Mercury Exposure From Stepping on Broken Energy Saving Light Bulb, Medical Pictures a


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Jun 25, 2011
There are people saying this mercury element of the story is a hoax, if anyone knows any more or has any evidence or correct details, drop me a PM

so far 1 website has been passed onto me which purports this pdf/pic collection's adjoining story to be a Hoax.

how ever, multiple suggestions so far that this may be a result of the victim having diabetes...

What happened.

On February 10, 2011 global integration IP home energy saving. He didn't wait for, for global cooling, standing in a piece of cloth chair, remove energy protect the earth. Because of the heat energy

Protect the earth, he gave up the world. As a global fell on the floor "explosion" (brake). As he dropped from the chair

He walked into the broken glass and contact mercury powder.

Intellectual property was taken to hospital for treatment to cut. He spent two weeks in the intensive care ward, and at one stage, it is

Worry about his foot be amputated. At present, his feet are connected to a vacuum pump, in order to eliminate

The organization are dead. The revival of the long way waiting for him



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Mar 12, 2010
To get mercury poisoning from a CFL, one would have to smash it, somehow recover the miniscule amount of mercury from it and inject it into the skin. Even then, it probably wouldn't do anything. The danger from the mercury in CFLs and other lights is when the mercury inside them accumulates in areas where many of them are broken such as in a landfill or a trash bin. Mercury is absorbed through the skin and it is inhaled as it evaporates. It is highly toxic and needs to be cleaned up whenever released to prevent it from building up. CFLs use much less mercury than florescent tubes and even those use a lot less than they used to. So, I would say that this problem involves more than contact with a broken bulb. He may have developed sepsis from infected cuts or he may have been exposed to a lot of broken fluorescent bulbs. There are many more rational explanations.

Don't forget that mercury exist naturally in ocean water and we consume a small amount of it every year no matter what we do. It is released from the soil in some parts of the country. What we need to do is minimize how much of it we release when using it for manufacturing.

We use to play with little blobs of liquid mercury in school and it never affected mememememmeme ;-)