Navel Execution


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Mar 7, 2018
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Navel Execution

After the battle, the Emperor had ordered the captives executed. But he wanted to experience the thrill of seeing them killed one by one, stabbed in their navels. Gaius was selected to be the executioner. The captain of the guards walked into the arena where Gaius waited, he handed Gaius a short sword normally used for close in fighting, the blade is wide and short and sharpened on both sides.

Gaius took the sword turned and looked at the line of naked male captives. There were at least a hundred men, all of them hanging by their hands which have been bound together. All of them are naked except for their loincloths which have been pulled low on their hips exposing their entire stomachs. Their feet have been tied and weighted with rocks to keep their bodies from swinging too much as they struggled. A guard went from one man to the next, he tearing a strip of his loincloth off and tied it over the condemned man's mouth. Soon the screams of the men are muffled by their gags.

The thought of stabbing the navels of a hundred defenseless men makes Gaius hesitate. The crowd chanted and the Emperor grew impatient, but Gaius froze with a mix of excitement and loathing as he looked at the line of men hanging almost naked in front of him.

The belly dancer that Gaius had been given for the night is brought out and stabbed in her navel in front of him. She cries and begs for her life but a soldier shoved a shaft into her navel as she screeches in pain. She fell to the ground squirming in the dirt clutching her wounded navel. As she lay dying, Gaius' bed slave is also brought out. He called to his lover for help, but before Gaius can move the soldier shoves his wide, dull battle sword into the slaves navel slitting it wide open. The man falls next to the woman both writing on the ground clutching their bellies. Their bare feet kicking together.

Gaius must begin or forfeit my own life. He walked to where the first men hang. Gaius recognize them. They are a father and son who had refused to fight in the war and now were condemned to die with the captives. The father still had a loincloth around his waist, but the son had been stripped naked by order of the Emperor. The son couldn’t have been more than sixteen; his skin is white and smooth. His cock was young and aroused even though he was about to die. The bones in his chest stood out in sharp definition as he hung in front of the crowd, his eyes wide in terror. His bellybutton was stretched to a slit and Gaius saw that it wasn't very deep.

Gaius touched his stomach and it is tight as the cover of a drum. He put his finger on the boy's bellybutton and shoved it in as he groaned in pain and humiliation. His bare feet kicked out reacting to his pain. His father hanging next to him also naked screamed something at the top of his lungs and thrashed about trying vainly to get to his son as Gaius' finger invades his son’s navel. Gaius pulled his finger out of the boy’s navel and moved to the father. He untied the condemned man's cloth gag.

“Spare my son, thrust your sword in my belly if you must, but I shall tell you where you can find 200 gold pieces if you save my son’s life” Both the father's and the son's bare feet kick in the air next to each other.

Gaius responded, “Two hundred gold pieces would do me no good when the Emperor ordered me to hang with you.”

The Emperor called out, “Untie the father's feet and if he can force his son's cock to release its cum in five minutes, Gaius will spare the son”. Gaius untied the father's bare feet and the father swung as he hung and took his son's cock between his feet and began to massage it. His father's feet desperately rolled his son's cock between them. His son's cock slowly grew hard but had not released its juices within the five minutes.

“Time is up”! The Emperor called out. His own cock was hard as he stroked it as he watched the naked father and son. Gaius pulled the father's bare feet from his son's cock. The boy's cock was throbbing, wanting to cum but couldn't, maybe because of his father's bare feet on it. The father was furious, twisting on the rope demanding more time, but the Emperor would not allow it. Everyone watched as the boy's cock slowly went limp.

“Proceed” the Emperor yelled.

Gaius stepped back to the son who was whimpering and shaking his head, he obviously was pleading with me not to stab his navel. Putting his hand on the boy's bare shoulder to steady him, Gaius turned the sword to align with the shape of his elongated navel. Cocking his arm back Gaius thrust forward.

“AAAAHHHHHH! the son groaned through his gag, his eyes opened wide. His young bare fee kicked wildly in the air.

“NOOOO!” the father screamed at the same time.

Gaius continued to hold the boy still as his body jerked from the sword invading his navel. He could feel the boy's movements through the handle of the sword.

“Leave the blade in him, and stab the father” the Emperor shouted out from his box.

