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Feb 14, 2019
I never thought about writing a story. I am not a story teller. I will try this time as I was inspired by the real life and some part of the story was true.
Please forgive my poor English and grammar errors. English was not my native language and I had very limited vocabulary ... Hope you will enjoy!

I was single at the age of earlier 20s. I had a job as a car repair technician and still lived with my parents in a house to save my living expenses. One thing I had to sacrifice in this living style was that I had a very limited privacy and I had to keep my secret from my parents. I had no girlfriend and it did not appear to be a family issue right now as it was still too earlier to talk about my marriage.

It was a quiet neighborhood and next door was an empty house as an old couple just retired and moved away to their new home. Every day I walked on the street like a "normal" person. Occasionally I might wave or say "Hi" to somebody who had paid to my attention.

One day I saw a moving truck on my next door and I realized a new family had just moved in that empty house. From their skin color I could tell they might be the immigrants from south Latin America or Africa.

At a Friday evening I was driving back to home from the car shop and I saw a young man standing on the next door of my parent house. I parked car and walked in the home. I peeped through the window and he was still standing there. "Oh my god, he is my new neighbor?", I mumbled to myself. I peeped again and looked at him carefully: He looked 18 years old or younger. He had very shot curly hair and very light mustache. He had perfect slim body and about 5 feet 10 inches in height and 150 pounds in weight. He had big eyes, a fat nose, large and thick lips and medium dark skin tone.

Something was bothering me from that night and all the sudden my peaceful life had just been broken: My dinner had no taste. I could not even fall into sleep. My mind was full of images about him.

On the Saturday morning, I woke up very earlier. My heart was still beating from last night and I was expecting something to happen. I peeped through the window again and again until I saw him came out of his house. His car was parked on the garage drive way with the head toward the garage and the rear towards the street. He walked to the car and opened the hood. It looked to me that he was checking the problems of his car.

I found an excuse that I could walk outside the house. I need to check the mailbox. I walked on the street through his house. I saw that he was bending his naked upper body with head buried under the hood. He was in barefoot and wore only the blue shorts. I passed through him and walked toward mailbox. I picked up the mails and walked back. This time he stood up and walked to the rear side of his car and opened the trunk. I was in the position so close to him and I was only a few feet away from him. My eyes quickly scanned from his hairs, eyes, nose, lips, nipples, navel, blue shorts, legs and feet. I can feel and even smell his big fat crotch. My mind was just not working and could not remember what happened. I thought I just mumbled "Hi" to him with the voice that I could only hear by myself. The moment was passed so quick and in a few second I had just walked away from him. My heart was falling from extreme excitement to the extreme sadness. I could not remember how I walked back to the home and shut the door.

I was standing behind the door inside home and my body could not move. I could hear my heart was beating hard and I could not calm down. I was so regretting and disappointing. Why I could not speak like a normal person to him? May be he walked to the rear side of his car just because of me? May be he needed help from me to repair his car? It could be my best opportunity to get to know him and I had just let that moment went away.

For days I was very depressed and could not recover. I read a book and the story told me: "the reason you could not speak was that you were falling in love". Yes. I was falling in love. My life was never the same as before and my mind would never settle in peace. In the day time I was peeping through the window and wished I could saw him again. In the night time I was wondering where he was. Was he in the living room? Was he in the bed room? Did he sleep with underwear or completely naked? My mind was full of questions before I went unconscious and sleeping...

Not sure how long it passed in my sleeping and I found myself was in the street in front of his house. I saw his car parked outside just like usually it was. I saw somebody underneath the car. His upper body was bellow the front of the car with only his legs and feet visible. "It was him", I said to myself. For some reason I was so brave this time. I walked to him so closely. I could feel that I almost touched his barefoot. I could smell it and it was the good smell! It appeared that he was taking the parts away from the car and when he used his strength, his legs were swinging and his toes were dancing. I was really enjoyed moment until all the sudden his one foot kicked on my nose. He stopped moving legs and I started panic. "Oh my god, what I did? What I will do next? Run away? I could not run because he was my neighbor", my body was shaking until I heard a voice "Hi, I was hear waiting for you!". "What? You already knew I would come", I was so scared. "Do not worry", he came out of the car and stood in front of me. I was totally in a big shock: He was fully naked. "Down to your knees", he said, "I knew what you want and I knew that from your eyes". Without any of my thinking, a big prick had just penetrated into my throat...

My big joy of moment did not last too long and I saw a man walked out from his house and walked toward me. It was his angry father, I thought. He had a gun in his hand and the gun was pointing at me. The gun was approaching and here came a big "Bang!". That was it, I said to myself. My life had just ended. This was what the hell looked like. My body was falling and falling and never ending...

