Nábrók, the Icelandic Necropants, a story

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Apr 20, 2020
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Eric and Olaf were friends who liked to hike and camp in the steep, rugged volcanic mountains above their village near the southcentral coast of Iceland. It was late summer and they took their horses, planning to do a little hunting as well. The artic fox and rabbits were their prey. They loaded up their gear on their Icelandic horses, which outsiders call ponies due to their small size.

The young men were in their twenties, Olaf being the older at 23 and Eric the younger at 21. The first night they set up camp near a volcanic lake that had steam rising from the crystal-clear waters. After setting up their tent and building a fire and eating salted fish and drinking the Icelandic aquavit known as Black Death, they decided to strip down and go for a dip in the warm waters of the lake. Because they were so far north, it does not get dark until after midnight. The young men were had strong, well muscled, lean bodies, due to the hard, physical labor they did on their family farms.

Eric admired his older friend, he had wide shoulders that tapered to a narrow waist and hips with well-defined pectorals and abdominal muscles. Olaf was very handsome with long straight blond hair and sky-blue eyes. He also had one outstanding attribute which set him apart. His penis looked to be about seven inches long when soft with a foreskin that hung down even further, and it was as big around as a sausage. Eric had not seen it erect, but he could only imagine how long it would become. Cradling his big sausage were big testicles hanging in a pendulous scrotum which was almost hairless. Olaf noticed Eric’s admiring glances and he enjoyed being noticed.

When they got out of the water and dried off in front of the fire, they put their clothes on, drank some more alcohol and told stories.

“Have you ever heard the story about the nábrók or necropants?” Olaf asked.

“No, tell me about it.”

“It is an old Icelandic superstition. But under just the right circumstances it can make the wearer very rich.”

“Tell me about it.” Eric’s hazel eyes darted with excitement in the light of the campfire. He had wavy brown hair that hung to his shoulders.

“If you want to make your own necropants or nábrók, you have to get permission from a living man to use his skin after his death,” Olaf began. Eric gasped at the thought but wanted to hear more.

“When he dies, after he has been buried, you must dig up his body and flay the skin of the corpse in one piece from the waist down. As soon as you step into the pants, they will stick to you and become like your own skin. A coin must be stolen from a poor widow and placed in the scrotum along with the magical sign, nábrókarstafur, written on a piece of paper. Consequently, the coin will draw money into the scrotum so that it will never be empty, as long as the original coin is not removed.”

“How creepy. Has this actually happened?” Eric said.

“They say it has,” Olaf replied.

“Because no one can wear these pants forever, when he is ready to surrender them the owner has to convince someone else to take ownership of the pants, stepping into each leg as soon as he gets out of it. The necropants can thus keep the money-gathering nature for generations,” Olaf said, his clear blue eyes dancing in the light of the fire. He was obviously taken by the old Icelandic tale.

“That is so amazing. I have never heard the story before.”

“I know what we should do. We must swear secrecy, but if anything happens to either one of us we should give permission to the other to take our skin and make necropants after we die. I would rather my flesh live on like that and bring good fortune to my friend than know it will rot in the ground doing no good to anyone. Wouldn’t you?” Olaf said with an almost trancelike enthusiasm.

Eric thought for a minute. Would his friend kill him and take his skin so he could become rich?

“What if the person who gave permission was killed by the other one to become rich?”

“I don’t think it works that way, it has to be completely voluntary and freely given, if one killed the other it would not have been freely given.”

“Okay, if that is the case I agree. When I die you can take my “necropants” or if you die first then I will take yours. But we both must agree not to kill the other in order to take it,” he said.

“Agreed, I could never kill another man except in self-defense and I certainly wouldn’t kill my friend no matter how many riches would come my way.”

“Okay, then here,” Eric took his knife and pulled it across his palm drawing some blood. “Let’s seal our pact with blood.” Olaf then took the knife and drew it across his palm, and they clasped hands and swore their oath on their own blood.

That night Eric could not get the idea of the necropants out of his mind. He even dreamed about pulling on pants that were made from the skin of his friend. He looked down and saw the long foreskin of Olaf’s penis hanging down below his own smaller penis which was inside of it making it look bigger. Then he woke with an erection as Olaf lay beside him sleeping. He would give anything to touch Olaf’s huge member, but he knew that was forbidden and Olaf would never allow it.

