man in uniform torture

Luis Adam Bree

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Oct 31, 2016
London England
This story begins on New Year's Eve. I went to a frat party
at the student center on campus. I love going to fraternity parties
because they are always packed wall to wall with hot horny hunks.
Most of the guys aren't gay but even so they are so open about their
sexuality that I can often have a front row seat in front of a
gang-bang. I really get off watching the hot young studs thrusting
their throbbing pricks up some bitch's cunt while all the other frat
brothers chear them on. The whole time I watch them fucking, I am
dreaming that those jocks are fucking my ass. Sometimes I have to
go to the bathroom and jack off 'cause there are some guys that can
keep on going for an hour and when their creamy jism starts to run
down their shaft and coat their balls I begin to have uncontrollable
urges to go down on these guys and lick their creamy nuts.

Tonights party was really bitchin'. The music was awesome
and everybody was dancing and having a good time. There was a keg
of beer and various bottles of whiskey and other types of alcohol.
I was over by the refreshment table having a drink when this group
of 3 young marines caught my eye. I almost spit up my beer when I
saw these guys. They were so fucking good looking! They must have
all been about 18 or 19 yrs old, shaved heads, green marine
uniforms, and shiny polished black boots. The first 2 were carrying
a large bowl of punch and the third (and cutest) was walking behind
them. The two marines set down the bowl of punch and one of them
yelled, "Hey Ben, me and Rick are gonna go see if we can find the
girls. We'll see you around..."

Being the sociable person that I am and since this guy was
an honest to god hunk, I decided to go over and introduce myself.
My hopes were not too high that this stud was going to be a fag but
he was so hot I felt like I would die if I couldn't have him. I
went over and got a glass of punch. The punch tasted like about 25%
Hawaiian Punch and 75% Grain Alcohol. I looked over at the
marine's nametag and it said "Private Hardwick". I said, "Hi, my
name's Jack Jones. Whats yours?" The GI said, "Ben Hardwick." I
began to fish for information innocently. "So, where's your date?"
I said. Ben said, "Ha! I don't have a date. I just got into town
last night. My three buddies and I just got out of Basic Training
and we've been stationed here. My buddies live here and they
brought me to this party. I'm originally from Dallas, Texas." I
was immediately intrigued by this GI. He had boyish good looks and a
surprisingly deep voice. I guess all that yelling and drills in the
marines gives these teens their deep, sexy voices. I was beginning
to wonder if I dared to ask him if he was guy but was quickly
disappointed when he continued speaking... "I have a girlfriend back
in Dallas. I sure do wish she was here right now." "Thats too bad"
I said.

So, this young GI was straight. On the other hand, he
hadn't seen his girlfriend in weeks, he was lonely, he was new in
town, AND he was making my cock ache just looking at him. "Have you
tried the punch?" I said. "No, I saw my buddies pouring alot of
stuff called 'Everclear' into it. I've never drank anything but some
beers back on the farm and I don't think I'd like that punch." "Oh,
go on and try it, its great. This is alot less likely to make you
sick than beer (I lied)", I said. Ben said "Alright" and I handed
him a large glass of the punch. The punch was so strong I'm glad
there were no open flames near the bowl. "Whoaaa!" Ben yowled,
"This stuff seems pretty strong!" "Nah, its just that you've never
tasted distilled alcohol before. He drank that entire glass of
punch and said "You know this stuff is pretty good...I think I'll
have another." We shot the shit and he kept on drinking as we
talked. I kept filling my cup but only took little sips and whenever
I'd excuse myself to go take a leak, I'd pour my glass out in the
toilet. Sometime around 1:30 AM after Ben had had about 4 full
glasses of the grain alcohol punch, he began to lean more and more
until eventually he was having to lean against me to stay sitting up
on the bench we were sitting on. Ben said, "I think I drank too
much of this punch, I wish my buddies would come back so I could get
them to take me home." I couldn't stand it anymore, this hunk was
ripe for the picking and I was going to pick him up. I offered to
take him home and he gladly accepted. He tried to stand up but
fell back down sitting. I helped him up and we wobbled out to my
car. By the time I got around to my side of the car, Ben was passed
out and snoring.

