Nick Gives Good Head: A Fraternity Story


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May 27, 2012
San Diego
My sophomore year of college I joined the Beta fraternity. I was closeted at the time, and perhaps a fraternity was a way to get a little extra eye-candy. I would snoop on my roommate and the other brothers as we showered. I could hear some of them fucking their girlfriends through the walls. Now, years later, I still think of the brothers when I masturbate and have sex. I picture their naked bodies as they shower. I hear their moans as they fucked their girlfriends. I picture my dorky roommate Todd and his surprisingly large cock. But it is Nick who has permanent residence in my thoughts and fantasies.

Nick was not in Beta ---he was a Sigma Nu, the neighboring fraternity. When the university built Greek row, they placed the houses very close together. The Beta house and Sigma Nu were separated by a short distance of 30 feet. Nick and I both lived on the fourth floors of our houses. I had a clear view into his room from my window. The first time I got a glimpse of his body was in early September. Nick had short blonde hair, sea blue eyes and boyish good looks. The idea “boy next door.” He was toned, but in the frat boy way. You could see the remnants of weeknight beers in his abs. There was a slight pooch on an otherwise attractive body. On this particular day, Nick was returning from the showers. He has a towel wrapped tightly around his waste. Shortly after entering his room, he flung the towel to the floor and began to wander around his room, his cock swinging freely between his legs. He was an average size but it fit his frame perfectly.

I continued to voyeur. In the months that followed I spied on Nick daily as he showered and changed. I saw that cock many times. At first it was him changing. I got a real show one day when he sat at his desk and began to jerk off. His desk was positioned right in front of his window and I had a clear view of him as he blasted a load of cum on his chest. He also had a revolving door of women. He would usually close the blinds when they came over but once or twice he left them open. I would watch him fuck his women as they panted with ecstasy. And when I couldn’t see, I could still hear the moans drifting between our houses.

Everything changed the following February. Nick brought a new girl home, and she would be the last. The sat on his couch for what seemed like an eternity. Nick began to unbutton her top and grope her. He quickly undressed and picked her up, kissing her as he carried her. He sat her down on his desk and bent down. I presumed he was performing oral sex. I had a clear view of this strange girl but had lost site of Nick. I almost lost interest when she stood up. Nick opened the rickety metal-frame window and sat down on his desk. She was now out of sight. I had a clear view of Nick’s ass as the woman began to suck on his shaft. He lay back on his desk, resting his head on the window frame. His eyes were closed tightly and big smirk spread on his face.

Thirty feet away I was hiding beside my own open window, masturbating and watching Nick’s escapade. He was moaning softly as this girl sucked his cock. As the minutes passed, Nick’s moans grew louder. His body began to quiver. What happened next was inexplicable, It happened in an instant, but will live in my mind for eternity.

There was a loud crack. The heavy window fell from its frame landing on Nicks neck and crashing to the ground below. In that instant, Nick’s head was severed from his body. His eyes were open, frozen in an expression terror and shock. His head plummeted to the ground, landing on the concrete below with a sickening and loud thwak. His once-beautiful head smashed like a melon, creating a large spray of brains, skulls and skin. There was nothing left resembling Nick. Back on the fourth floor his body continued to quiver and shake. His neck stump sprayed a geyser of blood, coating the walls of both buildings. Several droplets of blood flew into my open window, landing on my bare skin. I watched in terror and admiration as Nick’s body convulsed. The girl was standing and screaming. As Nick’s neck pumped blood, his cock also erupted, releasing it’s own geyser of cum. Then he fell to the floor with a thud.

It took the University weeks to clean up the mess. When Nick’s head exploded it created a catastrophic mess. They said they found bits of skull fifty feet away. Some poor freshman girl reported seeing one of Nick’s eyeballs. Supposedly, it had bounced into a nearby gutter. There was a permanent blood stain on the concrete for the months to come.

I’ll never forget Nick’s face as his head was snapped from his body. I can still feel the spray of his blood and picture his quivering body. He’s been dead for over a decade now, but he will always be with me.