poem: into the darkness


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Dec 21, 2010
Seattle, WA
i stood out smoking just for fun
a man approached me, asked for one
i obliged, something in me couldn't ignore

tats peaking from under his shirt
all up his neck and smudged with dirt
the man looks all criminal and hard core

inquiring 'bout the cheekbone tat
a single teardrop, round and flat
i ask him, "have you killed someone before"?

he looks at me, his eyes gone cold
berating me for being bold
and calmly says, "what business is it of your?"

"nothing," i say quickly, thinking
continuing without blinking
"Got someone I don't want 'round here no more"

he calculates for a while
a quirk of lips not a smile
i offer further, "a grand i can affor'"

that must get his wheels turning
he asks his question that's burning
"what target for me could you have in store?"

"my own twin brother, shocking right?"
"he fucked my girl the other night"
"posed as me and took her on the bathroom floor"

the stranger nods and considers
and answers, voice free of quivers
"for that price i'll help you win your little war"

i took him to my house, not far
a shed out back, the door ajar
led him in and said, "here's where we'll leave him sore"

i tell him 'bout the plan i mean
my brother jake's nightly routine
"he jerks it here at precisely ten-oh-four"

"stand here in the alley waiting"
"when you hear him masturbating"
"approach quietly and open the door"

"with the element of surprise"
"don't listen to his sorry lies"
"go straight for the pre-tied rope in this drawer"

"hang him from rafter overhead"
"he'll piss himself when he's all dead"
"just take him down and leave him on the floor"

we sign our deal with the hand shake
money exchanged, this plan's no fake
jake will die tomorrow like a common whore

i offer my contract killer
a jerk off sesh at this thriller
he says, "murder always got me hard before"

and so after we parted ways
the next night came, me in a daze
dragging my feet to the looming shed door

for i was jake and jake was me
a truth the hitman wouldn't see
sure to actually do this mere minutes before

with that i stepped into darkness
knowing nothing more


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Oct 7, 2008
Nice twist!


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Sep 10, 2012
united kingdom
Nice poem. A change from prose