A soldier tapped Gaius on the back and handed him another sword. Gaius released the boy and took the new sword. The boy’s body jerked furiously on the ropes. His feet kicked wildly as his body swayed back and forth sometimes knocking into his naked father hanging next to him, the sword still sticking out of his belly. Like the crowd, Gaius watched his struggles for a few moments. He hadn’t buried the sword in him to the hilt, since he was sure the Emperor and crowd wanted a good view of the blade in his navel. The sword had sliced his stretched bellybutton neatly in two. And his blood poured out of his navel onto his young crotch hair staining it a bright red.

The boy screamed into his gag until he was hoarse, his body swinging wildly. His bare feet kicking. The handle of the sword in his belly pitched wildly in the air with his body. After a while his screams became hoarse groans and his body stopped thrashing in the air. His body twitched now, raising the handle of the sword in a most erotic manner. Gaius looked down the row of condemned men and noticed that they too were mesmerized my the boy’s dying struggles.

With his son still struggling from the sword in his navel, Gaius stepped in front of the father. He brought down a curse on me saying that Gaius too would die, wounded in my bellybutton. Not waiting for him to say more, Gaius thrust the sword into his belly. “AAAHHH” he groaned but otherwise didn’t cry out. He jerked slightly as Gaius stabbed him but not as much as his son. His bare feet kicked out and touched he dying body of his son. Gaius looked at his belly and to his horror Gaius had missed his navel completely in my haste to stab him. The sword was in his lower belly below his navel. Gaius respected him all the more in that he was able to hold back his cries from such a painful wound.

“Again! It must be in his navel!” the Emperor commanded.

Gaius quickly pulled the sword out of his belly. He looked at the naked man's navel. It was deep, Gaius couldn’t see the bottom. Fascinated, Gaius poked his finger in his navel and couldn’t really determine where his deep navel ended. He had thick muscles on his shoulders and chest, a very powerful man! His bellybutton although stretched, was almost round even though he hung in mid-air.

Gaius wanted to take a few moments to explore his navel with the tip of his sword, but he did not chance the Emperor’s wrath. Instead with careful aim Gaius thrust the sword into the center of the father's bellybutton. The point went in and pushed his navel in like his finger, the sword could not find the bottom to pierce. Gaius pushed with all his might, pushing his body back in the air. Suddenly, his navel broke and the sword buried itself in his belly. The crowd, quiet until them, erupted in cheers when they saw the sword pierce him.

"AHHHHH” a loud scream of pain escaped his lips as the sword penetrated his navel. His bare feet kicked wildly in the air. Gaius held on to the sword and felt his convulsions go through the sword into his hand. The father groaned loudly, shaking his head from side to side.

Gaius pulled the sword out of his belly. He jerked back and forth groaning. Gaius walked back to his son who now hung still his head down on his chest. Gaius pulled the sword from the boy's belly and got no response. He wanted to be sure so he turned the sword blade crosswise to his navel and stabbed him again. His father had been watching and again cried out in protest.

The son’s body moved back as Gaius drove the sword into him and swung slowly when Gaius pulled it out. His navel now had been cut in a perfect cross. Gaius was sure that he was dead. His dead bare feet continued to twitch erotically.

The father’s curses began anew now that he knew that his son was dead. Gaius stepped back in front of him.

Holding the sword that Gaius pulled out of his son’s belly up in front of him, Gaius said, “This sword has just pierced your son’s navel” and Gaius stabbed the father with the sword again in his bellybutton. He groaned and lifted his head to the sky.

Gaius grabbed his hip and pulled the sword out. His bellybutton poured forth blood that ran down his lower belly onto his loincloth and the ground. Gaius stabbed him again in his deep navel. He groaned “No more No more, my belly “

Taken by the excitement of the moment, Gaius stabbed him again in his navel, then again and again. His body shook with pain as the sword pierced his navel. His body jerked back and forth from the force of my thrusts into him. His bare feet jerked to the delight of the crowd.

Finally, Gaius forced myself to stop. He pulled the sword from the man's belly and looked at his navel. It was gone! completely destroyed, now only a red hole remained where his once proud, deep navel had been. His body twitched as he hung in the air. His bare feet twitched slowly.

Gaius picked his head up by his hair. His eyes were wide open, pain was evident in his expression. Gaius released his head and it fell back onto his chest. If he wasn’t already dead, he soon would be. As a final gesture, Gaius pulled the loincloth off of the dying father. Both father and son hung naked together before the cheering crowd.