The next few days they continued to hunt fox and rabbit and were successful with the rabbits, but not with fox. They covered very rough terrain mostly walking with the horses in tow carrying their gear but sometimes they rode the horses. They swam in some of the thermal lakes and swam in the pools of waterfalls, always naked. Olaf caught Eric admiring his body but pretended not to notice.

One night in the tent it was warmer than usual, and Olaf said, “Do you mind if I sleep naked under the covers, it is too warm to wear clothes.” They both slept under the same covers on a sleeping pallet.

“No, as long as you don’t mind me sleeping naked too,” Eric replied with a grin.

“No, of course not.” After they stripped down and slipped under the covers with their bodies touching. Olaf said, “Eric I saw how you looked at me. If you would like you can touch me,” Olaf said, taking Eric’s hand and putting it on his growing erection. Eric did not say a word but wrapped his hand around Olaf’s stiffening member and began to masturbate him. The mighty organ swelled from seven inches to what must have been nine or ten inches of hard, throbbing man meat. Olaf took Eric’s penis and masturbated it as well until it came to a throbbing seven inches. They continued to masturbate each other in silence until first Olaf then Eric came. They then lay back and fell asleep without saying a word.

They continued their nighttime activity after that, sleeping naked and masturbating each other, but never talking about it. They also swam naked and played in the waterfalls, but since they were all alone, they also touched each other and masturbated in the water. One time, Olaf dropped his head and took Eric’s penis into his mouth. Eric liked it and took Olaf’s turgid member into his mouth. They continued this for the next few days. Eric loved to run his tongue under the foreskin of Olaf’s penis, circling the flared coronal ridge around the glans and running his tongue up and down the silky shaft, ribbed with purple veins that crossed the surface of his throbbing member. Eric felt he truly loved Olaf as a friend and as a lover, no matter how forbidden that love was in their time.

One day they were walking along a very narrow and steep mountain pass, with the horses in tow. Olaf stepped on a loose rock and lost his footing, before he knew it, he began to fall down the steep cliff and hit his head very hard on a sharp rock.

Eric carefully climbed down the steep slope to him. Olaf looked up at him and said, “If I die take my necropants; remember our oath!” He then closed his eyes and did not open them again. There was a bad gash in his temple which bled profusely. Eric picked him up and carried him to the path where the horses stood waiting, but he was unable to revive him. He then lay him face down over the back of his horse and turned towards home which was a two-day ride. When he got to a level place, he again tried to revive his friend but to no avail. Olaf was gone.

Eric wept. He had deep feelings for his friend and only recently forged an even closer bond with him and now he was gone. He then headed home with Olaf’s body draped over his horse covered with a blanket.

Eric rode his horse and held the rope of Olaf’s horse leading him home. He spent one night by himself. It was beginning to get cooler. But the thought of his dear friend laying on the horse dead devastated him and filled him with grief.

When he arrived back in his home village Olaf’s family took his body and prepared it for burial. The entire town was devastated. After a day of mourning the family buried Olaf in a lonely family cemetery near a mountain on their family farm not far from Eric’s farm but far from any houses. It was getting colder at night as winter approached, but Eric knew that if he was going to honor his friend’s wishes he must act quickly.

Two days after the burial he crept out at night with a lantern and shovel and dug up the loose fresh black earth that covered the grave. When he opened the coffin, because of the cold, Olaf looked like he was not dead but was only sleeping. Eric dreaded doing what he was about to do, but he had to steel himself and not think that he was violating the body of his friend, but he was instead honoring their pledge to each other and honoring his friend’s last wishes.