Everything was going exactly as I had planned. I stopped
by my dorm room and picked up my bag of special items and then drove
out to my uncle's fishing cabin on the lake. Ben snored angelicly
the entire way. I took my bag inside the cabin and then returned
and carried Ben into the cabin. He became semi-conscious enough to
walk but he was totally out of it. He asked where we were and I
told him I had brought him to my house because he was in no
condition to drive and he mumbled 'ok' or something and passed out
again about the time I got him through the door and I had to half
drag him across the room and lay him down on the bed.

I sat Ben up on the bed, unbuttoned his shirt, pulled his
shirt off, and laid him back down. He had one of those green
t-shirts on underneath his shirt. It clung to his body tightly and
highlighted all of his muscles and the two hard points of his
nipples which had been aroused by the cold night air. Next, I
unbuckled his USMC belt buckle and loosened his belt. I unbuttoned
his pants and slid Ben's zipper down over his bulging genitalia.
Ben's pants immediately spread open to give more room to his large
man-cock imprisoned in a pair of tight green cotton underwear. I
unlaced his shiny black boots, yanked them off, and threw them in
the floor. I pulled the pants of his green marine uniform down over
his legs and tossed them in the floor too. I reached into my bag
of goodies and got out four silk ropes. I tied each of Ben's arms
and legs to a bedpost. He never woke up or even mumbled while I

When I was done, Ben lay there like sex on a platter waiting
for dinner time. He slept peacefully there on the bed in his green
t-shirt and a green jock that was stretched to its limits with Ben's
large man-meat. This was one hot texan. He had chest like a
washboard with every muscle delightfully defined through the tight
cotton T-shirt. His burly arms were like those of a football
player's. His forearms were densely covered with silky brown hairs
to the point that they made his forearms almost brownish in color.
His strong muscular legs were evidence of his rigorous workouts in
basic. I placed my hand on Ben's ankle. The stud's legs were
thickly covered with dense black hairs. I ran my hand up Ben's leg
letting the soft fur of his legs travel between my outspread
fingertips. My hand came to rest on Ben's jock. I felt him up a
little, weighing his cock and balls in my hand. It was all I could
do to restrain myself from ripping that tight green jock off and
going wild but I wanted to wait until tomorrow when Ben was awake
and sober.

Ben was sleeping so hard from the alcohol that there were
two dark, damp spots on the armpits of his green t-shirt. I LOVE
man smells. I used to stay in the locker room in high school as
much as possible because I loved it when all the sweaty jocks would
come in from basketball practice and throw their sweat soaked
uniforms and jock straps into the laundry basket. They would parade
all over the locker room nude talking about how their girlfriends
gave them blowjobs or about their mistakes during the game. The
locker room would fill up with the steamy odor of the sweat dripping
off the damp curly brown hairs under their arms and around their
cocks and balls. Anyways, I pressed my face down on Ben's pit and
inhaled deeply. MY GOD he smelled good just like the basketball
team's t-shirts smelled after practice. I was so glad he wasn't
wearing anti-perspirants or deodorants that hide the wonderful musky
man-scent that makes me so horny. I pressed my nose down onto his
jock near his ballsack and inhaled more of this steaming hot stud's
musky odors. The smell of his ballsack reminded me of Mark
Hamilton. Mark was my highschool football team's star quarterback.
One fall during football season in high school, I stayed in the
locker room after the football team came back in from a five mile
run and tackling workout and I pretended to be looking for a lost
book. All the sweat-soaked studs threw their uniforms and jocks
into the hamper and hit the showers. After they hit the showers, I
grabbed Mark's jock and stuffed it into my pocket and ran home. In
the security of my bedroom I examined the jock. It was soaking wet
with perspiration and had several of Mark's curly dark brown pubic
hairs stuck in the fabric. I jacked off holding his jock over my
nose so I could smell his boy-cock. I slept at night wearing Mark's
jock many times thinking of him and jacking off that year.

I stripped off my own clothes, freeing my painfully erect
cock from the confines of my jeans and low-rise cotton briefs. I
turned off the lights and climbed into the other double bed in the
cabin. My cock begged for release but I refused to touch it for
fear that once I started I could not stop myself from releasing my
load right there in the bed. No, I had to wait until the morning to
get my pleasure, I wanted Private Ben Hardwick awake and alert when
I made love to him. I drifted off to sleep...

The following morning I was awakened by Ben's shouts. "Hey
umm...Jack...What the fuck is going on!? Are you, Jerry, and Rick
trying to play some kinda joke? Very funny! Now untie me and let
me up." I pulled down my covers, got out of bed, and stood next to
his bed totally nude. Ben glanced at my large, hairy cock and balls
and then quickly glanced away as if he had not noticed them and
looked back at my face. I assume that GI studs walk around the
showers and barracks buck naked most of the time and such behavior
is for the most part normal to the marines. "Come on man! The
joke's over. Untie me and let me off this bed, today's my last day
of liberty and I want to get started early." "So do I," I said as
I sat down on the side of his bed and looked deeply into his blue
eyes. "JERRY! RICK!!" he yelled at the top of his marine voice.
"They're not here." I said. Ben started yelling for HELP at the top
of his lungs. I told him "You can yell all you want, Ben. It kind
of turns me on hearing your deep marine voice. Nobody is going to
hear you. We're out in the woods and miles away from the nearest
house." "What do you want from me?" he said. Ben, "I want to
make love to you" I said placing my left hand on his jock and
cupping his ballsack. "Oh Shit!", he yelled and started bucking up
and down on the mattress trying to get loose. "Now now, Ben...Just
calm down. I'm not going to hurt you. I want you to experience
pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. I can give you pleasure your
girlfriend can never give you." I began to slowly stroke his
flaccid penis and rub his balls. Ben screamed, "Let me go you
fucking pervert! I don't fuck with guys! You can't make me enjoy

I began to stroke up and down his dark hairy legs with my
other hand. Ben continued to buck and wiggle and try helplessly to
get away. Finally, he settled down realizing he was not going to be
able to get loose from the bondage. I looked him over from head to
toe. The room was cold and his nipples were hard enough to hang
keyrings from and their hard points showed through his tight green
t-shirt. "Your nipples tell me you're cold, let me build a fire.
" I built a fire in the fireplace and returned to his side. I ran
my fingertips over the hard points of his nipples in the cotton
t-shirt noticing that he had worked up a sweat and that there were
wet spots in the armpits of his t-shirt again. "Ben, you've got the
sweetest smelling armpits I've ever smelled," I said. He remained
silent. I went to my bag of goodies and returned with a small pair
of scissors. I took them and cut down the sleeve of his t-shirt
and cut out the armpits of his t-shirt revealing a thick curly brown
tuft of hair in each armpit. I pressed my face into one of his damp
musky pits and ran my tongue along its length. He began bucking and
flopping up and down again yelling "No! NO!!!!". His sweat was
deliciously salty and had a unique flavor related to its musky smell
that is beyond description but oh so pleasurable. Alas the taste
was too brief.

"Ben, I am going to have to teach you some discipline.
Since you're a marine you ought to be familiar with discipline. I
got my scissors and starting at his waist I cut up each side of his
t-shirt and across his shoulders and pulled the shirt free of his
body. My cock began to throb into a full erection when I saw this
marine's chest. Ben's chest was almost completely covered in thick
curly brown fur like a teddy bear. Ben continued to scream and tug
at his bonds trying to get loose as I ran my hands all over the soft
brown fur on his chest. His whole upper chest was covered in the
thick luscious fur and it went down all around his belly button and
then traveled down into his jock. I went back over to my bag of
goodies and got out a small transformer and plugged it into the
wall. It had a three connections on the front into which I plugged
two long wires that had alligator clips on the ends and a third long
wire that ended in a tiny button. I flipped the unit on and it made
a faint hum. Ben was beginning to go crazy at this point. He was
jerking at the bonds with all his strength and all the sinewy
muscles in his marine body were arched with fear to the point that I
thought the bed might not be able to hold this maverick. "Now Ben,
I told you I didn't want to hurt you. Wasn't it pleasurable when I
licked your armpit?" Ben just kept pulling at the bonds and yelling
for help. "Ben, I'm going to have to punish you if you don't let
me make love to you. My punishment isn't that bad though, some
people love it when I do this" I said. I walked over to the bed
and leaned over Ben. I ran my hands through the thick brown fur of
his chest back and forth over each of his nipples. I grabbed one
with each hand and pinched them and pulled on them slightly and they
began to harden and become erect. I put my mouth down on one and
ran my tongue around the erect nipple, sucked, and bit on it. Ben
was bucking up and down so hard I almost got a busted lip. I
repeated this on the other nipple until both of his nipples were
hard and red. I spread the hair away from his right nipple and
clipped one of the wires to it. I pulled his thick fur away from
his left nipple and hooked up the other wire to the hard red nub. I
stood up and said "Now its time to learn to behave." I pushed the
button and his back arched up off the bed and he yelled "Aaaaahh!
Oooowwwwww!" until I let off of it.

Ben lay still on the bed. He had worked up quite a sweat
with his struggling. Beads of sweat dotted his chest and there was
a line of curly wet hairs down the center of chest just above his
belly. His armpits were wet and curly with sweat. I could smell
them from where I stood. I bent over and ran my tonge over one of
his steaming hot pits. He began jerking up and down yelling "I'm
going to kill you when I get loose." I pushed the button I held in
my hand for a second and watched the marine's muscles flex as the
electricity tickled his throbbing red nipples. I pressed my face
into the soft brown fur of his armpit and inhaled Ben's musky scent
deeply into my lungs. I sucked and licked and ran my tongue through
the soft hairs. I sent the electricity through the marines nipples
every time he resisted me. I sucked and licked out his other armpit
with no resistance. He lay still on the bed whimpering occasionally
like a small child. Next, I stroked the gorgeous thick brown hairs
on Ben's strong muscular legs. I bent over and gave Ben a little
kiss on the calve of his leg where it was the hairiest. I got up on
the bed and straddled Ben's waist. His thick brown fur felt soft
against my ass and tickled my balls as they rested on it. He began
cursing me again and i tickled each of his nipples slightly and
pulsed some electricity through them. I ran my finger down the
curly wet hairs in the center of his chest and brought it up to my
mouth tasting his saltiness. I laid down on Ben so that my cock was
pressed against one of his strong hairy legs, shocking him as he
misbehaved. I put my tongue in his belly button and licked slowly
up the sweat dampened hairs in the center of his chest. I unhooked
one of the wires from his nipple and nibbled the swollen red nub.
Ben arched on the bed as if the electricity were turned on. It was
as if our contact was electric. As I bit down on his nipple, I
pressed the alligator clip against his armpit and pressed the button.
He groaned deeply in his sexy marine voice. I clipped the wires to
each of his armpits. His hairy chest tickled my nipples as I slid
on him and laid my head on his soft furry chest. "Tell me to suck
your nipples" I said. "Fuck you!" Bed said. I pressed the button
several times quickly and felt Ben's body spasm underneath mine.
"Tell me to suck your nipples" I said. Ben was breathing heavily
"Suck...Aahhh!" I pressed the button again and let off. "Suck my...
Noooo! Aaaahh!" he groaned as I pressed the button again. "Please
suck my nipples!" Ben screamed. I gladly obliged and began to
suckle the hard red points buried deeply in the brown fur. I placed
my hands on each of his strong shoulders massaging them, sucking his
nipples, and tickling the curly wet hairs of his armpits with the
electric shocks whenever he disobeyed or resisted.

Ben's face was beautiful. I ran my hand through his short
shaved hair and down his cheek. His beard was beginning to show.
Dark brown stubble had grown out overnight which made his face feel
rough but look very sexy. Ben's upper lip was covered with a thick
brown mustache. I started to place my fingers on his mustache but
he turned his head. I tickled his armpits with the current and told
him "Ben, ask me to feel your mustache." "Please feel my mustache"
he said. I ran the current through armpits again. "Thats 'Please
feel my mustache SIR'" I said. "Please feel my mustache, sir" he
groaned. I ran my hand along the stubble of his cheek and across
the soft dark brown hair of his mustache. His face was so beautiful
I had to kiss him. "Ask me to kiss you" I commanded and sent the
electricity through his armpits. He spasmed and arched the muscles
in his strong hairy arms. "Please kiss me sir" he replied. "Thats
much better, you're learning discipline well, soldier. Now I'm
going to kiss you and I want you to kiss me back and I want you to
ENJOY it" I said emphasizing the word 'enjoy' with a brief pulse of
electricity. I kissed him spreading his lips with my tongue and he
did not resist. His eyes were shut tightly and his mouth remained
motionless. His strong arms twitched as I zapped his pits
momentarily. He began to move his tongue around and lick at mine as
it probed his mouth. His hairy legs felt good against mine, his
chest was so soft and furry to lay on, and his thick mustache
tickled at my upper lip as he kissed me.
Eventually the kiss had to end and I got off the bed. I
cupped his balls inside the soft green cotton jock he was wearing
squeezing his testicles slightly causing a low groan from deep in
the marine's chest. I ran my hand down the line of hair that
traveled from his navel down into the waistband of his jock. I
picked up the scissors and cut the waistband and down each leg on
each side while Ben began screaming "Nooo!". I sent an electric
shock into each of the brown tufts of fur of his armpits. I pulled
the jock away from his body freeing the marines gonads. Ben's large
hairy plum-sized balls rolled out freely inside his ballsack and
spread out on the bed. Most guys don't have much hair if any on
their balls but Ben was different. His balls were covered with lots
of soft brown hairs. The soft brown fur on his chest traveled down
from his navel in a gradually thinning line down to his pubic region
and then spread out again in dense dark-brown, almost black, curly
hairs. The thick curly brown fur covered his pubic region in dense
groups of ringlets of hair. Ben's cock was uncut. It lay limply
between his outspread balls. I moved the alligator clips from Ben's
armpits back to his nipples. Ben helplessly sighed "No!"

