My Love of Hideous Death


I want to bite you.
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Jan 13, 2012
Cannibal Heaven
I love to watch sexy young men suffer and die. Not women, kids, old folks. Just attractive young men.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s sexual. A few of you must get this same sexual jolt. The sight of their bodies being beaten, stabbed, torn apart. The sounds of killing and dying. Shrieks, groans, gasps, whimpers. Necks bleeding and wheezing. Bellies gutted. Eyes gouged. I want to see, hear, taste and smell their death. Piles of dead naked men are incredibly hot. Autopsies and dissection make my mouth water. But a cold corpse is not a warm corpse, nor a warm living dying man. I love to watch a man enduring his final moments, taking his last breaths. Or, as we saw recently, a man having his cock and nuts chewed off by a pitbull.

CDG gives me these sights and sounds. I’m incredibly grateful for videos and photographs, as well as graphic stories, like those by Tecpatl. PM’s allow me to discuss my cravings with others like me. I know there are many others with similar likes, and I’d love to read your graphic thoughts.

My fantasies and my cravings are just that—fantasies. But CDG lets me watch the real thing. Thanks to all the rest of you who help me bust my nut.