Night Attack


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Mar 7, 2018
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One evening Bald Eagle called Gaius into his tent. As Gaius entered, he saw Bald Eagle standing before him naked. Bald Eagle has always worn a loincloth before even in battle. Gaius saw his leader's large cock and hoped that he could satisfy him this night. Gaius striped off his loincloth and stood before his leader naked. Gaius couldn't help but feel self-conscious standing before his leader, a tall warrior with an impressive cock.

Without a word from Bald Eagle, Gaius knew what he must do and eagerly accepts his duty. Naked, he approached his leader. Blade Eagle's cock became engorged as Gaius approached. At first, Gaius took his leader's large cock in his hand and stroked it. He soon felt it throbbing with lust. Gaius knew that he had been chosen to satisfy his leader's lust this night and was honored to be chosen.

After seeing that Bald Eagle's cock starting to throb. Knowing that his naked body next to his leader would arouse him, Gaius took the large cock into his mouth,. His own cock was hard as it pressed against the ground as he moved his mouth up and down on his leader's now rigid cock. Bald Eagle's eyes were closed in passion. His bare feet twitched violently as he approached an orgasm. Bald Eagle groaned in pleasure as Gaius sucked his cock.

In a low voice he said, "Gaius now use your bare feet to finish. I want to spew my juices on your bare feet". Gaius was eager to satisfy his leader with his bare feet.

But before Gaius could take his mouth off of Bald Eagle's throbbing cock, without warning, the enemy Huns rode into the encampment under cover of the night. They had identified Bald Eagle's tent and fired several arrows into it hoping to catch him asleep. The first arrow struck Gaius' back between his shoulders with a loud thug. Gaius groaned, his bare feet kicked up into the air. The soles of his bare feet facing up. Then two more arrows tore into the tent. One hit Gaius' lower back and the third went deep into his ass. With a groan, Gaius collapsed dead sending Bald Eagle's thick cock deep down his throat. Gaius' bare feet slowly lowered back onto the ground. His desire to use his bare feet to satisfy his leader and perhaps gain favor with him would never happen. Bald Eagle's cock was now down Gaius' throat to its full length.

Bald Eagle could see Gaius' dead bare feet twitching and wanted to use them to satisfy his lust but, feeling Gaius' full throat on his cock Bald Eagle could no longer hold back his orgasm. His cock shot its cum down Gaius' throat as his body twitched in death. For several seconds Bald Eagle could not move as his cock continued to spew it juices into the now dead throat of Gaius. Hearing the groans from Bald Eagle's tent, the Huns thought that they had killed him.

But then, as Bald Eagle's cock still was spilling its juices, he pushed Gaius' dead naked body off of him. Gaius' cock was still hard, unsatisfied. Bald Eagle, still erect, still dripping juices grabbed a knife and rushed out of his tent. In a moment he saw his men run naked from their tents. Many of them came out in pairs. Their cocks hard and swinging from side to side as they ran. Bald Eagle had encouraged his warriors to have sex together to build comradery in battle. Normally, in the dark it would have been difficult to distinguish an enemy warrior from Bald Eagle's own men, but, in this case Bald Eagle's warriors were completely naked while the enemy wore battle dress.

There were many of the enemy on horseback some with spears and some with bows. It was difficult to see then in the darkness. He watched for a moment as several of his warriors were hit by arrows or spear thrusts to their bare belles.. Their naked bodies squirmed in the dirt and then were still one naked warrior laying on top of another as they died. Bald Eagle grabbed one enemy off of his horse and stabbed his bare chest. He let out a high pitched scream but Bald Eagle was off to another attacker, pulling him down and stabbing him. Over and over Bald Eagle pulled down the bare chested attackers and drove his dagger into their chest or belly. At the same time many of his men had regrouped and fought the enemy. Their naked bodies often taking arrows or knife thrusts and falling to the ground or on top of another dead or dying warrior, their bare feet touching and twitching against each other.

However, many of the enemy now also lay dead or dying on the ground. Bald Eagle had killed many of the Huns. He was covered with their blood. Finally, he saw the Hun leader. He had been thrown from his horse and was fighting hand to hand with Bald Eagle's naked warriors. Bald Eagle ran to were the Hun stood and challenged him. Both warriors squared off. The Hun noticed Bald Eagle's now hard cock. "After I've sliced you up Bald Eagle, I'll take your cock for my supper tonight".

Both men charged each other. Their chests slamming together. Each had grabbed the other's arms. Then Bald Eagle pushed the Hun away. The Hun charged again, but Bald Eagle pushed his knife hand away and at the same moment thrust his dagger into the lower belly of the Hun just above his cock. Both men were in a tight embrace, starring into each other's eyes. The Hun could only let out a loud growl, his eyes were wide in shock. Still clutching his enemy, Bald Eagle forced his knife upward slicing open the Hun's belly. His guts spilled out onto Bald Eagle's cock and the ground. Bald Eagle released him. The Hun staggered back a few steps, looked in shock at his open belly. He clasped his hands trying to close the wound and fell to the ground, dead. Bald Eagle raised his bare foot and stomped it into the gaping hole in the Hun leader's belly smashing what was left of his guts.

Bald Eagle then stripped off the Hun's uniform and taking the dead cock in his hand, he sliced it off, holding it as a sign of victory in the air as his men began to cheer. The Hun warriors were totally shocked and disoriented seeing the humiliation and death of their leader. They started to run only to be pursued by Bald Eagle's warriors. Many of the Huns were killed by arrows or spears in their backs before the night ended.

Bald Eagle ordered that his men search the battle ground and kill any wounded Hun then strip all of them naked and slice off their cocks as a sign of their loss. Many of Bald Eagles warriors raped the dead Huns, forcing their cocks into the enemy's mouth, ass, or bare feet. After taking care of the Huns, the naked bodies of Bald Eagle's braves were brought back to camp. They were laid on top of each other and a huge bonfire was lit to consume their bodies. The naked bodies of the Huns were left on the battlefield as food for the wolves.