He pulled off Olaf’s pants and socks leaving him naked from the waist down. Then he began to flay the skin of the lower half of the body as he had learned to do with sheep. He first cut a line around the waist at the belly button and slowly peeled the skin down, cutting it away from the tendons of the body with a knife. There was little body fat only muscle. When he got to the genitals, he first gazed fondly at the large penis laying to one side above the scrotum. He pulled the pale foreskin down to expose the glans of the penis with its flared corona. He had loved to run his tongue around the silky glans of his friend’s penis, but now it was purple and cold. He touched it again lovingly, but he knew what he must do. He needed to take the skin and foreskin of the penis and the scrotum in one piece with the rest of the skin. He began by cutting under the corona and circling the glans, separating the foreskin from the glans, and he pulled the skin up over the core of the penis. Then he pulled out the testicles from the scrotum. This left the pale core of the penis with its silky purple head and pale gray testicles exposed.

After he finished peeling the skin down to the feet, he separated it from the body and rolling it up, inside out and put it in a sack. Then he put the pants, shoes and clothes back on the body, closed the casket and shoveled the loose dirt of the grave back over it.

When he got back to town, he stored the skin in a cool place where they kept milk on the farm.

He had to find a coin and draw the symbol of the nábrók on paper to put in the scrotum of the necropants. He found the coin in the cup of a blind widowed beggar. He first gave her a coin, but as he dropped it in her cup he removed a coin, unknown to her.

Then he found a sorcerer who showed him the stave or magical symbol of the nábrók; the nábrókarstafu.

“Do you possess the skin of a nábrók?” the sorcerer asked.

Eric said, “It is an old wife’s tale I heard and wanted to see what the symbol looked like.”

“I see,” said the sorcerer with a knowing look, after Eric paid him for a copy of the symbol. Nothing more needed to be said. Eric did not know that the sorcerer had the nábrókarstafu tattooed on his penis. It was said that some sorcerers gave people they favored permission to take the nábrók from their bodies after they died.

Growing up on a farm Eric knew how to skin animals and how to tan their hides but he was told that the skin was supposed to adhere to his body without being tanned, but he still wanted to clean and prepare it first, so he laid it out on a board, still inside out, and scrubbed it with lye soap and brushes. He did not de-hair it.

When he was finished, he cut the membrane that separated the scrotum into two separate chambers so it would be one large pouch, then he inserted the coin and magic symbol and sewed it shut. He did not sew up the opening at the end of the foreskin and left the opening for the anus. He cut an opening in the side of the scrotum and sewed it together with cat gut so that he could empty its contents when he needed to. He figured he would care for the necropants with oils and work it with his hands so it would become soft and flexible once he wore it. The good thing was that the two men were the same height and size, though Olaf’s thighs were a bit bigger and his penis and scrotum were considerably larger.

Once he had finished preparing the necropants he put first one leg in all the way to the toes, then the other and pulled it up his legs until they came to his crotch. His own scrotum lay behind the scrotum of the necropants and there was ample room for both, but when he came to the penis he inserted his own penis into the long, wrinkled tube of flesh ending with the foreskin with its open end. His penis fit well into it and he admired his new penis with the extra-long foreskin and the low hanging scrotum, empty but for the widow’s coin and piece of paper with the magic symbol, then he rolled the last bit of skin up his waist. The skin clung to his body like a second skin, only the pubic hair and hair on the legs was much lighter than his own. That night as he slept he imagined his newly acquired scrotum filling with coins and his penis erecting in its new skin looking longer than ever before.

When he woke, sure enough his new scrotum, the former scrotum of his friend, was filled with coins. To get them out he pulled out the cat gut stitches and let the coins spill out, making sure the original coin remained. Once he emptied it, he sewed it back up in a way that it could be reopened. The pattern continued night after night until he had amassed quite a fortune of coins. He did not let his family know, to avoid suspicion, but one time he met the sorcerer on a village street.

“Young man, I hope that life has blessed you with good fortune,” the sorcerer said.

“I have been very fortunate indeed, thank you,” Eric replied, with a smile.

“Your secret is with me. I honor anyone who maintains the old ways and wish you good fortune. But remember that what has a beginning must also have an end.”

He once again saw the widow lady whose coin he had taken. When he had amassed enough coins to fill a sack he gave it to her, much to her surprise!

