New word for me - MANIZE - male rape


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Dec 16, 2014
MANIZE - To use men for sexual means and to treat them as objects/accomplishments. (Google) The primary definition refers to women who are 'man eaters', not in the literal sense, but one who uses men only for pleasure. This is the opposite of 'womanizer'.

I first ran across this in searching photos of dead guys in translations from Spanish and Portuguese. The corpses were usually naked or semi-naked, usually tied, and usually unidentified. I am assuming that Google translate is using this as a polite way of saying raped and/or molested in some other way. All are rather satisfying.

Obviously the word is also used to describe males/male corpses used for pleasure. Since most appear to gang killings, I can only assume that male rape by males is also part of the definition.

Has anyone else run across this word and where?

Would like to know.