I went back to my bag of goodies and returned with a tube of
K-Y Jelly and a small lifelike rubber dildo. When Ben saw the dildo
he became agitated and began trying to jerk free. I sent several
short jolts of electricity into his nipples watching his athletic
body flex with each press of the button. The electricity caused his
scrotum to tighten pulling his large hairy balls up close to his
body. I grabbed Ben by his waist and slid him down on the bed until
the ropes tied to his wrists were pulled tight (all of Ben's bonds
were long enough to allow him some freedom of movement but not long
enough to allow him to escape). I sat on the end of the bed between
Ben's legs. I lifted his hairy legs bending them at the knee
slightly. I put a glob of the lubricant on tip of the dildo. I
sent a long surge of electricity through Ben's hard red nipples and
asked him what I should do. "Let me go!" he yelled. The
electricity once again tensed all the muscles in his chest. "Ben, I
want to show you how good anal sex feels. Have you ever had anal
sex?" I said. "No!" he groaned. Directly in front of me was the
sexiest view: A marine stud on his back with his hands and legs
tied up his dark hairy legs bent at the knees and spread open giving
me a view of his cock and balls and his hairy ass-crack, his thick
brown fur-covered teddy bear chest, his dark curly brown armpits, and
his rugged mustached marine face. I ran my index finger down his
ass-crack. I love hairy men and god this man was HAIRY. He had had
more hair on his chest than most men have on their entire body. His
ass was almost as hairy as his legs and many short black hairs grew
out of his ass-crack. He began trying to scoot away from me and I
punished his nipples and he stopped. I pulled him back down on the
bed, bent his knees and spread open his ass-crack with my left
hand. I picked up the dildo with my right hand and touched it to
his pink asshole. His sphincter puckered even more tightly closed.
I shocked Ben's nipples and ordered him to open his asshole. He
groaned and it relaxed slightly. I touched it with my index finger
causing it to contract tightly and I shocked his nipples again. We
continued this several times until he was able to stand my finger
touching his ass without him closing his asshole as tightly as
possible. I spread a dab of K-Y on his tiny pink asshole. "Ben your
asshole is not ready for me to have anal sex with you. I am afraid
if I fucked you I might hurt you. I'm going to have to get your ass
accustomed to the feel of being penetrated" I said. I touched the
small dildo to his asshole and began to massage it back and forth
giving his ass time to get used to its feel. Then, slowly I began to
press a bit harder with massage of the dildo. Finally, the dildo
came to rest on his tiny pink hole. I began to gently apply pressure
to the dildo. My cock became painfully erect while doing this
because it ached to be doing the job instead of the smaller dildo.
"Private Hardwick, relax and that's an order soldier!" I yelled. A
deep moan emanated from deep in the marines chest as I pushed the
rubber dildo harder and harder against his asshole. My order was
doing no good, but I didn't feel as if he were resisting me but
rather just unaccustomed to relaxing his sphincter muscles. "Pretend
you're trying to shit a really big turd and this will go alot
easier, marine" I said. He took a deep breath and grunted and his
ass cheeks opened slightly and his sphincter relaxed
ever-so-slightly. I immediately shoved the dildo hard and fast into
his semi-relaxed ass and almost got it past the sphincter. He
moaned loudly and tried to close his legs. I electrified his
nipples and felt his ass grab down on the dildo while I pressed the
button. I began applying pressure harder and harder and the dildo
began to move and finally I felt it give and knew that the ridge of
the cock head had made it past his sphincter. I slowly pushed the
dildo into his ass about an inch and then pulled it back an inch.
His head turned from side to side and he moaned deeply for me to
stop. I began to slowly fuck the dildo into his ass further and
further and he began to moan with each inward thrust of the dildo
"Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh" He was moaning in pleasure as the small dildo
was inserted far enough to begin massaging his prostate gland.
Every time the rubber cockhead would touch his prostate he would
toss his head from side to side moaning with pleasure. I licked his
hairy balls as I continued to thrust the dildo into his asshole. His
ballsack began to relax as I continued to run my tongue all around
his large nuts. I sucked first one then the other of his large
hairy plum-sized balls into my mouth. I inserted the dildo far into
his ass until it was against his prostate gland and began to slowly
wiggle it as I sucked his balls.