One downside was that when he was naked anyone could tell he was wearing the necropants and he couldn’t remove them, so it was hard to be intimate with anyone, male or female, without having to explain, which he did not want to do. He continued to collect the coins and bury them until he had many sacks of coins, more than enough for any one man to enjoy. He enjoyed using the skin of the long penis of his friend to masturbate, he rubbed oils into it to make it very soft and pliable. There was so much more of it that it felt longer than what he had naturally; but he was a young man and would eventually need to use his penis for the purpose it was intended, to impregnate a young woman or, if he wanted, to be intimate with a man.

After a few years of collecting the magical coins he decided to invite a young friend to take a camping, hunting and hiking trip with him through the mountains much like he and Olaf had taken. His friend was named Asgard and he was two years younger and was very handsome with long dark hair and blue eyes. They enjoyed hiking and camping and swimming in the thermal pools, but Eric was careful to never to show Asgard his naked body.

One night as they sat by the fire drinking the local liquor Asgard asked him, “Why do you always cover your nakedness and swim with long pants, are you ashamed? There is no need to be modest with me. I am not the least bit offended by the body of a naked man.”

“It is interesting that you should ask,” Eric said. “If you promise to keep a secret, I will tell you a story that could bring you great fortune. But you must keep it between the two of us, until or unless you are willing to share your fortune with another, like I am sharing it with you tonight.”

“Please tell me. I want to hear.”

Eric then told Asgard the story of the nábrók.

“I have heard old tales like that before but what does it have to do with you?” Asgard asked.

With that Eric stood up and pulled his pants down. “I am wearing the necropants of a friend who died tragically in these hills, but we made a pact before he died that if anything happened to either of us the other could take the necropants from the one who died. He wanted me to have his just as I told him I would let him have mine if I went first. It has brought me great fortune, but I have tired of them and want to pass them on to someone else who can benefit from them. The only way to pass them on is for me to step out of them when someone else steps into them. Are you interested?”

“Am I interested? Yes, I am interested. I grew up poor all my life and would like nothing better than to find good fortune.” Asgard then removed his pants shoes and socks. “I am ready when you are.”

“I have never done this before, but this is what the tale says needs to happen,” Eric then pulled his left leg out of the necropants. “Now you must put your leg into the pants.” Asgard slipped his left leg into the left leg of the pants, then Eric slipped his right leg out and as soon as he did Asgard slipped his right leg in. As he pulled the top part up, he pulled the scrotum in front of his own, but like Eric he put his penis into the skin of Olaf’s penis which was longer than his own. The skin began to adhere to his body, as if it were his own skin and seemed to magically reanimate onto the body of its new owner.

“It is done, the old stories are true. Now I can be naked any time I want without fear of being discovered. It will be interesting to see if you find coins in your new scrotum in the morning. To celebrate Eric stayed naked by the campfire that night, finally free of the nábrók and happy to have found someone to pass it on to.

Sure enough the next morning Asgard found his new scrotum filled with coins. Eric was careful to leave the widow’s coin and the nábrók symbol in the scrotum. Asgard was ecstatic. He now knew he could make a fortune on his own.

That night Eric asked Asgard if he could hold the penis of the nábrók, the penis of his old friend Olaf, and of course Asgard agreed. Asgard then took Eric’s penis in his hand and began to masturbate him and Eric masturbated Asgard. Asgard asked if he could take Eric’s penis in his mouth and Eric said yes. He had not had this feeling since Olaf last put his mouth on his penis. He loved it. It was the first time since he had worn the necropants that he could enjoy sex with another person. They enjoyed each other that night and the nights that remained on their camping trip.

Eventually Eric inherited his family farm when his parents passed away and he was able to buy out his brothers and sister. The neighboring farm was owned by Olaf’s family, but they had only one child, Olaf. Eric offered to buy them out when they became too old to farm. He then owned twice as much land and he controlled the grave containing the body of his dear friend Olaf. He knew he needed to raise a family to help him farm and eventually married a village girl named Astride who bore him three fine sons and a lovely daughter.

He still enjoyed his week-long adventures into the mountains with his men friends where he would often enjoy the intimate pleasures that only a man can offer another man. One of his regular companions was Asgard who he grew very fond of. True to the legend after a while even Asgard grew tired of the nábrók and passed it on to another, but Eric and Asgard remained friends and enjoyed their frequent trips into the mountains together and with other men who shared their common passions.