Pam&Punky say, "Hello!" {smile}


Aug 30, 2019
Pam and Punky are here to meet some of our cutedeadguy siblings! We are new to the site, cannot afford the gallery at this time but love to explore! We cant seem to find the most horrific and jaw dropping satanic ritual & torture clips though. The kind that makes your hair stand on end.. I mean the actual / real snuff clips of the ceremony before, during and after. The kind of stuff that you dont see unless you are on the deep dark web. Well i'm severely limited as I am not able to have any access to any deep web.. Anyone have access to some pretty sick shit that can be shared or discussed?? Real actual stuff, not actors. The kind of stuff some human trafficking gears towards actual torture & satanic ritual ceremonies. Punky and I would like to know! {smile} By the way, Punky is my 4lb hazel eyed, redhaired chihuahua who I keep in my bra. She and I are a team. {smile} Pam&Punky
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