Maple Syrup


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Jul 8, 2012
I was hiking through wooded mountains like I often did, when suddenly I heard a metal crunch and collapsed to the ground in pain. My foot was firmly in a metal trap. I could see bone sticking out of my ankle. I was frantic. I wasn’t following a trail so it was unlikely anyone would find me. I tried in vain to get the trap to release me, but it was locked on, and firmly attached to the ground. I lay there in agony, fading in and out of consciousness. Suddenly a cracking in the bush. My hear leapt in fear. A man’s voice “oh my god, are you okay?! Let me help you out of there”. He was well muscled and handsome, in his early 40’s. He reached down, lifting me beneath the armpits, and suddenly with all his strength he pulled me backwards, tearing my leg away from my foot and the trap. I blacked out in agony.

I woke up in what appeared to be the back room of a log cabin. I could taste blood, and felt groggy as if drugged on top of blacking out. I was securely strapped to a sturdy wood table. I struggled against my bonds. “Ah, you’re awake, at last” he said “don’t worry, I cleaned up that ankle and cauterized it. Oh I also took the liberty of removing that tongue, it’s remote here, but can’t take any chances.” I struggled hard against my bonds, making a panicked noise in the back of my throat. “Well, I should let you recover a couple days before the fun starts, don’t want you dying on me too quickly” with that he left the room, leaving me in complete darkness.

A couple of times a day he would bring food and water. I learned very quickly not to refuse, but not before he removed three fingernails. After 3 days he came in and illuminated the room, wearing a heave apron. “We’re gonna have some fun today my boy” he chuckled. He went over to my leg with the missing foot. He bound a tourniquet tightly high up my thigh, his hand brushing my balls as he did. “This will please the lads down at the lodge” he stated. Next he took a saw and began to hack through my thigh below the tourniquet. When he was done, he sealed up the stump where my leg was. “Don’t worry, you can rest a few days now my boy” with that he began butchering and cleaning my leg on a different table. I slowly slipped unconscious from the pain.

After a few days of the food and water routine, he entered wearing the apron. This time he tied the tourniquet on my arm near my left shoulder. “The arms are more fun” he grinned. He took a large meat cleaver and with one power swing, severed my hand. He picked up and then hand and caressed my face with it. “There, there boy” you’ll be ok. Three hacks with the cleaver got him through my elbow and 3 more near the shoulder. He must have put something in the food because the pain was dulled so I didn’t pass out. “I wanted you to be able to watch me prepare you” he grinned. When he was done, he tidied up and left me in the dark once again.

A few days later he came in with the apron. “We’ll do the other today my boy” he smiled. “Time is running low though, so you get an extra treat today!” He pulled out a pair of pliers. Over the next 15 minutes he extracted all my teeth. “Perfect! Now that arm”. He seemed more excited today and took my arm off in one go. Afterwards he made me watch while he jerked himself off with It. Then he butchered. “We can have a little more fun between sessions now” he smiled as he left.

This time the feeding routine was different. Every time he brought food and water he gave my mouth a good fucking first. I was powerless against him and that just got him harder. Finally he came back in with the apron. “The last limb should be special” he said “don’t you agree?”. With that he pulled out a small hammer and shattered my ankle and then my knee. Then, he removed my leg from the knee down. “You know, I’ve always wanted to try something “ he said. He took a strange looking metal cylinder and clamped it high up my thigh, then tightened it so it cut through my flesh to the bone. On his end of the contraption was a handle. Flexing and straining his muscles he pulled it as hard as he could. After a minute he stumbled backwards. He had stripped all the flesh right off the bone. Then of course, he used the bone saw to clean it up. “Well my boy, the real fun can begin now”

With my ass fully vulnerable now, he pounded it Twice a day. I was just a meat sheath for his this I cock. I was no longer confined to the table. He ducked wherever he wanted. Finally one day, he said well, it’s time the second last stage of your adventure. The men at the lodge have met you” he winked, now it’s time you met them. He tossed me in his truck and off we went. It took nearly 3 hours to get there. When we arrived it was quiet. A man waited outside smoking a cigarette. “Ah there you are! Perfect timing!” He exclaimed, the old model is waiting out back for you to pick up. But let’s bring this boy in and set him up.” I was placed behind the bar on a stand, a 10 inch wooden shaft up my ass kept me in place. He hung a. Sign around my neck that said “maple syrup”. He forced me to take viagra and then began milking my semen into dipping sauce cups. “I’ll come and get him when he’s played out” my previous owner said “I should have a replacement by then” with that he was off. The owner smiled “you know, it’s bit of you they’ll be dipping in your sauce”. For about two weeks I watched men dip cooked pieces of my flesh into sweet or spicy sauces made from my cum. At last my master came to fetch me. “You know boy, I actually missed you” he said.

He loaded me in the truck. “Normally you’d be dead by tomorrow at this point. But I took longer processing you than I normally do” he said “and it does get lonely in these woods”. For the next few months, he fucked me every night, even letting me cum sometimes. When autumn was halfway through he said “well my boy, it’s been fun, it really has. But you’re gonna be part of my winter supply.” He took me outside. There were meat hooks hanging from a tree. He inserted two meat hooks into my should blades.”I promise to fuck you ass one last time boy” he said “but you won’t be here for it” with that he started up a chainsaw. He sliced through torso, about an inch below the belly button. My guts tumbled out of my torso onto the ground as I faded out for the last time.


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Jan 13, 2012
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Oh, how great it is to fuck a newly toothless mouth, still bleeding from the extraction. Then French kiss it to taste bloody cum. :drool::drool::drool: