My Brother


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Mar 7, 2018
Maryland, USA
My brother had been killed, but not by me. I broke into the mortuary where he was laid out. They had dressed him in suit, but that is not how I remembered him. We shared a bedroom in our parent's house. I was eight when he first raped me. He ripped my PJ's off and ran his hands over my naked body. I could feel his cock get hard against my belly. He shoved his cock into my throat until he shot his juices down my throat. After that he insisted that we sleep naked so that he could “take”me whenever he wanted. Over the years we shared a room and he forced me to suck his cock until he came into my mouth. However after awhile I began to enjoy it.

He had taken three .45 slugs in his belly. He had owed 20K to a drug dealer that he couldn't pay Now with him dead, the sex would end, but I had to admit to myself that I would miss feeling his naked body next to mine and how his huge cock felt in my throat. His groans of lust, even his hand forcing me to take his cock all the way down my throat. My brother had a large cock. Bigger than mine and he forced me to take in my throat and ass anytime that he wanted. But he would never let me cum. As soon a he shot his cum down my throat, he would push me off of him even though my cock was hard and ready to cum. I had to hide my orgasm since he didn't want to see it. One day our mother came into our room to wake us up. My brother's cock was still shoved into my ass. We had fallen asleep as he was fucking me. She ignored it and just walked out of the room. My brother raped me many times when I was young apparently with our parents turning a blind eye.

However, I had to experience his body one final time. So I climbed into the coffin with his body and started to undress his corpse. I became so excited that the coffin tumbled over and both of our bodies fell onto the floor. I didn't care. I pulled off his clothes until he was completely naked, barefoot. I took his cock into my mouth and sucked it until some juices maybe they were embalming fluid but I didn't care. His cock was as big as I remembered it. I could feel his bare feet against mind as I had so many times in the past.

This time however he wouldn't deny my lust! I turned his naked body over and shoved my hard cock into his ass. It felt great to feel my cock inside my brother's ass. It was what I wanted to do since that first time when I was eight. Only this time, he couldn't push me away, he had to take my cock in his ass. It felt great to rape my brother's ass after taking it so many times.

Then our mother came into the room. She had always preferred him over me. When she saw us, naked, my cock in his ass, she screamed even though she had seen his cock in my ass when we were boys. I grabbed her by her neck. What else could I do, she saw me fucking my brother's dead body. We fell to the floor. Strangling her with one hand, I ripped off her blouse and skirt with the other. I had always been fascinated by her large breasts and now, there they were for me to enjoy. I pushed my cock into her pussy and fucked her. With my right hand strangling her and my naked body on top of her, I raped my mother. After awhile I could feel her pussy get wet. My right hand squeezed her ample breasts, the ones that she had fed my brother and me with. It was such a turn on, he was raping his mother and her pussy was getting more and more wet as he drove into her. I loved to finally get my hand onto her large breasts, squeezing them as I fucked her pussy.

But her gagging and sputtering eventually ended and I could see that she was dead. Her pussy was soaking wet. Had she had an orgasm? Maybe so, but I had one more thing to do. I pulled my still hard cock out of my dead mother's wet pussy and shoved it into my dead brother's mouth. My cock, wet with my mother's juices now shoved down my brother's mouth. I looked at my mother's dead huge breasts as I raped my brother's mouth for the first time. I came, long and hard down my brother's throat.