I woke up with a big screaming outside on the street and I realized that I had just had a terrible dream and I was still alive and I was not in the hell. The big "Bang" in my dream was the real gunshot sound from the street. I jumped out of the bed and rushed outside. I saw a young man's body rest on the arm of his mother. His mother was sitting on the ground beside the car and holding his son's upper body and crying. My ears were full of big noises but finally I figured out what happened: The family had just moved to this new neighborhood to escape the gang activities of their son. However it did not help as the gang organization had chased them down and finished their son. What a tragedy! Once you were in, the only way out was the death.

I did not know how long it took before my mind became clear. I took a close look at the body. "It was him", I said to myself in a big shock as I just realized that he was in the full nudity and looked liked what I had seen from last dream. I imagined that gang had knocked the door and he had jumped out of the bed naked and answered the door. He had been pulled outside and had been executed. So, he was fully naked while sleeping and that answered my everyday question before my everyday sleep since he moved in.

I looked at him carefully: His upper body was holding by his mother and his head was dangling at her arm. The wound was on the head and the blood was still dripping to the ground. It was a pool of blood. My head suddenly became muddy and my heart was suffering and screaming, "I loved you and I loved you so much". I fell down unconsciously...

It was all quiet and dark. I felt somebody was on top of me. It was him. "Where I am?", I said. "You are in your own bed", he replied. He was serving me. He was serving me with a big prick. I felt my body position was pushed back and forth and I heard a sound was repeating: "Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah!...". Not too long, a salty liquid filled with my mouth. He was shooing cum inside me. It was so tasty. I was hoping that moment would last longer and would not go away...

"Are you ok!", I woke up with a big noise around me. I realized that "Oh Yeah!" in my dream was really the sound of "Are you ok!" and that "push back and forth of my body" in the dream was really that people were shaking my body to wake me up. I also realized that "cum" inside my mouth in the dream was really the blood dripping from his gunshot wound. I immediately closed my eyes and pretended still in unconscious. I was fainted when I saw the pool of blood. My body fell down and my head laid in the position where his head dangling above me. I was so enjoyed the moment that his blood could reach me and I decided not to wake up...

The siren was coming and I knew it was the ambulance. The paramedic treated me and loaded me into the vehicle. The ambulance was leaving quickly and I knew I was traveling with him to the hospital. The equipment had put around us and we were monitored during the trip. The road was rough and the vehicle had a sudden stop. I am not sure what happened but I knew my arm had fell down from the stretcher due to the sudden movement. My hand had reached something and I knew that it was his face. I realized that he was laid lower on the floor and I was laid higher on the stretcher beside him. My hand rubbed on his face naturally according to the vehicle's movement. Sometime I reached his eye, other time I reached his nose and then lips and so on. It was a great moment in my life time and I had to try very hard to contain myself from the excitement...

"Stop", the sound had made me extreme nervous as I thought paramedic had discovered what I was doing. My arm was put back where it belonged to and my stretcher was pushed a bit to leave the room for paramedic to treat him. They jumped his heart. My mind was released as I knew that "Stop" meant his heart had stopped beating. The rescue efforts did not work and he had been pronounced dead.

The vehicle still kept moving and another big stop had just happened and my arm fell down again. Thanks for moving the stretcher and this time my hand had landed on a different location. "It was his pubic hair", I said to my heart and I was too excited. My hand was moving and rubbing against every inch of his body parts that I could reach in the harmonious of vehicle's movements. I was wishing there will be long and long journey to the hospital...

However, happiness never lasts too long. We had arrived the hospital. I was rushed to the emergency room. The doctor had checked everything of me and found nothing wrong except that my head and mouth were full of blood. Doctor had cleaned everything and finally he slashed on my face and said "Wake up or I will beat you up!". I knew I could not pretend any longer so I stood up. I searched the hospital and finally I found him by looking through a window. The door was closed. As a normal procedure, the autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death. My tears fell down when looking at him remotely. The love story was so short and now it was over...

"Excuse me sir", somebody had knocked my back and I had stopped watching him and had turned myself over. It was the police officer. I was in a big shock again and quickly I was able to manage myself as I knew I had done nothing "wrong". "Do not be panic", said the officer, "We just need to record your story in the police report".

So what was the story? I woke up from gunshot and rushed outside. I saw a dead body and I was fainted because of the pool of the blood. I was sent to the hospital and then released. That was my version of story on the report.

My life came back to "normal" and nobody knew my secret. I could fall into sleep immediately without any difficulties. Occasionally I was thinking about him...
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