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Jun 24, 2011
Hello there,

please note up front that I am hetero, but I love this forum and the ideas & pictures shown here. There is a small hetero community included here, so maybe someone would like to reply.

I would love to play with (roleplay) a dead girl/woman (pretend or real). Maybe another guy has access to a morgue or knows a woman that would be into this kind of fantasy as well.

If not a woman, I would be open to a gay teenager (legal age of course) that is shaved and would like to be killed & used (again, roleplay).

Would also love to exchange ideas & fantasies with other Germans or anyone really, as I can travel anywhere. Feel free to send me a private message.


PS: I know this is not really the place, but THANK YOU to everyone posting here and keeping this place alive. Deeply appreciating this place, even though I am unable to be here as much as I would love to.