He continued to moan loudly and turn his head from side to
side as his soft cock began to pulse towards erection with each beat
of his heart. Ben first moaned "Ohhh ohhh ohhh...." then
"Aaaeeeeeee!" as I pressed the button sending an electric shock
through his swollen red nipples causing his ass to tighten down on
the dildo and the muscles in his chest to flex and cause him to buck
up off the bed for a second. His pleasure was too great, I had to
dampen it with some pain... It worked, his cock wilted with the
shock and he began to beg for me to continue "Jack, oh that felt so
good. I never knew a man could do that to another man. Please do
it again. I love anal sex." "You want me to do it again?" I said.
"Yes oh yes, please fuck my ass" Ben replied. "NO!" I said. "You
resisted me and did not believe me when I told you I was going to
show you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. I will THINK about
doing it again but first you're going to have give me pleasure" I
said. "Yes, I want to please you! What do you want me to do,
Jack? I'll do anything" he said.

"Well, first of all Private Hardwick, lets see just how hard
your 'wick' will get" I said. I began to massage his hairy balls,
stroking them and pulling on them gently. His scrotum relaxed and
I could hold each ball separately and roll them around in my hands.
Ben moaned in pleasure. His cock began to jump and leap as it
started to harden. It grew longer and longer with each beat of his
heart. Then it began to lift itself up off his stomach as it filled
with blood. I wiggled the dildo stuck deep up his ass and his cock
jerked up fully erect and Ben moaned "Yes! Oh yes!" I let go of
the dildo leaving it up his ass and examined the young marine's
man-cock. It rose gloriously out of the curly brown pubic hairs to
a height of at least 10 inches. "Oh God, its so big and fat" I
said. "Suck me please" Ben said. I slid the fingers of my right
hand through his soft curly pubic hair and grabbed onto his hot
throbbing prick and continued to massage his balls with my left
hand. I grasped his cock again just below the head and pulled my
hand down peeling back his brown foreskin revealing his engorged red
cockhead. I put my hot tongue against his man-meat and ran it
around the head and across his piss-slit. I slowly put my lips
around his red hot cock and sucked it deeply into my mouth. "Ohhh
Yes...Suck Me!!" ben moaned. I began to bob my head up and down
his hard military cock. His moaning increased and his hips began to
thrust his cock hard against my mouth. I knew he was not far from
coming. I wrapped my hand around his balls and pulled his hairy
ballsack as far as it would stretch. He continued to thrust up off
the bed and I began to squeeze tightly and pull harder on his
scrotum with each thrust. "Ohh Ouch Oohh Ouch" Ben screamed but
continued to buck up off the bed. I pulled even harder on the
marines ballsack and released his cock from my mouth leaving him
thrusting helplessly into the air and screaming with agony as I
painfully stretched his ballsack.

