoughts, it has brought me
all the way here to Vegas where my destiny lies.
You probably wonder if I have ever regretted doing this?
What can I say; I guess this is the inevitable destiny of a slaveboy.
Thank you for reading my story. This Chinese slave-boy is
now signing off.


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Oct 15, 2012
So how do you folks feel about this story of mine? Was it maybe too rough..or too lame? Don't see much responses, so I dont know if it got into the taste of people around here..


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More details on the breaking process...Ken loosing his anal virginity should have been a major chapter....