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Nov 20, 2011

I followed him into the gas station and picked the pomp opposite his. He wore a leather shirt with Buffalo Nickel snaps sapped up to the neck. Over that he wore a standard leather jacket. There was a pair of fingerless leather gloves with studs in the epaulets of the jacket. He wore leather jeans over the tops of heavy leather boots. A brass buckle peaked out from under the pant leg of your leather jeans. There was a wear ring around his leather pant leg where the top of his boot was. I could see the outline of what appeared to be a Glock in the conceal carry pocket of his jacket. There was the outline of his dick on his fly in scuffed leather. I had an insane desire to warp my lips around that pole.

I had the same gear on except I believed one could never wear enough leather so I had on leather chaps on over my leather jeans. My boots were custom made in a small town in Oregon. I finished filling up before him and went in the mine mart and got a cup of coffee. I sat on my bike and took in the scenery mostly which consisted mostly of him. He caught me staring a couple of times. He checked his oil and wiped off his mirrors. He kept checking to see if I was watching.

When he finished he rode over and parked in the slot next to me.

“You got a problem dude” He said somewhat aggressively

“No” I replied

“Then what you looking at” He said with the same tone in your voice.

“I was wondering about your boots” I said,

“What about my boots” He said looking down at them

“I was wondering if you had them made up in that small town in Oregon” I replied.

“I got another pair like these and a Lace up pair of loggers” I added.

“Twenty inches tall” He said somewhat softer now,

“Yea” I said

We talked about boots and bikes, and rides we made. Then I blurted it out

“You want that dick sucked” I said

“What” you said with a shocked tone in your voice

` “Your dick, I want to know if you want it sucked, it’s sticking out like a sore thumb” I said

` He looked down at his crotch and sure enough there was a bulge in his jeans and the worn leather perfectly outlined his man hood.

“You know a place to go” You asked hesitantly

“Yea, I’m camping at an abandon mine on the reservation down near Red Rock”. I explained

“OK let’s go” you said with more enthusiasm.

We headed East on the free way. He followed behind me. We got off the free way at the Red Rock exit and crossed over the free way. Passing in front of the Reservation Minnie Mart we continued four more miles. We arrived at a group of buildings clustered around a mine head. I rode through a roll up door into a machine shop.

I got off my bike and turned around and you already had your gun out. A red dot appeared on my leather jacket.

“I took sandpaper and sanded that little of art work on my jeans just to attract faggots like you.” He said “Cocksucker this is going to be your last fuck” he added,

I never really thought of dying with some guys cock in my mouth but I suppose there might be better way to go. He ordered me to bend over my saddle and hang on to the foot pegs I felt him playing with my ass. I realized he was cutting the seam of my leather jeans. I heard your snaps pop and his leather creaking as he lowered his jeans. Like me he were going commando. He put his gun in his conceal carry pocket and grabbed my shoulders. He pressed his dick between the cheeks of my ass. I felt the head of his dick brush the rim of my ass. Grabbing two fists full of leather jacket he rammed his dick home. I let out a scream of pain. It was raw, extremely rough sex smashing my dick between my body and the motor cycle saddle. The skin of my dick was rubbed raw form rubbing on the rough leather of my jeans. I started to get use to the pain. Then I started to encourage him on.

“Yea” more rough ramming, “Do it… Yeah Do it “Tear my hole up” More ramming. Fill me with your man seed. Dot it…Do it. Yeah This went on for some time. When he was about to shoot his wad he pulled out, I slid down to my knees leaning against the bike. He blew his wad in my face. It was a substantial amount of cum. I licked some of it from around my lips It oozed down my face and dripped on the front of my leather jacket. The pure white cum was in sharp contrast of the black leather of my jacket, I rested on the heels of my boots. I took my finger and smeared the cum around on the leather of my jacket, I licked my finger. “Kind of sweat tasting” I said. I could feel something soft leaking into the seat of my jeans,

I heard the high pitched wine of a oscillator. A red dot appeared in my leather jacket, there was a flash from the barrel of the gun. The impact of the bullet knocked me over on my back. He kicked my boots and my legs lay flat, He rubbed my crotch with his booted foot squashing my dick with his tall black boots. I raised my hips and pushed my dick deeper into the sole of his boots. I moaned with pleasure. Lord did that feel good.

“No one can hear gun shot out here. Finish me off and take what you want then leave me for the coyotes.” I said.

I pulled myself up by the bike. I opened the saddle bag and dug out a toy. It was shaped like a corn cob cut in half. I spun around and leaned back against the bike. Blood was oozing down the front of my leather jacket. I unfastened my belt and waste band and opened my fly . My dick was fully erect and hard. My dick fit snugly in my toy. I closed my fly and buckled my belt. The buckle was a heavy skull and cross bones pewter gray color. The toy vibrated on the lowest setting then automatically increase in intensity till climax , It felt good. I rubbed my leather jacket pinching my nips trough the leather. The tight jeans held the toy and cock in place. By pressing my thighs together I could affect the action of the toy on my dick.

I started to climax. I felt the tingling in my dick. As the intensity of the vibrations from the toy grew so did my pleasure, “ Finish me” I shouted I was going to shout it again but never got to The lights went out and I was instantly standing next to the body. I had fallen over on my right side. Blood and brains were splattered all over the saddle of the bike. He was going through my pockets. He found my wallet and the title for the bike. He took out my wallet and the six hundred bucks in there too, He looked at the drivers license. He spoke out loud like I was still alive. “I am going over to your Camper there and see about those boots of your and see what other stuff interest might be there. “But first I am not done with you,

He grabbed my boots and dragged my body till it lay flat on the ground with my arms stretched above my head. Straddling my body he knelt down in the dirt. 0n his knees, He pulled my jeans down exposing my dick and balls. There was beads of rich yellow liquid in my pubic hair, Soft shit, brown speckled with whit cum eased from between my cheeks. He pulled a bayonet from my right boot, and felt the edge, “ Fuck that’s sharp” he said, He tested it on my belly, It popped through the leather with ease and slid in my guts un restricted, He twisted it around a little and pulled it out. He wiped it on the sleeve of my jacket

Taking my dick and balls in his left like he was pulling weeds he cut of my manhood. He lay them on my chest,

He positioned the bayonet so the blade was vertical. He rammed the knife where my dick and balls use to be and pulled it out. . He undid his pants and his hard dick came out and stood straight up and was rock hard. He must get off mutilating corpses. He shoved his dick in and out till he shot his wad. Falling forward on my chest he wiggled his hips in and out real slowly savoring the sensation He laid his head on my chest My cock was pressed between his cheek and my chest. He moved his head rolling my dick between his face and my jacket.

After a while he got up and pulled his cock out of the make shift pussy. It was covered in blood and guts. He wiped it off with one of my Tee shirts from my saddle bag. He pissed all over my dead body making sure he got a ample amount in my mouth. He stuffed his dick back in his pants,

He pushed my bike over on its side. He dragged my body over by the bike and laid me chest down on the cylinders and straight pipes if the bike, One arm in the spokes of the front wheel and the other draped over the gas tank,

He took out his gun and shot five holes in my back. Four form a square and one in the middle just like a dice cube. I was number five.