"Very good Private Hardwick!" I said, releasing his tortured
balls to fall down on top of the dildo stuck deeply in his ass.
"Ohh Jack, why'd you squeeze my nuts like that!? That hurt like
shit, man!! Oh shit...My cock is so hard and my balls feel like
they've been stepped on...please make me cum...make my balls stop
throbbing...they hurt so bad!!" He yanked at his bonds powerfully,
"Suck Me Off Goddamnit!" I pushed the button sending tiny lightning
bolts into each of his tingling nipples. All of his muscles flexed
and his balls tightened and drew closer to his body. "Its time for
you to pleasure me, marine" I said. I grabbed his hot throbbing
cock and began rubbing it back and forth across one of my nipples
and masturbating my cock with my other hand. I rubbed my erect cock
against the marines hairy legs enjoying the sensation of the many
tiny brown hairs. I got up off the bed and licked the tiny droplets
of sweat off the center of my marine's chest. I pressed my face
into the curly wet hairs of his armpit and inhaled his musky scent
deeply and licked his salty sweet nectar of manhood. "Does that
feel good?" I asked. "Yes oh yes" Ben replied. I rubbed my cock
all over the curly wet brown fur of his other armpit and shoved it
into his mouth. "Does my cock taste good?" I said. "Yes, I want
to suck your cock" Ben replied. "Suck my armpit first" I said. I
leaned over the marine holding the black fur of my armpit just
touching the tip of his nose. His hairy chest heaved as he inhaled
my musk deeply into his lungs. His tongue reached for my furry pit
and I rested on his chest placing my curly wet black armpit hair
over his mouth. I felt the tickly feeling as he hungrily licked and
sucked at my armpit hair.

I got up on the bed, disconnected the clips from Ben's
nipples, and straddled the young marine's hair-covered chest. I
rubbed my erect cock-head back and forth over the marine's soft,
thick brown mustache while Ben's tongue was licking the underside
greedily. I told him to open his mouth and I shoved my cock down
his throat. He gagged at first, but soon got the hang of
cocksucking. I fucked his mouth like I'd never have sex again.
When I'd stop pumping, my marine ran his tongue all around my
smooth, cut cock-head. He began to suck on my cock-head and I
pumped harder and faster, my balls slapping against his unshaven
chin, until I couldn't stand the pressure any longer. I pulled my
throbbing red tool from his mouth and furiously rubbed the tip of my
aching shaft against his soft furry mustache. I groaned loudly,
took a deep breath (more of a gasp), and blew my wad all over the
marine's face. Large, thick globs of white cum shot out of my
pulsating cock sticking to Ben's mustache. He opened his mouth and
I ejaculated about 5 or 6 more times as I pumped my cock with my
hand. Drops of jism went in Ben's mouth, on his lips, and all over
his beard-stubbled chin. The smell of the hot sperm and our musky
bodies filled the air. "Mmmmmmm", the marine moaned in pleasure and
licked the creamy droplets of cum off of his lips as he looked
deeply into my eyes. I pressed my lips to his and kissed him
deeply. I slid my mouth up over his soft mustache and licked off
the large white globs of my sperm that clung to the hairs. My cream
tasted salty and coated the surface of my tongue. I kissed him
again and again letting his tongue explore mine as we tasted my jism.

"Suck my cock, PLEASE!" begged the marine. "My balls are
throbbing, PLEASE MAKE ME CUM!!" he begged. I looked at his cock.
It was standing erect and literally throbbing. I got up and moved
in between his legs. I took hold of the dildo up his ass and rubbed
it back and forth against his prostate gland. The marine's ass
thrusted against the dildo as he groaned in pleasure. I thrust the
dildo in and out of his ass several times, pulling it out to the
head and then shoving it deeply back into his ass. His ass bucked
back and forth to the thrusting dildo's rythm. Finally, I pulled
the rubber dildo out of the hot stud's hairy asshole. He moaned
and bucked his throbbing red cock into the air begging me to suck
him. I squeezed a large glob of K-Y on my middle finger and tickled
his asshole with it. The marine moaned "Fuck me." I slowly inserted
my finger deep into his ass and then began sliding it quickly in and and out...over and over... The marine's cock had been
throbbing hard for at least an hour and I knew he must have had a
terrible case of 'blue balls' by now so I grabbed his hairy nuts
with my free. "Aahhhh Ohhhh Ouuuchh!" he screamed. Ha, I'd kept
my marine so hard and horny for so long that his balls were starting
to throb - GOOD! If only he knew how many times I'd watched hot
studs like him wanting them and not being able to have them and my
balls aching so badly from having a hard-on and not being able to
relieve myself. I inserted my finger up his ass as deep as it
would go until I found his prostate. I began to bend my finger and
rub his semen-producing gland with my probing fingertip. This was
driving the marine crazy with pain and pleasure. I massaged his
painfully sore balls and fingered his prostate as he bucked his
aching cock into the air with no way to release himself. A drop of
clear pre-cum juice appeared at the tip of his cock-head and ran
down his hot rod.

I got up off the bed and got another item out of my goodie
bag. I came back to the bed and got between the marine's legs with
a special butt-plug. He screamed in agony as I lifted his aching
balls up out of my way. I squeezed a glob of K-Y on his steaming
hot asshole and pushed the butt-plug up into his ass. The butt-plug
was a special electric butt-plug. It had two electrical contacts on
the end in which were hooked the two alligator clips. I turned a
knob on the transformer to increase the power of its output. Next,
I squeezed a large glob of K-Y into my palm and rubbed my hands
together. "Tell me when you're gonna cum" I said. "Yes! oh yes!"
he moaned. I took his throbbing red tool in my hand and began
stroking the up and down the shaft, taking turns sucking the swollen
red tip of his cock and his aching blue-balls. Animal-like moans
and groans came from deep within his hair covered chest. I continued
pumping his cock and rubbing his balls as he tossed his head from
side to side licking his tongue across his lips and soft brown

I began deep-throating his cock, my head bobbing up and down
like crazy. He was bucking his hips up and down furiously fucking my
mouth. He was moaning so loud peopld could have heard him for miles
around. "Oh YES! I think I'm gonna cum soon!" he screamed. "Let
me know EXACTLY when you're starting to cum!" I said as I popped his
cock out of my mouth and began pumping up and down on it with my K-Y
lubed hand. I grabbed the button and began jacking his cock off
faster and faster. "oh....Oh....OH!...Ahh...<gasp> Ahh <gasp>
Ahh..." He was trying to restrain it...he was waiting until his jism
could not be contained a moment longer. I continued jacking his
cock, squeezing it a bit harder for more sensation. "Oh...<gasp>
Ahh Ahh...I'M COMING!" he screamed. At that very instant, the point
of no return, I pointed his cock at a 45 degree angle towards his
face and pressed the button activating the electric butt-plug. He
screamed a scream of pleasure and pain like a mountain lion. His ass
bucked up off the bed, his ballsack tightened and his cock twitched
powerfully in my hand. A thick white stream of sperm spewed from
the swollen red tip of his cock landing in bright thick white globs
sticking to his dark brown fur all over his chest and even on his
face. The cream just continued to spray out in a solid white stream
for several seconds as if the young marine were pissing jism rather
than ejaculating it. When the thick white stream finally stopped
spraying forth, I released the button and put the marine's
electrically throbbing cock inside my mouth and sucked the remaining
droplets of his cream from his cock.

The marine's torso was covered in thick white gobs of cum.
He licked several of the white droplets of his jism off his lips and
savored the taste of his cum. I put my tongue in his navel and
began licking up the droplets of sweat and sperm as I worked my way
up his chest. I took a large glob of cum and smeared it on my
nipple and bent over Ben. Ben took my nipple into his mouth and
licked it clean of the cum and swirled his tongue around the nipple
making it hard and biting it gently. I took another thick puddle of
jism that had collected in the center of his chest and scooped up
most of it and rubbed it into the dark brown sweat-curled tuft of
fur in his armpit. I was in heaven as I licked at his pit. The
pungent taste of his creamy cum and sweat and the odor of his musky
fur and steaming hot sperm drives me crazy.

I looked up at Ben. He had passed out in extasy. I removed
all of his bonds and decided to wake him up. Either he was going to
be the most die-hard heterosexual that ever lived and want to kill
me or he was going to love me forever. I slapped him lightly on the
cheek and woke him up. He opened his eyes and said "That was the
most fantastic sex I've ever had. I love you." Somehow I knew he
was going to say that. He cuddled me against his furry brown chest
and wrapped his strong hairy legs around mine, my cock pressing
against his. We slept the day away. . .and many more days and
nights after that. We became best of friends


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Jan 17, 2016
Excellent story really exciting and pleasure in every line ... these soldiers and soldiers are easy prey and behind their rough looks and methods of torture always fall and do great things with them for which neither stronger and more trained than They can not defend themselves and their genitals lose the battle